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By: Devvy
April 20, 2009
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My last column, Lot's of Tea Parties - And then?, brought some emails complaining I was beating up on Glenn Beck of the FAUX (FOX) News Network because Beck is "our hero." What I did in that column is the same thing I've been doing going on twenty years: Ask questions. Who is Glenn Beck? How did he become a $50 million dollar anchor on a "conservative" network like FAUX after jumping from the liberal CNN? Why does he refuse to have guests on that would debunk some of what he's been peddling with hard facts instead of emotion?

Let me give you this screaming example. Beck has had Bob Basso on his show to promote Basso's video, 'We the People Stimulus Package.' The new, modern day Thomas Paine! The problem: Is Basso a liar or just misinformed reading from a prepared script? Either one is not acceptable when putting out a video, not to mention the toxic message he has interspersed with lots of patriotic phrases.

Paine/Basso covers important issues like the illegals invasion with real solutions, blasts members of the Politburo (Congress) who don't read legislation and vote on it anyway, looting the people's purse. The hook. But, let's take some of Basso's other key points in this short video one by one:

First: Paine/Basso demands Congress be forced to pay into the social security system because they don't while everyone else does!

This is a lie. The Politburo (Congress) has been paying into the SS system since 1983 when there was a massive government pension overhaul. The result of Paine/Basso speaking this old Internet lie is that you have well meaning people who don't do any research do exactly what Paine/Basso promotes in the video: burn up the Internet! Great idea, but burning it up with a lie only hurts the credibility of the movement and keeps 'we the people' herded in the wrong direction wasting time writing letters to Congress to do something they already do.

Second: Paine/Basso promotes democracy as the answer to our woes. Nothing could be further from the truth. These united States of America are not a democracy. Our legal form has never been a democracy. This polished actor again plants a lie that will be repeated by more people than ever before. If this "patriot" doesn't even know our legal form of government or how destructive a democracy (mob rule) can be to a country, can we believe anything else in his hit flick?

Third: Paine/Basso promotes a very anti-freedom message when he forcefully says: Bring back mandatory universal service! This is simply a promotion of Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro's plan to force all Americans into mandatory "community service." Basso dresses it up with the American flag.

Fourth: Paine/Basso demands an end to the electoral college. About fifteen years ago, I believed that the EC should be abolished or at least 'reformed.' It didn't take long for me to change my mind after actually doing some research (at the prompting of others) and coming to a full understanding of why the EC was put into place. Eliminating the EC, in a nutshell, would simply destroy any choice for president by smaller states and put the election of a president into the hands of the major population centers. It is a toxic formula for mob rule. The real solution is constitutional electors, stop illegally funding corrupt organizations like ACORN, a fully informed electorate and elimination of all electronic ballot machines and scanners.

Fifth: Paine/Basso proclaims we must have term limits for members of the Politburo (Congress). I agree, but it can only be done with a constitutional amendment and the time for that is long passed, I'm afraid. We have serious, major problems to deal with right now that mean the difference between survival and being beaten into submission by a totalitarian government and usurper president.

And, then.....just who is Bob Basso? Well, he's a paid motivational speaker, author, actor and apparently someone who will do anything to make money: "Bob Basso is an American actor, writer, motivational speaker and entertainer whose outrageous antics working as a news and sports anchor in Hawaii included delivering the news while standing atop a pile of manure and reporting on the Hawaiian islands first nude beach while in the buff."

Basso has certainly motivated a lot of people. My question is: Who paid him to do this video or did he undertake the entire project all by his little old self?

The bottom line: Bob Basso has made a propaganda film that's been viewed by more than 2.7 million people. Those of us who have been in the trenches for decades recognize it for what it is and wonder why Glenn Beck would promote Basso and his dangerous rant? Then, again, why does FAUX continue to have the same old propagandists like Mike Huckabee on promoting the non solution called a 'Fair Tax'?

Glenn Beck appears to be a supporter of the non solution called a 'flat tax.' Chuck Norris pushes a 'fair tax.' As Lawrence Vance, yours truly and a million other Americans have been saying forever: These alternative taxing SCHEMES are simply a different way to fund unconstitutional (unlawful) spending and will continue to feed the banking cartel. The solution (do I sound like a broken record) is to eliminate unconstitutional cabinets and stop these never ending "wars of liberation" or "war on terrorism" on foreign soil.


It is estimated that a million very angry Americans attended tea parties with more on the horizon. There were moments to mention: Congressman Gresham Barrett [R-SC] was booed the entire five minutes he blathered on at one event. Barrett voted in favor of Obama aka Soetoro's unconstitutional $700 billion dollar hoax (bail out). The voters weren't interested in his excuses.

CNN sent one of their candidates for my favorite bumper sticker: It's time to pull over and change the air in your head. Susan Roesgen, CNN reporter, covered a Chicago tea party. Listen to what this factually challenged twit says to Americans who were insulted by her stupidity. How ironic Roesgen should use these words at the end of one of her "interviews" - "[the tea party] isn't for family viewing!

Anderson Cooper, sodomite and star anchor for CNN, broadcast family viewing when he joked about Americans exercising their right to free speech and peaceful assembly using a favorite homosexual reference: "It's hard to talk while you're tea bagging." He would know. Sodomites refer to putting their testicles in another man's mouth as "tea bagging." While there are demands Cooper be removed from CNN, why would CNN take Cooper off the air? CNN is notorious for their promotion of sexual deviants.

It's obvious from Roesgen's statements about stimulus money and the State of Illinois that she knows nothing about the Constitution. It's also obvious that neither does Glenn Beck or Bob Basso. Now, don't get me wrong. I think Chuck Norris is a great guy. He's done so much for kids and sets a fine example in his own life with his family. I just believe he doesn't have all the facts regarding taxation and it's twin evil the "FED," or he wouldn't be pushing the toxic "fair" tax.

Now, we're back to: Lots of tea parties - and then? A whole lot of us believe this newly awaked electorate is being hijacked by the shadow government's paid lackeys and GOP faithful. Some may have good intentions, but if they don't understand the issues they do more harm than good. The despicable one world government advocate, liar, serial adulterer and a constant on FOX, Newt Gingrich, is leading the pack with the help of anchors like Hannity and Beck. Anchors on CNN and MSNBC are attacking the tea parties as everything from racist to a GOP plot against Obama. It's all a huge distraction and we must make every effort to see that these angry Americans channel their anger into action that will produce results.

I respectfully direct you to the columns below for a better understanding of the money trail - including how our Founding Fathers wrote the constitution making it impossible to levy an income tax. (See about 1/3rd of the way down, the section on Vivien Kellems and apportionment.) Yes, we do have to have taxes to fund a limited form of republican government. However, we can all see the original intent of the framers has been burned at the stake.

We must direct the discussion across this country to the right argument on taxation (eliminating unnecessary and unconstitutional cabinets) and why these taxing schemes promote treating the symptoms instead of curing the cancer. "Lower taxes" or "tax cuts for the rich" is clever marketing and propaganda; we must shoot it down for what it is. Share this factual information with someone you know who went to a tea party that might not fully understand how these systems actually work.

Why An Income Tax is Not Necessary
to Fund the Federal Government
(text) (free audio)
The Right Argument on Taxation
Please watch these short videos (scroll a short way down). The truth is powerful.

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I hope you'll tune into my radio show: Solutions not politics. It's not the worn out, contrived yak about the "left v right," but rather facts and how we return to a constitutional republic. The solutions have always been there, the question is do Americans really want to "take back America?" or just will they be misdirected by popular media figures and corrupt politicians? Tonight I will be covering the Venona Secrets and why communism isn't dead, it's just been institutionalized in this country over decades.

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This is a lie. The Politburo (Congress) has been paying into the SS system since 1983 when there was a massive government pension overhaul. The result of Paine/Basso speaking this old Internet lie...