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By: Devvy Kidd
September 11, 2006

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Once my friend directed me to DKRW, it soon became apparent to me that Thomas E. White is one shrewd operator - with help from Dick Cheney who many believe is the real president; Bush is just an "acting" one. If you read Michael Ruppert's superb book, Crossing the Rubicon, you will get an excellent education on 9/11, oil, Wall Street and the level of corruption that exists. Whether you agree with Ruppert on peak oil or not, this book is fully supported by hundreds of foot notes. Let's follow the money and see what surfaces.

One pipeline string can be found in this excellent recap titled, Pipelines to 9/11. That's the foreign oil time line. On the domestic side, there appears to be a number of operations which coincidentally have the same 9/11 players every time. This is a short quote from a column by Jason Leopold titled Ahnuld, Ken Lay, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Gray Davis:

"A month before the Frontline interview and Bush's meeting with Davis, Cheney, who chairs Bush's energy task force, met with Lay to discuss Bush's National Energy Policy. Lay, whose company was the largest contributor to Bush's presidential campaign, made some recommendations that would financially benefit his company. Lay gave Cheney a memo that included eight recommendations for the energy policy. Of the eight, seven were included in the final draft. The energy policy was released in late May 2001, after Schwarzenegger, Riordan and Milken met with Lay and after the meeting between Bush and Davis and Cheney's Frontline interview.

"The policy made only scant references to California's energy crisis, which Enron was accused of igniting, and did not indicate what should be done to provide the state some relief. Cheney said the policy focused on long-term solutions to the country's energy needs, such as opening up drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and freeing up transmission lines. That's why California was ignored in the report, Cheney said.

"What's unknown to many of the voters who will decide Davis's fate on Oct. 7, the day of the recall election, is that while Cheney dismissed Davis's accusations that power companies were withholding electricity supplies from the state, one company engaged in exactly the type of behavior that Davis described. But Davis would never be told about the manipulative tactics the energy company engaged.

"In a confidential settlement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, whose chairman was appointed by Bush a year earlier, Tulsa, Okla., based Williams Companies agreed to refund California $8 million in profits it reaped by deliberately shutting down one of its power plants in the state in the spring of 2000 to drive up the wholesale price of electricity in California.

"The evidence, a transcript of a tape-recorded telephone conversation between an employee at Williams and an employee at a Southern California power plant operated by Williams, shows how the two conspired to jack up power prices and create an artificial electricity shortage by keeping the power plant out of service for two weeks.

"Details of the settlement had been under seal by FERC for more than a year and were released in November after the Wall Street Journal sued the commission to obtain the full copy of its report. Similarly, FERC also found that Reliant Energy engaged in identical behavior around the same time as Williams and in February the commission ordered Reliant to pay California a $13.8 million settlement.

"Had the evidence been released in 2001 when Davis accused energy companies of fraud it would have helped California's case and voters may have viewed the governor more positively. But if FERC were to publicly release the details of the Williams settlement it wouldn't have jibed with Bush's energy policy, which was made public instead in May 2001. It's highly unlikely that Bush, Cheney and members of the energy task force were kept in the dark about the Williams scam, especially since the findings of the investigation by FERC took place around the same time the policy was being drafted."

But, what is the real story on Bush, energy and the world's reserves? Dick Cheney knows because with the assistance of comprised federal judges, he has been able to keep the minutes of his meetings secret; Judicial Watch sued to get those records. You and I, mere peons in the eyes of Cheney and his co-conspirators, aren't entitled to the truth, only more fakery and obfuscation.

On the domestic side, Public Citizen is another organization digging into White's new venture that grew in financial status to be envied by anyone starting up a new business:

"Enron Scammer Thomas White Gets Gov't. Handout by Public Citizen. Buried in the 700-plus page energy bill currently under debate in the U.S. Senate is a provision that provides hundreds of millions of dollars worth of federal loan guarantees for a power project apparently to be built by four former Enron executives. One of the former executives is Thomas White, former head of Enron's retail and energy trading in California during the energy crisis who later served as President Bush's Secretary of the Army.

"Title XIV, Section 1403(c)(1)(B) of the Senate energy bill provides federal loan guarantees for "a project to produce energy from coal . mined in the western United States using appropriate advanced integrated gasification combined cycle technology that minimizes and offers the potential to sequester carbon dioxide emissions and . shall be located in a western State at an altitude greater than 4,000 feet." Public Citizen's investigation to find out who this loan would benefit narrowed the answer to just one company: Houston-based DKRW Energy."

White made a killing selling his own Enron stock; see chart here. Another e-mail from my friend, enlightens us about the this new White wash and big money:

"For your anticipated new article on Thomas White (as applicable to 9/11 & Anthrax), there was a significant development yesterday. Arch Coal Company, out of St. Louis bought 25% of White's new firm DKRW sector in Wyoming for $25,000,000. This means it felt the company was worth 100 million. DKRW, started in January 2002 - one month after Enron filed bankruptcy - by four parties all, including White, in the Enron hierarchy. How does a company, privately held, become worth one-tenth of a billion dollars in only four and a half years? Enron, deja vu, right?

"This was a dumb move on their part though. Know why? Arch Coal Company, out of St. Louis, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol ACI). It is thus publicly traded. One could buy only 100 shares, and obtain by minority shareholder rights, a lot of information about DKRW. Anything over 10%, means a "material" ownership, which means that Arch owning 25% of DKRW. DKRW has to show and tell all to an Arch minor shareholder, who in turn could be a royal pain to DKRW. I would like to know if it was such a prudent move for Arch, for its shareholders, to invest 25 million in a company, in which one of its partners has such a sordid past as White, as well as ALL of its owners are ex-Enron top people?

"Too, if Arch disclosed that to its shareholders: SEC regs require to disclose the good, the bad, and the ugly. In concert with White, the adjective evil should be added, agreed? It is fairly easy to obtain an attorney, even on a contingency basis, to file a shareholder class-action suit you know, if it did not disclosure such, and no doubt it did not. Arch's stock is owned 97% by institutions. Guess what I want to know? Yes, you guessed it: who they are, and who owns them, or who would benefit by DKRW/Enron II success in Wyoming. The final question though, is why NOW Arch would buy into DKRW? Remember what was been pending in Congress relating to coal guarantees (see Public Citizen's article on DKRW/White recently)."

"August 25, 2006. Devvy: This is just after brief investigation. The former long term Chairman of the Board of Arch Coal, and currently main director, is one James R. Boyd. How is that significant? James R. Boyd also is a Board of Director for Halliburton. What does Halliburton do with coal; very little, if anything. Let's try this one out: It is a given, that anyone who sits on Halliburton's Board is close to Cheney. Therefore, Boyd has to be close to Cheney. It is my contention that White engineered 9/11 & Anthrax, in complicity with Cheney. <>White, and who knows who else, has to have their silence bought off in part. A board of director has great many perks and benefits. Cheney could have lobbied to have his buddy Boyd placed on Halliburton's board, to maintain what is helpful to Arch's main man to be in turn helpful to White. The downfall of these guys is their arrogance. I have seen repeated patterns since day one. Look at Wendy Gramm, who sat on Enron's board, who was married to Senator Phil Graham. Graham "coincidentally" retired just prior to 9/11, after about 25 years in Congress, who thereupon became Vice-Chairman of Union Bank of Switzerland, which acquired Enron's trading unit after its demise."

In response to the article found here, my friend offers up this:

"August 26, 2006. Devvy: I woke up today and an idea popped into my head wondering about linkages between one James R. Boyd (Mr. Big at Arch Coal) and Halliburton. I Googled it, and found the following most interesting article regarding Building 7. This is a very recent article, but the writer deemed Boyd Chairman of the Board of Halliburton, but I think more correcting that should be David J. Lesar, notwithstanding Boyd was/is on the Board. It is interesting further to note that Boyd was only recently appointed to Halliburton's Board; on May 17, 2006. This was perhaps coincidentally the time when Arch Coal company's stock to date peaked.

"However, the overall market peaked about then too, so it does not necessarily follow to read that much into the fact that he was appointed on the Board of Halliburton just about the same time as Arch Coal stocks peaked - perhaps...On 7/31/06, Boyd was given an "award of stock" by Halliburton of some 2,965 shares. How much is this "award" worth? At 33 and a half dollars a share, which is just about where the stock of Halliburton was at that day, equates to almost $100,000 ($98,322.50).

"Have you ever put together a jig-saw puzzle, which starting out you did not know the ending picture? If so this is similar, as a picture here, if you will, is starting to evolve. You have to think out of the box first though. Think of lusting for power and greed. Remember too Lord Acton's admonition: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Thomas E. White was formerly a Brigadier General. He was the first one to make General in fact in his class. His business is war; his business is killing. This means (killing) justify a desired end(s).

"Nonetheless, back to the picture that is developing. Cheney and White go way back. Cheney was Secretary of Defense from March of '89 to January '93. White was a Brigadier General, who won a high award for planning in Gulf War I, in which again Cheney was Defense Secretary. Cheney was thus White's superior. Cheney becomes Vice-President and White becomes Army Secretary. Cheney remains White's superior. A news release dated March 1, 2006, states: "U.S. Senator Craig Thomas said the Energy Policy Act of 2005 is being utilized by DKRW to accelerate the start-up of a coal-to-liquid plant in Wyoming...There has been a wonderful amount of cooperation between DKRW and Arch Coal."

What does all this really mean? If you examine all the financial inbreeding in this column and the factual data in Ruppert's book, you see a small cabal of individuals who had means, motive and opportunity to orchestrate and carry out 9/11. The common theme is oil, money and the continuing war against the American people as their enemy. The need to keep stripping us of our rights to support a mountain of lies. The majority of the American people will need to continue believing lies because it's more comfortable. The rest of us will continue to fight for a real, open investigation of what really happened five years ago today. Below are some web sites that you will find of interest in the pursuit of truth:

Those who seek the truth about 9/11, including yours truly, do so because it is the right thing to do. Not for money, glory or fame, but for truth. While socialists like Bill O'Reilly chant that anyone asking reasonable questions about 9/11 is a Kool Aid drinker, this is the one issue that he and other GOP cheerleaders refuse to touch. I'm sorry, Mr. O and shallow Shawn Hannity. It is our right to know what really happened and we can handle the truth, not more lies. 9/11 was a monstrous, criminal act that slaughtered more than 3,000 human beings. It cries out for the truth and I hope you will be part of this effort to get the truth to your fellow Americans before another 9/11 "terrorist" attack strikes our land and people. For part one click below.

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But, what is the real story on Bush, energy and the world's reserves? Dick Cheney knows because with the assistance of comprised federal judges, he has been able to keep the minutes of his meetings secret...