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By: Devvy
March 2, 2009

� 2008 -

The Obama phenom appears to be waning as Americans continue to see jobs hemorrhaging while Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka and so forth, attempts to openly shove communism down our throats while destroying free markets and jobs in the process. 'The Great One' has proven in a record short period of time that he's a liar already breaking campaign promises. For those of us who live in the real world and follow these glory seekers parading as "public servants," we have come to expect no less. The two political machines, vote fraud and millions of uninformed, under educated and partisan voters bring the worst into office. Now the chickens have come home to roost and the suffering will continue for years.

Party hacks and fanatics on both sides invent lies about their tarnished heroes because they cannot face betrayal. These are the cowards who will go to extraordinary lengths to keep morally and ethically bankrupt career politicians in office, in this case, a true communist, because they can't face the truth that 'The One' might have lied to them. Never mind the disastrous path which Obama intends to take this country should he stay in office. The same blind loyalty was seen during the last election by supporters of Juan McCain, a vile individual. It didn't matter that McCain is for full amnesty for criminals (illegal aliens), that he has taken money from terrorists or that he has been the key factor in selling out our POW/MIAs, the party faithful defended him instead of driving him out of office.

A quintessential example of yellow journalism and bald faced lies appears at this web site: Promoting Mutiny to Get Obama.

The "managing editor" uses a lie to grab your attention. None of the active duty soldiers or veterans who will be plaintiffs in the new lawsuit regarding the usurper president have encouraged or even spoken of mutiny. It appears Jason is ignorant of the definition of mutiny.

This mental midget then prints another fat lie: "Even though both the campaign and the Hawaii Secretary of State have released documents that refute claims that Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii, some members of the conspiracy-minded right find the issue to be a useful outlet for their anti-Obama crusade."

Obama has never released his vault long form birth certificate. A forgery was posted on

The Secretary of State (Hawaii) has never "released documents that refute" anything. Jason couldn't even identify the right agency.

This is deliberately inflammatory and also a fat lie: "Now, they have turned to promoting mutiny, encouraging soldiers to reject Obama’s claim to be commander-in-chief and join in lawsuits against the President. Such moves cross the line from even tolerable forms of fringe dissent to potentially criminal actions. Encouraging soldiers to refuse orders is a violation of both military and civilian law, and rightly so."

Is Jason mentally ill, deceived or just a run of the mill liar with no credibility? I believe he qualifies for the third category. Never have I seen so many opinions or "facts" (lies) printed on the Internet about court cases that have ZERO basis in truth or reality. You can bet this Jason person hasn't read a single brief in any of the 40 cases or he would not so cavalierly refer to them as frivolous. However, truth has no place in Jason's world, only hero worship of a narcissist.

Marginalize, demonize and more lies

The Birthers' Continue to Hound Obama; AOL

(March 1) - "Ever since Barack Obama became a prominent political fixture in the country, he has encountered a fair number of rumors and smears concerning him and his family. There was the one rumor about him being a secret Muslim (he is a practicing Christian). And there was the one allegation his wife, Michelle, was caught on videotape using the word "whitey" (no such clip has ever surfaced).

"Most of the charges were, for the most part, put to rest by vigorous responses from the Obama team during the campaign. But one conspiracy theory lives on -- despite overwhelming evidence debunking it. reports that the Birthers -- a persistent group of conservatives who believe Obama is ineligible to be president because of alleged questions surrounding his birth status -- continue to operate and thrive on the fringe."

That's right. All these attorneys, active duty military, veterans (including a two star general), you and me -- we all "operate and thrive on the fringe."

Update: United States Justice Foundation lawsuit. They issued subpeonas to Occidental College to obtain Obama's school and housing records. Of course, Occidental College is fighting hard. The hearing on Occidental's Motion to Quash is March 13, 2009. Documents here and here.

The dirty world of politics

Last week, someone sent me a link to a web site that supposedly belongs to 1Lt. Scott Easterling, the first active duty solider in Iraq to sign on to become a plaintiff in Dr. Orly Taitz's next lawsuit. After visiting the site (this is the first page) and seeing the nasty language, racism and conduct unbecoming an officer, I contacted Orly right away. She sent back: 1Lt Scott Easterling does not have a blog and the one currently up is not Scott's. Someone is impersonating him and that is a crime.

New posts have been added by this impostor which include this one dated February 28, 2009:

Vatican to Purchase Micro Effect Radio

ROME – "US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday urged Pope Benedict XVI to negotiate buying The Micro Effect as she wrapped up her first overseas trip, during which she agreed to work closely with the Pontiff on the UHURU fears of several African nations.

"The Micro Effect is a powerful underground Internet-based radio network. Some militant hosts have been hearing callers demand for everything from UFO parking meters to a gold-plated guillotine for American Congressmen. Unfortunately some listeners have been digging deeper into rap lyrics, YouTube videos and dusty internet posts. The activity has put a wrench into the planned genocide of white Americans. If the Vatican can buyout The Micro Effect staff, then the only refuge for Zyprexa-deprived thinkers is Plains Radio. Lt. Scott Easterling, a fictional creation of Jedediah Bartman, is the undercover spy that suggested a Mormon link to Operation Purse Head. Yes, I said Purse Head. But wait. Oh, never mind. That'll be in tomorrow's post."

Of the thousands of radio stations/networks who broadcast on the Internet and/or satellite, why would this impostor single out the Micro Effect Radio Broadcasting Network? My radio show airs five nights a week on that network and last week I spent a considerable amount of time on the Obama citizenship fraud. It seems remote that is the reason other than the timing of the Micro Effect posting. However, the fact remains that who ever is running this blog is doing it to discredit 1Lt Scott Easterling and makes anyone who supports his honorable actions appear to be loons. Orly is investigating and I believe we will see legal action very soon. As to who is behind it, my bet is Obama's vile political operative, David Axlerod.


The link on that site in which the impostor identifies himself has now been sanitized. As a matter of fact, when I started this column, the three pages (older posts up to newer posts) have all been sanitized! Too late. Orly (and I) have captured the previous posts and she is going after this impostor. Obama's fanatics or paid operatives will go to any lengths now that the wall of lies is crumbling.

On February 27, 2009, I personally delivered a file to Richard Durbin, Chief US Attorney for the North-Western District of TX for Criminal Matters in Austin, Texas; about a six hour drive from my home. As he was unavailable to a peasant like me, my package was accepted and I was assured it would be put right on his desk. An exact duplicate will be mailed to Patrick Fitzgerald in Chicago today. In my cover letter to Mr. Durbin I said, in part:

"Last month you had an unscheduled meeting with Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., from the State of California. This was in regards to a case of hers, Brockhausen v Andrade. Dr. Taitz is one of several attorneys with cases dealing with the Obama citizenship issue.

"Back in October, I forwarded my complaint to James Burrus, Chief Election Fraud Investigator in Washington, DC. My request was simple: I want Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham, investigated for violation of 18 U.S.C. §1343, wire fraud, for starters.

"I belong to no political party. I did not vote for McCain or Obama because neither of them are constitutionally eligible. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka and so forth, is not and can never be a ‘natural born citizen at birth’ due to his father's citizenship. His father was a Kenyan citizen under the British. This is a proven fact. Obama has stated as much. The problem is most people don't understand ‘natural born at birth.’

"There are more than 40 state and federal cases; some still active. Not a single case docketed by the U.S. Supreme Court has been heard. All denied. Not on merit, but politics."

In that file (the legal kind with several internal folders), I included the items you see on this Index. All of the documents are self explanatory and some will link over to the FOIA requests section. The one you might not be familiar with is item two: Letter from Jesse Trentadue to Sen. Patrick Leahy. Read it. Eric Holder is Durbin's boss. Obama chose Holder because he is dirty and corrupt as they come. Shame on the ethically bankrupt U.S. Senate for confirming Holder. He should never, ever have been confirmed as America's top cop. He is going down, just like Obama. Mark my words. It's just a matter of time. Millions of Americans are fed up with crooks, liars and those who believe they are above the law serving in high levels of OUR government.

This is a dicey situation for Durbin and others inside the Department of Justice. Holder is their boss and the usurper president can fire all of them at his whim. There are good, decent people who do work for DOJ. Yes, there are bad ones (primarily in the income tax division), but don't under estimate how many truly loyal Americans work for some of these agencies.

We must all make our voices heard. I would ask you to please take a few minutes and send Mr. Durbin a snail mail letter. I politely informed Durbin that this is NOT going away. In your letter to Durbin you can simply cite my visit, the date and that you also respectfully request Barack Hussein Obama aka whatever his real name is, be investigated for violation of 18 U.S.C. §1343, wire fraud.

In your letter to Durbin, just add some bullet points:

- Obama has a team of lawyers who have spent between $800,000 and $1,000,000 to keep his vault certificate showing his birth place sealed. Why on earth would anyone do such a thing?

- Even if Obama were born in Hawaii and there is NO proof he was, that still does not make him constitutionally eligible. His father's citizenship is the concrete reason why Obama can never be constitutionally eligible.

- Several members of Congress tried to legislate his citizenship last year. It didn't work. You cannot amend the U.S. Constitution with a resolution.

- Do you know the State of Illinois Election Board says they have no paperwork on Obama when he ran for the Illinois State Senate? How can that be? What is there to hide?

- Why did Obama aka Soetoro lie on his Illinois Bar Application when he said he has never used any other name but Barack Hussein Obama when we know that is a provable lie?

- Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro and so forth has always known he was not eligible to run and he did anyway. He has committed fraud and used his campaign to unlawfully raise over $600 million dollars both on radio and television. No one is above the law.

In my cover letter to Durbin, I pointed out Obama's closed door meeting with Chief Justice John Roberts and the fact that Durbin and the other attorneys in his office have been mislead to believe the courts have heard all these cases and dismissed them on merit. If I were Durbin, I would be curious enough to play the CD in my car and listen to it on the way home. We shall see.

Mail to: Richard Durbin, Chief US Attorney for the North-Western District of TX for Criminal Matters, 816 Congress Avenue, Suite 1000, Austin, Texas 78701

Anyone who thinks all that we've been doing is a waste of time is a waste of time. Had I not read the works of Bill Benson, Larry Becraft, Edwin Vieira and dozens more way back beginning in 1991 and then gone on to write my Bankrupt America booklet, how many Americans would know the truth about the FED? My work played a small part and those who got the truth then told others. What if people like Bill Still didn't "waste his time" by putting out his magnificent work, The Money Masters? What if John and Sharon Voss had not put out their accurate and informative newsletters for so many years explaining the theft going on in areas like the FED and IRS? The list of Americans making a difference is very extensive. If none of us tried, we would lose by default.

It is millions of Americans putting their time and efforts into bringing the truth to our fellow Americans that has brought us so far the past decade. Now we MUST keep the pressure on and not let up. It took me 12 hours to drive to and from Austin to deliver a comprehensive package to DOJ. It will only take you a few minutes to type a quick letter and mail it off to Durbin. Together, our voices will be heard.

These are dangerous and unsettling times. The financial collapse continues and with it will come even more unrest and anger by tens of millions of Americans. Get your personal survival plan in place. As the situation with Obama's fraud builds so much pressure it can no longer be contained, the situation will be become even more unstable. Empty bellies make for angry mobs. Click here for storable foods. Any negative repercussions will be the fault of Obama and Obama alone for allowing this to continue.

Our cause is noble. The Constitution matters. While it is human nature to be afraid, we are warriors and we will not back down.

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