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By: Devvy
October 15, 2007

� 2007 -

We the people DEMAND a yes vote on:

* H.C.R.40 to stop any North American Union/SPP. We demand a yes vote on this now before this treason goes any further.

* H.Con. Res. 22: Serve notice that America is with drawing from the NAFTA treaty. This unconstitutional "agreement" always was a major plank in cementing a one world government, destroying America's sovereignty and killing off our most important jobs bases. This must get passed even though Bush will veto it, enough pressure must be put on Congress to over ride his veto. The very survival of this republic depends on us getting out of these deadly treaties.

Both House and Senate:

* We demand a yes vote on The FISA Modernization Bill of 2007 - H.R. 3782 NOW. This government has NEVER had the right to take away, diminish or steal any of our God given rights which predate the U.S. Constitution. The Bill of Rights didn't give us rights, it forcefully and in plain language told the newly formed government that these are rights we are born with and you cannot take them away. Those who cherish and love freedom understand this concept and are not cowed and bullied by artificial, manufactured threats. Everyone else can go hide under the bed.

If you're new to becoming active in stopping the destruction of all we hold dear, you can sign up for free email alerts to how your member of CON-gress votes; click here. This way you can get in their face immediately and let them know all this unconstitutional mush they continue to pass while the most critical issues are ignored is not acceptable.

Your state legislature

While many state legislatures are out of session, mid-November is when their bill mills crank up for bills that will be introduced as soon as the new sessions begin in January. NOW is the time to get your letters and/or faxes to their offices. Not after Thanksgiving or two days before Christmas, this week. If tens of thousands of people in your respective state don't get these demands into the state legislatures before the end of November, all you'll get in January is a form letter saying THEIR agenda is already set, so kiss off. Many state legislatures are only in session 120 days and here in Texas, under the Texas Constitution, our legislature meets only five times between the census every 10 years or a total of 140 days every other year. This means we have no representation on these critical issues in our legislature until 2009! If your state has not (see first link at bottom) passed anti-NAU legislation, that's number one on your list. *

If your state has not passed legislation to stop the North American Union, pound on your rep and senator. See this important update from Tom DeWeese: 'Anti-NAU Warriors Beginning to Move the Rock Uphill.' The states of the Union must get behind stopping this move to integrate America with two foreign countries because they will not survive either. For state legislators: Dr. Edwin Vieira's column on why this is unconstitutional and why the states cannot be dragged into this global nightmare is here and it needs to be read by not just legislators, but all Americans.

* Demand your legislature challenge the fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment. Please see my column here and the internal links for detailed information on this critical issue. The states MUST restore their right to equal representation in Congress as was the original intention of the Founding Fathers. This is a top priority. Realistically, the states to concentrate on are: Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio; less likely due to size and composition pf members (communists, socialists and fools): California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Florida. Sorry, but after 18 years of activism, I call it as I know it to be true. I live in Texas, but our state legislature has dropped the ball on too many critical issues for me to be kind and at the top of the list is letting our corrupt governor, Rick Perry, get away with the Texas Trans Corridor and his support of globalism, selling out the people of this great state. Rick Perry should be investigated for violation of the Logan Act, but, alas, there seems to be a shortage of real men in this country who will go after high caliber traitors like Perry.

In your phone calls and/or faxes/letters to Congress (house or senate) and to your state rep and senator, tell them you WILL refuse any bio chips, any RIFD chips or other dangerous artificial inserts for the human body. (Microchip Implants Cause Fast-Growing, Malignant Tumors in Lab Animals) You WILL refuse the National ID and they can deal with the lawsuits. The resistance to this insidious, Nazi tool has met with such resistance, Michael Chertoff, head of the complete, massive failure called the Department of Homeland Security has "extended" the time for compliance to 2009 - right in line with the proposed date for this treason called the North American Union to kick in and destroy the U.S. once and for all. Sorry, Chertoff, we the people are on to the game and we're NOT going to surrender our republic.

America is getting ready to cross the Rubicon. Americans are afraid of what's staring them in the face. Many are just now beginning to realize just how far the evil agenda towards totalitarian government has progressed while they haven't been paying attention. As an example, a whole lot of people don't know what to do about the Nazi "National ID" cards (a plan around since 1998) because the big stick is jobs and our God-given right to travel. This from a column by Naomi Wolf, October 11, 2007, (full column is here):

"In Boulder, two days ago, a rosy-cheeked thirty something mother of two small children, in soft yoga velours, started to tear up when she said to me: "I want to take action but I am so scared. I look at my kids and I am scared. How do you deal with fear? Is it safer for them if I act or stay quiet? I don't want to get on a list." In D.C., before that, a beefy, handsome civil servant, a government department head -- probably a Republican -- confides in a lowered voice that he is scared to sign the new ID requirement for all government employees, that exposes all his most personal information to the State -- but he is scared not to sign it: "If I don't, I lose my job, my house. It's like the German National ID card," he said quietly.

"This morning in Denver I talked for almost an hour to a brave, much-decorated high-level military man who is not only on the watch list for his criticism of the administration -- his family is now on the list. His elderly mother is on the list. His teenage son is on the list. He has flown many dangerous combat missions over the course of his military career, but his voice cracks when he talks about the possibility that he is exposing his children to harassment.....

"More times than I can count, courageous and confident men who are telling me about speaking up, but who are risking what they see as the possible loss of job, home or the ability to pay for grown kids' schooling, start to choke up. Yesterday a woman in one gathering started to cry simply while talking about the degradation of her beloved country."

This is NOT my America. We the people have the power to stop this, but it takes sacrifice. No Dancing with the Stars or other entertainment tonight. Sit down and write a short letter and fax it to your member of Congress. A hard copy is something they have to touch and see. Compose a simple letter to your state rep and senator and get them in the mail THIS week or fax it. No baseball play offs at the stadium or on the BOOB tube. Network with people you know, get on the phone and tell your friends and family what's going on and what they must do. Share this column with a group or organization so they can get this information out about these bills. Bombs aren't dropping over our heads, but tyranny is flourishing and a police state is being erected in this country right now that would put Lenin, Mao, Hitler or Stalin to shame. Remind your member of Congress and your state rep and senator that November 2008, isn't just a presidential election year. They hate to hear these words: My number one goal is to see you thrown out of office next November.

Arlington National Cemetery

These are American issues. Not Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, green or anything else. We either act together or we shall hang separately. These corrupt, rotten and many completely ignorant members of Congress, despite their $1,000 dollar suits and their grandmotherly smiles, are killing this republic. If you don't put aside the good times and join the millions of us and stop this nonsense no matter the cost, then your freedom and your children's right to live free apparently means nothing. Then Arlington Cemetery means nothing.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier means nothing.

U.S.S. Arizona

Military graveyards from Main to Hawaii mean nothing.

Freedom isn't free and by God, if a 16-year old girl could ride through the night in 1777, for freedom, then surely we the people who have far more weapons in our arsenals, can do no less.

"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 1 December 19, 1776

While our task is formidable, I know the grit and determination of America's warriors is strong. Please get those phone calls and faxes going. We must be relentless in our pursuit of exposing and destroying those orchestrating our downfall. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1,

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Our nation is dying right before our eyes while these people in Congress waste time in partisan bickering or selling U.S. out to foreign interests.