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By: Devvy
February 7, 2008

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Where to start. Let's begin with the statement I made in my last column that women will vote for Marxist Hillary Clinton just because she has two mammary glands and a vagina. This brought quite a bit of angry emails from "empowered" females who can't list the first ten Bill of Rights, know nothing about federal jurisdiction, have zero idea how the social security taxing scheme works or where their "income" tax dollars actually go, but they can tell you who wore Prada at their last "empowerment" luncheon. All they want is a female elected, even if it's an "ignorant" vote as so stated by Holly in this 2:16 second video clip. "I am voting for Hillary because she is a woman and I don't care if that is an ignorant reason, I want a woman in charge." The day before and "Super Tuesday" itself, I watched female political pundits and party strategists (Democrats) literally salivating as they spoke of Marxist Clinton winning and taking the White House. These are the voices of America's destruction.

So, you see, it doesn't matter that Hillary Clinton, just like her husband, are dedicated Marxists pushing the communist agenda disguised as liberalism, just so long as it's a female. A female who cries just before voting day, i.e., Clinton teared up the day before the phony New Hampshire primary and allegedly won. Women gushed over that one; they felt her pain! On February 4, 2008, she pulled the same trick for votes less than 24 hours before this "Super Tuesday" sham. This reminds me of the scene towards the end of the movie, Shrek, where the king and Fiona are about to get married. Everytime King Farquar said something, the lackeys held up placards so the audience knew when to "awww," clap or cheer.

Millions of these "empowered" women are the same ones who have killed their unborn baby, the beating heart growing in their womb via abortion. How many of these females like the Holly, above understand that abortion was/is a critical tool of the communists?

The Free Market Case Against Abortion. "Legalized abortion has it roots in Marxism, socialism, and egalitarianism. Lenin and his communist Bolsheviks were the first ones to widely and openly legalize and advocate abortion as a woman's right. Communism viewed abortion as a vital part of implementing Marx's and Engel's Communist Manifesto and their desire for the "Abolition of the family!" and liberation of women who were oppressed by capitalism, marriage, and the family."

I've also received a number of emails from males angry because I said in the aforementioned column that only sissy men will vote for Hillary. Guess what? I stand by my statement that wimpy (weak) men will vote for Hillary Clinton. They want a matriarch sitting in the White House, which would be a disaster for this republic. Do they even understand what a matriarch is? A matriarch is defined as: a clan-mother or 'chief'; an autocratic female ruler of a human family. America has already suffered through one year of such failure in the form of Nancy Pelosi. Do these males who want to shed their manhood by supporting Clinton even understand what the word autocratic means? Here you go: tyrannical, despotic, domineering.

As for Clinton's Marxist cultural roots, Carey Roberts' superb column here lays it out in living color. If you click here, you will see several more pages from SECRET which I covered in a recent column, providing proof of Bill and Hillary Clinton's link to terrorist organizations and communist indoctrination. There's zero difference between her and Obama. No? Look at these numbers: Total votes "Super Tuesday": Clinton 7,347,971 (50.2%), Obama 7,294,851 (49.8%). If one candidate had a dramatically difference "message" or "vision," the numbers would not be almost identical; the only difference is race and gender.

Supporters of these two will decry this isn't true, that both of these candidates are good people who care about you, who want better education in this county, health care for all and more jobs. It's called baiting the hook which Obama did in his book, The Audacity of Hope. Buzz words that work for the desperate. Inculcating the American people to accept communism has been done incrementally over the decades by Congress, the state legislatures, the compromised media and the government's indoctrination centers they call public schools.

Socialism is the stepping stone to communism. Read this exchange from February 4, 2008, on the Tucker Carlson show between Carlson, Patrick Buchanan and Mort Zuckerman, editor in chief of U.S. News and the chairman and publisher of the New York Daily News:

Zuckerman: You know the famous line, taxes is the price you pay for civilization. If we want to include as a minimum standard for civilization in this country that people have assured health care, taxes is the way it is going to happen. You may object to it. Overwhelming-

Buchanan: The guy takes a risk, let him go to the clinic. What about freedom? Isn't that what this country is about?

Zuckerman: It's partly what it's about.

Buchanan: Partly freedom?

Zuckerman: Yes, it's not the only thing that this country is about. Taking care of your neighbors, OK, and taking care of the community, is also a part --

Carlson: Mort has a deep insight to the state of the country right now, which is-I think what you are essentially saying is people will choose certainty over the unknown. They will choose socialism over freedom. They want both. They can't have both. They will choose the former. If it comes down it, they say, you know what, I will give you my freedom. Make sure everything is OK.

Buchanan: Some people will.

Carlson: I won't. I will fight it until I die.

Zuckerman: For the millions of people here who feel they have no health care and it could ruin their entire lives, they would actually support this kind of a program. There are some people who wouldn't. I grant you that. They are by far in the minority of this country. This country is not just about freedom. There are different kinds of freedom. Freedom from the worry of your family will be bankrupted by health care -- "

See what I mean? Gus Hall, long time head of the Communist Party USA, said back in a 1996 interview with the Cleveland Plain-Dealer: "Socialism in America will come through the ballot box." He was right, and the feminization of American politics has hastened the process.

Of course, there are forces that don't want real solutions to health care because there's too much money coming their way. We also have a nation of people who refuse to take care of their bodies with a close to 70% overweight to obese rate, bringing upon themselves health problems. They become the constant patient I have written about so many times. Congressman Ron Paul has provided the genesis for the beginning of the end of one of the finest health care systems in the world. I also did a column on this issue and how the scam called 'withholding taxes' keeps the costs going through the roof. Congressman Paul introduced a bill eight years ago to get rid of this insidious tax and it went no where because Congress doesn't want you to keep the fruits of your labor, they want to keep you tied to the yoke while they play mommy government.

Primary/Caucus numbers

As for McCain's alleged wins, first I want to address an allegation flying around the Internet

Is John McCain eligible to be elected President ? February 01, 2008 - State Department Watch - NOT any government agency, but appears to be private individuals

"Senator John McCain is apparently not eligible to be elected President of the United States under the clear provisions of the Constitution. McCain is not a natural born citizen inasmuch as he was born in the U.S. Navy Hospital in the Panama Canal Zone, which was never part of the United States.

"The Constitution states, "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible for the Office of President." The 14th Amendment did not alter this provision.

"The status of the U. S. Navy Hospital in the Panama Canal Zone is described by the U. S. Department of State in its Foreign Affairs Manual (7FAM1116.1-4(c)): "Despite widespread popular belief, U. S. military installations abroad and U. S. diplomatic or consular facilities are not part of the United States within the meaning of the 14th Amendment. A child born on the premises of such a facility is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and does not acquire U. S. citizenship by reason of birth. This issue should be addressed as soon as possible." <>

McCain was born while his father was active military; Navy. Children born of active military while on duty assignment outside the U.S. are born U.S. citizens the same as if they were born in Florida, Indiana or Alaska. My husband's children were born in Germany while he was stationed there. Those bases belong to the U.S. even though they're leased from the host country. When John's children were born, they instantly became a U.S. citizen as though they were born in a hospital in any state of the Union.

As for the argument presented above, can you imagine the wife of a sergeant or general having to catch a plane from Okinawa or Panama just to deliver the baby on U.S. soil so it would be a U.S. citizen? Does this argument have merit? I went to the Foreign Affairs Manual (click here) and I don't believe it does, but perhaps a good constitutional attorney or professor of law can clarify this legal issue. I wish it were so because as I said in my last column, it would be a tragedy if McCain were to ever sit in the Oval Office for two major reasons: his betrayal of our POWs and his steadfast push to give amnesty to 20 MILLION illegal aliens.

Let's talk about Arizona and some of the other "oddities" about "Super Tuesday." McCain allegedly won Arizona, a state over run with illegal aliens. McCain is hated in that state in mass numbers. The only way he could have won was by vote fraud and illegals voting in large numbers. While John Edwards quit the race, January 30th, 37,835 people in Illinois allegedly voted for him on "Super Tuesday." Why would a whopping 37,835 voters waste their vote on a candidate not even in the race? How about Clinton allegedly winning Oklahoma? That great state in our Union is known as a Bible state and so over run by illegal aliens, their legislature finally did the right thing and passed the strictest laws in the country to punish employers. So how is it the pro-abortion, pro-sodomy/lesbian, pro-amnesty Hillary Clinton supposedly won that state? How is it pro-illegals, McCain, allegedly won that state?

How about Missouri, also known as a firm pro-life state. Allegedly, just under 800,000 voters in that state voted for pro-abortion activists, Clinton and Obama? 16, 747 Missourans voted for John Edwards, who is out of the race. On the GOP side, 3,595 Missourans voted for pro-abortion champion, Rudy Julie Annie, even though he's not in the race. Does this make any sense to you? Protest votes? I don't think so, not that many.

The illegals invasion is one of the top three major concerns of voters along with the immoral, unconstitutional invasion of Iraq, yet pro-illegals invasion, war mongering John McCain, also allegedly took nine states. Does this make any sense to you? Millions of voters in nine states anointed the one individual who worked the hardest to give illegal aliens amnesty and has declared he will continue these endless wars even though millions of people in those states are dead set against those two issues? The same applies to pro-war candidate, Flip Romney in his alleged five state win.

"Mainstream" media (including cable networks)

From the git-go, the controlled media has consistently put out in every state caucus or primary that Ron Paul, according to polls, shows 4-5%. Guess what? In every single caucus or primary, his "final" vote total is within the 4-6% numbers with two exceptions. How remarkable considering the massive financial and grassroots support he enjoys along with so many wins in the straw polls category. Even John Zogby, one of the most respected polling experts in this country is wondering why there's no support at the polls? The answer is simple: vote fraud. Dr. Paul's people do the same polling and watch outside polling; they are not novices. Alaska was primed for Ron Paul and his acquisition of their 29 delegates; see here. Of course, the outcome was completely different with Romney allegedly winning 44%, Brother Huck 22%, Ron Paul 17% and McCain 15%. I don't believe it for a second, not in that state. How about West Virginia's caucus? Not a single GOP vote for a delegate in the entire state for Ron Paul? Not one single Republican in West Virginia believes in freedom and liberty? Yes, Dr. Paul does have an organization in that state, click here.

Maine was another state where Congressman Paul should have taken the lion's share; see here. Of course, the outcome was just the opposite. Romney allegedly won with 52% of the vote, McCain with 22%, Ron Paul with 19% and Brother Huck with 5%. The alleged vote difference between the national front runner, McCain, and Ron Paul: 7 votes.

The morning of "Super Tuesday," FAUX (FOX) News network's web site had five large photos of candidates, Clinton, Obama, Huckabee, Romney and McCain. Anyone looking at the screen would assume these five were the only candidates on the ballot for both parties that day. FAUX deliberately left Ron Paul off their front page. Take a look at this leading page for CNN's web site. You will see the five candidates in large photos. Under the three on the GOP side, Ron Paul's name is in small letters, no photo. This same marginalization has also been a constant on MSNBC. Here and there you'll see some coverage as shown in the link above regarding Dr. Paul and Maine. However, this presidential race has been extraordinary in the shameful and disgraceful tactics by these networks and major newspapers across this country towards one candidate. They're nothing more than pimps for their masters and cheating the American people in the process. As these networks and major newspaper chains are not government entities, the only remedy is to stop buying their newspapers and refuse to patronize network sponsors.

Can you help me?

I know all of this is very discouraging, but Ron Paul is in this for the long haul. We know vote fraud is playing a major role here. Don't think any of this is over yet, not by a long shot. While Ron Paul supporters didn't expect him to outright win some of these states, we know the fraud has kept him from placing high in many states.

As I explained in my last column, the partial recount done by the Kucinich people and the half dozen counties now counted on the GOP side in New Hampshire show the numbers do not match in dozens of precincts. It's too early to give a report yet. I refuse to roll over just because it's the path of least resistance. I'm collecting as much as I can about these primaries. However, I need your help. This won't cost you anything except maybe 15-20 minutes of your time. I'm willing to do this unpaid work, but I need some data from some of the states. Specifically, if you live in these states, I need your assistance: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Please just send me a short email ( and I'll get back to you.

Part II: Where did all the votes go?


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I've also received a number of emails from males angry because I said in the aforementioned column that only sissy men will vote for Hillary. Guess what? I stand by my statement that wimpy (weak) men will vote for Hillary Clinton.