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By: Devvy

February 13, 2006

In May 2005, California's Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed a lawsuit against PowerEx and Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) "in which the state alleges for the first time that Enron-devised trading schemes used to inflate prices during the Energy Crisis - in this case "ricochet" transactions - constituted a conspiracy to restrain trade that violated California antitrust laws." More Enron style games which, as usual, always end up hurting the little guy in America.

The bottom line, at least in my book, is that while Enron served the needs of the controllers, everything was peaches and cream. Once the party looked like it was about to implode, friendship stopped at the door. Cheney flushed Lay and his cohorts right down the crapper - with the notable exception of Thomas E. White, while Bush drop kicked his good buddy, Ken Lay, as a new liability. These power brokers at the highest levels use "friends" to get what they want and when they're no longer useful, they eat 'em and then spit out their bones without losing a minute's worth of sleep. There is a ton of documentation here on more investigations into Cheney's secretive Energy Task Force.

Enron did blow up in October 2001 with the truth yet to be fully exposed. It is doubtful the truth will come out of the Enron trials underway right now unless someone decides to roll over all the way to save their own skin. Anyone who thinks the Department of Justice will look for the full truth during these prosecutions against Lay and others is naive. The U.S. Department of Justice is headed up by a corrupt Bush crony, Alberto Gonzales, and federal prosecutors who have no integrity and no respect for the law they claim to uphold. Besides, it's dangerous to be the one who knows where the skeletons are buried:

Remember J. Clifford Baxter? At age 43, he was vice chairman of Enron when he resigned in May 2001, a scant five months before this energy giant's collapse. May 2001 is the same month those secretive meetings took place between Lay, Schwarzenegger and others, and only one month after the State of California filed suit against Enron as covered in Part I. Baxter allegedly killed himself on January 25, 2002. Baxter had just agreed to testify before Congress in the Enron case - not as a target, but to provide evidence against others. Baxter's suicide came a day after the congressional hearings began. How every convenient because dead men tell no tales.

According to media reports: "Baxter was one of 29 former and current Enron executives and board members named as defendants in a federal lawsuit. Plaintiffs' lawyers said the executives made $1.1 billion by selling Enron stock between October 1998 and November 2001. It said Baxter had sold 577,436 shares for $35.2 million. Baxter had reportedly feuded with then-Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Skilling over the propriety of off-balance sheet transactions that hid billions in debt and ultimately triggered the once-mighty Houston company's spiral into the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history."

While all this wheeling and dealing was going on, we the people of the State of California were paying astronomical heating and air conditioning bills going through the summer of 2001. I do not exaggerate when I say they were so high in the winter months of 2001, people were going without food to keep their homes heated. In the summer, the cost of air conditioning, coupled with black outs, drove businesses out of the state or they went under. At the same time Bustamonte was filing the lawsuit against Enron (April 2001), another devastating event was occurring that would ruin thousands of Americans, take away their livelihood and at the same time, provide the water and power needed to save California's ag and tourist industry.

Oregon's water

On April 6, 2001, the Klamath Project "water allocation decision" was announced stating that based on the biological opinions and the requirements of Endangered Species Act, there would be no water available from Upper Klamath Lake to supply the farmers of the Klamath Project. In other words, life saving water for farmers and ranchers in the Klamath Basin area in Oregon and right at the northern California border would suddenly be shut off to protect a sucker fish. There are several critical pieces of writing on this issue that one must read in order to understand how this federal machine smashed the lives of thousands of our fellow countrymen and women. What went on in Klamath Falls is so shameful and beyond comprehension in this republic, but happen it did and God forbid the American people ever allow the Bush or any succeeding administrations to get away with it again - blessed and kissed by the cowards who serve in Congress. See:

1. The Klamath Basin Crisis: Background and 6 positions.
2. High and Dry in the Klamath Basin.
3. Klamath Falls Farmers Destroyed by Illegal Species Listing.

Please note that the decision to turn off the water was April 6, 2001; a federal judge backed up this unconscionable decision later than month. In April 2001, the State of California filed a lawsuit against Enron. I am going to speculate here because the timing is so suspicious. I can't prove my theory because I don't have the money or manpower, but here it is: California was in the grips of a massive energy shortage. Enron was screwing California big time. California badly needed energy to save businesses, water for the multi-billion dollar San Joaquin agricultural corridor and desperately needed energy to run it's multi billion dollar summer tourist industry (like Disneyland just to name one cash cow).

Suddenly and for what turned out to be illegal based on the rulings of a federal judge three and a half years later - the Klamath Falls basin's water ends up gushing down the rivers. How do I know? I was in Klamath Falls in July 2001. After spending a few days investigating, I then followed the water down the river to the dams on the Oregon side of the border; 4-wheeled it into back country to get to where I could see for myself. When I got home to Sacramento, I did some more research into California's hydroelectric power, dams and water feeds.

Long story short is that once the water was turned off to the farmers and ranchers, down the river it went. While California didn't recover fully for several months into the summer, there was some relief. Yes, California was scrambling to buy power, but a whole lot of extra water was coming down from the Klamath Falls area. This may all be one big coincidence, but I just have this nagging feeling as I did back then that there's more to the Klamath Falls disaster than just the desire to save some stupid junk fish and gobble up more farm land for wetlands to create1,000 acre bath tubs for ducks and birds.

One follow up about the anthrax attacks. I found another web site hosted by an Edward Lake and spent about two hours or so reading through it. Mr. Lake appears to have done a great deal of research on this one issue; see here.

There are a great many other "oddities" about 9/11: Bill Clinton was in Australia that day. Al Gore(bechev) was also in Australia that day. Bush was in Florida. Collin Powell was in Mexico. Sir Alan Greenspan was in Switzerland. Amazing so many anti-American heavy hitters were out of the country at the time. Probably just another one of those odd coincidences.

Readers have sent me dozens of e-mails regarding Enron and campaign donations as well as web sites and I thank you. While I might miss a few, it's not intentional, but folks can start with these if you are just beginning to investigate what really happened that day:

1. 9-11 Questions - What Really Happened?
2. Scholars for 9-11 Truth
3. 9-11


The events of September 11, 2001 have been written about endlessly in the quest to expose the truth. The hearings held by Congresswoman McKinney on C-SPAN were a giant step forward in laying out the facts, but how many Americans know anything about those hearings? Dedicated Americans in New York City have put up a great fight in trying to get that coward, Eliot Spitzer, to convene a federal grand jury. Isn't going to happen. Spitzer has refused for over four years, so there's no reason to believe he will find the guts to get the job done at this late date.

The 9-11 Commission was a hoax upon the American people and the families who lost their loved ones that day. While there is a huge effort going on all across the country in bringing forth the facts about 9-11 in public meetings, unless a grand jury can be convened with the ability to issue subpoenas and bring forth criminal indictments, the agenda to enslave Americans will continue at hyper speed.

As I said in my last column, the lawsuits that have been filed are either in shambles, some dismissed, but more importantly, years have gone by with no progress. The families of 9-11 have the clout, we the people need to help give them the weapon - a grand jury - to get to the truth. How many more ways can anyone write about the events of September 11th? The only next logical step is a grand jury and get all the facts on the table.

I believe there is a way to get this done and I have put out some inquiries, but we the people need the help of constitutional scholars like Jonathan Turley. Unfortunately, a no name journalist like me has no access to people like Professor Turley, but the families of the 9-11 Steering Committee would. These fine, decent people have deactivated their web site, but I am hopeful that in the near future some of them will want to pursue this avenue. I'm not certain Professor Turley would even be interested, but unless someone asks him, we'll never know.

We shall see what comes of my inquiries on this issue, but if you are a constitutional scholar, professor or attorney with knowledge in this area, please contact me. We have no place else to go because neither the cowards in Congress (except McKinney) or the controlled media ("mainstream" and cable) will touch 9-11 except to continue propping up the government's fairy tale. Everything that has been forced down our throats by the Bush Administration (Patriot Act, unconstitutional invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, wiretapping, etc) is a direct result of the horrors of September 11, 2001. Unless and until we can haul the key players in front of a grand jury with subpoena power, we will just continue to fall behind the march towards the complete and utter destruction of our freedoms and all we hold dear while the planners who carried out the mass murder of 9-11 remain free.

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While all this wheeling and dealing was going on, we the people of the State of California were paying astronomical heating and air conditioning bills going through the summer of 2001.