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By: Devvy
June 17, 2014

In 2011, Alabama passed a very strict law in an attempt to get illegals out of their state, but once again a federal judge, appointed by George H.W. Bush, ruled for illegals. The gutless Republicans in the U.S. House did nothing; she should have be been impeached:

Alabama Wins in Ruling on Its Immigration Law

“Today Judge Blackburn upheld the majority of our law,” Gov. Robert Bentley said in a brief statement he delivered outside the State Capitol in Montgomery. “With those parts that were upheld, we have the strongest immigration law in the country.” The judge did issue a preliminary injunction against several sections of the law, agreeing with the government's case that they pre-empted federal law. She blocked a broad provision that outlawed the harboring or transporting of illegal immigrants and another that barred illegal immigrants from enrolling in or attending public universities."

Perhaps Judge Blackburn hasn't read this federal law:

"It was Truman who pushed the Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952 through Congress in the closing days of his administration. Under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. City, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be "Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law. Police officers who ignore officials who violate Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. Furthermore, according to Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien."

It doesn't say members of Congress, state legislatures, church personnel or anyone else is immune. It says ANY U.S. citizen. Of course, churches think they are above the law: Churches Aiding Invasion of Illegals: "South Texas church groups are working around the clock to shuttle what appears to be hundreds of illegal immigrants to housing facilities, benefiting the Obama administration in its deliberate plan to flood America with illegal aliens for political purposes."

Judge Blackburn blocked a part of the law that would have outlawed harboring or transporting illegal aliens. Does she not understand the word ILLEGAL? She blocked a part of the law barring illegal aliens from enrolling in or attending public universities paid for by the sweat off the back of the taxpayers in Alabama. ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE ON U.S. SOIL BUT THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO ENROLL IN PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES?

If I had been in the U.S. House at that time I would have fought tooth and nail to bring impeachment charges against her. That type of decision does nothing but make a mockery of our immigration laws and embolden liars, cheats and thieves to continue smuggling themselves across our borders and the ones here, stay here:

Georgia & Alabama Still See Undocumented Workers Despite Strict Immigration Laws

"No one seems to be having any problems," said Alabama's agriculture commissioner, John McMillan, who added that he has spoken with farmers who saw migrants return once it became clear the law passed in Alabama was, in practice, mostly toothless. Courts blocked most of the law's toughest sections, including one that required public schools to check students' citizenship status, and the massive arrests envisioned by some simply didn't happen. Also, according to government statistics, thousands of employers in Alabama have been ignoring a provision in the state's immigration law that requires them to register with the federal E-Verify system, a program to electronically verify workers' legal status."

Shame on those employers who cherish money more than our laws and the health and well being of the American people. If you live in Alabama, you need to hammer on your legislature to come down hard on employers. Jail time as well as hefty fines.

If there was any real effort to deport illegals, the first place besides checking immigration status with employers are the school districts throughout America. Oh, no, can't do that! Keep raping we the people to pay for ILLEGAL minors who are stealing classroom resources. What a joke. Educating illegal Mexican minors and children from South America is the responsibility of those countries, not we the people. The states of the Union have the absolute right to question who is legally eligible to attend public schools and universities paid for by we the taxpayers and I don't give a tinker's damn what some federal judge says. Education is a Tenth Amendment issue and here we're talking about illegal aliens in schools. But, it will not stop until we the people demand it stop. What's the fraud in the White House going to do - send in the U.S. Army? Call Soetoro/Obama and Eric Holder's bluff.

She may as well spit in the wind: Congresswoman urges Obama to send National Guard to border

"A top member of Congress called on President Obama on Monday to deploy the National Guard to the southwest border to help the Border Patrol handle the surge of illegal immigrant children. Rep. Candice Miller, Michigan Republican and chairwoman of a key border security subcommittee, sent a letter saying that Border Patrol agents need to be put back on patrol duty rather than processing or babysitting for the children who have been caught trying to enter.

“This diversion away from normal patrol responsibilities will result in an increase of drugs and migrants illicitly crossing our border,” she said. Ms. Miller blamed Mr. Obama’s decision to offer tentative legal status to young adult illegal immigrants already in the U.S. as the reason for the surge of children, saying it spurred rumors of legal status for new arrivals back in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — the three countries sending most of the young children that make up the surge. She said the way to combat the surge was for Mr. Obama to make a concerted public relations push telling families in Central America that they will not be allowed to stay, and will be sent home."

Not if the fraud in the White House has his way.

In early 2011, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed a militia bill into law authorizing a volunteer state militia. "Harper said he consulted several times with Maj. Gen. Hugo Salazar, the Arizona National Guard's adjutant general, about how he would be able to utilize a volunteer militia if it were to be established and deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border. He called those conversations encouraging."

Their border isn't just being over run, the lawless Soetoro/Obama administration is shipping illegals to that state and dumping them. Brewer is threatening to sue! Come on, Governor. Under that law you signed you have the authority to call up the militia for any reason. Why the hell hasn't she and put them on the border? Well, for one thing, there has been no funding I can find and no organization! If the proper implementation of that law had been taken seriously after it was passed, Brewer could have called them up and put them on the border three years ago. In the meantime, please call her office and politely ask her to get the damn state National Guard on their border and help stop this invasion: 602.542.4331. Better if you can send a fax: 602.542.1381. Let her know you support the militia law and why hasn't it been implemented?

Also, call or fax the House Majority Leader: Rick Gray. Phone: 602.926.5993; fax: 602.417.3225 and John McComish, Senate Majority Leader: Phone: 602.926.5898; fax: 602.417.3020. Even if you don't live in Arizona, tell them what they already know: Illegals flooding into this country and the millions here have never gone through a background check. All of us are being endangered as well as all the diseases illegals are bringing into this country. Stand up to the criminal syndicate out in Washington, DC.

As you read in Part I, here in Texas we are being invaded, literally, by hordes of illegals. Even if you don't live in this state, those illegals could end up in your state. Please call soft on illegals, Gov. Rick Perry, and tell him to put the State National Guard on the border now. The states of the Union have the absolute right to repel an invasion since "our" government refuses to do it for political reasons and that's just what this is in hyper drive. We have no militia here in Texas even though I tried desperately in 2013. Perry's office number is: 512.463.2000.

We have some rotten Republicans in our legislature, believe me. However, the list of reps below are tea party incumbents who actually listen to people. Please call or fax as many as you can. I'm sending all of them a letter tomorrow about this invasion. While our legislature is out of session, they can call an emergency session at any time. If this isn't an emergency, I don't know what is. Emergency sessions have been called before, but it won't happen unless tens of thousands of Americans, not just Texans, flood their offices and Rick Perry's with phone calls and faxes. Don't forget to also call your Texas House member if he/she isn't on the list below. Use social media and get the word out. Not so long ago, the war mongers in the Outlaw Congress wanted to drag us into Syria. We burnt the phone lines in DC: We do not want to get involved in yet another internal struggle in a foreign country and we won.

What I will be sending to those tea party incumbents and the is this column, one by Dr. Edwin Vieira and my working paper on the militia.

Reps. Strickland, Krause, Leach, Simpson, Sheets, Patrick, Burkett, King (Ken), Toth. Go to this web page and click on their name. It will take you to their fax and phone numbers; email is a waste of time. Best to use their district office numbers, not Austin. Please don't just assume something else will make that call or fax. This is all our responsibility because it affects us all in one way or another. This isn't about which party a person belongs to, it's about national security and the further bankrupting of we the people.

There is an organization looking for volunteers right now: South Texas Borderwatch Interceptors: Our mission is clear. Stop the border crossings: "I'm now working with a group of Marines and former service members in stopping the border crossings. At the moment, we are deploying in Texas. We do not yet have enough boots on the ground to run the length of the border. We're seeing a groundswell of support already, because we are doing the job the Feds won't. So unless you want to be a PART OF THE SOLUTION, we've got no need for all of the chatter and B.S. COMPLAINING we hear constantly from people who do nothing more than sit behind their computers and complain. This is NOT a militia endeavor. We are primarily a group of former Marines and various other service members, founded by a Marine who saw the need and made a commitment to get it done."

It's unfortunate those folks didn't support our efforts last year to get a constitutional militia bill introduced and passed in our state legislature. After all, it is the meat of the Second Amendment. But, perhaps they didn't know what we were doing.

Dr. Orly Taitz also has a good suggestion which I hope you will also take the time to do:

"We have seen an earthquake in DC when the House Majority leader went down in flames for his support of amnesty. Time of the public to act. Corrupt Obama regime created a crisis in banning deportation of children through an unconstitutional executive order, which goes against the US immigration laws and against the best interests of this nation. This ban on deportation of illegals became a magnet for hundreds of thousands of illegals. Now Obama is seeking 2 billion dollars for their accommodation. After incurring 7 trillion dollars of additional debt, Obama is seeking more money to pay for his anti-American policies. The public can make a difference and stop Obama’s destruction of this nation.

"Public is urged to call every congressman and demand “NO” on any funding for accommodation of illegals. Congress has to pass a resolution seeking immediate deportation of all illegals and sanctions against the nations of origin for the full cost of deportation of their citizens. US assessed sanctions against Russia, which is half a world away. US can issue sanctions against Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela and stop issuing any and all visas for citizens of these countries, stop importation of all products from these countries an freeze the bank account of their leaders until they pay for the deportation and repatriation of their citizens who invaded the US."

TWO BILLION DOLLARS? What two billion dollars? The people's purse, the U.S. Treasury, is overdrawn $18 TRILLION dollars. That two billion will have to be borrowed with the debt slapped on our backs. Haven't YOU had enough?

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This fight is for America. If we don't make our demands heard, this massive invasion will continue. Is that what you want? Please, let's burn the phone and fax lines this week and make this a priority. There won't be anymore "fighting to restore a constitutional republic" if we don't stop this invasion and demand illegals get deported. America will sink further into communism; socialism is just a stepping block.

Yes, it can be done, but we're dealing with cowards in the U.S. Congress who only react with the heat is turned up high. Remember that when you vote in the remaining primaries. For those who voted for a Republican incumbent in either the Outlaw Congress, remind he/she that if they vote for ANY form of amnesty you will do as the good folks in Virginia did last week when they booted Eric Cantor out of office. Now that was good news for a change.

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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Look at this shocking picture. As a dear friend of mine remarked the other day, it's like looking at trains in India and they are coming here from South American countries. The train called is called The Beast which comes up from Latin America filled with illegals who make their way to U.S. soil.