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By: Devvy
March 6, 2008

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Tuesday's second "Super Tuesday" was another display of putrid politics. Allegedly Marxist Hillary Clinton took Texas. Why wouldn't she? We all recall her famous words a few months ago, "No woman is an illegal." Texas is infested with illegal aliens and we know they're voting. A few days before this horse and pony show, Obama and Clinton exchanged spit over NAFTA. Both of them tried to out do each other for the sake of big labor in Ohio, a job devastated state. Neither one of them pointed out this treaty is unconstitutional and why. As the Ohio primary loomed with oodles of delegates, Obama (Elmer Gantry clone), and Clinton (Top Ten Most Corrupt Politician), suddenly decided it was time to do something about NAFTA.

NAFTA was signed into law on December 8, 1993, by Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary. While NAFTA ravaged our industrial, agriculture and manufacturing jobs like another hurricane Katrina, Bill and Hill did nothing. As a result of a corrupt Congress getting NAFTA to Bill's desk, next came the Mexican Peso bail out and it WAS tied directly to NAFTA. The U.S. Constitution does NOT authorize Congress to bail out any foreign government; an impotent and corrupt Congress did nothing.

Hillary was unlawfully elected to the U.S. Senate in November, 2000. Obama was unlawfully elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. Where has Clinton's concern for America's workers been for the eight years she's served unlawfully in the U.S. Senate? Where has Obama's concern for American workers been for the past four years while he's unlawfully served in the U.S. Senate? Why didn't this duo immediately support Rep. Virgil Goode's bill and sponsor one in the senate to get U.S. out of NAFTA? The why is simple: like all professional politicians, they will say anything to get votes. Both of them are preying on the desperate.

Americans are beginning to realize what countless economists and columnists have been warning about for years: financial devastation for millions is rolling across this country with the worst yet to come:

New recession worry: Bank failures - March 3, 2008 "Construction loan problems threaten spike in smaller bank failures and add to worry over credit crunch. As if the economy wasn't already fighting enough strong headwinds, the risk of capital shortfalls and outright failure of the nation's banks is rising."

February 22, 2008: Bank of America circulating confidential proposal to Congress seeking $739 billion bailout.

February 21, 2008: Wall Street Bank Run

February 29, 2008. Risks seen for growing Fannie, Freddie. "Loosening the regulatory reins around Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac gives them the freedom to play a bigger role in trying to stabilize a worsening housing market. The danger, some analysts say, is that the government-sponsored mortgage titans will become saddled with too much financial risk. Fannie and Freddie this week reported fourth-quarter losses totaling $6.1 billion and predicted multibillion-dollar losses throughout 2008"

February 26, 2008: Housing Drop Crumbles Home Depot

February 18, 2008. US banks borrow $50bn via new Fed facility. Rescue the banks first.

Americans are hurting from the sub prime meltdown and they want Congress to stop the hemorrhaging. However, this is not the job of Congress. Private citizens make a contract with a bank to purchase a home and they are bound by that contract to make the payments or lose the property. Collusion and fraud between banks and appraisers is being investigated and it should be done vigorously. However, it is outside constitutional restraints for Congress to bail out the home owner by forcing banks to put a freeze on their loans. The banks are in even more trouble of their own making:

February 22, 2008. Banks Lose to Deadbeat Homeowners as Loans Sold in Bonds Vanish. "Judges in at least five states have stopped foreclosure proceedings because the banks that pool mortgages into securities and the companies that collect monthly payments haven't been able to prove they own the mortgages."

February 8, 2008. The Bush Financial Bust of 2008: "It's All Downhill From Here, Folks" On January 14, 2008 the FDIC web site began posting the rules for reimbursing depositors in the event of a bank failure. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is required to "determine the total insured amount for each of the day of the failure" and return their money as quickly as possible."

March 3, 2008. Is Your Gift Card Suddenly Worthless? "As more retailers file for bankruptcy or go out of business, more than $75 million in gift cards are at risk of becoming worthless pieces of plastic this year."

March 4, 2008; short video. CNN Warns Americans: A New Great Depression Is Coming. Nine MILLION homes "under water." Foreclosures and estimates are that it could reach as high as 15 MILLION homes.

March 4, 2008. Gulf investors may not save CITIGROUP, Dubai executive says. "DUBAI (Zawya Dow Jones)--Mideast sovereign wealth funds may fail to save troubled U.S. banking giant Citigroup Inc,, unless more cash is pumped into the lender, the head of a $13 billion Dubai-owned investment firm said Tuesday." The selling out of America to foreign countries.

March 5, 2008. "Every day now, thousands of people all over the U.S. and Great Britain are walking away from their homes - simply mailing their house keys to the banks - as housing bailout plans fail....The end of the third quarter of 2008 (thus late September, a mere seven months from now) will be marked by a new tipping point in the unfolding of the global systemic crisis."

I could list another 100 links with the same message: despite the meaningless bluster coming out of the mouths of Obama, Clinton and McCain, we are looking at financial devastation on the same scale as the 'Great Depression. This is not hyperbole, it is reality coming home to roost. There are projections crude oil is heading for $120/ barrel. That should finish off our desperate independent trucking families. These are our fellow Americans, not just statistics:

March 1, 2008. Independent truckers see end of the road. -- "Trucker Robert Griffith is on the road three weeks out of four, pulling oversize loads like crane booms, railroad ties and air conditioning ducts...As the cost of diesel doubled over the last four years, his take-home pay has plummeted, from $50,000 to $11,000 last year. He's literally burning money; he spent $64,000 on diesel in the last eight months. Since he canceled his satellite radio, he's on citizens band radio constantly talking about what needs to change so truckers like him can survive.....No more health insurance for him and his family."

How many times I've written that when the economy goes, so does "fun times" spending and that includes dinner out 2-3 nights a week. No more $100 basketball game tickets or vacations in Hawaii. Worthwhile charities will suffer worse than they are now. As our economy has sifted to service based instead of self-sustaining (manufacturing and growing what we need to survive), these lower paying jobs now dominate, but they are all going to take it in the shorts. Do you see people paying for a burger and fries with their credit card? You'll see more of it, mark my words. It won't last. Credit card defaults are already through the roof. April 15th is a little over a month away; time for the IRS to steal more fruits of your labor.

But, wait! There's more: The White House wants a $1.4 billion stimulus/national security package.for Mexico. MORE HOT CHECKS.

The hoax called an economic stimulus package will fizzle faster than a dud firecracker. That $150 BILLION dollars worth of hot checks will have to be borrowed from the privately owned FED with the never ending interest slapped on the backs of our children and grand children. How much is going into your savings account each month? What about when you retire? Beggar in rags? Mega-millionaires like Pelosi, Bush, McCain, Feinstein, the Clintons and others like them will not feel your pain.

Americans aren't just gasping at the pump (Gas Price Blowout: $5.39 a gallon spotted in CA.). As diesel continues to rise, so does the cost of food and everything else shipped by our road warriors. Go to the grocery store and see the inflation for yourself; it's on the move. As disposable income dries up, parents will feed their children less nutritional food because it's cheaper to feed them off the Burger King buck menu than healthy food. Yes, the enviornmental wackos are partly to blame with their demands of no new refineries and no oil drilling where we know there are tons of it domestically, but in the end, it's the U.S. Congress who are directly responsible for cowering like the dogs they are and allowing this situation to escale to this point.

This is why gold is in such high demand. Americans who follow the market and understand what's happening are buying gold in record amounts. Yes, they are. People are worried sick about their 401(k)s. I highly recommend you look into buying gold now. Worthless fiat currency is just that: worthless. I'm not a gold dealer, but if you're considering protecting what you have left, I always recommend El Dorado Gold. Professional like Harvey (Phoenix) 602.228.8203 and Eric (Florida) 623.643.8786, are highly knowledgeable and can get you on the right path to financial security.

What else can we do? Americans MUST stop buying foreign products - especially from our mortal enemy, the Communist Chinese. A brutal dictatorship that uses slave labor, murders their own people at will while shipping us tainted products (toys, prescription medicines, and lead poisoning in tainted dental products ). They spy on us constantly, force full term abortions, steal our technology and are building a military that is a direct threat to this republic. Not to mention their barbaric practices of skinning dogs and cats alive for the fur in your sweater or parka.

Americans MUST go back to buying products made here in our country. I recently purchased a back up cofffee maker. Unfortunately, KRUPS has gone communist (Made in China), so I purchased a BUNN; their coffee makers are made here by American workers. Need tee shirts for the good weather coming? I bought a dozen last year from Athletic Appeal. They're the most beautiful doggie tees. The highest quality and despite many washings, the colors are still vibrant. Two weeks ago, I purchased a dozen pair of ladies white crew socks. I couldn't find any Made In USA at my local stores, so I took all of five minutes to order from Made In USA Forever. Guess what? They arrived in a few days. They fit perfect and are of the highest quality. Is five minutes too much to put America first, along with saving gas? I know this hurts local retailers, but they must understand that millions of us will not contribute to the death of our country and we will go out of our way to buy Made in America products.

The more we the people buy Made in America, those companies will expand and they will hire for good paying wages. The more Made in USA products we buy, the less expensive they will become because of healthy competition in a free market. The more Made in America products we buy, the more money we put back into OUR economy and it stays here - not shipped to foreign governments. Retailers will get the message - especially if you tell them after they inquire, "Did you find what you were looking for"? When you say no and why, it will get back to management level. American companies want your business. Please join with me in putting Americans back to work because this will help, although with Congress continuing to write hot checks, the worst is yet to come. Please see the Made in USA section on my web site which represents more than 20,000 products proudly made by Americans on U.S. soil. Stop buying foreign fruits and veggies. Seek out farmer's markets or go without. Local farmers desperately need your business.

April 15, 2008: The Great American Strike. To participate, click here for details.

Major protest against the NAU - be there if you can. April 21-22, 2008. Click here for details.

The ethically bankrupt media is lying to the American people. John McCain has NOT won the GOP nomination. The convention is in September and that's when the delegates vote. Huckabee has conceded and "committed" himself to McCain, but let me tell you: things will happen between now and September. For one thing, Flip Romney has not dropped out of the race and this is important. When was the last time you remember a presidential candidate 'suspending' his campaign (2.6.08), but holds his delegates and will attend the convention in September? As one Ron Paul delegate told me on the phone yesterday, the treasonous CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is running the show and that's a fact.

When Romney suspended his campaign, I knew something was going on behind the scenes. McCain is very vulnerable and the power brokers behind the scenes know it. We must do everything in our power to see that '100-year war' McCain is driven out of this race before September. McCain, Obama and Clinton are dangerous to this country because they stand for more of the same and worse. McCain's betrayal of our POW/MIAs cannot be disputed and this man must not get the GOP nomination.

I have put together a flyer which I intend to distribute to our local VFW halls, gun shows and to as many individuals as I can. I'm also going to fax it to all the major news networks and the more they get, the better. Send one to your local newspaper. We must reach as many of the 22+ million veterans and active duty military personnel as possible. I urge you to make copies of this flyer and distribute them far and wide. The convention in September IS the battleground and for those of us who want Ron Paul to become our next president, we cannot just roll over; see links below. As I said, Romney only suspended his campaign. I believe there's more evil afoot. Saturate America with this flyer.

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When Romney suspended his campaign, I knew something was going on behind the scenes. McCain is very vulnerable and the power brokers behind the scenes know it. We must do everything in our power to see that '100-year war' McCain is driven out of this race before September.