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By: Devvy

September 17, 2004

Back in late November, 2002, it was reported that Chairman Dan Burton's House Government Reform Committee investigators had discovered the possible whereabouts of video tapes and photographs of the Murrah Building before an alleged truck bomb exploded on April 19, 1995. The existence of these videos was acknowledged in the Final Report of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee. The Department of Justice under Janet Reno refused to release these videos and John Ashcroft has carried that position forward to this day, despite efforts by Congressman Dan Burton. Past efforts to get key documents and information, have been stone walled and the cover up continues under the Bush Administration.

As someone who has followed and researched that act of terrorism from day one, I also believe, based on all my research and discussions with individuals deeply involved in trying to expose the on-going cover up about who actually planned and executed that bombing, that the video tape from the security camera positioned on the Southwestern Bell building directly across the street from the Murrah building exists and that the feds are hiding it. Why? The answer is obvious: If that video does not show Timothy McVeigh and an accomplice in front of that building right before it was blown from inside, it would raise far more questions than the government wants answered. If that video shows what really happened - the building was blown from inside, the American people will go ballistic.

If there was nothing to hide, that Southwestern Bell building video would have been plastered over every TV network ad nauseum as we saw with the Rodney King tape. The continued refusal of Ashcroft to release all videos in possession of the FBI/Department of Justice showing the actual bombing of the Murrah Building does nothing but reinforce charges of a cover up.


The release of a video titled In Plane Sight has generated a firestorm of interest in what really happened on September 11, 2001. Like tens of millions of Americans, I believed the official story line until about a year and a half ago when I finally came to the painful conclusion that Flight 93 over Pennsylvania was probably shot down by a National Guard unit. While it was also very difficult for me to accept, I also finally came to the conclusion that there was something very wrong with the commercial air liner flying into the Pentagon story.

Too many Americans with credentials qualifying them to analyze something so horrific as a commercial air liner plowing into a building like the Pentagon, have been insisting for three years that it simply didn't happen. The science and mathematics when you're applying them to a jet smashing into a building, i.e. size of the aircraft, jet fuel in the tanks at the time of impact and physical damage to the area surrounding the point of impact don't lie.

As with the OKC bombing when Brigadier General Ben Partin, U.S.A.F. (Ret) stepped forward with his expert analysis debunking the governments truck bomb theory, aerospace engineers, scientists, structural engineers, environmental engineers and countless other professionals with no political ax to grind have been coming forward debunking the commercial jet crashing into the Pentagon story. Should all these concerned Americans simply be written off as kooks and "right wingers?" Only if one's blind loyalty is to a political party they want to protect or because too many people can't handle the truth. It may shock Bush apologists, but there are actually good, decent Americans in this country, who when they see something isn't right or doesn't make sense, they attempt to find out the truth for no other reason than just that - finding the truth.

Three separate crime scenes

When conducting an investigation into a crime, there are certain procedures used to begin unraveling what happened. One always has to ask the question, "Who benefits?" The Bush administration says Ussamah Bin Laden. Investigative bull dogs like Michael Ruppert bring forth a compelling case that says hard evidence proves something different. Follow the money trail.

In the case of 9-11, there are three separate crime scenes: the Pentagon, the World Trade Center towers and a field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Let's just look at the Pentagon for this article. Anyone who has seen the media feed from that day and from 9-11 In Plane Site will immediately have questions just from a layman's perspective:

Why is there no debris in front of the building at the point of impact? Why are there unbroken windows at the point of impact from an 80-ton aircraft traveling at a minimum of 400 mph? Why are there books sitting on desks fluttering in the wind at the point of impact when less than an hour before, an 80-ton aircraft with a full fuel supply, supposedly plows directly into the offices where those items are located, yet paper books didn't burn? How is this possible?

Before the employees at the Pentagon gas station and the Sheraton National Hotel could even rewind their security camera film which was pointed right at the point of impact at the Pentagon, the FBI swooped down and confiscated all videos. They have them and they will not release them. Same as the videos taken by the FBI from the Virginia Department of Transportation which will also show exactly what flew into the Pentagon. The FBI has them and they won't release them. Why not?

There is one way to end all the speculation and put this matter to rest permanently. Do you remember back on June 12, 1987 when Ronald Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbechev, tear down that wall!" in Brandenburg Gate, West Berlin, Germany? I say, Mr. Ashcroft: Release all the videos of the Pentagon attack! If those videos clearly show Flight 77 going into the Pentagon, that will end all this speculation on that crime scene.

There is no national security issue here. This event is now over three years old. There is no reason for Ashcroft to refuse to release all the videos confiscated that day. Yes, it would be painful for the families of those who were on Flight 77 - if the videos show Flight 77 plowing into the Pentagon. If the videos show otherwise, then those families are going to bring down the roof demanding to know what really happened to Flight 77. If my loved one had been on Flight 77, I would move heaven and earth to get those videos released so we can see what really happened in real time. America deserves the truth and releasing those videos will give us the truth about what hit the Pentagon.

Web sites on 9-11

There are dozens of them and I have spent conservatively, probably more than 100 hours painstakingly going through them, link by link, section by section. Some are so silly or scream such bigotry, it makes me ill, but others are extremely credible. I'm providing a few links below for anyone interested in looking at what is causing so many people to question the official story about 9-11. It will be up to the reader/viewer of these sites to decide if the photographs and videos mean nothing or do they raise more questions that need answers.

1 Research Link
2 Research Link
3 Research Link
4 Research Link
5 Research Link
6 Research Link

In closing, I hope Americans who seek the truth and want all this speculation to end, begin demanding: Mr. Ashcroft - Release all the videos of the attack on the Pentagon! Let's make this outcry so loud and persistent that it brings this issue at least to cable news networks and open a reasonable dialogue. The longer Ashcroft refuses to release all the confiscated videos of what hit the Pentagon, the more the American people will become convinced that there is a conspiracy to cover up the truth and it isn't going to sit well - especially regarding the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mr. Ashcroft: Release all the videos of the attack on the Pentagon now!

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The continued refusal of Ashcroft to release all videos in possession of the FBI/Department of Justice showing the actual bombing of the Murrah Building does nothing but reinforce charges of a cover up.