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By: Devvy

May 11, 2004

The issue of whether someone should vote for the "lesser of two evils" this November has become very contentious in recent months with friends and relatives clashing to the point of creating hard feelings. Sadly, most Americans don't really recognize that they are being deliberately herded into this direction to keep them in line and "faithful" to either the Democrat or Republican parties.

Sun-Tzu is considered one of the greatest military tacticians of all time. I have learned much from studying his strategies as well as Francis Marion aka The Swamp Fox. The herding technique is one of the most effective methods of manipulating those to be conquered into the right direction. I use a bull and cape metaphor on my web site to illustrate this, but basically, this is how it works:

The power brokers behind the scenes make sure their puppet candidate is the only one offered up to the voters on a party ticket. The voters of either party (Democrat or Republican) don't want that candidate, but feel they have no choice. Then comes the pressure about party loyalty and in the end, the people are manipulated into voting for a candidate they don't want, but the power brokers got exactly what they wanted.

The stakes are high this November

This is the current chant being heard all across this land. Forgive me for raining on everyone's parade, but as someone who has been in the "take back America" movement for the past 14 years, 24/7, I hear this every four years. Stop and think about it. Back in '92, it was "anyone but Clinton," or conversely, "anyone but Bush, Sr."

The pattern was repeated in 1996 - we won't survive another four years of Clinton! Hold your nose and vote for Dole or visa versa if you wanted Clinton. In 2000, the people screamed even louder: We simply cannot survive with Al Gore!!!! Hold your nose and vote for Bush, Jr. He's a conservative and carries around a Bible like Hillary and what's his name.

Here in 2004 and once again, the people wearing the two labels, conservative or liberal, are right back to playing the same old game: We can't survive another four years of Bush! Kerry wouldn't be my first choice, but I always vote Democrat and anyone but Bush! Hold your nose and vote. Doesn't anyone see anything wrong with this picture? I do. I liken it to a form of insanity: continuing to do the same thing that brings the same bad results. Like an addiction.

People are forgetting what the Constitution says

As both Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry continue to promise every special interest group and PAC in the country more and more unconstitutional looting of the people's treasury, Americans have forgotten what a sitting President can and cannot do in his capacity. One thing a President cannot do is go to war without a formal declaration by Congress. Clinton did it over in the Balkans and Bush has done it in the Middle East. They both should have been impeached.

No President can promise funds from the people's treasury which, incidentally, has no money and every penny promised comes from borrowing. All bills of expenditure must originate in the House of Representatives, not from the President's desk. Presidents are not supposed to create jobs, the private sector must take that lead role in a free market system. Under communism, the government creates the jobs and the slaves; free enterprise is forbidden.

As disgusting as it is, most Americans today vote for their paychecks, whether it be at the city, county state or federal level. Because our manufacturing, industrial and agriculture sectors - the very industries that made America the most prosperous, debt free country in the history of the world - have been gutted by insidious treaties like NAFTA & GATT, more and more Americans are taking the largess from the people's treasury to fund their city, county, state and federal jobs. Most of these jobs have no constitutional authority and far too many are simply bribes to keep the masses in line by throwing them scraps wrapped up with deceit and deception.

Voting outside the two parties is un-American

Believe it not, I have actually had some mush heads utter that stupid phrase to me. I'm willing to bet those individuals can't even give me a history of how the so-called "two party" system evolved. I hear people talk about voting for a 'third party' candidate. This is rather silly since there are dozens of registered political parties in this country; the two main alternative parties have strong candidates running for President, i.e., Constitution Party and Libertarian Party.

Our nation was built on 'citizen candidates.' For the past 50 years, only those vetted by the machine that will march to the orders given by the shadow government ever make it on election day. This is a direct result of vote fraud and the unwillingness of Americans to stand up for what they believe and cave into party loyalty pressure. I maintain that it is un-American to continue voting for the same individuals who are destroying this country because the party is everything, win at all costs. Such foolhardiness has damn near destroyed this Republic.

George Bush, Jr., is a representative of the Russian, Chinese, U.S. Communitarian ruling classes bent on destroying America and integrating her into this one world government nightmare. Every move he has made since taking office has been carefully calculated towards the goals of the international banking cartel and the industrial/military establishment who profit from 'wars of national liberation.'

Mr. Kerry is cut from the same bolt of cloth. He is a brother "bonesman" with Bush and his political ideology is strictly communism disguised as "liberalism." This might offend those who belong to the Democrat party, but unless you take the time to study the subject matter instead of relying on 30-second tv commercials, reacting strictly on emotion or with your hand out for more government "entitlements," you simply cannot have an understanding of what real freedom is all about.

These United States of America's legal form of government is a Constitutional Republic. The word 'Democrat' means "a supporter of democracy." Democracy is defined as mob rule. No democracy in the history of this world has ever survived and that is a historical fact. Republican is defined as "favoring a republic as the best form of government." Tragically for this nation, the Republican Party hasn't stood for those principles in a century. Either the American people are going to get out of a state of denial or the ship will go down and voting for the lesser of two evils won't save it.

Throwing away your vote

This is the other favorite one I hear each election cycle. Since 1960, our voting system has been corrupted via the use of electronic voting machines. This is a fact and I wrote a short booklet on the subject from years of research and having been a candidate for Congress and cheated out of a fair vote count. Unless and until we return to paper ballots, hand counted inside the precinct in front of the public before they are transferred to the county clerk, we have no idea who is getting honestly elected anymore.

The guilt trip

Voting a 'third' party will give us Kerry - don't waste your vote! Voting a 'third' party will give us Bush - don't waste your vote! The same old guilt trip laid on Americans who dare to think and will stand firm in their convictions. This is the herding technique at its finest: make individuals who want to stand up and vote their conscious feel guilty because their vote might be the one that returns one of these corrupted politicians to office.

Millions of Americans are afraid to vote outside the two "main" parties because they fear the other evil worse than they fear the lesser strength evil. This is what it's come down to in America? The I'm too afraid brigade are wont to cave in because they no longer have the capacity to stand up to party bullies? In a May 6, 2004 AP article on the cost of defending the Ten Commandments display in Everett, Washington, against yet another lawsuit brought by communists, a county worker commented: "I think this lawsuit is ridiculous, but as a matter of practicality, I'd move it. We don't have the money for this. The principle's not worth it."

When a nation whose people will no longer stand up for principle, values and what's right because of money, that nation has lost its soul.

People should not confuse fear with cowardice. Either you stand up for your convictions or you stand for nothing. Yes, the stakes are very high for this election as they have been for each election over the past 50 years. But, I submit to you that those who are too afraid to vote their conscious are already slaves, they just can't hear their chains clanking yet...but they will.

Nathan Hale was betrayed by his own in the fight for independence and hung at the ripe age of 21. Patrick Henry gave his famous 'Give me liberty' speech as a young man in his early thirties. He wasn't just complaining, he was declaring war against a King - for freedom. Thousands of gallons of blood have run on the battlefield to give you the right to vote for any candidate you feel will uphold the U.S. Constitution and your state constitution.

Voting for the lesser of two evils won't save this country, it will only hasten a total collapse. If you are so afraid that to vote your conscious will put the lesser of the two evils in office, then I say you have already lost the right to be free and I am ashamed to call you my fellow countryman.

� 2004 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

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"It is important for the shadow government to continue to instill fear in the American people so they will continue forfeiting their God-given rights for a false sense of security."