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By: Devvy
March 10, 2008

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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is a war monger. In his own words he supports Bush's immoral, unconstitutional invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan based on nothing but lies. Rohrabacher doesn't have a problem with "totalization" agreements, but he should. Rohrabacher has also expressed admiration for Condoleezza Rice, another servant of the global masters and advocate of war and killing instead of peace. Having said that, as a member of Congress, it is Rohrabacher's job to investigate corruption and cover ups involving federal agencies - including the president. On February 26, 2008, to his credit, Rohrabacher gave an important speech that has been ignored by the media. It is very long, but I urge you to book mark it and read it soon.

Point one in his speech: The Bush Administration's cover up of John Doe II in the OKC bombing and involvement by foreign terrorists. Patrick Briley has written many columns on this issue; his research and contacts are impeccable (See links section at bottom). This is beyond an outrage as you will see when you read Rohrabacher's speech. Those responsible for the OKC bombing are still walking free, just like the perpetrators of TWA Flight 800, WACO and 911.

Point two: Sandy Berger, former Clinton National Security Advisor, entered our National Archives and stole original terrorist related documents. This thief then destroyed these classified documents to protect Marxist Hillary Clinton's run for the White House and the failure of Bill Clinton on the terrorism issue. A condition of Berger coping a plea was he must undergo a polygraph. You will see that the corrupt Federal Department of Justice not only gave a member of Congress the finger, but took two years to do it. Brian A. Benczkowski, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, provided the response to Rohrabacher (his letter is reprinted in Rohrabacher's speech) and I've got something to say to Benczkowski: How do look at yourself in the mirror every morning when you shave and not see a weasel? How do you get up everyday and knowingly violate your oath of office and protect the Bush Administration when you know damn well these people are lying and covering up the truth? You, Brian Benczkowski, are the quintessential example of what Vlad Lenin called a useful fool and you should be charged with obstruction.

Point three: The on-going shame to keep Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean in federal prison. Rohrabacher sums it up perfectly in his speech: "During a Department of Homeland Security subcommittee hearing on February 6, 2007, DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner was questioned by Congressman Culberson about this issue. Under oath Skinner acknowledged the information given to the Texas Congressman was in fact false, but he smugly justified his blatant and willful lying by calling it ``mischaracterization unfortunately repeated at the briefing.'' No, Mr. Skinner, it was a lie, no matter how colorful the euphemism...This administration ends up lying in a briefing to Congress and shrugs it off. To this day, absolutely nothing has been done about this crime. And yes, lying to Congress, especially about an issue of this magnitude, is a crime."

Why the hell hasn't Richard Skinner been indicted for lying to Congress?

Alberto Gonzales, the former Attorney General of these united States of America is also a liar, obstructed justice and hopefully will still get indicted. I'm betting the Democrats now wish they had never approved the nomination of another Bush co-conspirator, Michael Mukasey as Gonzales' replacement. Mukasey has proven himself in a very short period of time to be as corrupt as his boss, George Bush. As Rohrabacher said in his speech cited above: this administration and by extension, the Federal Department of Justice, have and are breaking the law. Does anyone care? If the Federal Department of Justice is supposed to make sure no one is above the law, who then makes sure the Department of Justice and it's personnel from the top down aren't violating the law? Rohrabacher's speech clearly shows this cabinet is obstructing justice. Department of Justice personnel are telling members of Congress that their right of oversight means nothing so go away.

I submit to you that a state of lawlessness has been on-going since the day George Bush took office on January 20, 2001. If Congress can't get the Federal Department of Justice to respond to questions and cooperate with investigations that are clearly the job of Congress and the sitting president is part of these cover ups, then who is going to stop this lawless administration?

While conservatives bury their head in the sand, smarmy Bush apologists like shallow Sean Hannity continue to lambaste anyone questioning Bush's flagrant lies and machinations. Bush and Cheney should have been impeached years ago. Millions who voted the Democrats into power in November 2006, thought they would see change and an impeachment by the House of Representatives. These Americans believed Pelosi would undertake the sad and difficult task of impeaching a president. It's hasn't happened and these same millions ask, why not? I think Prof. Boyle summed it up perfectly way back in 2003: "Suffice it to say that most of the "experts" there opposed impeachment on the grounds that it might hurt the Democratic Party get their presidential candidate elected in the year 2004." Nothing has changed. It's all about politics and the lust for power. The Republicans are no better and I encourage you to read this column by William Norman Griggs.

I ask you: If a sitting president is part of an on-going cover up of who was behind the OKC bombing and the same president, his cabinets and their agencies are aiding and abetting known terrorists in this country - is that treason or just "high crimes and misdemeanors?" The FBI is fully aware of terrorists in this country, who they are and where they are. The question is why is the Bush Administration protecting them?

When are these so-called leaders in Washington, DC, from both parties going to stand up and do what is right for this nation and the rule of law? The Republicans finally got up the nerve to go after Richard Nixon over something as foolish as an office break in. However, both parties are sitting on their hands while Bush, Cheney and the Federal Department of Justice run amok. It is doubtful any of them will find the courage to go after these lawbreakers, but Bush and Cheney can still be indicted after they leave office and it must happen because no one is above the law. Their crimes against the people of this country and the world are heinous. I said in a recent column and I'll say it again: change is not possible with the same players. If these people in Congress don't have the stones to go after these lawbreakers, then we must replace them and I don't care how many empty promises they make before the election in November. If they haven't done their job in all the years they've been in Congress, what makes you think they're going to change their ways if you reward them with reelection?

I would like to do a follow up on Ron Paul's run for the White House. On March 7, 2008, I watched the morning FAUX (FOX) News network flunky announce: "Ron Paul has officially dropped out of the race today." Those were the exact words out of the mouth of the anchor. Reporter Douglas Kennedy provided a selection of news clips that tried to make Ron Paul look foolish, i.e., 911, his stand on Iraq and more. This mantra was repeated all day. My brother called me yesterday to lament how sorry he was that Ron Paul is out of the race. Ron Paul has not dropped out of the presidential race. Although the MSM liars-for-hire boldly announced last week that a formal announcement was forthcoming, none has been made because it's not true. Congressman Paul will continue through to the convention. He will be on the ballot in the remaining states who have a primary. Please click here to check the date of your state primary/caucus. It's important if you want to become a delegate and, of course, your vote in the primary.

In my past columns, I have asked people to please have faith. This fight is not over, not by a long shot. The convention is still six months away. Hillary Clinton is facing a fraud trial. She is facing depositions and I guess she will have to take time out of her campaign to testify. Considering her decades long history of corruption and God in heaven forbid, she were actually to become president, how could you give this harridan a security clearance? Someone who has consorted and donated to a known terrorist operation. The same applies to her opponent: Obama Worked with Terrorist. How could you give Obama a top secret security clearance knowing his mentor is a communist?


Serious allegations have recently been made by one, Larry Sinclair, who alleges that in 1999, he and Barack Obama engaged in oral sex and did cocaine. Is this another wacko coming crawling out of the wood work looking for 15 minutes of fame? Obama has admitted doing cocaine. Two major tabloids have now come out with the blazing headlines:

"The Barack Obama gay scandal has exploded...."
Allegations of close ties with a terrorist, other women

While these are tabloids, the National Enquirer has actually been spot on regarding some recent scandals. Sinclair is going to sue Obama's people for threats against him and claims he has the evidence to prove his allegations. Time will tell. Some don't find these allegations surprising since Obama recently came out and said he was going to dedicate his presidency to promoting sexual deviants. Many will remember the tawdry 2006 episode when popular evangelist, Ted Haggard, was accused of having queer sex with a male escort as well as drug use. Haggard denied it until he could no longer and then resigned. Interestingly enough, Haggard's accuser did not pass a polygraph test, but Haggard eventually owned up to part of the accusations. Sinclair also didn't pass a polygraph test which has some very murky under pinnings. At some point, Obama is going to have to address these allegations because Sinclair isn't going away. If these allegations are false, Obama, even as a public figure, should sue Sinclair for malicious slander or it will follow him for a long time.

As for McCain, the question of his citizenship continues to remain a hot topic. This same issue was raised when McCain ran in 2000, but never went anywhere because he dropped out of the race. I have received a truck load of mail on this, including one from an attorney who says:

"I'm licensed in fed ct all the way to the supremes, and if we could get expenses out of the movement, I would do the briefing for the cause if we can also get some other lawyers to help and enough money to pay for (if we lose, we pay) for the other sides costs and attorney's fees. Suit could be brought (venue) in fed ct in Houston, where the Texas State Republican convention is due to nominate a Panamanian for an injunction and declaratory judgment and then latch on to jurisdiction of the Republican Party (of which Texas GOP is a part). Due to elections, it would be expedited. Only need one deposition: McCain's. He would tell the truth, he was born outside the states, united. The question is not whether he is a citizen, but the meaning of the founders as to the phrase "Natural Born Citizen". It's pretty simple: they expected presidents to be born within the geographical confines of these here states, united."

As for for getting slapped with a frivolous lawsuit fine by the court, I believe this is an important and legitimate issue that the court would address. I know there are Ron Paul supporters out there who are financially blessed and feel as strongly as I do that we must do everything legally and morally within our power to see McCain eliminated as a candidate. If you are someone or part of an organization that would like to pursue this, please email me and I'll put you in touch with this attorney willing to take the case.

The flyer I put out a week ago exposing the real John McCain has brought more mail to my email box than I can handle. I urge you to print out copies and get them to your local VFW hall, if you are a Republican, go to your county committee meetings and hand them out. Snail mail one to your local newspaper. Hand them out at gun shows (as people are leaving so they'll tuck the flyer away with the other items they're taking home) or leave a stack on your exhibit table. Get them to friends and family so they can distribute in their areas. How on earth could you give this man a top secret security clearance? One unexpected response in numbers that surprised me: active duty military and veterans who are jumping on this flyer. Almost every soldier who sent me a note about the flyer stated forcefully that they will not serve under Clinton, Obama or McCain. They will resign; so many are officers. This is reminiscent of when Bill Clinton was allegedly elected, a large number of officers all resigned at once because they refused to serve under him and his 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Obama has promised to do away with it immediately if he's elected. The image of a couple of male officers kissing on the dance floor at the Officer's Club is enough to make one lose their lunch.

As for the convention, I am told that delegates can unbind their vote and more. Please see here from the Ron Paul War Room. Also, this file is the official 'Call for the 2008 Republican National Convention.' It's 46 pages and will answer so many questions about the process. As I said in an earlier column, Romney has only suspended his campaign. Ron Paul is still in the campaign, but as most of the primaries are over and although he is still in the running and on the ballots for the rest, Dr. Paul is known for being thrifty and has simply scaled back. You can still become a delegate, see here. Let's get the stop McCain flyer distributed nation wide. If everyone reading this column would print out ten and those who receive it do the same, we will paper this country with the truth about John McCain. Stay focused on becoming a delegate and that convention. This nation desperately needs a moral man like Ron Paul no with scandals and proven integrity to lead this country back from the brink of lawlessness and insanity.

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While conservatives bury their head in the sand, smarmy Bush apologists like shallow Sean Hannity continue to lambaste anyone questioning Bush's flagrant lies and machinations.