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By: Devvy
September 1, 2008

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The good Lord willing, I am now in St. Paul at the Republican National Convention and to attend Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic. It's a bit difficult writing a 'current' events column with an upside down schedule, but here's a few comments about the donkey convention in Denver before my cut off date for submission. On August 25, 2008, I watched the nauseatingly long video presentation to honor Ted Kennedy, and bear with me while I get to the point.

The Democrats love to use class warfare as one of their main propaganda tools against the Republicans. We saw this recently with the flap over Juan McCain being unable to say how many homes he and his wife own. This was immediately pounced upon by Marxist Obama's campaign. Does it matter if McCain and his wife own one house or ten? As long as the money to make these real estate purchases was earned legally, in a free enterprise system, there is nothing wrong or immoral about being successful. Obama and his wife can choose to purchase a second home if they have the financial ability to do so. There's no crime in achieving your goals in life. Isn't that a big part of Obama's spiel? Obama and his family certainly don't live in a shack by any stretch of the imagination.

This is a deliberate strategy to manipulate the masses. McCain can't possibly identify with middle class Americans or the poor. The useful idiots on the boob tube push it like heroin to an addict. Transcript from Hardball hosted by Chris Matthews, August 22, 2008, Del Waters, columnist at

WATERS: "But, Chris, here's the bottom line -- 22,000 people lost their homes in Prince William County, Virginia, this year alone because of foreclosure. If you're one of those 22,000 people who lost your home, who may have had a job, and then face foreclosure, and you hear a candidate say, I don't know how many homes I still have, that is not a popular..."

The number of real estate properties McCain owns has absolutely nothing to do with Americans who are tragically losing their homes to foreclosure. But, this has appeal to struggling Americans who need someone to blame. They know nothing about our monetary and banking system; millions have been weaned into the dependency mentality that mother government is there to "take care of working families."

I bring this up because the video honoring one of the most dishonorable sots, womanizer and advocate of infanticide (partial birth abortion) to ever disgrace the U.S. Senate was of Teddy riding high on his sail boat. This fabulous, sleek boat looked in the quarter million dollar range. Having a great time with the wife and family members. A couple of kids who might have been early teens sitting on the bow out on the ocean; no one wearing a life jacket. This video certainly would make middle class Americans and the poor relate to the rich guy out on his ultra classy sail boat with a net worth in the millions! Oh, but he "feels your pain." (Nancy Pelosi was on tap earlier. She's someone middle class working Democrats and the poor can relate to with a $55 million dollar fortune. Don't forget Comrades Bill and Hill Clinton have a net worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million; about the same as Juan McCain, although most of the money belongs to his wife.).

Following this video showing the life style of the lavish and rich, the grand Poobah himself came on stage. I am sorry that Kennedy has brain cancer, but to honor him is to honor someone who has done so much harm to this country, it would fill ten columns. Yes, I am aware that he was key in getting body armor for our soldiers fighting unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, however, that is his job, and why did it take so many dead soldiers for him get this critical appropriations done?

Ted Kennedy is directly responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopeckne. He let her drown to save his own worthless backside and only his father's money and influence saved him from a jail cell. Ted Kennedy is one of the major players in giving illegal aliens a free pass to get in this country and stay here, stealing jobs, bankrupting hospitals, school districts and filling state and federal prisons. Why was there no time set aside at that convention to remember and say a prayer for the victims of illegal aliens --- tens of thousands of them -- raped, murdered and slaughtered on our roads and highways? Their blood is on the hands of Teddy and Juan McCain.

Next up was the "selling" of "We need more white people,” Michelle Obama. While painful, I watched most of her carefully crafted pitch. Earlier this year, Mrs. Obama, allowed her true feelings to slip out when she said, "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country." She was proud because for the first time in American history, a mulatto has the opportunity to become a presidential candidate in the general election. Last Monday night, Mrs. Obama talked about how much she loved this country. I mean, she really loves America! The cable networks talked about her role in "selling" her husband and "softening up" her image to voters. Mrs. Obama gave the standard Marxist pitch lines about volunteering in your community and 'sacrifice for the community.' Jeri Lynn Ball, a thorough researcher and expert on the communitarian doctrine writes:

"Americans are being trained by slow degrees to give up their individuality, independence and autonomy (their unique personal traits, their desires and personal ambitions, their intellectual capacity to direct their own lives). Since individuality is the basic, indispensable property of every living human being, the degree to which he strives to wipe out his own individuality (become selfless) is the degree to which he experiences feelings of helplessness and instability. Individuals who unwittingly embrace the Soviet slave philosophy, i.e. community values (or the Communist morality), including altruism (selflessness) and collectivism (loss of the individual in the collective mass), proceed to disintegrate both mentally and physically. They may manifest an array of symptoms ranging from anxiety and chronic depression to despair and suicidal feelings to alcoholism and drug abuse. A growing number of Americans now suffer from eating disorders, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders and schizophrenia.

"Soviet and American leaders have been achieving the ideological and psychological convergence of the United States and Communist Russia....Virtually every major problem facing America today is the result of the Communists' war against the mind and their attack on this country's founding principles. Using the mixture of political indoctrination and the specter of ruthless mass terror, communitarian and mind-subverters have been overwhelmingly successful in their attempt to make selflessness a mass phenomenon and to produce profound feelings of instability, helplessness and worthlessness in many Americans."


Mrs. Obama stood at the podium, spit and polished to the ninth and talked about family values. She does have two adorable daughters, but like her husband, supports abortion on demand and infanticide (partial birth abortion):

"After dilating the cervix, the physician will grab the fetus by its feet and pull the fetal body out of the uterus into the vaginal cavity. At this stage of development, the head is the largest part of the body. . . . the head will be held inside the uterus by the woman's cervix. While the fetus is stuck in this position, dangling partly out of the woman's body, and just a few inches from a completed birth, the physician uses an instrument such as a pair of scissors to tear or perforate the skull. The physician will then either crush the skull or will use a vacuum to remove the brain and other intracranial contents from the fetal skull, collapse the fetus’ head, and pull the fetus from the uterus."

This is "family values," Michelle? This is what you and your husband are vocal advocates for and you have the nerve to stand up on world wide television and try to sell a new, warmer version of yourself? (You can view Mrs. Obama's fund raising letter on behalf of her husband defending this heinous procedure here.) Despite the hard times she and her husband supposedly endured, I see they didn't decide to have some butcher suck her little girls brains out of their heads and throw them into a medical waste container.

I had enough of Hillary Clinton (see file here) when she and her husband soiled the White House for eight years, so I skipped her speech on August 26, 2008. Besides most Americans should know by now that she's a morally bankrupt, pathological liar; a narcissist who lusts for power and adoration from the unwashed masses. Those who don't are Americans who were in grade school when she and her business partner, Bill, disgraced this country. The rest refuse to see what's underneath that husk housing an dead soul. It goes without saying I skipped Bill Clinton's speech. Remember that guy? The one who was getting his Johnson serviced in the Oval office by an intern and then went into full battle mode with deny, deny, deny and lying to the American people? The guy accused of rape? The former president who sold us out to the communist Chinese for money. Oh, how those "family values" folks at the convention loved Ted, Michelle, Bill and Hill!

Events and Activism

While McCain and Obama continue their snow job on the American people, we the people need to stay the course. Now that NWVs has printer friendly, it makes it much easier to print out columns using a minimum amount of paper and distribute at town hall meetings, city council and country board of supervisors meetings. We must get these local elected officials to understand things like the National ID and other critical tools of the globalists in their final push to strip us of all our freedoms and liberties. Get out there to these town hall meetings being held and distribute critical, factual information to the people attending. Remember: these are our fellow Americans who live in your area. I would strongly suggest these two columns now. Print them out and make copies to hand out:

REAL ID: Connecting the dots to an International ID
by Rep. Sam E. Rohrer
Our Troubled Country: Importing Poverty

Every time you hand out ten sets of these to the elected officials (or five or six on the city council) and ten to those attending, it will get multiplied many times over. Town hall meetings often draw a hundred or more people. Get together with friends, chip in for the printing and get to all these public meetings. Use the two above and maybe the next one: 'Global Warming or Global Governance' We have to give our fellow Americans the truth so they feel threatened enough to act upon the information.

[See DVD "Global Warming - Global Governance?"]

'Truth Attack' is an organization started up by Tommy Cryer and friends. Tommy was indicted by the federal dragoons on income tax charges. He was acquitted by a jury and has become a force to be reckoned with in getting the truth out to the American people about the IRS and their fraud upon all of us. In a recent announcement, Truth Attack states: "Truth troopers have been spreading the truth! Over one million letters have hit government desks, letting government know that we know - Operation Stop Thief gets the message to millions!"

On October 11, 2008, Tommy and his hard working fellow Americans have scheduled the 'American Liberty Council 2008' down in Houston. This is not an eat, meet and retreat event. It's we know the problem, here's how we solve it. If your group or organization would like to attend, you can get the details by contacting Tommy at: I will be there covering the Council as part of the media.

When I return from St. Paul, I'll do a column on the convention along with a photo array as I saw events unfold. For live updates, I'll be calling in to Jeff Rense's radio show on September 2nd and 4th during the first hour both nights. Please see his web site for times and how to listen. Operation St. Paul pictures launched; see here.

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The Democrats love to use class warfare as one of their main propaganda tools against the Republicans. We saw this recently with the flap over Juan McCain being unable to say how many homes he and his wife own.