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By: Devvy
June 13, 2008

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"I will say this, however. I was, frankly, surprised would be a mild word, to say that anyone that would suggest that the Attorney General should resign because some religious fanatics murdered themselves. (Applause.)" Bill Clinton, April 20, 1993; remarks on WACO

It's been over two months since the raid on the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) property known as the Yearning for Zion Ranch. Immediately, the intellectually lazy zombies who work in the controlled "mainstream media" swooped down on the area and the circus went into full swing. According to irresponsible anchors across the board on cable networks, over 400 children were rescued from rapists and child molesters. It didn't take long to see the interviews of people in cafes around Texas parrot the same statements. I know because I watched an elderly couple being interviewed. The man said the FLDS devils were all rapists and should be jailed. It might have shocked this fellow to know that many of the married couples only have one spouse and don't want another one.

Do I support or endorse polygamy? No. Do I endorse or think child molesters should be given a free pass because they claim it's covered under their religious beliefs? No. Do I support young girls being forced into marriage with any man, never mind these so-called 'spiritual marriages' of under age girls with men forty, fifty or older? No. Is polygamy illegal in the State of Texas? Yes. Do I want to see children protected from child abuse? Of course, I do.

Having said that, everyone has had their say on this in columns and on the tube. Some of the most intelligent writing has come from William N. Grigg; see here.

When the Texas Supreme Court ruled against the gangsters at Child Protective Services (CPS), media anchors and pundits all went nuts. The rapists and child molesters were to get their children back to abuse them! These boob tube pundits and 'experts' declared the children had 'signs of broken bones' in the past. Any evidence?

Deseret Morning News: "Parker said he spoke Wednesday with the doctor who operated a clinic at the FLDS Church's YFZ Ranch. "The breaks he's seen haven't occurred in a setting where he would suspect child abuse at all," the attorney said. "They can treat some simple fractures (at the ranch clinic), but usually it's in consultation with an orthopedic doctor in San Angelo," Parker said, adding that doctors are required to report any suspicions of child abuse. "There's not a single episode of child abuse (of FLDS) reported in Texas, or Utah or Arizona, either."

"Isn't it ironic that (Child Protective Services) is talking about broken bones when a little 7-year-old girl in the care of CPS broke an arm while she was at the Wells Fargo Pavilion?" FLDS member Willie Jessop said Wednesday. "When we inquired about the incident, they came after us with this sensational story. They are distorting the facts and trying to justify their barbaric actions."

While all the legal wrangling was going on, America saw members of this FLDS ranch and yes, they are creepy in my mind. The women all dress identical in clothes far too hot for this area. They all wear their hair the exact same way like 'Stepford Wives.' All the little girls are dressed in the same pioneer era clothes. But, that doesn't make them child molesters, rapists or abusers of children. The Texas Supreme Court upheld the lower appeals court in that there was no evidence whatsoever of any "cycle of sexual abuse of teenage girls" or that any of the children were in immediate danger.

CPS blustered and got their demands met -- at least some of them. The mothers are being forced to under go DNA testing and parenting classes. CPS states this is an on-going investigation and they will not back down. Of course, they won't. This mess and believe me, it is a major mess, was created by them based on a phone call that is a lie. With no due process, just like WACO, in swooped para militarized law enforcement -- take a good look at these two pictures released to the media by a terrified FLDS ranch resident.

Just what the heck do these law enforcement think is going on there at a ranch full of women and children? Take a real good look, America. With NO due process and no warning, this is what happens when out of control agencies like Child Protective Services relies on an anonymous phone call. Also remember this: these agencies cannot stay in business without victims. If there's no victim, they create one. I've read as many horror stories about these "righteous" bureaucrats as I've read on other issues. This one in El Dorado is the biggest kidnapping in the history of this country based on unverified information. CPS had the calvary come in to save the children from...who?

This is NOT an isolated case:

"Billy Dan Carroll spent the better part of the past three decades assaulting and raping dozens of victims -- from girls as young as two years of age to adult women whom he lured to his home and then drugged into unconsciousness....A court-appointed special advocate (CASA) for abused children. This means that he worked -- albeit as a volunteer -- for the same Texas Department of Family and Protective Services that recently abducted 460 children at gunpoint from their parents at the FLDS Church's YFZ Ranch."

Polygamy Trail Leads to Colorado

Texas Rangers Take Part in Arrest of Woman Who Allegedly Made Hoax Call in Colorado

"Texas Rangers participated in the arrest of a Colorado woman who allegedly pretended to be a girl locked in a basement. The Rangers were in the state as part of their investigation into the Texas polygamy custody battle, local police told ABC News....It was unclear if the arrest was related to the phone call from a woman who claimed to be a 16-year-old girl, a phone call that sparked what has become one of the largest child custody cases in U.S. history....Texas child protection lawyers have said they believe the girl does exist, even though they have not found her."

Texas CPS lawyers have their backsides in a meat grinder. These children were ripped from their mothers, some infants, with no warning at the end of a gun and massive fire power at that. They've been forced to undergo "evaluations' by state shrinks. You want to talk about cruel and unjust punishment upon children. I watched an interview of a couple who live on that ranch. I watched them try to explain, in between the mother's tears, what happened. This couple is strictly monogamous. He has no other wives, doesn't want any. They looked to be in their late 30s. The stupid mainstream media reporter asked him, "Well, then how come you live here?" The man said they live there in peace. They home school their children. They grow their own food and he has a regular job. What a crime. Their six children were ripped from them, farmed out to six different foster homes and the parents told CPS was going to adopt all of them out!

As the legal battles continue to play out, and I hope some of these Americans sue the pants off the State of Texas, one has to ask the question: Why in April, 2008? Based on a phone call from someone they haven't even verified exists to this day? Remember WACO? Only a few days before the initial gassing and burning of almost 100 human beings by the feds, David Koresch was in town. He could have been picked up at any time. Instead, we had the ATF pull off one of the most deadly and stupid jock raids this country has ever seen - for NO legitimate reason:

NY Times. Death in WACO: The Government's Plan; Confusion Abounds in the Capital On Rationale for Assault on Cult

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation had no recent evidence that children were being beaten in the Branch Davidian compound, F.B.I. Director William S. Sessions said today. The Director's remarks contradicted assertions by President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno that escalating child abuse had been a major reason to assault the complex near Waco, Tex., on Monday.

"Mr. Session's comments were part of a sometimes confused effort by the Clinton Administration, in the face of considerable public second-guessing, to present a coherent rationale for deciding to fire gas into the complex. Officials believe that 86 people died in the flames that began after the F.B.I. used armored tanks equipped with ramming prods that pumped tear gas through holes punched in the walls of the compound. On Monday, Ms. Reno said her fears about recent reports of child abuse were high among the factors driving the timing and tactics of the operation.

"The President's Grief. President Clinton said today that Ms. Reno emphasized the threat of child abuse in seeking his approval Sunday for her plan to fire gas into the compound on Monday. "We did everything we could to avoid the loss of life," the President said. "They made the decision to immolate themselves, and I regret it terribly, and I feel awful about the children."

Of course those children who lived at Mt. Carmel made the decision to burn themselves to death! I'm not going to cover WACO any further, because I've already written extensively on it. You can also get a refresher course in evil by your government here. Not to mention one of my dearest friends, retired USAF Brigadier General Ben Partin, was deeply involved with members of Congress and the investigations. I KNOW what went on. It was murder and all the deaths - including 17 children and federal agents- did NOT have to happen.

I can tell you without any doubt that everyone in the immediate region knew what was going on at that ranch. There's no way the sheriff and the town of El Dorado didn't know polygamists were living there. So, if everyone knew what was going on - why didn't anyone do anything about it? Why did the State of Texas sit on their concerned hands until this alleged phone call from a phantom "young girl" who is no where to be found suddenly happen? Why didn't CPS investigate in a sane and legal way, instead of this massive show of force? Why did this happen in April of 2008? This ranch has been there for years; see this short video taken in 2005.

Because I live so close (130 miles), on June 5, 2008, I drove over to El Dorado to look for myself. This is a very rural area of Texas. El Dorado has no fast food junk food joints. A few gas stations, little town hall, small businesses and residential. As soon as I got into town, I went to the sheriff's office and then drove out to the property. Let me say that Temple is huge, far bigger than it looks on television; see this 1:58 second aerial video. This ranch is 1700 acres. While the raid took place a little over two months ago, there is a huge amount of construction going on - all fresh wood. Because I wasn't allowed to drive onto the property, I couldn't get up close. But, there is one area up the road that sits high enough to see quite well.

The man guarding the only entrance gate from town told me the children were being returned and they just wanted privacy. I didn't have a problem with that because I really only wanted to ask him a question: Did he know anything about a new highway going through the area? Talk of a major freeway or anything like that? He replied no and I drove back to town. The reason I asked this question is because the question was raised: Is this 1700 acre ranch in the path of the NAFTA Super highway to Hell? I received an email dated April 16, 2008, which raised my radar:

"Eureka! I looked up Eldorado on my DeLorme Atlas, and sure enough, its location is right on the intersections of Hwys 190 and 277, just 10 miles North of major rte, U.S.10. Nearest populated town that I see on the map is San Angelo, Tx. some 60 miles due north of Eldorado..It appears to be right in the path of the planned NAFTA superhighway, which is supposed to connect to a major seaport to be built on the Mexican coast, just across the inlet from Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja, Calif (Mexican territory). Perhaps to use the town of Mazatlan as the hub of shipping. The port of Long Beach, California, now one of the fourth largest U.S.seaports will become an empty vessel; excuse the pun."

I drove into El Dorado from San Angelo, about 45 miles. When you get into El Dorado, you turn left at the Catholic Church and the entrance is four miles up the road. In the middle of this small, rural town is an intersection, 277 and 190. Now, I want you to look at this map, click here. Next look at this one in pdf form. This weekend watch this ten minute video on the Texas Trans Corridor. Watch our fellow Americans beg YOU to help stop this insanity about to destroy their lives and livelihood. And, if you think your property won't be in the way someday of some foreign company and traitors like Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), you're in denial. This IS the destruction of this nation. This octopus of corridors for foreigners to rape our nation via trade is the destruction of the way of life for hundreds of thousands of Texans and MILLIONS of Americans in their path.

The people of this country sat back and allowed the federal dragoons to destroy the ranchers and farmers of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Yes, thousands of us did what we could, but Congress allowed this to happen because the American people didn't stop it. I went up there twice in 2001. Anger is a mild word for my feelings as I spoke with my fellow country men and women standing at that canal watching their life blood drain away. What a coincidence that Klamath Falls solved the energy crisis for California in the summer of 2001; that water gushing down the rivers into California saved the $10 billion dollar ag crop and California's summer tourist trade.

The FLDS property would not be given up easily by the people who live there, not without a fight and possible years in court. Much easier to have an anonymous phone call making tearful allegations of mass child abuse and in comes massive law enforcement. If the state can make it stick, legal bills will kill the residents and the property would go into foreclosure. How very convenient. What a huge coincidence.

I know it's the weekend, but "the fun times are killing us." Watch the videos below and get involved. Contacts: Terri Hall, Founder/Director, (210) 275-0640, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (or TURF); Hank Gilbert, TURF Board member & acting President of Piney Woods Subregional Planning Commission, (903) 871-2424; EMAIL:; WEB:

Remember the Alamo. Don't let this happen to our country as it's happened to Europe with their damnable EU. Money is the name of the game and that's all these multinational corporations and politicians care about. In a discussion with my friend, Dr. Edwin Vieira, regarding these corridors, Edwin said, "Corporations involved are laying down a lot of scratch for concrete and road tar and they expect a return - soon."

Stop buying foreign food, fruits, vegetables and products - especially clothing and toys. Starve the enemy. Don't put money in the pockets of these foreign companies buying up our land and roads. Go to my web site, click here, and you'll see Made in USA. You can buy Made in America. Invest in America. Save American jobs. Create new jobs for America. Say NO to foreign countries and investors. Our land is NOT for sale to the highest bidder. If it takes marching on your state capitols and recalling (if you have that option under your state constitution) members of your state legislature who don't fight to stop this, then do it. The final steps are underway to end these united States of America. Only we can stop it.


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5 - Understanding the North American Union - Excellent DVD by Joan Veon. Get a copy and share with family and friends


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While all the legal wrangling was going on, America saw members of this FLDS ranch and yes, they are creepy in my mind. The women all dress identical in clothes far too hot for this area. They all wear their hair the exact same way like 'Stepford Wives.' All the little girls are dressed in the same pioneer era clothes. But, that doesn't make them child molesters, rapists or abusers of children.