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By: Devvy
January 31, 2008

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"If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power of money should be taken from banks and restored to Congress and the people to whom it belongs. I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money, are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Despite clever word smithing coming out of the mouths of polished politicians and high paid illusion artists for networks like FOX (in for a very rough 2008) News, only someone in extreme denial can ignore the true state of America's economy. I've written about it for years, warning people that while Congress continues to write hot checks, kissed, blessed and signed off by whatever banking cartel water boy is sitting in the White House, the powder keg was just waiting to blow. BOOM.

With two or three exceptions (Dr. Ron Paul being the stand out), the U.S. House of Representatives, comprised of useful fools, the functionally illiterate and stinking buzzards, has just passed another monumental piece of lunacy called an "economic stimulus package." This $1.5 BILLION dollar shell game will stimulate nothing and let me tell you why.

One: There is no money in the U.S. Treasury. As I write this column, the people's purse is overdrawn $9,203,187,681,379.26. Every one of those "economic stimulus package" checks sent out to the American people will be a hot check written against an account that's over drawn $9.2 TRILLION DOLLARS. How can Congress do this? They do it by borrowing from the unconstitutional central bank called the "Federal" Reserve. By the time the interest is paid on this grotesque "stimulus package," the tab will be $3 BILLION dollars.

Two: There will be no economic stimulus because this is just another Band Aid being applied in an attempt to stop the patient on the operating table from hemorrhaging to death. Whatever the amount, at this time it appears to be a $600.00 hot check to individuals and a $1200.00 hot check to couples, it will get spent right away. Because tens of millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, it's doubtful these 'hot bux' will go into a savings account. Off the struggling middle class will go to Wal Mart to buy needed products made in commie China, which increases the trade deficit that most Americans neither understand nor have any interest in because daily survival is all consuming.

Third: Now that this quick fix called 'hot bux' is spent, what did it accomplish? Like a heroin junkie, flash bang, but then right back to reality and looking for the next fix. Let's not forget that these hot checks might be in the mail sometime in May - almost four months down the road. Yesterday's rate drop by the privately owned "FED" will not be felt for six-eight months down the road, long after many more Americans will have already drowned and small businesses had their 'final liquidation - going out of business' sales.

Fourth: Here's the part that proves these miscreants in Congress are not only unfit for office, but border on the brink of mental illness - ILLEGAL aliens will also get these "tax rebates." No, you're not reading that wrong. Comrade Pelosi and her gang of nitwits passed this bill which contains a provision to give criminals (illegals who smuggle themselves across our borders) who "earn" $3,000 per year by stealing jobs they have no legal right to have, a $300.00 hot check and your children and grand babies will be the ones to inherit the debt. Yesterday, the counterfeit senate scared for their political future this November, killed that provision in their version of this grotesque "stimulus" package; who knows what the final carrot will look like.

Fifth: The massive "entitlement" programs already gasping for some sort of life line, are now like full grown hippos looking to mother government to bail them out for another month, then another month, then another month. If you missed Carolyn Lochhead's bombshell column back in 2004, she gave the numbers that shocked a whole lot of people - except Congress who remained in their delusional states of self-importance as the cancer continued to fester. BOOM.

Isn't that a great solution to our "ailing economy"? There's no money in the treasury, but Congress, signed off by Bush, will run up another $3 BILLION borrowed dollars in debt. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! If Democrats think Pelosi's House is going to do anything to stop what's coming, just think of this past year under her "leadership": chaos and fluff and puff while our soldiers continue to die in Iraq and Afghanistan.

[Correction: I made a typo. The economic stimulus package at this time is $150 billion, not $1.5 billion. I left off the zero. By the time the interest is paid to the privately owned FED, it will be roughly $300 billion borrowed dollars.]

While the FBI is now investigating sub prime mortgage fraud, Marxist Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to jawjack how they have the magic fix to help the masses. Establishment lackeys, Flip Romney and notoriously hot tempered, John McCain talk the worn out "tax cuts." Folksy, Brother Huckabee's ignorant promotion of a "fair tax" shows his lack of qualification on the subject. Of course, all of this is just a continuation of the dance into the abyss because it means nothing in real time.

On January 23, 2008, I went in search of a tent city located in Ontario, California, about a 45-minute drive (depending on traffic) East of LA. While I had an approximate idea of the location, West end of the Ontario Airport, I knew I would have to do a little bit of searching. It didn't take long. The stench of human waste and garbage was so over powering, I picked it up a half mile away.

This tent city is shocking to see up close. It is reminiscent of photos from the artificially engineered Great Depression, only in living color. The city is doing their best to help these folks, but that cost gets passed on to the productive in Ontario and the county itself in higher taxes.

One young man I interviewed asked me not to take his photo because he's looking for work. While the majority of Americans living at this tent city are simply those left with no place to go for various reasons, this 30-ish, educated American lost his home through foreclosure several months ago. As he sat, stroking his cat, a sad story emerged. Caught up in the hype about the glorious state of the economy, he and his wife bought a house with an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) in a high ticket market. When it came time to face the reality of a bigger payment, credit card debt to the max and little savings, the first loss was the house, then the marriage due to stress and then his job.

If you think this tent city is just a bunch of bums, not true. The city has stepped in with out houses and getting children transported to local schools. The adults milling around were dressed middle class, some cooking over open fires, others in groups talking. I asked one lady who came near the curb to dump some water if she wouldn't mind speaking with me? She said yes, but was defensive because a lot of media have been around and apparently some of the coverage has been less than kind. Single mother with two children; husband skipped out so there's no help there. Evicted because she couldn't pay her rent with the taxes eating both of her paychecks - Mr. Bush's idea of the American dream: multiple, low paying jobs while our good jobs are destroyed through trade treaties signed by him, his father and Bill Clinton. The conversation moved to the high cost of everything and despair. This in a land rich in human and natural resources. I left this tent city knowing it's not going to be the last one on the American landscape.

Are Americans now burning their homes to the ground to collect the insurance instead of facing foreclosure? Others are just walking away from their loans. What happens to the local economy when foreclosures in one county (Lee, Florida) numbered 1,441 in December and 7,324 for the year? When you add the financial time bomb Jeb Bush built and lit before he left office now ready to go off, the citizens of Florida face a frightful future. According to one real estate tracking service, the number of U.S. homes that slipped into some stage of foreclosure in 2007 was a stunning 79 percent higher than in the previous year. Recession is the word being used for a "soft" market, but look out as 2008 progresses because it's going to get far, far worse than most Americans can envision.


In their effort to shore up disaster, Congress and the thieves at the FED have been bailing out Wall Street, the bankers and their own backsides. After all, it's not the little guy out there filling their campaign coffers with ill gotten gains, it's the corporations that own them right along with their magical money machine, the "Federal" Reserve. As the carnage begins to spread deeper into American households, Americans will demand more and more from mother government to bail out their bacon. Of course, it never seems to sink in that it's the American people themselves who reelect (with the help of high tech rigging) the same crooks who continue to spend recklessly on unconstitutional expenditures; just read this one. Bring home the bacon? Nothing like getting fat off the hog and then dropping dead from all that pork.

So few Americans understand the relationship between the FED and their wallet. They have little or no understanding of the money trail between the IRS and the FED. Those who do have been buying gold as a hedge against what IS already underway. I'm not a gold dealer, but if you're considering protecting what you have left, I always recommend El Dorado Gold. Professional like Harvey (Phoenix) 602.228.8203 and Eric (Florida) 623.643.8786, are highly knowledgeable and can get you on the right path to financial security. I get sick just thinking about the real time jeopardy to the trillion dollars in pension funds at risk right along with 401K savings; here's just one example. How many times have I encouraged Americans to listen to David Walker, Comptroller General of these united States of America trying to warn the American people about the financial tsunami that is now building speed? Too many to count along with hundreds of other writers.

Ron Paul has a bill lingering in Congress since July 15, 2007, to abolish the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. There are no sponsors. Why? Because without the central bank to borrow from on a daily basis, Congress would be unable to write hot checks to the tune of more than NINE TRILLION BORROWED DOLLARS. Because without the central bank to borrow from, Bush would not be able to steal from the American people to fund his nebulous and endless "war on terror," his unconstitutional nation building or endless "wars of liberation" to the tune of almost ONE TRILLION BORROWED DOLLARS.

Yes, the numbers are staggering and there isn't going to be any quick fix. Financial analysts whose reputations will soon be in tatters and craven elitists like George Bush and his minions, are hoping that the massive consumer dollars generated by the American people will save the day, but it's not going to happen. This is why so many Americans support Dr. RON Paul for president. They know he's the only candidate from either party who truly understands our monetary system and limited, constitutional government. One must remember that the next president won't be seated in the Oval Office for another year and by that time, between hyper inflation and more heavy taxation eating what little the American people have, the picture is indeed grim.

If Ron Paul were to win the presidency and Dr. Edwin Vieira as Secretary of the Treasury in his administration, we would begin the recovery process towards a true and honest monetary policy and an elimination of the unnecessary federal income tax. If that doesn't happen, we will see more tragedy for our nation. As Dr. Vieira said almost a year ago: "Rest assured that what you decide today you will be required to live with tomorrow. For the fiscal gap is a national trap that is inexorably closing. Once the financial swallows come home to the Disgrace of Columbia, there will be no going back-only "forward," into the New World Disorder of economic dislocation and deprivation enforced by a thoroughgoing police state."

You've heard the expression, "It's not over until the fat lady sings." Can you hear the cacophony of sound from millions of Americans yet? You will, but it won't sound like singing.

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With two or three exceptions (Dr. Ron Paul being the stand out), the U.S. House of Representatives, comprised of useful fools, the functionally illiterate and stinking buzzards, has just passed another monumental piece of lunacy called an "economic stimulus package."