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By: Devvy
September 17, 2007

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"The [US government's] Veterans Administration asked me to lie about the risks of incorporating depleted uranium in the human body." Dr. Asaf Durakovic, former Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Georgetown University

On September 12, 2007, war monger General Thomas McInerney, announced during a segment on FAUX (FOX) News that it will be "easy" to bomb Iran. He said all "we" need to do is conduct a 48-hour air campaign, take out all Iran's nuclear sites and "free the Iranian people." These statements are the same flavor of insanity as when our Commander in Grief whoopie kiya'd in his ten gallon hat and cowboy boots about Iraq. I wonder if our soldiers who have come home broken, maimed and scarred for life think their sacrifices are worth Bush's maniacal obsession with conducting unconstitutional invasions of foreign countries based on mountains of lies? I wonder if our soldiers coming home and dying slow deaths from depleted uranium feel their sacrifices are worth Bush's insane agenda to "free" the people of Iraq" and force an entire nation to submit to foreign domination while promoting the failure of democracy?

The buzz over this past weekend is centered on Alan Greenspan's new book and his bold assertion that the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq was for oil. Duh. Naturally, those who still cling to the misguided concept that it is the obligation of our military and our treasury to bail out foreign countries by removing dictators from power, will poo poo Greenspan's comments. Well, it's important to keep those comfort zones shored up because reality is an ugly beast that most people are incapable of facing.

There's no need to rehash Iraq and Bush's lies because they've been documented in a million written words. Those who continue to defend his quest for imperialism either benefit from it financially, are too afraid they've put their trust in a liar or have a loved one in the Middle East in harm's way and they must continue to believe in a "noble mission" or go crazy. It is a raw, open wound tearing this country apart. A substantial number of Americans know Bush lied and deceived the American people into this guaranteed failure and are fed up with sacrificing any more precious American lives and $10 BILLION BORROWED dollars per month. B�tards like former tabloid gab fest mouthpiece, Bill O'Reilly, continue to beat the drums of war because somehow, he and Shallow Sean Hannity are the real geopolitical experts.

Let's bomb Iran!

Does the little guy (or gal), you know, we the people - do we have the right to voice our objections to continuing down this disastrous course being pursued by Bush and his war mongering minions? I mean, millions of us aren't "experts" in the sense that we belong to "think" tanks or appear on cable networks. You bet. We are the government. We are the people. We elect civilians to make domestic and foreign policy. They work for we the people, or that used to be the idea until the powerful banking cartels waltzed in and began buying up Washington, DC, and not only took control of our monetary system, but our foreign policy as well. However, millions of Americans have become quite educated on the under pinnings of this insane quest for world domination. Rearranging the Middle East is at the top of the list - which includes making sure that oil flows into America.

My last column for WorldNetDaily (January 6, 2006) was about Iran and I asked the question: What benefit would Iran gain by lobbing a nuclear weapon at the U.S.? It would mean that within a day or two Iran would resemble a parking lot because the U.S. would simply retaliate and wipe Iran off the face of the earth. Back in 2002, Bush was hawking Iran as part of an axis of evil and he's been shoving this fecal matter down our throats on a near daily basis ever since. War mongers on cable networks insist that Iran is "within a heart beat" of finalizing nuclear weapons which they will send our way. They all chant that Iran will sell nucs to rogue terrorist organizations who will haul them to the U.S. and produce another 911.

During a one on one between Bill O'Reilly and presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Paul attempted to explain to the constitutionally and historically challenged O'Reilly about something called blow back; see short video here or read the transcript here. O'Reilly wasn't having any of it. He shouted down Ron Paul with "we don't need a history lesson." Well, I beg to disagree, Bill. That's exactly what you and tens of millions of Americans do need. Ron Paul is a long time member of Congress with access to information and documentation that Bill O'Reilly doesn't even know exists and yet, during that interview he tried to mock down Dr. Paul's comments regarding the CIAs own assessment of Iran's nuclear capabilities. It is EXACTLY this type of propaganda being spewed on radio, electronic and in print media who mislead the American people and continue their blatant attempts to scare them into rallying for yet another endless "war on terrorism." Charley Reese wrote in one of this columns of wisdom: "There is no evidence to contradict that. Iran has said repeatedly that it has no desire to acquire a nuclear weapon...."

One startling admission did came out of the mouth of Bill O'Reilly recently that clearly shows he knows the invasion of Iraq was in violation of the U.S. Constitution, but doesn't care. On September 11, 2007, O'Reilly opened his show with his diatribe that anyone who asks reasonable questions about 911 and demands a real investigation is mentally unbalanced. Yes, that's right. Mentally ill and out to destroy America! During this show, O'Reilly said the biggest mistake the Bush Administration made was not to declare war against Iraq, but it's still a war! Well, isn't it nice. This constitutionally fact challenged narcissist finally got to the meat of the issue: Congress declares war, not the president.

Equally shocking were the responses by the so-called "upper tier" Republican presidential candidates during the FAUX (FOX) News debate regarding the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq. This is just one example:

Mike Huckabee: "We have to continue the surge, and let me explain why, Chris. When I was a little kid, if I went into a store with my mother, she had a simple rule for me: If I picked something off the shelf at the store and I broke it, I bought it. I learned I don't pick something off the shelf I can't afford to buy. Well, what we did in Iraq, we essentially broke it. It's our responsibility to do the best we can to try to fix it before we just turn away. Because something is a stake. And on this issue, when he says we can't leave until we've left with honor, I, 100 percent agree with him because, Congressman, whether or not we should have gone to Iraq is a discussion the historians can have, but we're there. We bought it because we broke it."

Gee, how folksy while American troops were dying as Huckabee was playing hillbilly; list of soldliers killed the day of that debate here. I wonder what Huckabee will say after "we" go in and "break" Iran? Congressman Paul responded to this bilge: "We have lost over 5,000 Americans killed in -- we've lost over 5,000 Americans over there in Afghanistan, in Iraq and plus the civilians killed. How many more you want to lose? How long are you going to be there? How long -- what do we have to pay to save face? That's all we're doing, is saving face. It's time we came home."

Bush intends to keep our troops in Iraq for DECADES in his quest to FORCE the indigenous population to buckle under to the demands of the U.S. government - the occupying force. Hell, after four years, our military can't even secure Baghdad (Water Taps Run Dry in Baghdad), much less sort out the constant squabbling and civil war between fighting factions in that country who have been at it for CENTURIES. Just like Kosovo. Just like all the other failed nation building "exercises" conducted by the U.S. government and it must stop. Now we have Iran lined up for "order" in the grand scheme of things. After almost four years of this grotesque war, the politicians in Iraq are still in failure mode and it's not going to change no matter how much depleted uranium we dump on that country or how many more of our precious soldiers are sacrificed.


I believe that most Americans who hear the bombastic gas that seems to pour out of the mouth of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is just that. While he huffs and puffs and makes all kinds of ridiculous and very offensive comments, he surely knows that he is surrounded by countries heavy in nuclear weapons, not to mention the U.S. As for a final development of nucs and selling them off to rogue nations, does anyone with a rational mind actually believe this hasn't and isn't going on with our enemies, i. e., the Russians, communist Chinese and others? Oh, please, this is a big game over there with high stakes bucks involved.

How can I make such a statement? Because over 18 long years I have given up the good times to research and read. The Reading Room section on my web site represents just a small fraction of books and videos I have read and watched. Not to mention the tens of thousands of hours I have spent on the Internet reading, reading, evaluating, analyzing and comparing documents so that I can understand what is happening on this globe. Because I work at home, I have the time to get this critical research done. How many Americans who do care about what's happening have the time to read a sampling of world events in the morning (or evening) on excellent web sites like World Affairs Brief? Not enough because time is an issue. If you are fed nothing but 15-second sound bites on the evening news from controlled media sources like ABC, CBS or NBC, or propaganda from the "left" or "right" on networks like FAUX (FOX) News, MSNBC or CNN without doing any research, how can you possibly really understand what's behind the curtain?

After four years of threatening, is Bush going to simply continue his role as a dictator and order precision military strikes deep inside Iran without a formal declaration of war? We the people must NOT allow this to happen. Charley Reese had an excellent column on bombing Iran back on January 21, 2006 in which he stated:

"Presumably, we didn't want Israel to have the bomb, but the Israelis built them anyway. Ditto Pakistan, India and North Korea. In the end, despite the hot rhetoric, if the Iranians want a bomb, they will probably end up building it. That might cause the Israelis to lose a little sleep - though not much, as they have 200 nuclear weapons - but it shouldn't bother us in the least. The Iranians are just as sensible and levelheaded as anyone else. Don't buy the propaganda that they are all a bunch of crazies. They've been around a lot longer than we have. I would trust them with nuclear weapons as much as - perhaps even a hair more than - I trust Bush. Americans must stop allowing politicians and propagandists to scare them into reckless behavior."

This surely causes conniption fits with the pro war factions and defense contractors, but it's true. More than a dozen countries have nucs and most of them are enemies of this republic. We've learned to live with it while maintaining a superior military force as a deterrent. As I said in the opening, what would Iran have to gain 5, 10 years down the road by firing off a couple of nucs at America? Not a damn thing. The only people who will benefit are the same ones who have raped and pillaged hundreds of billions from our treasury courtesy of an inept and cowardly Congress sitting by while this dictator in the White House invades foreign countries who have not attacked us. As the columns and media continue to talk about Bush's next conquest in his whoopie kiya mode, we the people MUST stop this folly. We must take the time out of our busy schedules and call your congressman and counterfeit U.S. Senator. You should be doing that this week:

(1) These scalawags are going to try to slip another illegals amnesty bill through this week and we must stop it - again; see here.
(2) Mexican trucks: We want this program canceled and that means getting US out of NAFTA; see here.
(3) In the January 7, 1999 issue of USA TODAY, Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton stated that "...when the president decides to go to war, he no longer needs a declaration of war from Congress." Bull, Mr. Reich. That's how your former boss unconstitutionally invaded Kosovo while Congress sat on their well padded rumps. The U.S. Constitution requires a formal declaration of war, see Art. 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. We the people demand Congress stop Bush from another unconstitutional invasion of a foreign country, Iran, which has NOT attacked the U.S.

TODAY - it's imperative that you call both, your counterfeit U.S. Senator and House member because the vote is coming to restore habeas corpus, wiped out by the Republicans; see here for bill history (scroll down to H). This is our opportunity to force Congress to reverse the stupidity of the Republicans who pushed this through last year.

Please get on the phone this week to both your congress critter and counterfeit U.S. Senator and give them Hell. If the lines in DC are busy, call the district offices because they also take tallies. These people serve us, not the other way around. We the people must reassert our power over our politicians. Our military is stretched so thin, it's dangerous. If Americans think the blow back from our immoral and unlawful invasion of Iraq has been bad, I guarantee you it will be child's play if Bush bombs Iran. We have absolutely no right, despite the ravings of media mouthpieces like Thomas McInerney, to simply go precision bomb another country because of a "perceived threat" years down the road. It's got to stop and only millions of voices will make that happen. Be sure to call friends, business colleagues and family who might not know about these upcoming votes.

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On the same day my column came out, the counterfeit Senate passed 74-24 a bill to cut off the funding for the U.S. Department of Transportation's Cross-Border Trucking Pilot Program.