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By: Devvy
July 22, 2009
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On July 15, 2009, Dr. Richard Cordero, was a guest on my radio show. Dr. Cordero has been trying to get the seventeen members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to question U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor on these issues:

1. The Committee's questionnaire

2. Judge Sotomayor’s answers to it and her conduct

3. The docket of the DeLano case, 06-4780-bk, CA2

4. Statistics of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on the denial by the 2nd Circuit Judicial Council, of which Judge Sotomayor is a member, of 100% of petitions for review of dismissed judicial misconduct complaints during the 1 October 1996 thru 30 September 2008; a 12-year period.

Dr. Cordero expended Herculean efforts in faxing his 32-page report to every member except Franken who did not have a fax number at that time. As I said in my column, July 20, 2009, sometimes legal issues can become a bit confusing to the layman. On Congress' better days, they have proven to be so incompetent they couldn't boil water in Hell. However, it all comes down to this (aside from Sotomayor being judicially unqualified and a racist): Sotomayor is involved in a bankruptcy fraud scheme and she lied through omission on the questionnaire to the Senate Judiciary Committee to cover it up.

As a result of Dr. Cordero's efforts and the publicity generated by independent media (not by any MSM or cable media networks like FAUX, CNN, MSNBC), the full vote by the senate has been postponed. We the people have been burning up the phone lines to our U.S. Senator's offices and in particular, Jeff Sessions, Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee. As of July 19, 2009, the Senate Judiciary's web site posted the full senate vote would be July 21, 2009 at 10:00 am.

Instead of the vote taking place as scheduled, the Senate Judiciary's official web site has now posted the full Senate will vote on July 28, 2009. This shocked me, although it shouldn't have when it occurred to me there was no hype or buzz on Monday, July 20, 2009, about the full vote for the next day. Here is an email I received yesterday from an American who cares enough to take the time to climb in the face of these public servants:

"I just spoke with a lady in Senator Session's office. She was very pleasant, but lacked helpful information; obviously well versed in political carousel-speak.

"She said the vote was postponed until all written questions were adequately addressed, which apparently they aren't. I asked if the DeLano case was one of the questions on which they were awaiting answers. She said they were well aware of the case, had reviewed it extensively, but didn't know if it was one of the questions, if answered, that was being reviewed. She did say that she would pass my "concerns" along to the Senator.

"I don't like carousels. They make me dizzy." (Name withheld for privacy)

This is quite revealing. First, Sessions and the other six Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee (as well as the 12 Democrats) know Dr. Cordero's allegations are now out there. All of them have been sitting on the evidence since July 3, 2009.

Second, Leaky Leahy was hot to push the full vote through two days ago. Abruptly the vote is rescheduled. Why? Because all the written questions Sotomayor was supposed to address in the 173 page submission to the committee were not addressed. We know Sotomayor lied through omission by hiding the DeLano case because it would expose her participation in the fraud. Leahy wanted to push the vote through anyway, but was stopped.

Here's the bottom line:

Enough Americans have been calling these senators with a demand the vote be stopped and Dr. Cordero's evidence (not speculation) be examined.

Sessions can simply pick up the phone, call Dr. Cordero and get him to Washington, DC with his boxes of evidence. These senators have their own lawyers to assist with complicated legal matters. Get them all into a hearing room with Dr. Cordero and go through the evidence.

Dr. Cordero will be a guest on Jeff Rense Radio, Monday, July 27, 2009. If those of us in the "alternative" media can find Dr. Cordero, certainly the aides in these senator's offices can do the same. Dr. Cordero is waiting and willing to speak to these senators in person.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Sotomayor has been a willing participant in a judicially run and tolerated bankruptcy fraud scheme. There is no hesitation on my part when I say that if given all the evidence, a grand jury would indict not only Sotomayor, but several other federal judges involved in this fraud. This is a major scandal that has gone unchecked, but must be stopped. Integrity and honesty in our judiciary must be of the highest priority.

If the senate votes and confirms Sotomayor, I will send a letter with the evidence to several U.S. Attorney's in this country demanding a full investigation. This isn't going away. Confirming a Justice to the United States Supreme Court is one of the most important functions of the U.S. Senate. We the people are fed up with politics and all the back room games. Sonia Sotomayor must be investigated and the matter referred to a federal grand jury, not confirmed to the high court.

I would ask again: Please keep the heat on the U.S. Senate. Call your U.S. Senator every day from now until the scheduled vote this coming Tuesday. We have already won a delay, now we go for the jugular.

If your senator is unfamiliar with what is going on behind the scenes, ask them to contact Dr. Richard Cordero or Sen. Jeff Sessions office. Better yet would be to fax a short letter to your senator and with this letter from Dr. Cordero to Sen. Al Franken. Just the first three pages which will give your senator a good over view of why Sotomayor must be investigated as well as the other federal judges. Dr. Cordero's contact information is at the top of that letter so your senator can't say, "Gee, I didn't know how to contact him."

We can stop the vote, but it will take YOU to make that phone call and/or fax.

No one is above the law. Not for politics or to appease voting blocks of certain ethnic groups.


1 - Dr. Richard Cordero's web site
2 - Sotomayer Overlooks All 14
Supreme Court Self-Defense Cases

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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Sotomayor has been a willing participant in a judicially run and tolerated bankruptcy fraud scheme. There is no hesitation on my part when I say that if given all the evidence, a grand jury would indict not only Sotomayor, but several other federal judges involved in this fraud.