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By: Devvy

February 18, 2005

In light of the hyped speculation that Hillary Rodam Clinton is seeking the presidency in 2008, I feel the American people should be reminded on a regular basis about this woman's past. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are devout Marxists and propagators of world communism. They disguise it very well. No self-respecting woman, regardless of her commitment to a marriage, would put up with a husband who publicly rubs her nose in his infidelity - a husband accused of rape by Juanita Broadrick. No, this is a partnership of power and anyone who underestimates Hillary Rodam Clinton does so at their own risk.

The face these two put on for the gullible in no way is representative of their past and what they believe. Hillary is probably the most dangerous woman in this country for freedom and liberty. Below is a reprint of an article from my old newsletter, November 1995. I believe people will find this factual information very interesting. The Institute for Policy Studies still operates in this country.

Marxism: "The political and economic ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as developed into a system of thought that gives class struggle a primary role in leading society from bourgeois democracy under capitalism to a socialist society and thence to Communism.

Communism: A theory or system of government in communal ownership as in goods and property are distributed for a11, except those at the top who control the masses.

Fascism: A philosophy or system of government that is marked by stringent social and economic control, a strong centralized government usually headed by a dictator, and often a policy of belligerent nationalism; oppressive or dictatorial control.

From SECRET by David Price:

David Mark Price has produced one of the most intense research documents that I have ever seen on any subject matter. In this instance, Price has concentrated on the Institute for Policy Studies [IPS]. His manual is explicit, incredibly detailed and one that should he examined by every member of the U.S. Congress for further investigation. His logical and documented link between the IPS and Bill & Hillary Clinton is extraordinary.

Price dedicates this research to Richard S. Welch, American CIA Chief-Agent who was assassinated in front of his family, Christmas 1975, due to collaborations between Soviet KGB operatives and the Marxist-terrorist IPS group. The same group Bill Clinton's close friend and advisor, Derek Shearcr, then held membership in, which Hillary Clinton later funded and praised, and from which Bill Clinton chose several appointees.

Price stresses throughout his work that the purpose in the research that he and his colleagues perform, is strictly in the pursuit of objective truth and not for any political agenda. This manual, as well as his other on the FBI's investigation into the un-American activities of the Council on Foreign Relations, are almost out of print. I want to quote some of the material out of this IPS manual because I feel this information is vital. The American people deserve to know the truth about the President of the United States and his spouse. They have never gotten it from the establishment, controlled media.

To quote Price in the preface: "I first learned of the IPS while serving as a U.S. Naval officer and pilot. Upon reporting for duty as a Top Secret Control Officer at an overseas U.S. Naval Air Station. I was then briefed on IPS's violent collaborations with the Soviet KGB and was warned to take Precautionary measures while fulfilling my duties.

After returning to the U.S. and changing careers, I continued to keep ties with the Intelligence community and kept tabs on IPS. These contacts allowed me to publish exposes through another source in April 1992 regarding IPS's influence over several church organizations. In August 1992 I delivered copies of my published findings to the FBI, and thought my role in exposing IPS was complete. However, in September 1992, evidence of the Clinton's involvement with IPS was discovered, and I determined to write SECRET.

SECRET required thousands of hours of research, composition and editing to prepare. It is our opinion that the hundreds of quotations, footnotes, bibliography sources and references we cite [including photocopied FBI documents and Communist Party materials] contain valuable evidences which are worthy of your consideration. So sure are we of our research, and so honorable are our intentions, that we continue to offer a $1,000.00 reward and a letter of retraction and apology to the first person able to prove any quotation in this booklet to be materially false."

The following quotes are taken from Price's manual, SECRET:

Page 1: IPS has firm ties to anti-American terrorists and militant Marxists worldwide; and IPS has firm ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton also. Accordingly, concern over the Clinton's ties to IPS personnel were voiced by Rush Limbaugh, Donald McAlvany, Daniel Wattenberg and William F. Buckley, Jr. prior to the 1992 election - and for good reason - the FBI reveals:

IPS is described as a Washington-based 'Think Factory' which helped train extremists who incite violence in the United States ... and whose educational research serves as a cover for intrigue and political agitation. [See FBI File 175-398, June 9, 1976 message traffic, page 8. See FBI documents in bibliography for information on how to obtain all FBI documents cited in SECRET.]

Individuals who have been identified as CP [Communist Party] members ... have participated in IPS functions. IPS representatives have also affiliated with known communists. [FBI File 100-447935, Vol. 1. March 14, l969, page 1]

Karl Hess is publicly described as a researcher for IPS ... Hess has stated that he sees no alternative but to use violent tactics to destroy the United States government. [FBI File 100-447935, Vol. 2, Secret Internal Security Report WFO 100-46784, of October 16, 1970, page 12]

IPS apparently exercises considerable influence in the New Left movement and may have as its goal the destruction of the U.S. government.

Clinton's appointment of Derek Shearer as his top economic advisor was no fluke. Shearer's sister, Brooke, is Hillary's traveling companion. As this booklet shall document, Clinton's close friend Derek Shearer has not only been a member of the subversive IPS, but is also a prolific advocate of Marxist socialism and is ardent in his open praises for life in communist lands. Shearer has long proposed that America's free enterprise system be dismantled and that businesses be controlled by powerful socialist planners instead.

Page 2: FBI Warns of IPS Infiltrating U.S. Government with Subversives.

Such revelations are doubly disturbing in view of Secret FBI reports which reveal IPS has attempted to infiltrate U.S. government agencies with "radicals" and even "communists," who intend to enact Anti-American, pro-Marxist policies:

This gives IPS activists access to Government secrets as well as the opportunity to influence opinions and political developments. Obviously the institute is in a position to infiltrate persons into the Government agencies who are indoctrinated in revolutionary ideology ...

They constitute the new United Front with penetration in depth by communists... In effect, IPS Director Arthur Waskow's outline is an entire framework of a shadow government with shadow institutions." [FBI File 100-447935, Vol. 1, Secret Report of March 14, 1969, pages 46-47.]

An IPS working paper captioned 'Proposal for a Five Year Plan for Radical Reconstruction' is said to delineate ... the radical reconstruction of U.S. society through the creation of counterstructures ... It was further denoted 'These individuals are instructed that they must work from the establishment but, while doing so, not lose sight of their basic radical beliefs.' [FBI File 100-447935, Vol. 3 Secret Report, June 10, 1971, pp. 1-2.]

Page 8: IPS Leaders Sponsor Marxist Art: For years communist leaders have realized the propaganda premium art can yield upon a targeted culture. Chairman Mao Tse-tung himself wrote about this propaganda factor in his Yenan lectures. He rightly concluded that a dedicated Marxist artist in a targeted country is worth more than a thousand soldiers in that country's borders. Mao explained that such cultural saboteurs were not only to use their mediums to propagandize their audiences that communism was good, but to paint the existing orders of targeted countries as being inherently evil.

IPS is deeply involved in this form of cultural warfare. James F. Cooper reports, 'The primary goal of IPS (art) is to indoctrinate Americans with Marxist dogma and disinformation." [James F. Cooper, "Marxism, Pornography", The New American, Sept. 10, 1990, page 35.] For example, IPS funded the infamous Committed to Print exhibit in NYC. That event, which was almost exclusively funded by IPS Chairman Peter Weiss and his wife Cora, was dedicated to fabricating stories of "genocidal atrocities" America commits against underprivileged minorities, and to exploiting the old communist class warfare struggle between the Bourgeoisie (middle and upper class "enemies" and the Proletariat lower class "workers").

Typical of the "art" there foisted upon the public "as a large painting of a vampire-fanged Ronald Reagan capturing black children and sucking their blood out and eating them alive.

Page 9: IPS Promotes X Rated Pornography: Also receiving IPS support at the aforementioned Committed to Print rally were the Franklin Furnace and Kitchen Theater acting groups. These groups are famous for their outrageously degrading pornographic presentations designed to break down American culture by enthralling the audience through stimulating their basest prurient instincts, and then injecting political propaganda into the performances when the audiences are most susceptible to visual stimuli.

Franklin Furnace, for example, is famous for featuring a nude female performer smeared with chocolate [to simulate feces] whose claim was that she was protesting "male sexism" in America. During here act she screamed, "God is death, Forget God!" The climax of her act was the burning of American flags while cursing conservatives Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan.

Both Kitchen Theater and Franklin Furnace groups, which receive sponsorship from IPS, have also hosted porn-starlet Annie Sprinkle for acts on their stages. In her typical performances before these live audiences, Sprinkle urinates on the stage floor and on front row viewers, openly masturbates with phallic devices while growling obscenities into the microphone, leaps naked into the audience to perform oral sex on men there - and after inserting a lighted gynecological speculum scope into her vaginal canal - assumes the birthing position and invites audience members to crowd forward to peer into her uterine cavity. [Cooper Report. pages 34-35.]

Hillary Clinton has chosen to praise and give thousands of dollars to IPS because she believes it is a "progressive, activist organization." As you will see, thoroughly documented in SECRET, the IPS has been investigated by the FBI for murders, espionage, terror bombings and kidnapping. Bill has considered or appointed at least a dozen IPS members or activists to high government posts.

Page 15: Ron Dellums, Shearer and IPS: According to media quotes [all listed in the manual], Dellums is known as an "openly avowed Marxist" who is "a part of a Marxist coalition that decided the way to change the U.S. was to infiltrate and work from inside the power structure." Additionally. Dellums raised funds for the pro-Marxist publication, The Guardian, and opened his congressional office to the Salvadoran Communist Party - helping them form the CISPES group - which was largely responsible for promoting the communist insurgency in El Salvador which killed thousands.

Dellums has received U.S. Communist Party dignitaries in his Washington office and has personally accepted a commendation from U.S. Communist Party boss Gus Hall. Also, one of Dellums' staffers is the former business manager of People's Daily World, the Communist Party USA's West Coast newspaper.

When Ron Dellums was appointed to the House Intelligence Committee, which is privy to some of our most sensitive intelligence and military secrets, Human Events, wrote: "The Dellums selection is a first-rate national security scandal." [Editorial note: Tens of thousands of Americans, including myself, wrote letters to both party top leadership demanding that Dellums be kept off any committees and be ostracized while he is in Congress. Ignored, as usual. Believe me, I have followed Comrade Dellums for more than a dozen years - this individual's communist activities are an outrage!]

Pages 24 - 27: More IPS political appointees with communist loyalties that can be well documented: Stephen Solarz who failed to pass the FBI's background security check and was denied an ambassadorial appointment by Clinton.

Clinton appointee Timothy Wirth is such an ardent supporter of IPS, that he helped IPS throw a 20th anniversary fund raising party for itself.

Patricia Schroeder [Council on Foreign Relations dumb-bunny] was actually considered for Secretary of Defense by Clinton. Les Aspin [deceased], Leon Panetta, Morton Halperin [KGB agent and spy, Philip Agee's lawyer] - all Clinton appointees, cronies and dear friends. All, without question, based on their own activities, alliances and words, ardent supporters of Marxism.

Edward F. Feighan, Trotskyite Marxists and IPS. Edward Feighan [D-OH, Ret] was Clinton's campaign Communications Director. Feighan has ties to IPS and various other Marxist entities through the Center for Developmental [CDP] and the North American Congress on Latin America [NACLA].

Page 28: New York's liberal former governor, Mario Cuomo, was suggested by Bill Clinton as a likely Supreme Court candidate. CFR member Cuomo sided with IPS's position during an important anti-industry battle. This was a prime goal of the IPS to move control of the energy industries out of private hands and into the government's hands so the cause of American Socialism could be advanced.

Joseph Duffy and IPS

Clinton appointed Joseph Duffy to head the U.S. Information Agency which sponsors Voice of America radio broadcasts worldwide. Asked about his politics, Duffy told two British journalists, "I guess you could say I am a Marxist revisionist, but certainly not a Maoist." [Dr. Charles A. Provan, President William Clinton, American Freedom Movement," May 1993, page 4]

Page 30: Hillay Clinton's Links to IPS and Marxist Terrorism. This page is filled with Hillary's financial and personal investment in not only the IPS, but the New World Foundation, CISPES and other communist organizations. End of excertps from my newsletter. Unfortunately, SECRET is out of print.

Alfred E. Smith, Democratic Governor of NY [4 terms], became the Democratic candidate for President in 1928, but lost to Herbert Hoover. In 1932 he supported FDR, but by 1936, he was so shocked and alarmed by what he saw happening that he decided to warn his party. On January 25, 1936, he gave a speech in Washington, DC to warn the American people that the Democratic Party was being betrayed."

I am ending this part of the text quote to state that this speech is approximately six pages long and due to space constraint, I will list the topics that Mr. Smith spoke on: Patriotism above Partisanship, Government by Bureaucrats, Party Platform, Economy in Government, The Unbalanced Budget [sound familiar?], The Middle Class Will Pay the Debt [how history does repeat itself!], What About States' Rights?, Unconstitutional Measure-Unfulfilled Pledges [nah!], Extravagance, Democratic or Socialistic?, We Can Take A Walk. Constitutional Limitations, Chorus of Yes-Men in Congress [no!], Suggested Remedies, Washington or Moscow?

Mr. Smith gave a brilliant expose on these subjects. His suggested remedies bear repeating:

"I suggest to the members of my party on Capitol Hill here in Washington to quit worrying every minute about the first Monday after election day in November; I suggest to them that they stop compromising with the fundamental principles laid down by Jackson and Jefferson and Cleveland. Stop attempting to alter the form and structure of our government without recourse to the people themselves as provided in their own Constitution. This country belongs to the people, and it doesn't belong to any administration. Next, I suggest that they read their Oath of Office to support the Constitution of the United States. And I ask them to remember that they took that oath with their hands on the Holy Bible, thereby calling upon God Almighty Himself to witness their solemn promise. It is bad enough to disappoint us."

Mr. Smith must have been what the Democratic Party used to stand for, anyone not in a state of denial can see that is not the case today. Alarmingly, I see a sickening number of Republicans going the socialist way, including my opponent in the upcoming primary, Congressman Wally Herger.

Where will the change in this disastrous course come from? Grassroots. All Americans, in whatever political party, must get the truth to their friends, working colleagues, the mailman, whomever. We must encourage Americans to stop depending on 15-second soundbites when considering who to vote for - study their voting record instead.

Anyone who can't see that America is on the fast track to becoming a socialist or Marxist country simply must be in denial. Yes, I have felt the betrayal by those I voted for all my life. But, I've accepted it and I'm trying to stop the destruction of my country. To those who choose to ignore the actions of both Republican and Democrats in leadership positions in Congress who have flagrantly betrayed We the People - well, as has been said before: "Those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it."

The above text is from November 1995. Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country. We can take out country back one county at a time, but everyone must do their part.

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Anyone who can't see that America is on the fast track to becoming a socialist or Marxist country simply must be in denial. Yes, I have felt the betrayal by those I voted for all my life.