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By: Devvy Kidd

May 4, 2006

On the same show, Gov. Bill Richardson of NM said he wants America to cave into blackmail because he's a coward who doesn't have the stones to put the National Guard on his own border: "What we need is to set up an earned legalization plan based on good behavior. What are you going to do? Are you going to deport 11 million people? You can't do that. So, you set some standards of good behavior, not amnesty, but citizenship after a certain number of years, based on learning English, paying back taxes, a background check. The frustration is spilling out into the streets on this issue."

"Earned legalization"? What claptrap. Yes, you do deport how ever many illegals can be rounded up - right along with locking down the borders and getting the wall/fences constructed that will stop the terrorists, murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug runners and those who don't respect our laws from sneaking into our country. On this show, it was brought out that $1.9 BILLION dollars is going to be earmarked (in some future century) towards border control. Great, in the mean time, Congress is going on vacation again at the end of the month while the invasion escalates. This is why I continue to pound on the issue of the state militias as mandated by the Second Amendment. We don't need billions for homeland security, we need the current laws enforced and we the people as our first line of defense to repel this invasion.

Besides, who in the hell is going to do background checks on 12 -15 million illegals? This government? There's a hoot and so unrealistic as to be laughable if it weren't so serious. Sadly, even Lou Dobbs has caved in saying illegals who have managed to avoid being rounded up for years should now be given a free pass: "DOBBS: But the fact is they've broken the law. And those people who have been here -- and I don't know what the magic number is, is it seven years, is it 10 years -- they deserve a path to citizenship if they can demonstrate, validly demonstrate that they have lived the life of a productive, contributing, positive American citizen. I truly believe that."

No, Lou. Much as I appreciate all you've done on this issue, you do NOT reward those who have broken the law just because they've managed to avoid being deported for X number of years. There is no way to verify how long these illegals have been in this country and you know darn well they will lie through their teeth. The other bogus argument is that deporting these lawbreakers will break up families. People make wrong choices, they pay the price. America's state and federal prisons are full of convicts who broke the law. Once arrested, tried and convicted, they go to prison and they leave behind broken families, wives, girl friends and children. Should we have reward any lawbreakers by saying, "Gee, because there are so many of you and because we feel sorry for your children, we're not going to prosecute you. Just go back out into America, be a good little person, "validly demonstrate" (to who this demonstration by 12-15 MILLION illegals will be made is unclear), live a productive life (who is going to determine how productive millions of illegals are?) and we'll forgive you for smuggling yourself across our border making a mockery of citizenship and our laws." Get real, Lou.

Enforce the laws on the books. Congress can pass a provision to be added to current law in two minutes: Mandatory jail time for employers who knowingly hire illegals regardless of country of origin; I covered this in a previous column. This provision MUST must include NO free medical, no education, no free college, no services or benefits available to U.S. citizens. Stop misinterpreting the Fourteenth Amendment. Illegal aliens are entitled to NOTHING except being deported. Take away all the freebies and the illegals will go back to where they came from. If corrupt federal judges had not hallucinated past court decisions giving "rights" to criminals, the invasion would have died out because there would have been no financial incentive to stay here illegally, i.e.:

April 15, 2006
Many Mexicans have jobs before crossing
By Julie Watson and Olga R. Rodriquez, AP Writers

"SASABE, Mexico -- When Pedro Lopez Vazquez crossed illegally into the United States last week, he was not heading north to look for a job. He already had one. His future employer even paid $1,000 for a smuggler to help Vazquez make his way from the central Mexican city of Puebla to Aspen, Colo. "We're going to Colorado to work in carpentry because we have a friend who was going to give us a job," Vazquez said. Vazquez, 41, was interviewed along the Arizona border after being deported twice by the U.S. Border Patrol. He said he would keep trying until he got to Aspen.

"His story is not unusual. A growing number of U.S. employers and migrants are tapping into an underground employment network that matches one with the other, often before the migrants leave home. "It continues to become clear who controls immigration: It's not governments, but rather the market," said Jorge Santibanez, director of the Tijuana-based think-tank Colegio de la Frontera Norte. <>As debate over immigration heats up in the United States, more and more U.S. companies in need of cheap labor are turning to undocumented employees to recruit friends and relatives back home, and to smugglers to find job seekers.

"At the same time, it has become less risky for companies to recruit illegal migrants. Since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, U.S. prosecution of employers who hire such workers has dwindled to a trickle as the government puts its resources toward national security. The few cases that are prosecuted, however, highlight how lucrative a business recruiting undocumented workers has become. In one case, a single smuggler allegedly earned $900,000 over 15 months placing 6,000 migrants in jobs at Chinese restaurants across the upper Midwest. "Shan Wei Yu, a 51-year-old Chinese-American, was sentenced in December to nine years in federal prison on charges involving the transportation of 40 of those migrants. Investigations involving the others continue. Rick Hilzendager, special agent for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Grand Forks, N.D., said Yu connected 6,000 migrants from Latin America with jobs in Chinese restaurants in Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

"Based in Yu's home in McKinney, Texas, the Great Texas Employment Agency placed ads in Chinese-language newspapers in the Chicago area offering cheap labor from Latin America, investigators said. Yu sent a recruiter with Spanish interpreters to find migrants in Dallas willing to be fry cooks and dishwashers, Hilzendager said. A team made up mostly of illegal Chinese immigrants rented cars and drove them up. Yu allegedly charged a $150 finder's fee for each migrant while the drivers earned $300 per worker. Restaurant owners deducted the $450 from workers' first-month paychecks of $1,000.

"But many migrants, and many employers, say the recruiters provide a valuable service. Sergio Sosa, who organizes Nebraska meat packers, said many are seen as heroes in the Mexican towns where the workers come from. Sosa, speaking by telephone from Omaha, said that in the 1990s companies bused migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border, paying them room and board plus salaries of $100 a week. But after a government crackdown, they began to rely more on their workers to recruit friends and family back in Mexico.

"One of the meat packing supervisors is from Michoacan, and most of the people working for him come from his town," Sosa said. "There's no official recruiting - it's more internal through family. Migrants setting out along the border confirmed his account. Guadalupe Mendez, 26, said her sister found her work as a seamstress in Los Angeles. Lorenzo Garcia Ruiz, 38, said friends arranged a gardening job for him in Kentucky. Sosa, speaking by telephone from Omaha, said that in the 1990s companies bused migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border, paying them room and board plus salaries of $100 a week. But after a government crackdown, they began to rely more on their workers to recruit friends and family back in Mexico. <>"One of the meat packing supervisors is from Michoacan, and most of the people working for him come from his town," Sosa said. "There's no official recruiting - it's more internal through family."

I could fill a hundred pages with all the blab going on by politicians and militant sedition groups like La Raza. I could fill another hundred pages of news coverage of the lawlessness being reported along the border, by gangs made up of illegals from El Salvador and Honduras. I could fill another hundred pages of rehashed statistics, but Frosty Wooldridge and all the pro-legal immigrations organizations have been doing it for years. The racist agenda of illegals is starkly presented by dedicated Americans on this site; click here.

The time for talk is over. We need every American who believes in our laws to step up to the plate and do their part like the folks out in Herndon, VA: "Herndon voters yesterday unseated the mayor and two Town Council members who supported a bitterly debated day-labor center for immigrant workers in a contest that emerged as a mini-referendum on the turbulent national issue of illegal immigration." Judicial Watch has filed suit over the stupid "Special Order 40" implemented by former top LA copper, Daryl Gates. The Minutemen are getting ready to embark on their multi-state wake up Americans tour ending up in Washington, DC. The Minutemen and the Border Fence Project are busy building the fences and walls that must be erected along our Southern border to stop this massive human and drug smuggling. Support them with donations.

The Minutemen are done on the border area for now, but First Defenders Corps are not and they desperately need your donations. Cash or pre paid gas cards. I can't tell you how important First Defenders Corps are in this fight, but they cannot do the job without your help. Those of you who own your own companies, make a corporate donation. No, there's no tax break, but we are in a war here and if you can't be on the front lines, please support these men who are in the thick of it. This is no light weight matter and it takes money to keep these guys on the border. They volunteer their time, giving up income and they need OUR help. I know that money is tight for many. I'm not rich by anyone's standards, but I keep donating. There's no vacations, no dinners out and no shopping sprees in this household. Priority v importance.

Get out to those town hall meetings being held in your county/voting district. Make up a flyer with the salient bullet points and hand them out. Be sure to give the toll free congressional phone numbers and ask your fellow citizens to demand the only true "reform": NO amnesty. All illegals get deported regardless of country of origin or length of time they have managed to hide out. MANDATORY jail time for employers, no fines. The immediate release of funds required by the U.S. Border Patrol to be effective.

For those looking for a book on this issue that is fully documented, I recommend 'The Case Against Immigration: The moral, economic, social and environmental reasons for reducing U.S. immigration back to traditional levels' by Roy Beck and Immigration's Unarmed Invasion by Frosty Wooldridge. A must see DVD is Cochise County, USA: Cries from the Border available from

At the state level: Demand the state militias get reconstituted and put on the border. While this process is underway, get the National Guard down on the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Right now the Arizona legislature is proposing to get this issue on the ballot for November. Forget it. With millions of illegals voting thanks to the insidious "Motor Voter Law" and the absolute non verification of voter's legal status, the measure will fail. We need action NOW, not in November. The next few weeks are critical so we must all act. Can I count on you?
American Patrol

Don't forget to use the power of your wallet and boycott employers who hire illegals: see here. Major target: Home Depot. They knowingly hire illegals. Summer is upon us and that's when they make big profits. Boycott them. I'm sorry about the little guy who works in their stores, but we're in a war here. And, where is the Attorney General of the United States? Alberto Gonzales is of Mexican ancestry and refuses to lift a finger to prosecute Home Depot for knowingly hiring illegal aliens in violation of federal immigration hiring laws. This is the Bush Administration and it's a sorry bunch of lawbreakers.

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The time for talk is over. We need every American who believes in our laws to step up to the plate and do their part like the folks out in Herndon, VA: