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By: Devvy

March 13, 2004

Did you know that more than 40 states now "outsource" jobs to foreign countries - jobs that provide access to your personal financial information? Do you know that accounting firms are now outsourcing individual income tax returns to India? To say this is a ticking time bomb that will destroy countless lives of unsuspecting Americans is an gross understatement.

What is outsourcing?

Very simply it means that jobs formerly held by Americans, you know - those who are born in this country or have become citizens - are going to third world countries, leaving our fellow country men and women in the unemployment line. Why are millions of American job bases being stripped from us and wholesaled off U.S. soil? Money.

As someone who supports free enterprise, I am all for American businesses making a profit. However, I find it repugnant that so many companies who became giants in the industry have dumped all over Americans who've worked their entire lives for an entity, only to be discarded in favor of the bottom line by outsourcing American jobs. Every nation on this globe protects their job base except America.

All the blame can't be laid at the doorstep of companies wanting to produce more dividends for their stock holders. Ironically, some of those stockholders are now finding their own jobs being outsourced even though they own stock in a company! Now these same stockholders are the ones in the unemployment line. A great portion of the blame can be placed against the American people for being too intellectually lazy to understand the horrors being visited on our country by "free trade" and for continuing to buy foreign products.

Americans are literally destroying their own job bases and retailers are firing their own customers because people like me refuse to sell out my fellow countrymen and women to save a buck twenty-nine. I will pay that extra few dollars for a product made in the USA. I will not purchase a product made by our enemies (Russia and the communist Chinese). I will go without and make do every time. My money stays in my wallet. Retailers and service companies should understand that there are millions of people just like me and that's why their bottom line is shrinking.

Alan Greenspan, the grand poohba of the privately owned banking cartel of thieves, the Federal Reserve, has warned against America adopting protectionism regarding saving jobs for our citizens. Easy to say for this wealthy insider who serves his masters well in robbing this nation blind with the full approval of the U.S. Congress and every past President since 1913. We the people have every right to protect our job base and we the people are under no obligation to provide jobs to people in Sri Lanka, communist Hong Kong or the Philippines, just to please globalists like Greenspan and George Bush, Jr.

Buying foreign products isn't a crime and on occasion I have purchased a 'unique' item from a non communist country as a gift. However, I make the time to search out and buy from companies that offer Made in America or from artisans at specialty shows. You can find just about everything except computers if you just put a little effort into it. Sadly, most people come up with excuses instead of standing up for American jobs.

Since NAFTA, many millions of good paying jobs have gone south of the border. Americans are destroying our job base because they refuse to stand up against globalism and support American farmers, businesses and industry. For those who are sitting back watching some mindless trash on the great programmer (TV), you'd better sit up and pay attention:

Unions and States Aspire To Block Job Outsourcing
By Michael Schroeder,
The Wall Street Journal Online

"WASHINGTON -- Alarmed by jobs flowing overseas where skilled workers are cheaper, state lawmakers and labor unions are fighting back.

"Legislation aimed at keeping jobs in the U.S. is pending in at least five states -- New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri and Washington. The bills employ a variety of methods, including blocking companies from using foreign workers on state contracts and requiring foreign call-center employees to identify where they are located. On Capitol Hill, the AFL-CIO and one of its members, the Communications Workers of America, are urging members of Congress to direct the General Accounting Office to study the trend's U.S. economic impact.

"By one estimate, several million U.S. jobs are expected to move offshore in the next 12 years, particularly to India. Multinational firms are feeling the first ripple of the backlash, but are bracing for the worst. "It's the perfect storm right now," says Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, an Arlington, Va., trade group representing 500 technology concerns."

America is almost finished off, despite the rhetoric from paid gas bags like Neil Cavuto and your favorite financial adviser. Our Republic, once a moral, hard working people, is dying right before our eyes. Our agricultural, manufacturing and industrial bases are gutted because Americans won't read the label or ask where a product came from. We are shifting at a frightening rate to a service oriented country and will soon be unable to supply even our most basic needs.

Our food will soon be controlled by a few conglomerates who do not have your best interests at heart. With more than 4,000 factories closed since NAFTA was unconstitutionally signed into law, cities and small towns across America have become ghost towns as the people are pushed into crime infested, overburdened big cities looking for work. Instead of producing, Americans are now servicing. What a mess. What a tragedy.

You can stop the destruction of our job bases by refusing to do business with companies who are selling out American jobs. Yes, in the short run it does hurt the employees of these companies, but we're talking about the long term survival of America's lifeblood, jobs for Americans, and it's time to get tough with these companies. Put America first.

Companies putting your identity at risk

Outsourcing isn't just stealing American jobs, it also provides the perfect method to continue feeding the booming theft identity business. How?

Foreign Accountants Do U.S. Tax Returns NewsMax, Feb. 23, 2004

"SAN JOSE, Calif.-- Twelve-hour shifts and seven-day work weeks exhausted accountants at Rucci, Bardaro & Barrett. But most painful for Chris Barrett was the annual "Easter parade" - layoffs of seasonal workers and interns after April 15.

"So Barrett, a partner in the Malden, Mass., firm, will send about 150 of his 600 clients' tax returns this year to India, where recent college graduates will prepare Americans' 1040s. Barrett won't hire - or fire - any extra employees, and the average turnaround time for completing returns is already shrinking.

"We're always looking for ways to reduce the pressure," Barrett said. "It frees us up to provide financial and estate planning, which we didn't have time for when we were too busy filling out returns."

"Tax experts say Indian chartered accountants - the subcontinent's version of certified professional accountants - will prepare 150,000 to 200,000 returns this year, up from about 20,000 in 2003 and only 1,000 in 2002."

Remember: 1040s contain your social security number, they list your assets and every other bit of private financial information about you. A cash cow for the theft identity robbers and believe me, the Russian Mafia isn't just entrenched here in America, they're global.

Thanks to the over hauling of the immigration laws in 1985 by the empty heads in Congress, it opened the flood gates which brought huge numbers of these criminals into America. Thanks to Mr. Bush and Congress allowing a full scale invasion of this country by massive numbers of Mexicans illegally crossing the border, these lawbreakers have become leaders in the identity theft business.

If you use Rucci, Bardaro & Barrett, I would immediately stop any business with them and if you have business with them, send them a certified letter letting them know that if some $1.40 an hour worker in India or anywhere else sells your identity to whoever is buying, you will sue them into the next century. If you use any accounting firm, contact them immediately and do the same. Let these companies know that you will sue if they "outsource" your financial information to anyone, domestic or foreign.

In the last five years, a whopping 20 million Americans have been the victims of theft identity. Do you think theft identity isn't going to happen on a global scale in the near future? Oh, please, it's human nature. People in these third world cesspools who can't even figure out how to clean up their own water and drink from a river where cattle walk and eliminate, will be hard pressed not to engage in the sale of American identities. Some $1.40 a day worker will sell your identity for the equivalent of six months of pay in a heart beat. After all, they're 8,000 miles away and know you will have little chance of tracing the sale back to them.

The IRS also makes it very convenient for criminals engaging in theft identity. Anyone can walk into a county recorder's office and bring up the non enforceable threat instrument the IRS uses to terrify and blackmail Americans into voluntarily paying income taxes: Notice of Federal Lien. I've watched this myself: Two scruffy looking men sitting at a computer with a legal size tablet writing down the names, addresses and social security numbers off one Notice of Federal Lien after another. That information is worth gold to these crooks and your county recorder makes it real easy.

Theft identity happens to other people

Wrong. It's just a matter of time before you become a victim if you don't take steps to immediately safeguard your assets. Don't wait until it's too late. I know an individual who started off his day about two months ago by stopping at an ATM, only to find out all his bank accounts were empty. This frightening incident finally got straightened out, he settled with the bank and the FBI is on the trail of the ring who emptied his accounts. All it takes is your social security number and your life can be ruined.

Years ago I wrote (via certified mail) to VISA and Master Card; I use them for travel. I requested they put a fraud watch on my accounts because I was very concerned about identity theft. It has worked because a couple of times I have had to provide more than one form of identification at a hotel and speak with an account rep on the phone to verify my pass word or they would not authorize my charge. I was more than happy for the inconvenience. I have also written to anyone else I do business with and informed them that they were to make absolutely certain my personal information is not sold or outsourced to anyone outside their firm or I will sue them.

Yes, this is time consuming, but theft identity can ruin you forever. It will ruin your credit, drain your accounts and possibly make you liable for thousands of dollars in charges on credit cards or purchases made without your knowledge. Over the past few years, I try to use cash for everything and if I do have to use a credit card, I make darn certain that I inform whoever is taking the number that I hold them and their company personally responsible. Too many times I have been at a hotel or event where I see people's personal information laying around on a desk or counter and am horrified that employees take so little precaution with other people's personal information.

Call your state house and tell your state legislator that you demand they pass a law in the current session that absolutely prohibits any state agency from outsourcing jobs and your personal identity, which includes your financial information. Start calling talk radio, get this outrage known to any group or organization you belong to and if your state legislature doesn't jump, organize and surround your state house and let these people know you will not sit idly by while they play fast and loose with your life and financial security.

If you have elderly parents, please help them protect their assets by taking the necessary steps to put up as many roadblocks as possible so they aren't robbed by the growing world of high tech robbers. Do this for mom and dad right away as our elderly are very vulnerable.

If you purchase on-line, you are putting yourself at risk. Yes, the Internet is a wonderful tool for shopping, especially for those with mobility problems, bargain hunters and for convenience. However, the hackers and criminals have gotten very sophisticated and while companies are doing their very best to make sure they have the latest security features, there is still risk. Personally, I do purchase items off a web site, but I send a money order and will not use my credit card. Inconvenient? Yes, but I prefer the wait versus the alternative.

There are web sites out there that can and do provide you, for a fee, anyone's social security number. Oh, yes and why these web sites haven't been closed down by the Department of Justice is beyond me. It's outrageous, but it's going on because I have done the research.

If any company wants your social security number for things like getting gas & electric service or cable or anything else, tell them they have absolutely no legal right to even ask you for the number. That insidious number is for identification only applicable to the SSA. Has this nation become nothing more than a populace of sissies? Stand up and fight because no one else is going to do it for you.

With the high risk of computer hacking, don't wait until you're the victim who goes to the ATM machine one day, only to find out your accounts are empty. What will you do for cash to buy even the most basic of needs like food and gasoline to get to work? Smart Americans, including Warren Buffett, are making sure they have gold, not just as a hedge against the dollar and our rotten currency system, but to ensure they will have the ability to buy food and pay the rent when the inevitable happens. For those still worrying who is going to make the final cut on Survivor or win the NCAA championship: this country is in massive moral and financial melt down. Those unprepared for what's coming because they spent their time being entertained will find themselves in dire straits.

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Take the time as I have done to write to every creditor you do business with and your bank(s) and tell them in no uncertain terms without being threatening, that if they outsource any of your personal financial information in any form, you will take your money out of their bank and sue them if you become a victim of theft identity. Don't put this off until tomorrow. It's too important and your family is counting on you to do the responsible thing. Don't let everything you've ever worked for be stolen from you via theft identity because once this horrific event happens, it's usually too late to stop it and your life will be ruined.

� 2004 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty, which sold close to 2,000,000 copies. Has been a guest more than 1600 times on radio shows, ran for Congress twice and is a highly sought after public speaker. Devvy is a contributing writer for Devvy's web site is:; e-mail is:










"Since NAFTA, many millions of good paying jobs have gone south of the border. Americans are destroying our job base because they refuse to stand up against globalism and support American farmers, businesses and industry."