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By: Devvy
April 11, 2015

I have been saying for more than a year Hillary the Hun would not run for president. Allegedly, she will make the announcement today. Bill & Hillary Clinton are committed Marxists and anyone who doesn't believe that hasn't done their homework nor do they understand the issue. For this column I will refer to Comrade Hillary as Mrs. Clinton because I know how much she hates it; sexist, empowerment and the other nonsense spewed by feminists.

Why did I believe she wouldn't run? Why on earth would anyone with her amount of political baggage, scandals and outright criminal activities subject herself to having it all dragged out in public again?

Why would Mrs. Clinton, married to a rapist and serial adulterer worth in the neighborhood of $10 - $50 million dollars (no one knows for sure because the famous duo are masters at hiding the truth) put herself through such a stressful, expensive and rigorous schedule? It's not as if she needs another paycheck.

Poor Hillary: "Clintons raked in more than $100 million in personal income since leaving the White House in 2001. The idea that they would have any trouble paying back their campaign debts or compensating themselves (regardless of what the campaign laws say) for their own money spent on the campaign is laughable. Mr. Clinton's lucrative new career is almost indistinguishable from political fund-raising -- he gives speeches and shows up in rooms where wealthy people have paid big money to spend time with him. Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton intends to remain in the Senate and will continue to be besieged by corporations, labor unions and wealthy individuals who want to give her money."

Yes, Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick. All the details and more are in my May 26, 2013, column, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Liar, Globalist Traitor; a must read.

Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment - the book that proves beyond any doubt named Republican and Democratic/Communist Party USA members of Congress sabotaged the impeachment of Billy." The author, Bill Schippers was an icon in Democrat circles, but he told the truth. Schippers is an attorney and was hired by Republican congressman Henry Hyde to lead an oversight investigation of the Justice Department, then was redirected to handle the impeachment." As I covered in my column above, I had the opportunity to see him speak in Washington, DC. Whores in the 'mainstream' media made sure what came out in Schipper's book never made it to the nightly news or any semblance of balanced coverage in rags like the New York Times; all the news that's fit to fake.

Mrs. Clinton became a grandmother last year; Bill did not. A large number of Hillary's supporters are too young to remember the Clinton heydays in Arkansas and the White House. Too young to remember all the sordid details, i.e., Hillary allegedly sleeping with a married man, Vince Foster, who was later found murdered in Fort Marcy Park, VA. Act surprised: it was officially declared a suicide. It was not; documents most have never seen. Comrade Hillary was neck deep in the cover up.

Too young to remember all the shady dealings when Mrs. Clinton worked at the Rose Law Firm which became famous for shredding everything except the toilet paper. Web Hubbell also worked at the Rose Law Firm with Mrs. Clinton. There's no question in my mind Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Web Hubbell - not Bill Clinton. The serial adulterer was known to be shooting blanks, but don't take my word for it - go look at these pictures because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Did Bill know? Of course he did: "When Bill left the presidency in Jan, 2001, he pardoned everyone else, including Marc Rich and big time drug dealers - but not Webb Hubbell."

Like her slutty husband, Mrs. Clinton joins the ranks of pathological liars who have held high offices; think the criminal impostor in the White House.

Hillary Clinton's “Dodging Sniper Fire in Bosnia” Tale

"It seems that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been publicly saying that we took sniper fire on that trip to Bosnia twelve years before when she was first lady. Some observers theorize that Clinton is saying this now because she believes that getting shot at in a war zone would help voters view her as being qualified to serve as commander in chief. More so than a young senator from Illinois named Barack Obama with no such experience. She must be speaking of a different trip,” I postulate.

"Nothing else makes sense. I do a little research and discover Clinton is referring to the trip on which I accompanied her. She’s claiming that, as our military plane landed in Bosnia, we took sniper fire. She even says she had to duck and run for cover to escape the flying bullets. The idea is ludicrous. Yes, we flew into a recent war zone and were told it could be dangerous. We were prepared for the possibility of hostile fire. But it never materialized. And the fact is, had hostile forces fired upon our aircraft, our military pilot wouldn’t have just flown right into them and landed."

You could fill a book with Hillary's lies smoothed over by the slobbering, useful fools who protect her in the media. She knows she's going to get hammered, so why subject yourself to what will surely be a disgusting mess? Not to mention her flip-flopping:

Hillary Clinton, First Lady, on Gay Marriage: A Case Study In Opacity - April 10, 2015 - Documents released this week at the Clinton Library reveal an unrevealing politician.

"As a Senate candidate, Clinton couldn't maintain the ambiguity. In January 2000, she said she would have voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and, despite supporting some rights for same-sex couples, she did not believe that they should be entitled to marry. "Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman,” she said then. "In 2013, after she left the State Department, Clinton said she had changed her position and now favored recognition of gay marriages. But even last year, fifteen months after her husband conceded in a Washington Post op-ed that he had come around to the view that the Defense of Marriage Act had always been unconstitutional, Hillary appeared to be still defending the bill, at least on practical grounds."

On the issues: Mrs. Clinton. "Let states decide gay marriage; they’re ahead of feds. (Aug 2007). "FactCheck: Accomplished but exaggerated foreign experience. (Mar 2008)" Her voting record was typical "social justice" Marxist propaganda. Mrs. Clinton is a shred player so she naturally supports murdering unborn babies and "gay rights" which promotes the spread of HIV/AIDS and dozens of filthy 'lavendar' diseases from bowel movement sex.

All these lying politicians are like John's to a prostitute. Tell them anything they want to hear as long as it provides them with the money. Money buys power.

Then, there's the issue of her health. While age 67 isn't particularly old, while traveling as the impostor Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton took a number of falls and shaking of her hands was quite noticeable. European newspapers took note of these 'awkward moments', but the discredited MSM here in the U.S. remained silent. There was one instance she couldn't hide back in December, 2012: Hillary Clinton Concussion: Secretary of State Falls and Hits Head: "Hillary Clinton has suffered a concussion after fainting earlier this week. The U.S. Secretary of State reportedly fell and hit her head, causing the concussion, after suffering from a stomach virus that had led her to become dehydrated." Allegedly she spent six months recovering. Maybe she was busy shredding emails during her convalesence.

Like the malignant narcissist in the White House, Hillary Rodham Clinton usurped the office of Secretary of State. Yes, she did and I wrote about it back in 2009. In announcing her run for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, a lawyer, knew full well she was ineligible because of the emoluments clause in the U.S. Constitution. A perfect case to file a Quo Warranto was in the hands of Judicial Watch, yet they did not file one and instead filed a srtaight lawsuit. As I predicted, they lost. The details are in my column above, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Liar, Globalist Traitor.

There's no question at that time, Senator Patrick "Leaky" Leahy [D] knew and plowed forward getting her through. And, what did Republicans on the Senate Judiciary at the time do? Why, nothing, of course - the same as they did to accommodate the ineligible con artist in the White House. Here is this massive legal question hanging and a lawsuit by Judicial Watch and Republicans, as usual, sat with deflated private parts. "The two who opposed her nomination were Republican Senators Jim DeMint of South Carolina and David Vitter of Louisiana." Here is the vote. I wasn't surprised the jackass who "represents me", Sen. John Cornyn, vote to confirm her. Then the Republicans bitch and moan and groan when she did something they didn't like.

A major focus will be: what accomplishments can Mrs. Clinton claim as U.S. Senator? None. She is a committed Marxist for "social justice" and the completely debunked 'global warming' aka 'climate change'. I highly recommend you take the time to watch this presentation: A John Casey Climate Change Debunk Video - "Mr. John L. Casey is a former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts. Mr. Casey is the leading advocate in the US for a national and international plan to prepare for the next climate change to one of a dangerous cold climate era. This new cold era is caused by a historic decline in the Sun’s energy output, what he calls a “solar hibernation.”

"In the spring of 2007, he became the first researcher to announce this dramatic change in the Sun to the White House and the mainstream media. In addition to correctly predicting the hibernation of the Sun, recently confirmed by NASA and other science organizations, he has correctly predicted the end of global warming, and the long term decline in the Earth’s temperatures. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed climate science book, “Cold Sun” which describes the rationale for understanding why global warming has ended and the effects of the new cold climate era. Mr. Casey is currently President of the climate research company, the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), in Orlando, Florida. Through his years in climate research he has been outspoken in saying that the Sun is the primary driver to climate change. He was named "America's best climate prediction expert," by in March 2013."

Barry Soetoro/Obama, countless politicans and even high ranking generals in the military claim 'climate change' is at the top of national security. Some are true belivers like Al Gore(bechev) who has made a king's fortune peddling that crap. Mrs. Clinton falls into that category - after all, it's good for donations. Hillary Clinton calls out climate change deniers. Others are simply brainwashed, hysterical zealots that have cost we the people hundreds of millions of dollars chasing a hoax. I refer everyone back to a thoroughly researched paper by Jeri Lynn Ball in 2000 from her book, Masters of Seduction, pg 4:

"Bill Clinton, Al Gore, former President George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, and other New World Order architects are relentlessly pursuing the “Program of the Third International adopted at the Sixth Party Congress in Moscow in 1928. The new communitarian masters are seducing Americans into the New World Order and carrying the communistic, global environmental program to its conclusion - a world police state." A very important read.

Her so-called accomplishments as Secretary of State are? The most travelled Secretary of State in history who accomplished nothing except getting 4 Americans killed in Benghazi.

Hillary's "Experience" Lie - 2008 from Slate of all places: "Oh, please. Thirty-five years takes you back to 1973, half of which Hillary spent in law school, for crying out loud...But in government, Clinton's chief role over the years has been that of kibitzer. An important kibitzer, to be sure what spouse isn't? but not a direct participant. Clinton emphasizes in particular her profound experience in foreign policy. Here she is on Dec. 20:" Well worth the read.

If, God forbid, that conniving piece of baggage ever became the Democrat nominee, Republicans would have a field day. Nationwide ads of Mrs. Clinton in front of a senate committee with the most vicious look on her face, barely able to control her anger: "What difference does it make?" Find a few Democrats, preferably retired military, looking straight into the camera: I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. Another ad saturating the country: Mrs. Clinton whining about being broke. Remember that last year when she rolled out her book tour what was a monumental bomb? Poor Hillary. Worth only $10 - $15 million bux. Throw in some photos of her dolled up exiting a stretch limo. That should appeal to the 'po folk' she counts on for votes.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's accomplishments as a senator and Secretary of State are zero. Nothing but BS, political posturing and banking on the media's support - just like Soetoro/Obama. She resigned as SOS in Febraury 2013 and left behind a global mess.

And, speaking of money: Hillary Clinton's money problems keep getting worse (March 19, 2015). The Clinton Foundation is rolling in dough and a whole pile of it is dirty. Always follow the money and that's just what Larry Klayman (Former founder of Judicial Watch who started up a new organization years ago, Freedom Watch.) is doing. Klayman has filed several lawsuits against Bill & Hill who he calls the Bonnie & Clyde of American politics.

What self respecting woman would put up with Bill Clinton's serial adultery? Love? Oh, please. Does anyone really believe such tripe? Billy was banging Jennifer Flowes right under her nose for 12 years. Sexual harrassment: Clinton Settles Paula Jones Lawsuit for $850,000

The War on Women: Juanita Broaddrick and Bill Clinton. Yes, he raped that woman. Ask the Republicans and Democrats who were allowed into a secure room with all the evidence during the phony impeachment; some had tears in their eyes when leaving.

Mrs. Clinton is known for her very salty language, temper and vindictivness. Get on her bad side and it's forever. The old battle ax went after Kathleen Wiley with a vengeance, but Wiley fought back and paid dearly for standing up to the dirty duo: Kathleen Willey suspects Clintons murdered husband - New book details evidence of 'smear' campaign orchestrated by Hillary

But then again, perhaps this testimony under oath might open a few eyes and would answer the question as to why Mrs. Clinton put up with it:

Arkansas State trooper: Bill and Hillary Clinton are swingers

"On Nov. 10, 1997, Brown gave a deposition at the DoubleTree Hotel in Little Rock. The text of the deposition, published in full by The Washington Post on March 13, 1998, was released by Paula Jones’s lawyers, as part of their response to the Clinton legal team’s motion for summary judgement.

"In his deposition, former state trooper Brown described how he had solicited women for Bill Clinton: "I would talk to them personally, sometimes give them my business card. If they were from out of town, I would find out where they were staying. If we were out of town and/or in town anywhere in Arkansas, I would try to get their telephone number and introduce them subsequently to the Governor. I would usually say something like that I was his bodyguard or I was his state police officer.

"Brown described a particular occasion when he accompanied Gov. Clinton to a Southern Regional Education board meeting in Boca Raton, Florida: "..when it was time to go and pay the bill, the governor got in the car with the girl that I had given the card to, and we followed them to an area that was under development. It was kind of a remote area from this club and they stayed back there in the car for a few minutes. I can’t remember how long and then the governor came back and jumped in the backseat and we left and went back to the hotel. Well, he [Clinton] indicated in so many words that she had performed oral sex on him.

"Altogether, Brown said he’d solicited women for Clinton “maybe ten of fifteen times out of state” and “hundreds of times” in Arkansas."

I have many books about the slimy duo; I have listd but a few below that are meticulously researched. The state trooper above wrote his book, Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation; a horrifying read when you're talking about the president and first lady:

"L. D. Brown has been a witness to almost all of the alleged offenses circling around Bill Clinton in Arkansas: misuse of state funds for sexual liasons, Whitewater, illegal campaign fundraising and bribery, as well as cocaine use and cocaine smuggling. Through his cooperation with prosecutors and congressional investigators, Brown has learned the inside story on Robert Fiske's and Kenneth Starr's operations and on congressional hearings.

"But most of all, L. D. Brown can tell the story of the methods used by the Clinton White House to control potentially damaging witnesses. Most of what is written in this book has been told under the penalty of perjury to investigators for Congress and the Office of Independent Counsel. Documentation for many events has been included in an appendix. However incredible as some details may seem, they are backed up by evidence including recent disclosures confirming an incident involving Brown in England."

Just like the unvetted ineligible Barry Soetoro/Obama, the Clinton's were protected by a corrupt, rotten media so the American people really had no idea about Bonnie & Clyde except attacks by the media to stop real journalists from investigating and reporting on the real Bill & Hill.

The other question I have: why would the Democratic/Communist Party USA want a presidential nominee that has substantial negative ratings and more baggage than AMTRAK as their nominee? The Clinton's are 'political royalty'! Really? Royal mountains of dirty laundry and Larry Klayman breathing down Mrs. Clinton's throat. A man on a mission. I like that. And, no, I belong to no political party; not since 1996. Well, perhaps not all are excited: Democrats getting a bad sense of déjà vu in Hillary scandals and Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Now Effectively Over.

The links below are very detailed about lawsuits filed by Larry Klayman. The first one deals with Clinton's email cover-up: Keeping the wicked witch from escaping again

To be fair and balanced, RINO Jeb Bush is also going to get hammered - well, maybe. What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander when it comes to Demorats: Jeb Bush's Emails: Why Are So Many Key Episodes MIA?

"The 250,000-plus messages he released say almost nothing about the 2000 recount and other major controversies of his governorship.....But Bush is hardly in a position to take potshots at Clinton over her emails. Like Clinton, he conducted government business using a personal email account (two of them, actually). He released only a portion of his correspondence from his time as governor of Florida. And it took Bush more than seven years to hand over his self-selected emails, as required under a Florida public records law." Where there's smoke there's fire.

I also have a question brother Jeb that might be answered if he's forced to turn over his missing emails:

Jeb Bush's Executive Order and 9/11:

"On September 7, 2001, only four days before the "event," Florida Governor Jeb Bush issued an executive order. This was only one business day from 911. His brother, President Bush, is due in his state on September 11th. What is the significance of this rather timely EO? "Among the reasons cited in the document for the action was prophetically "potential massive damage to life and property that may result from an act of terrorism" (Executive Order #01-261, Section 3)....However, what is most startling about EO #01-261 is its predecessor.

"Executive Order #01-261 concludes by revoking Executive Order #01-17 which is nearly identical to EO #01-261 except for the language addressing "potential massive damage to life and property that may result from an act of terrorism." Issued on January 19, 2001, EO #01-17 wasn't to expire until June 30, 2003. This raises the question as to what events occurred on or prior to September 7, 2001 that compelled the president's brother to replace an existing executive order with another executive order which effectively inserted a reference to "acts of terrorism."

"Some will say it was just a coincidence, just like the biggest voting mess in a presidential election ever witnessed in this country just also happened to take place in the candidate's brother's state (brother Jeb, Florida) who also serves as governor. And, the candidate, George Bush, is also the governor of one of the biggest states of the Union! Gee, what a coincidence.

"Does brother Jeb's new EO, only four days before 911, indicate prior knowledge of something? That new EO gives Jeb the authority to call up the National Guard for "an act of terrorism" and declare martial law. Could the timing be anymore suspect? Why did Jeb issue this new EO four days before 911 when the existing EO, which didn't include terrorism, wasn't due to expire for two plus years?" What did brother Jeb know and when?

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Larry Klayman's detailed lawsuits against the Clintons - including a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations).

Déjà vu: No crime is beneath Hillary
A new beginning for Hillary: Prison!
Long arm of the law closing in on Hillary! - The Clinton Foundation's dirty money

Hillary Rodham Clinton, like the criminal impostor in the WH belongs in a federal prison right along with Billy. No one is above the law. Not even "royalty" like Bonnie & Clyde Clinton.

As I said in the beginning, I really am very surprised Mrs. Clinton is going to run for all the reasons in this column - including the DNC nominating a cargo ship of political you-know-what. Something just doesn't feel right here.

Educational Links:

1 - Judge Napolitano: Whether Hillary Is Prosecuted Depends On This ONE THING
2 - What if Hillary Doesn't Care?
3 - Hillary's First Broken Campaign Promise (2007)


1 - The Bigger Story Behind Whitewater: Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed & John Cummings
2 - The Secret Life of Bill Clinton - The Unreported Stories by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
3 - Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton by the late Barbara Olson who perished on board Flight 77 (Pentagon) on 9/11
4 - Unlimited Access : An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House
5 - The CFR & President Clinton Phoebe Courtney

[Just a short note about 9/11. The cost of America's undeclared "war" (invasion) in Afghanistan has now reached $1 trillion borrowed dollars - massive debt heaped on us all based on what happened on 9/11. Regular readers of my column know I continue to press for the truth about the events of 9/11. Military grade nanothermite is not a conspiracy theory. It was found and tested from the rubble at the twin towers. A new, powerful film has been released: The Anatomy of a Great Deception. For full disclosure I receive no compensation, but I want you to get a copy (or a few) and share it with others or give a copy as a present. I've purchased half a dozen copies and given them to individuals I believe seek the truth. It's very powerful simply because it's one 'ordinary' man's story who ask a simple question that led him to a not so simple journey. There is factual information in this film that many have never heard about but everyone should. Just a suggestion, order more than one and give one to a friend. The more people we wake up the better.]

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Why did I believe she wouldn't run? Why on earth would anyone with her amount of political baggage, scandals and outright criminal activities subject herself to having it all dragged out in public again?