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By: Devvy
May 11, 2009
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“There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” --Mark Twain

The other day another email came into my mail box about "taking back America" with a note to support a candidate. Going into my twentieth year of full time activism, I've heard it before, only to see people chase the same non solutions. The tea parties continue with lots of newly awakened and angry Americans. I have said for a long time that people don't become activists until the system hurts them in some way or disturbs their comfort zone. When enough Americans become victims of the federal machine, they will react. That time has come and is building, but will Americans pursue solutions or be distracted with things like "We need a third party!"

The solutions to return this country to a constitutional republic (we are not a democracy) is already there in the U.S. Constitution. But, let me respond to the email I referenced above because we have to remember this: Who makes the laws? Congress and your state legislatures; minor ones at the local levels of government. Who enforces those laws? Law enforcement; sheriffs and local police. The courts are rancid at the federal level with judges and justices legislating from the bench. Not much better at the state level, but in many states you can throw them out on election day. This rarely happens because people simply punch a hole in the voting card next to a judge's name they saw on a sign without knowing a single case that judge decided.

Reality vs denial

There can be change no change with the same incumbents. Let me give you one example: I watched Diane Feinstein (there's enough hard evidence to send her to prison forever and I don't make that statement lightly) on FOX during the rape session (bail outs last year). She said 90,000 people called her office about the bailouts. 80,000 said no and she voted for all of it anyway. You see, these craven crooks in Congress don't give a tinker's damn what you and I want.

Unless and until you can remove at least 300 incumbents in the House and 60 or more in the Senate, the same party with two different names will go back in January 2011 to the agenda of the global elites who own them .

Do you know Thomas Jefferson belonged to the Democratic-Republican Party? So did Madison, Monroe and John Quincy Adams. Andy Jackson was a Democrat. It's not the party that counts (I belong to none), it's what the individual stands for without wavering in those principles and convictions that matters. Personally, I believe the Democratic Party should merge with the Communist Party USA because there is zero difference in ideology and goals.

The Republican Party wants to 'reinvent' itself. What hogwash and it's all for public consumption to fool voters into reelecting incumbents or ousting a few Democrats.

Americans have been committing national suicide for decades. They vote the same incumbents back into office over one issue: More money for education! Save social security! Save Medicare! which is now $30 TRILLION in the hole. Protect abortion! Save sodomy! Save the whales! The list goes on and on.

I've seen the insanity repeat itself over and over and over.

People will "forgive" their House member or Senator because "the other side" is worse. They still can't see the truth because of blind loyalty to their party.

This emailer complained that GOP Chairman Michael Steele won't back a candidate like Lt. Col. Allen West. Lt. Col. West is a patriotic American and I thank him for his service. However, he offers up band aids for most of the issues. Not Devvy's solutions, but constitutional solutions. We don't need more band aids that treat the symptoms while the patient is dying on the operating table.

I've read the issues page on his web site. The Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate education, the environment or health care. No more laws to keep these monstrous drains on the people's purse alive; they must be abolished just like the FDA (Federal Death Administration). West makes no mention of the constitutional solutions to those cabinets sucking up money that doesn't exist by the trillions.

West supports the insidious NON solution called a flat tax. That old lie (just like the flat tax) has been around for years. A so called flat tax would only continue to feed the money machine (FED) and solve NOTHING. It is funding the same problems using a different method. Moving the deck chairs on the Titanic.

His explanation regarding taxation has zero reality when you understand why the Framers of the Constitution wrote the apportionment section. Very disappointing.

West does not address the core cancer: Monetary reform by abolishing the privately owned Federal Reserve. All the rest of his ideas on the economy mean nothing if you don't cut out the cancer.

He talks about national disaster insurance. More government bureaucracy.

Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution does not and has never authorized Congress to be a bank or insurance company.

This must be left to the private sector without government interference; Tenth Amendment. Just because Congress has gotten away with it (and massively failed for the past 75 years) doesn't mean you continue down the same path of drinking a little more arsenic every day and hope to become healthy.


Yes, we should continue pounding on this criminal element out in DC., but they have to be replaced or nothing will change. No mercy. No exceptions. I doubt Ron Paul will run again.

As a matter of fact, Congress will be out of session May 25-29th. They will be home in their districts and there should be thousands of people everyday with signs in front of their offices or any town hall meetings they have scheduled.

Obama/Soetoro and this current Congress will continue to destroy this country with massive spending. Incumbent Republicans will continue to jump up and down and protest. These are the same GOP incumbents that for over a decade while in power, did the very same thing while the Democrats did the jump up and down routine.

The Republicans held power from January 1995 - November 2006. Most of them are still there. They didn't eliminate one cabinet, one agency or the income tax. They did not get us out of the communist run UN or lift a pen towards monetary reform. They outspent the Democrats and voted to destroy the Bill of Rights at every opportunity, erecting a police state that has become intolerable for a free people. The Democrats have simply picked up where they left off times ten. The same old horse and pony show because Americans continue to reward the same incumbents over and over and over. In Nov 2006, there was no blood bath. 27 seats out of 435 changed. Big whoop.

[Can the Republican party save America? 
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Obama/Soetoro and this Congress will continue to loot this country dry. That is the agenda and it's in hyper-drive. Even if Obama is removed and he must be, you can't put Biden in the Oval Office. He is in the first stages of dementia or Alzheimer's. I know, I have elderly family members who suffer from it and I know the signs. That leaves the fanatically insane Comrade Nancy Pelosi. All options are toxic for this constitutional republic, but we have to move forward because the Constitution matters.

I recently wrote a column about boots on the ground. We must throw out these incumbents by the hundreds. That means identifying a candidate in your district, get them signed up legally with the Secty of State so they don't miss filing deadlines (in some cases up to a year in advance of election day) and then in January 2010, people have to work to get them elected. That means getting to your local committee meetings for your party and telling the leadership you will NOT support the incumbent. Take control, folks and quit allowing these petty Napoleons in your district push you around.

If your candidate is a real constitutionalist, the machine will do everything to keep the incumbent in power and all forms of electronic voting and counting will do the rest. We must get all electronic forms of voting and counting eliminated county by county before those 2010 elections. Otherwise, throw in the criminal syndicate, ACORN, and we face another massive vote fraud election.

Ron Paul's bill to audit the FED is now gaining ground. Those Republicans who are now sponsors have ignored his bills for years, some for decades. Now that the people are enraged, they're jumping on the bandwagon.

Are people going to forgive them for destroying this country and the Bill of Rights for all the years they've been in office just because they're now supporting one bill?

If that's the case, people don't really want change or the solutions.


Ron Paul introduced the solution on June 15, 2007: A bill to abolish the privately owned FED. It had ZERO co sponsors and has just sat there. Now these GOP incumbents who support the audit bill suddenly want to take a peek, but that's acceptable. Abolish it? They're either too ignorant of the subject matter or too cowardly.

Will Americans reward them again in November 2010? Probably and it will simply be a tragedy for this republic.

Let me tell you one thing you should remember: The global power elite own governments on this earth. They move them around like chess pieces. They murder presidents, they run wars like a business. They are powerful beyond what most people can understand. They are ruthless. Evil runs in their veins. The fight will be ugly and it will get messy if people are serious enough to make the 2010 election cycle: No Mercy. No Exceptions. No incumbents.

Doing the same thing again or supporting candidates who don't know the solutions - just massaging old rhetoric - will not change anything. Voting back one single incumbent will not change anything. They've all had years, some multiple decades, to get the job done and instead have pushed us to the edge of the cliff.

This is why I am an unpaid Board member for The Committees of Safety. I know what's coming and I also know that it must be the state legislatures that slap Washington, DC in the face. Most are now out of session, but the work is underway. When the state legislatures go back into session January 2010, we will be ready (except Texas; our legislature doesn't go into session again until January 2011). The state legislatures can reject the criminal syndicate in DC, but not without massive support by we the people in our states. All politics are local. We can kill Agenda 21 at the local level. We must take back America county by county and make our state legislatures accountable to we the people for it is our government. Self-governance means just that.

Just a few "other things" --

1 - PLEASE get on the phone today and tomorrow to stop the Pedophile Protection Act from being passed by the U.S. Senate. I'ts on fast track. It's beyond outrageous that the Democrats are pushing such a vile piece of legislation.

2 - PLEASE get on the phone everyday until we kill this dangerous bill in committee: The Great Water Heist (short video). It WILL affect private property owners. S. 787, introduced by Feingold is another incredible attempt to grab more power, this time water. Here is the text; note Sec. 4, (1) (2) (3) and Sec. 5 (1) (2) (3).

3 - Americans are hopping mad about census workers marking their homes with GPS devices. They're outraged as they should be and want to know why? The actual census taking isn't until next year. Well, thanks to a fabulous researcher, CJ Williams, this will give you the answer and it has everything to do with "population activities":

Department of Economic and Social Affairs 03 September 2004

United Nations Expert Group Meeting to Review Critical Issues Relevant to the Planning of the 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses

Integration of GPS, Digital Imagery and GIS with Census Mapping

4 - On May 9, 2009, I voted in our local election. When the lady escorted me to the machine to vote, I gave her and the other election folks a five minute speech on vote fraud and told her I really didn't want to use a machine to vote. No problem! said the precinct worker. She promptly handed me a paper ballot. I was thrilled. Ask and you shall receive!

5 - $50 TAX on each gun you own on your 2009 tax return! Bill: SB 2099. This is yet another hoax being passed around the Internet and getting gun owners all riled up. If you need to verify a bill number, go here. When in doubt, don't hit the send button.

6 - Last year I had to ask for donations to attend the GOP Convention, which I hate. There is another important event coming that I really need to cover: National Conference of State Legislators. About 6,000 of them will be there in late July. Despite what people might think, I'm not wealthy and don't get paid a salary for my work or radio show. John and I live on a fixed income. I won't be able to cover that event without donations. Donations of $100 or more will receive a complimentary copy of my CD. I thank you.

Below are some important links. I try to be very selective in what I believe is important in the heap coming out everyday. Everyone is crunched for time, but know your enemy and get the armed with the truth. If you don't have time today, book mark them and read when you can.

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The Republicans held power from January 1995 - November 2006. Most of them are still there. They didn't eliminate one cabinet, one agency or the income tax. They did not get us out of the communist run UN or lift a pen towards monetary reform.