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By: Devvy
December 4, 2008

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Back in September, I happened upon a column titled 'Time for a Taxpayer Revolt.' As I began to read the column, I thought, "This is good." The two authors were outlining the disaster of the so-called "bail outs" underway. As I worked my way through the column, I realized it was just more blame Republicans. At the bottom of this drivel, out popped the ignorance of the authors as they spewed their socialism: the government should help people build houses, create jobs for the greenie movement and universal health care.

I don't know where Medea Benjamin & Arun Gupta went to school, but it's obvious they know nothing about our legal form of government or the U.S. Constitution. Yet, these socialists who hide behind the "liberals" label have a large forum where they pump out their propaganda. Because Americans are so under educated from attending the dumbing down institutions they call public schools and blind loyalty to their political party, they believe it. Benjamin and Gupta call for a Twenty-First Century New Deal, similar to the dangerous and toxic message put out by Richard C. Cook.

Isn't it odd how people like Benjamin and Gupta rail about the bailouts, but how much you want to bet both of them voted for Comrade Obama who voted for this grand larceny? Allegedly Americans voted back the entire Congress (with 17 seats changing in the House out of 435) who approved this looting of the American people. So, why on earth would there be a taxpayer revolt? Americans were so happy with the performance of Congress (who had an approval rating of about 17% before the pretend elections) - they rehired 99% of the same people who are destroying this country! We're right back to where we were before the pretend election with the same Congress and people think there's going to be change?

I was out of the state from November 16 - December 2nd. When I travel I always try to engage Americans on current issues just to see what they know. The bail out issue has people hopping mad, yet we're to believe Americans supposedly voted all the same crooks back into office? The one thing that did surprise me was how many folks from restaurant personnel, gas station employees, grocery store, you name it - have heard about the citizenship controversy surrounding Comrade Obama.

While on the road, I caught a segment with Bill O'Reilly who said quit listening to the gloom and doom people out there and spend! It's important for the economy said O'Reilly, and people like yours truly and Dr. Edwin Vieira don't know what we're talking about. According to the big O, we're just fear mongers. A few days later I caught a morning segment on FAUX. The subject: people are now saving their money and how bad that is for the economy. Listen. It's real easy for a gas bag like O'Reilly to tell you to spend yourself further into debt when he likely spends cash; easy to do with an income of about $20 million bux a year. Yes, our economy depends on the exchange of goods and services for compensation. However, with pink slips dropping like leaves in fall and Americans living on the edge of financial ruin, the economy will suffer. People can't spend what they don't have and those who do have are weighing their options on spending. Need vs want.

Over the past few decades, Americans haven't saved, but spent themselves into massive debt. Banking institutions, lenders and private companies have been lying and cheating about the solvency of their corporations and now the day of reckoning has come with the worst still on the horizon. As millions of Americans have no credit or bad credit, they are unable to spend, even for necessities. Millions more are finally coming to the realization that because they have no savings to speak of, they are standing on a cliff and the view isn't pretty. The wipeout of 401(k)s has been devastating, but well paid hucksters who make their living peddling bull, knocked yours truly and others for warning about the 401(k) issue. Guess what? Tragically, it has come to pass.

Back in 2005, I told my husband we have to sell our home in Sacramento and get out because the housing market was going to crash. While I was planning to get packed up and put the house on the market, John was diagnosed with cancer so we had to push back our plans a bit. We purchased this house in West Texas in April, 2006 and sold our house in Natomas Park, Sacramento, California, several months later. We were one of the lucky ones who got out. While we had no debt on our home except the original mortgage, I knew the hurricane was building steam and sure as the sun shines, it has hit Natomas Park hard. The house across the street from ours, same floor plan except flipped, sold for $405,000 in June 2005. Today that house is appraised at $274,000. The house we sold is worth $150,000 less today than the day we signed the final escrow papers. Those buyers are saddled with huge mortgages that far exceed the value of the homes in that foreclosure capital and it will never turn around for them. The property will continue to age and eventually new houses in the area will be built commanding higher selling prices than the used ones.

I warned in a column back on September 25, 2008, the bail out disaster would be a never ending hemorrhage and we the people will be the ones bankrupted while CON-gress makes sure their banking buddies are bailed out. Congress critters continue to appear on cable networks talking about how the auto industry CEOs need to give them a plan so they can unlawfully dole out loans. Not one of them except Ron Paul has firmly stated that the U.S. Constitution forbids Congress from acting as a bank giving lines of credit, owning banks, bailing out private industry (auto and insurance) and dictating employment terms to private corporations. Now the states of the Union are lining up like beggars because they, along with their state legislatures, have mismanaged their budgets and want you and I to pay the interest on any money unlawfully loaned to these states by a corrupt Congress.

The level of lawlessness out in Washington, DC, is breath taking and will bring the entire economy to complete and total ruin because there's no one to stop it. Congress is running amok as if the U.S. Constitution doesn't exist. There's no president to stop this massive looting using veto power. No checks and balances any longer. The picture is grim and sugar coating it won't change the reality of what should begin to hit in the first quarter of next year. Back in January, I wrote about a tent city in Ontario, California. "Shantytowns" are now springing up in major cities:

November 14, 2008: "Rising unemployment and widespread foreclosures have left many homeless and living in tents and makeshift huts in cities around the nation. It's a scene not seen since the "Hoovervilles" of the Great Depression."

No new "stimulus" packages being thrown around by Pelosi and Obama will make a damn bit of difference. Using borrowed money to try and bail out a dead economy is simply more lunacy. Congress destroyed our major job sectors (ag, manufacturing, industrial) with all these "free" trade treaties - BOTH parties. Neither have done a thing to stop the destruction by getting America out of NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT. Their only solution is to borrow more money from the privately owned FED, slap all Americans with the interest and dole out more borrowed, worthless currency in an effort to plug the dam that is about to burst.


Who is going to pay the tab for this $8 TRILLION dollar give away called bail outs and rescues? You, me, our children and grand children will be paying the interest on all this borrowed money if the current system stays intact. With the people's purse overdrawn $10.6 TRILLION dollars, how does Congress expect the debt load to be paid? Don't ask Nancy Pelosi. That vile female is the quintessential example of an immoral crone who has absolutely no regard for the supreme law of the land. Come April 15, 2009, we shall see if all the money stolen from your paycheck this year via the withholding rip off taxing scheme was enough to support this massive theft from the sweat off your back. Remember the figures from 2004 and multiply them to what Congress has done over the past three months and intends to continue doing. No, this isn't great news at "Christmas time." Yes, it's important for Americans to put money into the economy, but when enough of them see the big picture, they are not going to continue spending. It's called survival.

But, I guess this is all okay with the American people because they allegedly rehired the same crooks, not just CON-gress, but the state legislatures as well. The destruction of California is voter approved. Not only do the people of California approve of the looting of their wallets by their state legislature and that nitwit governor, Arnie the Terminator, they allegedly voted in even more communists to Sacramento last month. The people of California threw out Davis and replaced him with a "movie star" who is no more qualified to be the governor of any state than I am to teach physics at MIT.

Republican heavies and "leadership" in the state said no to Tom McClintock and convinced gullible conservatives that a pig like Arnold Schwarzenegger had "more name recognition." Oh, did I call Da Governor a pig? I certainly did. How quickly people forget. Arnie's photo appeared on Drudge during his run for the governor's mansion. It was a picture of a female, buck naked except for a wisp of material covering her pubic area, sitting on Arnie's shoulders, bare legs wrapped around his neck with big udders hanging in his face. Oh, yes, and was I shocked to see it up on Drudge's web site. I'm sure Maria, California's first lady, enjoyed that display of her husband for the whole world to see. Schwarzenegger is an empty bag of skin (sagging now since he no longer pumps his pecs with steroids) who has done nothing but rubber stamp the financial destruction of California.

My home state is over run with illegal aliens bankrupting the taxpayers. THAT is why I left California. BILLIONS of dollars fleeced from the hard working people of California every year to support somewhere around 8 MILLION illegal aliens who have no right to anything except being deported, but are given free medical treatment in hospitals, bankrupting them from one end of the state to the other. Crowding California's class rooms with kids who have NO right to be in the state, much less sucking off the system. From medical treatment to food stamps, education and stealing jobs that belong to natural born and naturalized citizens, to filling the state prisons, illegals are stealing the resources of that state with the blessing of the taxpayers who voted back in the same crooks, cowards and criminals into the state house last month. I said hasta la vista to Arnie and that corrupt legislature.

The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villagarosa, who is of Mexican ancestry, protects illegals. How he whines about water shortages and not enough money, but he turns a blind eye for "his people" instead of working with Arnie to deport millions of criminals running loose in the state. How much water do you think 8 MILLION illegals use in California every day taking showers, flushing toilets, cooking and doing laundry? Quit complaining, Villagarosa. You and the terminator are nothing but hypocrites who care nothing for the law.

I was just in LA two weeks ago. There are huge areas of that basin that resemble the slums of Tijuana. A third world dump that continues to grow in size. Militant illegals who demand the productive citizens of California work their fingers to the bone to keep them in free services. The people of California asked for this chaos and plunder and now they're getting a good dose of it up front and in their faces. The citizens in the golden state are so happy about it, they voted the same vermin back to the state house who continue to fund and protect these criminals who sneak across our borders. The same incompetent professional politicians who have destroyed California both morally and economically. That's why I left California. We could have purchased another home anywhere in the state, but I refuse to have my pocketbook drained to fund criminals.


I continue to encourage people to diversify as much of their holdings as possible into gold. This always brings email telling me the government is going to seize all the gold "just like they did before." Dr. Edwin Vieira recently made an excellent statement on this very issue:

"Gold confiscation will be far more difficult than confiscation was in the 1930s, when much of the gold was held in the banks, which FDR simply closed. Now very little of it is. So how will it be seized, if people do not voluntarily turn it in? By house-to-house searches? The 401k loot, however, is all in various financial institutions. It can be confiscated electronically and immediately. So, in that respect, the 401k loot is in a worse position than the 1930s gold, because much of that gold was not in the banks, and was never turned in. Of course, people might start liquidating their 401k accounts (leaving aside the tax consequences) if they feared confiscation. But if that started to occur on a massive scale, the PTB would invoke a kind of "bank holiday," simply freezing the assets in place."

People are free to do what they feel necessary to protect their assets and if they're afraid to buy gold because they fear confiscation, so be it. I do not because we are a different people than back in 1933. Know what? Let them try. Some of the most powerful people in this country - including banking barons - own gold and lots of it. We'll see if Pelosi and the gutless coward, Harry Reid, want to take them on and millions of Americans who will just say, stuff it.

I need to make a correction. In a recent column I wrote the Illinois State Lottery winning Pick 3 numbers on November 5, 2008, was 666. That is a fact. I erred when I said this drawing was on election night. For some reason, I had it stuck in my head the election was November 5th when in fact it was the 4th. An honest mistake.

The Obama citizenship controversy is reaching a full head of steam. Please click here for my last press release two days ago titled 'Treachery Inside the U.S. Supreme Court.' There is a second case that has the same teeth as Leo Donofrio's and that press release covers Cort's case and what everyone needs to do asap. Regular readers know I filed several FOIAs and the aforementioned press release contains a scan of the letter I received while on the road from the University of Hawaii under their state records act. Now that I'm home, I need to follow up on the others. The U.S. State Department has not responded; I predict those two will have to be lawsuits. I won my last lawsuit against the FAA, so do not give up hope before I even begin my battle.

Also, remember my persistent requests to James Burrus, head of election fraud at the FBI in Washington, DC, to open an investigation into Obama for violation of wire fraud laws. While the FBI will not comment on any on-going investigation, I am hopeful there is one underway. Burrus simply cannot ignore the overwhelming evidence against Obama and not expect at some point for all hell to break loose when the truth comes out and that for political reasons, the FBI knowingly and willfully ignored it. There is a rage blowing across this country and a demand for justice. We shall see if our voices are heard.

As for Phil Berg's case, Obama and the DNC thumbed their noses at the Supreme Court. This column covers it well. The only thing I disagree with in Mr. Latino's column is that if Phil's case gets kicked to the curb, it's over. Leo and Cort's cases are clearly the cannon that will stop an impostor from being sworn in as president of these united States of America IF the U.S. Supreme Court has the guts to bring their cases to a full oral argument.

Obama has hired three law firms. Not three lawyers, but three law firms to defend him against this growing legal quagmire. I predict it won't be long before even Obama's staunchest supporters begin asking hard questions: Why not produce a real COLB? Why can't you refute beyond any doubt the valid and solid allegations in Leo's lawsuit that you, Mr. Obama, were not a natural born citizen at birth? All this can come to a halt by just proving these Americans wrong, Mr. Obama. Why do you refuse to release your records from Columbia? Is it because you obtained funding as a foreign student as has been alleged? The list goes on about this man who has managed to keep all records of his life sealed up nice and tight. There's a reason and anyone not drowning in denial knows why.

Obama is now a private citizen. Thankfully for this country he has resigned his unlawful seat in the U.S. Senate. He is also creating a constitutional stand off and an on going legal crisis. It can all go away tomorrow, but it won't. Obama is still gambling he can bluff his way into the Oval Office. Oops, there's one other legal obstacle: the electoral college. They vote December 15, 2008. But, wait! It now is confirmed that one of the electoral college delegates scheduled to vote on that date from the late, great State of California is deceased! No, you can't make this stuff up:

"A lawyer playing a major part in a California lawsuit urging officials to prevent the state's 55 Electoral College votes from being recorded for Barack Obama until questions about his citizenship are resolved has written to county clerks around the state, seeking an investigation into a process that has allowed a dead woman to be listed as an official elector." (Full column here.)

Not only have we the people been cheated by vote fraud for the past 30+ years, but now due to the diligence of dedicated Americans, we find the electoral college delegates may also be a con job.

The next big event is tomorrow when all nine Supreme Court justices meet in private to consider the merits of Leo's case. As it is a Friday, likely we won't hear anything until next week, but you never know because the clock is ticking. You can't tell me all nine justices are not aware of the importance of Leo's case and the huge controversy that has been boiling for months. They know the consequences of not granting Leo oral arguments and the consequences if they do. If they don't and Obama is sworn into office, the lawsuits will be non stop. If Obama is ruled ineligible, the potential for mass riots across this country is sadly very real. However, we cannot and must not allow what "might" happen due to Obama's deliberate conning of the American people keep us from pursuing the truth. Any negative consequences will be because of Obama's actions and his actions alone, not Americans who care about what's right.


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Obama is now a private citizen. Thankfully for this country he has resigned his unlawful seat in the U.S. Senate. He is also creating a constitutional stand off and an on going legal crisis. It can all go away tomorrow, but it won't. Obama is still gambling he can bluff his way into the Oval Office.