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By: Devvy
January 18, 2016

“Is there anything more shameful than the man who lacks the courage to be a coward?” - Peter Blaunder

In this case it is a woman. One of the most corrupt serial liars and deceiver ever to hold public office in the history of this country. Some call Bill and Hillary Clinton Bonnie and Clyde, some Bonnie and Clod, some Hildebeast. I usually refer to her as Hillary the Hun, but today I call her a murderer.

No doubt the morally and ethically bankrupt who support Hillary Clinton will jump up and down, proclaim what a wonderful person she is, what a great Secretary of State she was and how she stands up for women. How absolutely shameful given the known facts. But then again, Bill and Hill know where all the bodies are buried as they say in the District of Criminals. Many of her supporters today are too young to remember the Clinton years when they soiled the White House. They're too young to remember the plane crash that killed former Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, but I'm not.

Ron Brown and his son were under investigation for a myriad of corrupt dealings. Brown is famously quoted as saying he would not go down alone. He didn't. Not too long after he made that statement he and 34 others were killed in 1996 when the plane they were flying in crashed in Croatia. I saw the coverage live on CNN. I work at home so I've seen them all; Ruby Ridge, WACO, TWA Flight 800, OKC, 9/11. CNNs reporter on the ground at the Dubrovnik airport reported live the rescue was underway in the ocean. Within an hour, suddenly, the plane is found on the side of a mountain.

What? Right there on the boob tube is the reporter standing not too far from the helicopters taking off because the crash was in the ocean, yet an hour later it's on the side of the mountain? And, if you look at the photos, big parts of the plane wreckage looked absolutely pristine like they had been through a car wash. How is that possible if the plane crashed into the side of a mountain? How could rescuers be so wrong, or were they? With all the technical location gadgets are you kidding me? Is this a bullet hole in Ron Brown's head?

Those following the lies, corruption and downright treason coming out of Washington, DC like stinking gangrene are aware of the endless Benghazi hearings which took a wider path following the exposure of Hillary Clinton's server and emails exposing national security documents.

How many times have I read the Clinton's are 'untouchable'? Too damn many. How many times have I heard the Clinton's are the equivalent of 'political royalty' in this country? Too damn many. I am sick to death of sissy politicians who pussy foot around because the target of a cover up happens to be a former president or a former first 'lady', senator and Secretary of State; Hillary usurped that office and got away with it. She had a good teacher: Barry Soetoro aka Obama who absolutely usurped the office of president and you can lay the blame right at the feet of every member of the U.S. Congress in January 2009 and January 2013; that includes former Congressman Ron Paul, former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and Senator Jeff Sessions.

It took an inexcusable amount of time for former Speaker of the House, Johnny Wino Boehner, to appoint a committee to look into Benghazi. Why? Because I believe that scum bag knew about the illegal gun running going on out of Libya and Hillary knew all about it: Intel expert: New docs confirm Hillary gun-running op. Arms dealer: Obama DOJ prosecuting me to protect Hillary.

While Boehner diddled or fiddled which ever one prefers, the families of four Americans slaughtered in Benghazi were lied to and deceived by that cold, heartless *itch. Oh, I'm sure that will shock some but it's exactly what she is and always has been.

Larry Klayman and many of us have wondered why Trey Gowdy hasn't moved faster on Benghazi and used the power of subpoena more effectively. (Admirals, generals, intel: Benghazi inquest compromised - 'I think Gowdy has been warned away or threatened') He's allowed Hillary Rodham to run rough shod over him from day one. When he finally got her in front of the cameras she lied through her teeth and is still walking around campaigning for president.

Hillary Clinton has had her back pinned to the wall lately for lying about what she said to the families of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. As is her standard for lying, Hillary simply decided to slap the faces of still grieving family members: Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Families Lying About Her ‘Video Protest’ Claims. Truth and honesty are unknown to Hillary Clinton.

The families of those four men have been betrayed with lies from the criminal impostor in the White House and Hillary Clinton from day one, but I believe her day of reckoning with the law is finally coming. The 'ServerGate' investigation has been expanded:

* FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption track, January 11, 2016
* Ex-Secret Service Agent: Hillary Used Private Email Knowing it was Hacked - "Not only was the email server hacked... but the Clintons knew it was hacked and they kept using it"
* Act surprised: State Department Suddenly Discovers Thousands More Clinton Documents
* Hillary's EmailGate Goes Nuclear

Talk in Washington is the FBI will mutiny if Clinton is not indicted and the CIA will supposedly go ballistic. The Liar-in-Chief squatting in the White House is the poster boy for 'guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors' which includes Benghazi.

There's no question additional security was denied Ambassador Stevens and his team. NO QUESTION on that one. There's no question a stand down order was given. NO QUESTION.

* Gowdy: Witnesses have confirmed stand-down order on night of Benghazi
* Attkisson: ‘Overwhelming Body of Evidence’ Benghazi Rescue Teams Turned Back

Hillary Clinton in my opinion is guilty of causing the slaughter of four Americans. They were murdered on her watch because of her direct involvement in decision making. She provided the gun, the savages in Benghazi pulled the trigger.

I don't give a fig about the Democratic/Communist Party USA, but they must be getting into a panic about now: Unprecedented: Hillary Clinton Faces Two Separate FBI Investigations on Eve of Presidential Primary Season. "When asked about the FBI investigation into her email scandal broadening to include corruption allegations, Hillary Clinton’s response was to declare the report was “absolutely not true,” an “unsourced, irresponsible claim that has no basis.” Rarely has someone whistled past a graveyard at such a high tone, so badly off-key."

Last week during he debate, give old Jeb! credit for the best line: Hillary Might Be ‘Going Back and Forth Between the White House and the Courthouse’

But there's nothing funny about Benghazi. My heart bleeds for the families all these years. The other legal trouble for Clinton is the RICO lawsuit filed against her, the thing she's married to and the Clinton Foundation which has been nothing more than a criminal enterprise from the get-go. They are in real trouble over that one: Judge orders production of 'treasure trove' of Hillary docs

The movie, 13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi came out this past Friday. According to Box Office MoJo, this past weekend it was running in 4th place behind fluff. I won't be able to see it as the nearest theater showing is 40 miles away in Midland, TX so I'll have to wait for it on TV. Those who have seen the movie say no politics played, just the brutal, raw truth about a true story. For that movie to beat out most of the competition (Joy, The Big Short, The Hateful Eight, among others) to take fourth place is amazing. We need millions across America to see that movie. ’13 Hours’ Review: Riveting Indictment of Obama, Hillary, and The DC Media

Donald Trump reserved one theater in Iowa to allow free showing to anyone who wanted to see the movie. If I were him I'd do the same in half a dozen cities with a heavy active duty military and veteran population: Colorado Springs, CO, near Ft. Benning, GA, below the beltway in Virginia and so forth. Do the same in six large liberal cities like Denver, Houston, Dallas and so forth. Free showing in a couple of theaters in each city for a week for active duty, vets and their families. Let active duty see what will happen to them when sickening geopolitical games mean more than their lives. Let veterans see what Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for as she runs for president.

The blood of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty drip from the greedy hands of Hillary Rodham Clinton and no amount of lies or spin can wipe them clean.

Betrayed: The Shocking and True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy Seal's Father. What about the families of our finest who were killed on that helicopter August 6, 2011? Little is heard anymore about that cover up. Not to slight the families of the 'Battle in Benghazi', but what about the families who lost loved ones on that helicopter with a stupidly insane call sign, Extortion 17? It just kills me to read the stories:

"In the dark of night, twenty-five US Special Ops Forces and a five-man flight crew on board Extortion 17, a CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Seven unidentified Afghan Commandos are allowed to join them. Ground forces have already been engaged in a three-hour exhaustive battle. Extortion 17’s specially trained warriors drop into the Hot Landing Zone to help their fellow warriors. But there's a problem: the standard chopper escorts have all been directed elsewhere. Mission directions are unclear. Worse, pre-assault fire to cover the Chinook transporting our brave fighting men is not ordered.

"On that fateful night, Extortion 17 would never touch down. Taliban fighters fired three rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) in rapid succession. The first RPG shot below the Chinook, but the second made contact in what the military would later describe as a “one-in-a-million shot.” The shot struck a rotor blade on the aft (rear) pylon, shearing off ten and a half feet of the blade. The third shot flew above the falling chopper. Within a matter of seconds, the chopper begins to spin violently out of control and then drops vertically into a dry creek bed and is engulfed in a large fireball. There are no survivors.

"The thirty brave Americans lost that night were more than just warriors. They were husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. Billy Vaughn’s son, Aaron Carson Vaughn, was one of them. Over the next few months as unsettling information on the tragic incident is released to the families, Billy Vaughn becomes increasingly disturbed. Billy discovers that US military forces are not being led to win battles, but have been sent on a fool's errand to “win the hearts and minds” of other nations. He is told that the US Rules of Engagement have prevented our brave defenders from defending themselves.

"Adding insult to injury, Billy learned that a Muslim Imam was invited by our own US military leaders to “pray” over his son's dead body. As US war heroes lay in their caskets before their last flight home, the Imam damned America's fallen warriors as “infidels” who would burn in hell. As US military leaders observed the ceremony at Bagram Air Base, the Imam boasted over the deaths of US heroes with words such as, “The companions of heaven [Muslims] are the winners.”

God, I want to throw up. I wish every active duty soldier, veterans and Americans who actually love this country would read that book and this one:

Call Sign Extortion 17: The Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six: "On August 6, 2011—three months after members of Navy SEAL Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden—Taliban forces took down a United States helicopter, call sign "Extortion 17." The attack killed the Air National guard crew, seven unidentified members of the Afghan military, and seventeen members of Navy SEAL Team Six—warrior brothers from the same Team that had killed Osama Bin Laden just ninety days prior.

"Don Brown, a former U.S. Navy JAG officer stationed at the Pentagon and a former Special Assistant United States Attorney, re-creates the wartime action, tells the life stories of the elite warriors our nation lost on that day, and tears apart the official military explanation of the incident contained in the infamous Colt Report, which reveals either gross incompetence or a massive cover-up." (Forget the Bin Laden nonsense) Once again nothing but obfuscation, lying to the families and questions deliberately left unanswered by the illegitimate Obama Administration.

Muslin loving, S.C. Governor Nikki Haley took a well planned calculated shot at Donald Trump following the last batch of flatulence released by Barry Soetoro aka Obama (State of Union Address) before he finally leaves the White House by saying that in “anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation.”

Donald Trump did not duck her gutless statement: “I'm very angry, because our country is being run horribly, and I will gladly accept the mantle of anger." Ann Coulter had the best idea: “Trump should deport Nikki Haley.”

The whole country should be angry about the destruction of our Republic at the hands of corrupt, gutless cowards in the Outlaw Congress. The whole country should be angry about the cover up and lying about what really happened in Benghazi and Extortion 17 - except the majority of Democrats in the Outlaw Congress who could care less. If you watched the hearings you saw for yourself the attitude of racist scum like Rep. Elijah Cummings:

Elijah Cummings: Benghazi Panel Is An 'Abusive Effort To Derail' Hillary Clinton's Campaign

"Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the ranking member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, criticized his Republican colleagues for using the panel to attempt to "derail" former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, characterizing the committee as a "fishing expedition." Clinton, who was secretary of state during the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, faced hours of questioning Thursday from the committee, which Democrats have accused of being a blatantly political endeavor. Cummings continued with that line of criticism during his opening remarks, criticizing Republicans for using the panel and Thursday's hearing to hurt Clinton's 2016 presidential bid."

Here's a fine example of Cummings pick for president:

Hillary Just Revealed What She Did Immediately After Leaving Benghazi Hearing, And It Says It All.

"During a Friday interview on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Clinton was asked what she did after the hearing ended. “Well, I had my whole team come over to my house, and we sat around eating Indian food, and drinking wine and beer. That's what we did,” Clinton said. “We were all talking about sports, TV shows. It was great, just to have that chance to, No. 1, thank them, because they did a terrific job, kind of being there behind me, and getting me ready, and then just talk about what we're going to do next,” she said."

New Emails Show Hillary Slept Through Meeting Day After Benghazi Attacks: "Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slept in on Saturday following the Benghazi, Libya attacks, missing a staff meeting that was being set up about intelligence issues and the Presidential Daily Brief, according to a new batch of her emails released Thursday by conservative watchdogs Judicial Watch."

Perhaps she had another team over to her house the night before for Indian food, beer and wine.

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I pray should Donald Trump become president the first thing he does is nominate Dr. Edwin Vieira (who maybe would say no) for Attorney General, leave FBI Director James Comey in and tell them he wants the truth about both events and those responsible indicted and too damn bad if their names are Obama and Clinton and who ever else is roped in no matter how many stars sit on their shoulders. No more endless hearings. Here's the evidence. Do your jobs.

The families, friends and the American people deserve the truth about Benghazi and Extortion 17 and the hell with politics. Do I sound angry enough? Good.


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8 - Benghazi Hero's Dad Reveals Bombshell Document That Could PROVE Hillary Lied
9 - Ron Brown: Evidence of a Cover Up

[Just a short note about 9/11 and Smart Electric Meeters. The cost of America's undeclared "war" (invasion) in Afghanistan has now reached $1 trillion borrowed dollars - massive debt heaped on us all based on what happened on 9/11. Regular readers of my column know I continue to press for the truth about the events of 9/11. Military grade nanothermite is not a conspiracy theory. It was found and tested from the rubble at the twin towers. A new, powerful film has been released: The Anatomy of a Great Deception. For full disclosure I receive no compensation, but I want you to get a copy (or a few) and share it with others or give a copy as a present. I've purchased half a dozen copies and given them to individuals I believe seek the truth. It's very powerful simply because it's one 'ordinary' man's story who ask a simple question that led him to a not so simple journey. There is factual information in this film that many have never heard about but everyone should. Just a suggestion, order more than one and give one to a friend. Also, must see video on the dangers of Smart Meeters on your home, titled: Take Back Your Power.]

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New Emails Show Hillary Slept Through Meeting Day After Benghazi Attacks: "Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slept in on Saturday following the Benghazi, Libya attacks, missing a staff meeting that was being set up about intelligence issues and the Presidential Daily Brief, according to a new batch of her emails released Thursday by conservative watchdogs Judicial Watch."