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By: Devvy
February 11, 2008

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John McCain is riding high these days after allegedly winning so many primaries and caucuses. Romney, after spending a whopping $35 million dollars of his own money to get himself elected, has joined the field of drop outs, well, sort of. Romney's 'suspension' speech focused entirely on "the party coming together." He declared himself to be a loyal party man and has endorsed McCain. Um, didn't McCain and Romney have some very contentious dust-ups during the debates? Now, Romney is McCain's supporter "for the party." Not for we the people, it's always about blind loyalty to a political party - even when that machine is destroying this republic.

On February 8, 2008, GOP marionette, Laura Ingram, opened the O'Reilly Factor by declaring, "Senator John McCain has all but locked up the GOP nomination." He has? I'm going to get to the vote fraud issue in a minute, but her comments were made before the weekend primaries and some states like mine (TX), won't have our primary until month; Nebraska's GOP primary isn't until May 13th. Ingram wants you to know that McCain will continue to fight against 'Islamofacists.' This is going to the the GOP's big stick as they try to sell a stinky candidate like McCain. The plastic, constitutionally challenged, Sean Hannity, will soon begin trying to sell McCain to conservatives. His thinly disguised sales pitch will equate to "voting for the lesser of two evils" to fight off either of the 'no change' Democrat candidates, Clinton and Obama.

The controlled media in this country that has disgraced its profession, has gone to extraordinary lengths to marginalize and misrepresent Congressman Ron Paul's firm stand on the issues. There also can be no question this same cabal of dishonest hucksters passing themselves off as journalists and reporters, have gone to great lengths to avoid any discussion about McCain's sell out of our precious POW/MIAs, an issue I have consistently covered.

In 2004, an organization known as Swift Vets and POWs for Truth torpedoed ("swift boating") John Kerry's hope for the White House by exposing Kerry's lies and fabrications regarding his four month tour in Viet Nam. Kerry was endorsed by the Communist Party USA as the candidate who would most further their goals in this country, the same world communist party that was infesting Viet Nam. Allegedly, 58,000 of our military died and 304,000 injured and maimed to stop a communist take over of Viet Nam. It worked real well. February 7, 2008: "Real Estate Booms in Communist Vietnam."

Viet Nam Veterans against McCain has set up their operations and are now going after McCain. I fully support them. John McCain is a huge threat to this republic. From his consistent and massive support for illegal aliens to his commitment for endless wars and betrayal of our POW/MIAs, he is a national disgrace. Allegations are swirling around the Internet that McCain was never tortured during his time as a POW. Some veterans who were over in that Hell hole many decades ago, maintain McCain was given preferential treatment because he collaborated with the enemy. Viet Nam Vets against McCain also have a page on their web site providing interviews and documentation pointing to McCain's collaboration with the communists. Make no mistake about it: These vets are dead serious about exposing the real John McCain.

I want McCain not only gone from this race, I want him driven from public office in shame and humiliation as he so justly deserves for selling out and betraying our POW/MIAs. Having said that, I also believe we must be fair and strive to be accurate about accusations leveled at him. If you click on this pdf file, you will see the statement of Col. Bud Day, former POW, an honorable man of impeccable integrity. Col. Day vehemently disputes the allegations that McCain wasn't tortured and gives his first hand account. This is going to become a very emotional issue for vets as well as Americans, but one that must be exposed. The question in my mind is how the "fair and balanced" media organizations, i.e., FAUX (FOX) News Network, will treat this round of swift boating? Going after Kerry was a no brainer, but McCain is the anointed water boy for the globalists and a Republican.

Now that Romney has genuflected "gracefully" for the party, perhaps with hope of a cabinet position down the line, that leaves Pastor Huckabee and Congressman Ron Paul. Like Romney and McCain, Pastor Huckabee (Brother is also acceptable to address an ordained Baptist minister) is committed to continuing these immoral, unconstitutional wars for the bankers. Dr. James Dobson has refused to endorse McCain, but recently gave his "personal" nod to Pastor Huckabee, a candidate who has zero understanding of our monetary system, the IRS and went out of his way as governor of Arkansas to support illegals and their off spring. Pastor Huckabee has been pushing the other big trap called a 'fair tax.' He also supports the Nazi-style National ID. Dr. Dobson appears to be willing to surrender his freedoms based on a mountain of lies and the continued destruction of Iraq. For an excellent column on all these war candidates, see here; Ron Paul is not on the list. McCain recently said he supports and would sign a 'flat tax,' which clearly shows he's willing to keep the American people in financial bondage.

While the media, primarily cable networks, continue to give maximum coverage to Obama, Clinton, McCain and Huckabee, Congressman Ron Paul still remains a candidate. Over the weekend, he issued a statement explaining his long term strategy. While there has been some confusion leading many to believe he was dropping out or suspending his campaign, this is not true; see this official post. Personally, I think Dr. Paul has made a good choice for a couple of reasons: (1) The fake primary 'season' will drag out with the media pimping for the four candidates kissed and blessed by the forces behind the curtain while ignoring him, and (2) Interest by the American people, primary weary, will begin to wane soon as other areas of day to day survival take over. Does that mean his grass roots support should scale down our efforts to get him the nomination? Absolutely not. One thing we can do is continue fighting to get Dr. Paul the nomination because this race is fluid and will change, mark my words.

In my last column, I wondered why Dr. Paul faired so poorly in West Virginia. Like you, I had no way of knowing that a deal had been struck behind closed doors: Ron Paul Secures Three Delegates in West Virginia State Convention. "In an agreement first reported by West Virginia television station WSAZ, the three Ron Paul delegates were secured through an agreement with the Mike Huckabee campaign. Ron Paul delegates to the state convention swung their support to Huckabee - putting Huckabee over the top - after Congressman Paul was eliminated in the first round of voting. With three national delegates, Ron Paul secured 17 percent of the 18 delegates that were decided at the State Convention."

What started out as a field of 10 candidates becoming 11 with the addition of Alan Keyes, we are now down to three: McCain, Huckabee and Ron Paul. Both McCain and Pastor Huckabee have the full support of the establishment and corrupt media; both have run their campaigns on practically no money. Dr. Paul has been shunned and marginalized by the media while enjoying massive grass roots and financial support. He's also the most misunderstood candidate.

How many Evangelical Christians refuse to vote for him even though he's 100% pro-life, an OBGYN who has brought 4,000 little babies into this world? Millions. Why? In my humble opinion, most of it has to do with the unconstitutional, immoral invasion of Iraq and Islamofacists. Without question, there are zealots in this world who hate the U.S., but few will take the time to understand this issue if it requires more than two minutes of their time. I brought this up in my September 17, 2007, column: "During a one on one between Bill O'Reilly and presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Paul attempted to explain to the constitutionally and historically challenged O'Reilly about something called blow back; see short video here or read the transcript here. O'Reilly wasn't having any of it. He shouted down Ron Paul with "we don't need a history lesson." Well, I beg to disagree, Bill. That's exactly what you and tens of millions of Americans do need. Ron Paul is a long time member of Congress with access to information and documentation that Bill O'Reilly doesn't even know exists and yet, during that interview he tried to mock down Dr. Paul's comments regarding the CIAs own assessment of Iran's nuclear capabilities."

Ron Paul has written several books; a new one about the revolution is due out 30 April. If Americans really want to understand Congressman Paul's position on war, get his book, 'A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship.' This scholarly work isn't about tuck tail and running from 'Islamofacism' or appeasing terrorists, the chant of war mongers like Laura Ingram, Dick Cheney, Bill Kristol, et al. It's a window into something called freedom and why these constant "wars of liberation" and preemptive strikes against non-threatening countries is so toxic for America.


What happens next? Everything hinges on the Republican National Convention (1-4 September, 2008, St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota) and vote fraud which has controlled the primaries. Due to my schedule this week and working on the vote fraud issue, I won't have a Thursday column. I hope you'll book mark this one and read the links I've provided over the coming weekend about how this confusing thing called convention delegates actually works. Don't forget the links at the bottom of this column because they are very important. Ron Paul isn't out of the race and the better we understand the delegate process, the less discouraged people will be about Congressman Paul's strategic move regarding his campaign.

Convention Delegates
Become a Delegate at the convention
Participating in the convention process (Texas), but a good explanation
A Primer on the All-Important Role of Delegates

Do you know what 'Super Delegates' are? "As I discuss more fully in my upcoming book, The Uprising, super delegate system was created to make sure the party establishment -- not rank-and-file voters -- gets control over the nomination. And if such super delegates make up the margin of victory for the nominee this year, then it means the establishment will have control over who the nominee is -- not us the voters."

The vote fraud issue

I'm working on this and would like to thank everyone who responded to my request for assistance on collecting data from these fake primaries in target states. Analyzing these numbers is very time consuming. While some believe I have a big, plush office with a staff, I don't. It's just me. The mess that began to unfold the by late evening, February 5, 2008, ("Super Tuesday") is truly horrifying. It didn't get any better over the weekend with human errors: Thousands of primary votes invalid due to lack of oath. "OLYMPIA, Wash. - Thousands of ballots being cast for the presidential preferential primary in Washington State are invalid because voters aren't checking an oath saying they're a Democrat or a Republican."

Do you know that despite the 'winners' being announced for California within a few minutes after their polls closed, as I write this column some counties are still counting ballots? That's right, so how can anyone say what candidate is the absolute winner when all the votes haven't even been counted? How about the mess in Los Angeles county? The reports of vote fraud in many forms from most of the states comprising "Super Tuesday," are overwhelming. The Louisiana challenge by Dr. Paul's campaign is still underway:

Ron Paul National Delegates - It's more than you think! "Additionally the results of the Louisiana Caucus may still change in favor of Ron Paul, where an ongoing legal challenge may result in most of that state's delegates going towards Ron Paul after state GOP officials violated their own rules to improperly put delegates from other campaigns on the ballots."

Even Pastor Huckabee doesn't like the games being played. Romney faithful also continue to vote for him in large numbers...allegedly. As of February 6, 2008, Ron Paul's campaign indicated he had at least 42 delegates secured. CNN continues to show Romney, Huckabee and McCain as the three GOP candidates with their totals and big pictures of them. Underneath those photos they continue to show in small letters 'Ron Paul 16 delegates.' You can view one page here dated February 10, 2008 and the other here also dated February 10, 2008. "CNN the most trusted name in news"? What a farce.

Don't think for a minute the New Hampshire recount is just an exercise in futility. There's more going on right now with legal assistance on the ground. During these fake primaries thousands of delegates are now "committed" to the various candidates. We shall see. We shall also see what happens with the "swift boat" campaign against McCain. If' it's successful, there will then be two candidates left: Ron Paul and Pastor Huckabee. I suppose since Romney only suspended his campaign, and if McCain takes an exit, Romney could re-enter the race although I don't know the party's rules on that.

As for those who want Ron Paul to leave the GOP and run on a 'third' party ticket, that would guarantee he would never occupy the White House. Ross Perot got 9,741,065 popular votes in 1992, but no electoral votes. He received 7,866,284 popular votes in 1996, but no electoral votes. See: Electoral College Votes Already Committed? "The question in my mind: How is it that the media can call the electoral college delegate votes months in advance before the voters go to the polls or the electoral college delegates legally cast their vote?"

Additionally, many states have what's called a 'sore loser law,' which prohibits a candidate who loses a primary from running in the general election. Although one judge has ruled this law unconstitutional, this could turn into a huge mess for Ron Paul and his supporters in states where the GOP will try to enforce it for the "good of the party."

Stay the course, my fellow Americans.

"The rebellion. It's begun." Robert the Bruce, Braveheart

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Both McCain and Pastor Huckabee have the full support of the establishment and corrupt media; both have run their campaigns on practically no money.