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By: Devvy
February 4, 2008

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In his Treatise on War, Sun Tzu, said: "Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him."

It is this strategy in the art of war which we are seeing once again in a presidential primary. Predictably, the two "main" political parties have thrown out their choices to see which of them will stick by offering up the most enticing bait - Congressman Ron Paul being the exception.

In the case of "Change we can believe in," Barack Obama, you can expect no change. Obama, has baited voters with the usual rhetoric, making promises he cannot keep. Obama is just another clue less, spit and polished politician who is completely ignoring, if he even he even understands the subject matter, the genesis of the financial tsunami beginning to roll across this land.

Obama's bait is cloaked in what mother government can do for you with the biggest carrot being health care using fancy, deceptive double speak. During one of the debates, he and Marxist Hillary Clinton discussed whether or not Americans should be "mandated," (forced), to purchase health insurance. Stalin-esque Clinton actually took this communist concept one giant step further: "Speaking on ABC's "This Week" program, the Democratic senator from New York said she might be willing to have wages garnished if people refuse to buy health insurance." Of course, this is unconstitutional and would be shot down by every court in this country. Obama wants criminals (illegal aliens who smuggle themselves across our borders) to have driver's licenses so they can kill you or your loved ones and skip back across the border. Same old pimping for votes from a particular race of people, promoted by those advancing communism in America:

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause." Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his 'A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912).' Quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record, June 7, 1957, p. 8559

As for moral issues, Barack Obama condones and supports the murder of unborn babies. He condones and supports the filth of sodomy and lesbian sex. He claims to be a Christian, but one has to wonder what Bible he reads? The KJV of the Holy Bible, the word of Almighty God, calls sodomites and their perversions an abomination. How about the Ten Commandments? God has commanded: Thou shalt not kill. So, how do Christians, regardless of denomination, support this guy for president?

Obama's 10 reasons for supporting infanticide: "A ban to stop aborted babies from being shelved to die would be burdensome to mothers. Before voting "no" for a second time in the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 5, 2002, Obama stated: "What we are doing here is to create one more burden on women, and I can't support that."

Christians who vote for Barack Obama make a mockery of God's laws and reinforce the concept that it's okay to bargain away moral convictions in exchange for "more money for education," "save social security" and "better health care!" How about Obama's religious and spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright? "In the November/December 2007 issue of Trumpet, Wright sang the praises of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has described whites as "blue-eyed devils" and Jews as "bloodsuckers." Barack's church, where he's received his spiritual guidance and mentoring is the quintessential example of racism and bigotry. Carolyn Kennedy recently endorsed Obama by saying he would be a president just like her father. Really? JFK was a notorious womanizer. His marital vows meant nothing. Citing just two of dozens of affairs, he committed adultery with Nazi spy Ingrid Arvada and rubbed his tawdry affair with a Hollywood slut, Marilyn Monroe, in Jacqueline Kennedy's face for all the world to see.

The controlled, dominant media contained Rudy Julie-Annie's terrorist ties and so far there's been no mention of the traitor who is Obama's main foreign policy advisor. Webster Tarpley has been around a long, long time. He is a thorough researcher and his column provides Americans with the ugly truth about who Obama consorts with: Obama Campaign Linked To Chechen Terrorism. Anyone thinking of voting for No Change Obama, might also wish to read: Obama represents no change.

"The Devil's in that woman" -Miss Emma, the cook at the Arkansas' Governor's mansion and referring to Hillary. [Ronald Kessler, Inside the White House, p.246]; [also, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Boy Clinton, p.278]

Marxist Hillary Clinton is no different than Obama except for gender and race. They both support more and more taxation to feed the same, failed policies. As with Obama, Clinton supports the killing of unborn babies and is quite popular with the sexual deviant crowd who buy her favors with lots of cash. Again, I ask: How can any Christian who believes the Holy Bible is God's word, vote for Hillary Clinton when she condones and supports sexual deviants and the killing of unborn babies? 50 MILLION abortions since Roe v Wade. That's more than the entire population of California by 14 million. Fifty MILLION beating hearts murdered and thrown into hazardous waste buckets for disposal. How do Christians do that? How do they go to church on Sunday and turn right around on Monday and cheer on a morally bankrupt female like Hillary Clinton?

As for experience, Hillary Clinton is the most accomplished liar running for president, hands down. For a comprehensive look at Hillary Clinton, click here. That female is a classic narcissist, a sociopathic nightmare who doesn't want to be president, she wants to be your overlord.

The National Organization of Witches (NOW) belly ached last week when Mary Jo Kopechne's killer, booze embalmed, Edward Kennedy, endorsed Obama. These shrill hens said Kennedy betrayed them! Betrayed what? Endorsing two mammary glands and a vagina? Millions of Americans will vote for Obama because of the color of his skin instead of being qualified for the job. Foolish women will vote for Clinton because she has the right plumbing. As for the other sex, only sissy men would ever vote for Hillary, a replacement mommy to take care of their every need from sperm to worm. How about Clinton and our military? Have Americans forgotten how the Clinton's hate our military and how shabbily her and Bill treated active duty personnel while occupying the White House? Hillary Clinton, like her husband, is more than just a crook. See here and here (short video). Judicial Watch recently named Hillary Clinton top of the list of the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.


Democrats might want to rethink their loyalty to a party verus their loyalty to this republic and whether they choose to continue to live a life of indentured servitude. The same applies to Republican faithful. Because of his honesty, integrity, voting record and message of freedom and liberty, Congressman Ron Paul is the only candidate receiving support from Americans who belong to the three top political parties in this country: Republican, Democrat and Constitution Party. The same cannot be said for any of the other four establishment puppets.

It's no better on the Republican side with the three annointed media favorites carrying the water for the global cabal. The Huckabee honeymoon is over and he's now taking a beating in these fast food primaries. Along with McCain and Flip Romney, his campaign remains broke. Romney is dipping into his millions to keep his show alive while Ron Paul continues to enjoy enormous financial support. The manipulators have been busy shuffling the deck and it would appear that Brother Huck is about to be dealt one of the losing hands because he's outlived his usefulness. Flip Romney represents the same old agenda and more endless wars. But, life is cheap to Romney - especially the life of an unborn baby. But Evangelical Christians love him! Romney will not protect your Second Amendment rights. Oh, by the way, did you see this hit? Romney supporters caught on film voting multiple times in Florida; see video proof here.

John McCain, in his usual arrogant fashion, has declared Super Tuesday would wrap up the GOP race and he will get the nomination of his party. What a tragedy for this country if this man were ever to sit in the Oval Office - the man of the "Stay in Iraq for 10,000 years" agenda. Please watch this short video (scroll down to bottom of short column) showing McCain's delusions about Iraq. This man is either certifiably insane or has replaced Bill Clinton has one of the most accomplished liars in political history. How quickly people forget. Remember the Keating Five savings and loan scandal? You should because John McCain was investigated and should have been prosecuted for his crimes. But, for his former POW status and connections, he would have gone to prison. Son of a Nazi storm trooper, leftist Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed McCain last week; they deserve each other.

"Captivity is not a qualification for public office." The incredibly funny and witty, Norman Liebmann, used that sentence in one of his recent politically incorrect humor pieces from the Political Litter Box. However, there's nothing funny about John McCain. Besides being known as a hot tempered, vindictive individual, along with John Kerry (endorsed by the Communist Party USA), McCain is hated by POW/MIA families. Right now I want you to go watch this 3:58 second free video exposing John McCain's forceful opposition to finding our POWs. I want you to get the DVD, Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America's POWs. This DVD contains film from senate hearings and it clearly shows that John Kerry and John McCain did everything possible to cover up the truth about our POW/MIAs. They left our own to rot in foreign prisons. This DVD should be shown at every VFW Hall in America and should be given to every active duty military person currently serving. You can also watch two very short, free video clips that will make you sick if you care anything for our POWs and their families:

Missing Presumed Dead - One
McCain obstructs the truth

This is the person Republicans want to be Commander in Chief? A liar, a man who believes in ignoring Federal immigration laws with his firm stand on giving amnesty to 20 MILLION illegal aliens, a man who has betrayed our precious POWs and made a mockery of the uniform he once wore. Neal Ross recently wrote an excellent column about John McCain and lingering questions; click here. McCain recently thanked Evangelical Christians for their support. McCain is also picking up support from sodomites and lesbians: "Gay Republicans Flock To McCain on Giuliani Exit. "Gay Republicans are in a state of mourning over Mayor Giuliani's exit from the presidential race, but they are moving swiftly into Senator McCain's fold despite concerns that he has not always been faithful to their agenda."

The voices of discontent seem to be rising about this primary season and all the games played by the Democrat and Republican parties with this massive push to get the primaries over by Valentine's Day. Americans no sooner put away their Christ-mas trees and party favors from New Years and they were supposed to run to the polls and vote in the first caucus based on a few one liners by all the candidates. Tomorrow is this "Super Tuesday" horse and pony show, another masterful stroke by the manipulators. Will voters have buyer's remorse once the truth about these candidates begins to reach more and more Americans thanks to the Internet? I can tell you one mind set that's already hitting and this from a man I respect and who did vote for Ron Paul in his primary:

"I would vote for Romney if he was nominated because there is a possibility that it would buy us more time to change the system...Romney is an elite and a member of the CFR and etc. These traitors will destroy this country, in fact from economic point of view I would not bet on our survival even if Ron Paul was next president. Devvy, Please show me another viable option, there is none, note I said viable."

This was my reply: "Viable is how many people will say Ron Paul can't get the GOP nomination at the convention, so I'll cop out and vote for evil. That's how the votes get derailed - fear of "the other side." I'm not going to "waste my vote" because Ron Paul can't win so I'm going to vote for one of the useful idiots the masters of the game actually want, Democrat or Republican." How many times in more than a decade have I written about voting for the lesser of two evils or the Hold Your Nose and Vote Syndrome?

This is how slaves are made. If the Founding Fathers and courageous young men like Nathan Hale took the path of least resistance, we'd still be licking the boot straps of the British. Sun Tzu also had another pearl of wisdom: Kill your enemy by herding them in the proper direction while making them believe it's a good idea. "Super Tuesday" is the ultimate herding of the American people to the slaughter house. It also makes vote fraud easier in controlling the vote in 22 states. Speaking of vote fraud, the recount in New Hampshire is still underway and I will give a comprehensive update soon. The numbers don't match for the partial recount by Kucinich or the four counties so far on the GOP ballots. Fraud has surfaced in Florida, again, and what's been uncovered so far is just the tip of the iceberg:

110% Voter Turnout In Broward County! 'Unofficial Results' on County Web site Shows Turnout Exceeds Registered Voters in Precinct D001. Officials Have No Explanation for Now, Said to Be 'Still Reviewing That Information'...Turnout at Broward County, Florida's precinct D001 was excellent in last Tuesday's primary election, according to the "unofficial results" posted on this county web page. With 1,028 ballots cast, and 930 registered voters at the precincts, voters having turned out, the turnout was an impressive 110.54%!

FOX News Exposes Diebold Electronic Vote Flipping in Florida - This is a 3-minute free video demonstrates how a hacker can insert a virus into these machines in a NY second. [See "Hacking Democracy" an excellent HBO - DVD on vote fraud]

The push to get the nominee for the conventions by tomorrow is deliberate, calculated and toxic. The delay and tampering with the ballots before the recount started in New Hampshire was also deliberate. Tomorrow all the networks will be giving their big ballyhoo coverage, but in my eyes, it's nothing but a huge scam. The Republican convention isn't until September. We shall see what unfolds between now and then on vote fraud during these primaries, legal remedies and mounting a fight in Minneapolis-St. Paul at the GOP convention. While millions of Americans will roll over and be willing to hold their nose and vote, I am not one of them.

Note: I will be a guest on Carl Wilson's show, Wednesday, February 6, 2008. KAJO radio is now streamed live 24/7 on the Internet if you'd like to listen. Carl's show airs at 9:30 to 10:30 am PST, 12:30 to 1:30 pm EST. Click here to listen; then click on "Listen Live." Call in number is 541-472-1270

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This is how slaves are made. If the Founding Fathers and courageous young men like Nathan Hale took the path of least resistance, we'd still be licking the boot straps of the British. Sun Tzu also had another pearl of wisdom: Kill your enemy by herding them in the proper direction while making them believe it's a good idea.