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By: Devvy Kidd
September 11, 2006

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It's hard to believe it's been five years since I was awakened by a phone call (still in California) by a dear friend in San Antonio who told me to turn on the television. For fifteen straight hours in between food breaks, I sat and watched the horror of September 11, 2001, unfold. Every channel including cable (except premium), was giving non stop coverage; all other programming was preempted and no commercials. Millions of words have been written about that day; my columns on 9/11 are archived here.

Once I finally got my head of denial regarding 9/11 and like millions of other Americans, I began the painful pursuit of what really happened. My columns on 9/11 contain many links that require dozens, if not hundreds of hours of pouring over everything that is available in the public domain and watching videos. Some ridiculous, others contain reasonable questions that have no official answers, but do provide the viewer with, I believe, a difficult conclusion: rogue elements within our government knew and/or were participants. My columns contain what I feel are credible, well researched sites on this issue after spending hundreds of hours reading through them. Most Americans work for a living and do not have the time to do all this research like I do, so I have attempted to make it as easy as possible for people to begin the research and stay away from the silly stuff.

As I have said for the past couple of years, 9/11 is the Achilles Heel of the global masters who intend to dominate the world. Because what's known as the 9/11 Truth Movement continues to grow at a rapid rate, Bush, Rummy and radio and cable talk show hosts as well as the controlled print media, have become more and more shrill in their attacks on average, ordinary people like me who are asking reasonable questions. This is a significant sign, at least to me, that the unseen hand which owns the White House, Congress and the dominant media are very concerned that the fairy tale told by the aforementioned is becoming no longer believable to millions.

The admissions by Bush that he is no longer interested in Bin Laden and that Iraq had zip to do with 9/11, hasn't set well with tens of millions of Americans who feel they have been lied to - and they have. This is especially true for military families and active duty soldiers. There is no exit strategy for the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq because Bush's military is busy building some 12 permanent bases in Iraq, expanding the Empire. Heap on top of that, the issue of DU (depleted uranium) being used over in Afghanistan and Iraq, which we know has exposed tens of thousands of our own to the deadly affects of DU (see this important column) and what you have is a very angry people growing angrier by the day.

Millions of Americans are demanding a real investigation and public hearings which do NOT deliberately omit the testimony of individuals like Sibel Edmonds who has a DOJ gag order to prevent her from telling what she knows. Now, how do you go about telling the American people that a full investigation has taken place if key individuals have been forbidden to testify or talk? As one panel member said at the Alex Jones summit in LA this past summer: if the government has nothing to hide, then why are they going to such lengths to hide everything? Refusal by the corrupt U.S. Department of Justice to release all the videos of the Pentagon that day (VDOT, the Sheraton and Pentagon gas station) sends up a huge red flag. What are they hiding? It must be something important because DOJ has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep these videos from ever being released to anyone - including family members who have requested copies. The old "national security" excuse has worn itself out and we the people are no longer willing to sit back and swallow lies for the sake of cosmetic patriotism or because the truth is too uncomfortable.

I submit to you that there are two important individuals who must be put under oath and questioned. The first is Eric Haney who has stated that Bin Laden was killed in the massive bombing of Tora Bora, Afghanistan on December 15, 2001. I sent e-mail to Haney. He responded in the affirmative that Bin Laden was killed that day. Who is Haney? You can visit his web site: CSM Eric L. Haney, USA (Ret). "For more than twenty years, Command Sergeant Major (retired) Eric L. Haney served in the United States Army's most demanding combat units: As a Combat Infantryman, as a Ranger, and ultimately, as a founding member and eight-year veteran of the Army's super secret counter-terrorist arm, Delta Force." I would venture to guess that Haney has excellent contacts in the military.

I'm not the only one who believes Bin Laden is worth more politically alive than dead, but the American people have the right to know the truth. If he is dead, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Bush considers Bin Laden irrelevant because he knows there's no chance of capture. Just keep producing boogie man videos every few months of Bin Laden and a loose knit, scattered bunch of thugs called Al-Qaida to keep the American people scared and willing to foolishly give up their God given rights.

The second individual is Maj. Rick Gibney who allegedly is the pilot who shot down Flight 93; see here. The American people, the families of those who died on 9/11 - we the people deserve the truth and Major Gibney should be questioned under oath. There is another option here and that is to file a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain all the flight records on 9/11 for all aircraft stationed at Hector Field, Fargo, North Dakota. This FOIA would have to be filed by an organization with the money to fight it to the highest court because I can tell you from experience, when the government wants to stonewall you and it's their number one priority on FOIAs, they will bury you in legal expenses. If the FOIA provides the documents which clearly show Maj. Gibney and other jets taking off that day and their destination, the next question becomes: did you receive orders to shoot down Flight 93, from whom and did you? This is the way you get to the truth and stop the endless speculation - if you have nothing to hide, that is.

9/11 was a multi-faceted operation. In several columns I did this past January and February (see below), I recapped the possible connection between Enron, the FED, Schwarzenegger, Oregon's water, dead microbiologists and 9/11.

Enron - The Smokin' Cannon of 9/11?
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Besides Dick Cheney, was one of the major players in 9/11 Thomas E. White, who was Secretary of the Army at the time of 9/11? Prior to that lofty position, White was Vice Chairman of Enron Energy Services. It is inconceivable to anyone who has researched White that he was not indicted right along with Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. Was White protected from the highest levels - meaning Dick Cheney - and handsomely rewarded for his role in 9/11? I have been diligently trying to keep my columns less than a giant tome, but for one to get a good grasp of the previous statement, I hope you'll bear with me on the length of this one. My friend referred to in Part I of Enron - The Smokin' Cannon of 9/11? has sent me a collection of e-mails requesting I expose more of how White and others have profited from 9/11:

"August 7, 2006: Devvy: To find the article on Thomas White's new bonus in Wyoming, go to Google newsstand type in - DKRW ...This is White's new company, all partners are former Enron hierarchy. Then an article will appear titled, 'Enron Money Laundry'. 9/11, Anthrax, Cheney, Enron, etc., all the pieces fit.

"8.16.06:. Devvy: Let me remind you of some important facts: When the Lt. Governor in April, 2001, filed suit in State court against Enron, White, who headed the most corrupt component of Enron, after 11 years, suddenly resigns his lucrative position, to become Army Secretary. One should also examine, Robert A. Belfer's liquidation of his vast Enron shares during 2001, and his timing; About two weeks after 9/11, the first Anthrax mailings were sent (from the New Jersey vicinity of "Urban Moving", which turned out to be a Mossad front, if you remember the 'Dancing Israel's' and two of which were formal Mossad agents);

"The Anthrax was an unique strain - the Ames variety - which was an exclusive, weaponized version of the ARMY's, patented variety from Utah. After the mailings White was appointed by the Pentagon to be Homeland Security director. Shortly after the mailings, Judith Miller, published the scary book: "Germ." She produced this book, about 10 days after the mailings, which was very much researched. It was impossible to do this research, much less have it published in this short period of time, unless it was planned, for what I believe was the attempt to establish Martial Law (the DOJ could not prosecute anyone for Enron, in the extreme, with a tank sitting in front of it). White, although he headed the most corrupt component of Enron, was NOT prosecuted, NOR even called as a witness.

"Judith Miller, as she misled the American People with Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, I believe was used to as a pawn to indoctrinate us to even welcome Martial Law, to protect against Anthrax. I sent faxes off to Miller, the Pentagon, and Ted Koppel (ABC), on how to easily negate Anthrax by a cheaply priced ozone producing machine, which are used in water purification and swimming pools. Thereafter, almost immediately, the Anthrax attacks stopped, and publicity died down. Incredibly too, despite this was biological warfare, the investigation into it was called off ONLY a month after, November, 2001.

"The faxes was sent to Miller on a weekend - on the following Tuesday, when his silence, and to spin part of the profits to others who have knowledge and are being given notice that they were coming to their offices, Arthur Anderson, comes in Enron's offices to begin the unlawful shredding of documents. Four former executives of Enron, including Thomas White, are owners of a company named DKRW, which functionally is a clone of Enron, who is seeking government approval of guarantees of funding in Wyoming, Cheney's home state. I believe it is in part to buy silence." For part two click below.

Part II - Big bucks flow into White's new Enron clone.

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I believe, a difficult conclusion: rogue elements within our government knew and/or were participants. My columns contain what I feel are credible, well researched sites on this issue after spending hundreds of hours reading through them.