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By: Devvy
July 20, 2009
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As the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, proceeded last week, one man could not understand why not one of the seven Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee would question Sotomayor about her criminal activities. It's understandable no Democrat would ask Sotomayor to explain herself since each and every Democrat in the U.S. Senate is so ethically bankrupt, they would seat Satan on the high court if it would further their agenda. Their only concern for a justice on the highest court in the land is gender and ethnicity; these pusillanimous hucksters go for future votes. The law and truth be damned.

But, the silence by Sessions, Graham, Coburn and the others is beyond perplexing. Bill O'Reilly remarked last week at the end of the hearings that the Republicans will vote to confirm Sotomayor possibly to "garner favor" with Latino voters for the next election. Sounds like a good excuse as any for their cowardice in not taking Sotomayor to the box on Dr. Cordero's evidence.

I first became aware of Dr. Richard Cordero's documentation a week ago. As with any other investigation, one has to spend a great deal of time studying all the evidence and Dr. Cordero has it. It took about nine hours of reading to get through his evidence, i.e., this 236 pages laying out the fraud. This humble man is like so many other Americans who believe in the rule of law, only to find out that some are above the law due to their political clout. In my email exchanges with Dr. Cordero, and when he was a guest on my radio show last week, I could detect no political bias, only a desire to stop the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor.

As with cases involving legal issues, things can get a bit convoluted, but hopefully I can keep it on track here without drowning in minutiae. Dr. Richard Cordero holds a Ph.D. in law from the University of Cambridge in England; a law degree from La Sorbonne in Paris, and earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan. Dr. Cordero is a member of the bar of the State of New York. For the past 5 years he has been involved in 11 federal bankruptcy cases, which he has appealed from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, WBNY, to the U.S. District Court, WDNY, to the Court of Appeals, CA2, and to the Supreme Court of the United States.

It is because of his cases in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts that he discovered certain judges are above the law because no one is stopping them. Dr. Cordero plainly and without apology states that Sonia Sotomayor has been a willing participant in a cover-up in concealing assets as part of a judicially run and tolerated bankruptcy fraud scheme. She also lied on the required documentation submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Dr. Cordero's states:

"In the DeLano case, 06-4780-bk, Judge Sotomayor, presiding, and her colleagues on a panel of the Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit (CA2), issued a summary order to protect, not the rule of law, but rather their appointee to a bankruptcy judgeship, Bankruptcy Judge John C. Ninfo, II, WBNY.

"He had covered up the concealment of at least $673,657 by the most unlikely of ‘bankrupts’: a 39-year veteran banker who at the time of filing for bankruptcy was and remained employed by a major bank, M&T Bank, precisely as a bankruptcy officer! Both M&T and Mr. DeLano are clients of the law firm, Underberg & Kessler, in which Judge Ninfo was a partner at the time of taking the bench.

"The DeLano case was one of the 3,907 open cases, according to PACER, that the trustee in that case, George Reiber, had before Judge Ninfo.

"To protect such concealment of assets by a bankruptcy system insider and her bankruptcy appointee, Judge Sotomayor violated discovery rights by denying every single document in all creditor-requests, which would have exposed a judicially run bankruptcy fraud scheme.

"Worse yet, by so doing, Judge Sotomayor failed to protect the single most important Constitutional guarantee that a judge, let alone a Supreme Court justice, is required to safeguard: due process of law."

These are very serious charges. Does Dr. Cordero have any proof? Yes. Indisputable and every single member of the Senate Judiciary Committee has had this evidence (not speculation) since July 3, 2009. Dr. Cordero spent all last week calling every member of that committee, both Republicans and Democrats to confirm they received the documents. I called several offices (Sessions, Coburn, Franken) to confirm they had these documents. They do. And, yet, not a single question was asked of Sotomayor on any of the evidence presented by Dr. Cordero. Instead, all of them (Coburn, Sessions, Graham, et al) have remained silent.

Why? That would be the $64,000 question. One which Dr. Cordero finds perplexing; his own words in an email to me:

"This puzzles me greatly, particularly since each of the three acts of wrongdoing that I discussed bears corroboration by either: (1) The Committee's questionnaire; (2) Judge Sotomayor's answers to it and her conduct; (3) The docket of the DeLano case, 06-4780-bk, CA2; and (4) statistics of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on the denial by the 2nd Circuit Judicial Council, of which Judge Sotomayor is a member, of 100% of petitions for review of dismissed judicial misconduct complaints during the 1 Oct 96 - 30 Sep 08 - 12-year period."

If you click here, it will take you to the 173 page questionnaire Sotomayor was required to answer and submit to the committee. She had to disclose ALL cases, see Heading: 13 - Judicial Office on page 87. The list is extensive, but no where will you find the DeLano case. A glaring omission that Sotomayor could not possibly have simply forgotten. She did not list it because to do so would expose her participation.

Below is Dr. Cordero's research and the facts. If you don't take the time to read the documents you won't have a full and complete understanding of this fraudulent scheme involving federal judges:

Click here to read Dr. Cordero's letter to the entire Judiciary Committee. It details Sotomayor's deliberating lying to the committee through omission. The reason was to protect her own criminal activities.

Click here for a full accounting of Sotomayor's financial records.

Click here to see the complete list of all submissions to the Judiciary Committee by interested parties, special interest groups and the usual groupies. Absent is one document or letter from Dr. Cordero exposing Sotomayor. Why? Again, Dr. Cordero's comments to me:

"Something is going on there. But Senator Franken is not part of it because he just arrived in the Senate. For that reason and those pointed above, he is the least likely to feel bound by any understanding among Democrats and Republicans on the Committee not to question Judge Sotomayor on that evidence. If he does, he can achieve what is conceptually so close to his way of thinking as a media personality: He can scoop the other Senators on prime time!"

Instead, Franken once again demonstrated he is no more qualified to sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee than Bugs Bunny by reminiscing with Sotomayor about watching Perry Mason on TV. While he is in possession of Dr. Cordero's evidence, Franken chose to ignore it.

The Choice: Judge Sotomayor's Ethnicity v. Equal Justice Under Law

"Judge Sotomayor's participation in a bankruptcy fraud scheme cover-up: With that attitude, Judge Sotomayor and other colleagues of her decided the DeLano case, which was appealed to the Supreme Court. They ruled in favor of their appointed bankruptcy judge's non-disclosure of the whereabouts of at least $673,657 of the most unlikely of 'bankrupt's': a 39-year veteran banker who at the time of filing for bankruptcy was an M&T Bank bankruptcy officer!

"To protect such concealment of assets by a bankruptcy system insider preparing his debt-free golden retirement, they denied every single document in all creditor-requests intended to expose where the banker had stashed his salary and other receipts during his working life. Such denials were blatant violations of discovery rights. But when the top judges do wrong, those below them do whatever they want. Due process is nobody's doing, not even Judge Sotomayor's.
You can use the process of confirming a Justice nominee to expose through a Watergate- like Follow the Money! investigation the institutionalized wrongdoing of Judge Sotomayor and her colleagues and thus contribute to “Equal Justice Under Law” regardless of ethnicity."

The cosmetic hearings are now over and Sotomayor has to be confirmed by the full senate. Sotomayor should be indicted by a grand jury. She should absolutely not be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court until a full investigation is undertaken. There's no question all 17 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are sitting on this evidence. Only a massive outcry by the media and the American people is going to push this to the point where there will be no vote until Sotomayor and the other judges involved are investigated.

Time is of the essence

It appears Leaky Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, suddenly feels an urgency to bring Sotomayor's nomination to a full vote by tomorrow, not weeks from now as would be normal. As with the usurper president, such an action is completely transparent: Get Sotomayor confirmed because possession is nine tenths of the law. Once she's in (like Obama/Soetoro and Hillary Clinton's illegal confirmation), removing her from the bench becomes a thousand times more difficult.

Leahy knows the truth about Sotomayor is now out there and full damage control is underway. Thus, the need for a hurry up vote tomorrow. How despicable these people are in their lust for power. How can we deny any longer that Congress is nothing more than outlaws who have zero regard for truth and the law?

How will our nation survive if those who take an oath, whether on the bench or in Congress, stomp on the law and trash the U.S. Constitution in their quest for financial or political gain? By acting as outlaws and gangsters of old, they set the standard for possible anarchy in this country, something no one wants to see. What the American people are seeing is total disregard for the law by elected officials and judges. This is a dangerous situation for our constitutional republic.

I urge you to get on the phone first thing tomorrow morning and demand there be no vote on Sotomayor's confirmation; find your U.S. Senator here. Tell your senator that if they ignore this evidence, we the people will begin melting down the phone lines at offices of U.S. Attorney's around the country demanding a full investigation into Sotomayor and the other judges identified in Dr. Cordero's evidence. We the people will not go away.

If your senator does not know anything about this cover up, please refer them directly to Dr. Richard Cordero at: I hope radio talk show hosts will also get Dr. Cordero on their shows as soon as possible to expose this grotesque manipulation of our legal process.


1 - Table collecting Sotomayor's financial information with its meticulous endnotes
2 - Has a Federal Judgeship Become a Safe Haven for Coordinated Wrongdoing?
3 - Judicial Watch: 173 page submission from Sotomayor

More on this unqualified nominee:

1 - Judicial Watch: Prejudicial Statements, Discriminatory Affiliation and Improper Political Activities In Violation of Judicial Code of Conduct
2 - Judge Sotomayor was on the losing side of a major bankruptcy precedent
3 - Judge Sotomayor's bankruptcy jurisprudence

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Leahy knows the truth about Sotomayor is now out there and full damage control is underway. Thus, the need for a hurry up vote tomorrow. How despicable these people are in their lust for power.