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By: Devvy

February 13, 2006

As I laid out in my last two installments on 9/11 and Enron, there appears to have been overlapping interests that all seem to have the same players at the core. 2001 was a deadly year and the result of all the lies, cover up and mass murder, is the Nazi style police state being erected in this country to smash any and all opposition to draconian laws like the Patriot Act and Bush's unconstitutional invasions of foreign countries.

There's no question that Dick Cheney is up to his black heart in what happened that day; see this short, concise analysis. There are basically two camps of opinions regarding peak oil: those who believe it to be true in varying degrees and those who reject it completely. Individuals must make their own decision on this issue based on the amount of research and the credibility of the person(s) doing the research. I cannot tell you how or what to think, but I do have an advantage that most Americans don't: I am able to devote a considerable chunk of time reading and researching, checking and cross checking data and information.

There's no question in my mind that Enron is tied up in 9/11 with Dick Cheney at the heart of the issue: peak/declining oil reserves, availability and harnessing the world's oil/energy resources for use by the controlling cabals of elites out to rule the world. The first installment on Enron as the smokin' cannon covered quite a bit of information the general population may not have ever seen or considered, i.e., Skilling trying to off his stock so close to 9/11, the FED, Enron's accounting and off shore dealings which eventually, coupled with naked lust and greed, brought that company to its knees and destroyed the hopes and dreams of so many of our fellow Americans who did nothing wrong except get up and go to work each day.

Sifting through tons of research quite often produces other interesting facts and players. One such column I found is quite remarkable, actually: '9/11 and the Mob':

"Now get this. The eSpeed new, New Jersey office provided electronic trading services in derivatives and commodities using a software package called TreasuryConnect, which had been bought from an Enron subsidiary and licensed on August 1, 2001 to a subsidiary of Saddam's favorite bank, the infamous Global Custodian and UN oil-for-food broker, BNP Paribas. By September 11, 2001, BNP Paribas had a network of about 70 global trade centers operating 24/7 around the world. The only real competition to BNP Paribas's global ambitions a leader of the UN's Global Compact was the computer network and the expert staff of Canton Fitzgerald and eSpeed in One world Trade Center.

"By hitting the 89th floor of One World Trade Center, al-Qaeda's first-time pilot hijacker of American Airlines Flight 11, managed to miss the Buttonwood Global Custodians' offices on the 79th floor below, while killing all of their Cantor-eSpeed competitors on the 101st floor and above. Two days later, Kyoto Mo's dream of the Global Custodians in control of a global trade in the global commons, was born in New Jersey, under a still sky. Still full, we presume, of the 9/11 dust of death."

This column is fascinating and further down we find this interesting set of details:

"So who were the Nevada lobbyists? Bob Faiss of Lionel Sawyer & Collins law firm, the most powerful in the state. Who else works at the firm? The four sons of Harry Reid. Yes, that Harry Reid, the same one who's The Senate of the U.S.A. Minority leader--and the highest ranking member of the Democrat Party in the US at the present time. See Quick and Dirty: A notebook of news and politics. Reid Country." End of quotes.

Ah, those holier-than-thou Democrats....but, I'm getting off target here a bit.

The second installment went back to Enron players, in particular Thomas E. White and the BIG question as to why he hasn't been indicted, who's protecting him, the cluster of strange deaths of so many top microbiologists, Guiliani and right back to Dick Cheney. The one single key issue with Dick Cheney is energy. So few Americans know his background (other than what the media flunkies are told to disseminate in meaningless sound bites), primarily his marriage with a corrupt, rotten corporation like Halliburton who makes their billions off the misery of humans and war. Paychecks from Halliburton drip with the blood of innocents.

However, prior to September 11, 2001, and all the factual history leading up to it as recorded in Crossing the Rubicon, there were two other events taking place earlier in 2001 that, at least in my mind, are important. I'll use the text from my confidential source; some of this may be redundant to heavy researchers, but I guarantee you 99% of the American people have no clue about this octopus:

"The important thing in part about it is that in May 2001, Ken Lay first met with Arnold in LA, in a political engineering plan to topple Gray Davis. One month prior, all hell started breaking loose as Cal. Attorney General filed in state court a suit against Enron, which would break it all out; i.e. the games. What else happened in May 2001, Devvy? Thomas E. White leaves Enron to go to work as the Secretary of Army.

"The so-called debts which Merrill Lynch aided and abetted, were actually, I believe, loans against offshore assets earned by Enron in its international trading programs, in concert with the "Federal" Reserve. Maurice 'Hank' Greenberg, is the former Chairman of the Board and Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He held these positions in the '90s, during the great surge of Enron, which is not a coincidence. Offshore bank trading programs are Fed sponsored programs, which buys its friends and thereby enhances its clout. The great growth of transnational companies during the '90's, I contend were spawned by largely them being bankrolled vis-a-vis these programs, with a purposeful design by the megalomaniacs powers that be, to homogenize America with the rest of the planet.

"The great decline of America's manufacturing base also paralleled this by design in the '90s. I about puked this week when Hillary spoke before a labor union, criticizing Bush for this when her husband's administration watch was when this truly happened, notwithstanding, Bush seems totally inept.

"The settlement this week with AIG, his alter ego, in which he escaped criminal prosecution, is illustrative of the politicizing of the justice system. "What is interesting to think about now, in reference to the latter point with Enron, is insofar Bush is in serious political trouble - he indeed could be removed from office -which would dash any possibility of Ken Lay or Jeff Skilling obtaining a presidential pardon, is if Bush & Co.'s downward slide continues, Lay and/or Skilling will, in effect, turn their defensive strategies, and cooperate with the Feds, as it were, to nail whomever.

"On January 23, 2006, Reuters reported that former NY Federal Reserve Bank President William McDonough (CFR), has joined Merrill Lynch. The Reuters report also stated "while he was President of the Federal Reserve bank of New York he sat on the Board of the Bank For International Settlements" (the Mother of all countries' central banks). McDonough was Fed/NY President from 1993 to 2003.

"These are very significant years in our history when we experienced, almost exponentially, the growth of transnational corporations, and the simultaneous decline in the manufacturing base - I believe by malicious design: "Operation Homogenization." McDonough, too was at the helm, to head the investigation of the short sales of 9/11. Merrill Lynch, too, if you recall, got into serious hot water in collusion with Enron. Three of their people, in fact, were incarcerated. Merrill was charged with the SEC of aiding and abetting the Enron accounting games.

"Cruz Control was necessary to keep Enron from imploding. Now, I believe what's happening is 'Converup Control.' Like a nuclear bomb which initially implodes, this will one day, and I sense one day soon, explode! The American people will go nuclear or ballistic once they learn the truth of this, as its reality is what I have deducted it to be: the Enron nexus to 9/11. Desperate men make desperate moves. I believe that McDonough, in a panic by the evil doers, came to Merrill to help try to figure out how to control this new meltdown, if you will - the truth being revealed, of the Enron nexus to 9/11. They will not be able to this time." End of quotes. For those unfamiliar with the acronym CFR, it stands for a treasonous organization called the Council on Foreign Relations.

In April 2001, California filed a lawsuit against Enron to recover $9 BILLION they stole from we the people of the sovereign State of California through all the fraudulent schemes taking place over at Enron. One month later, and here I am quoting from a must read column by Jason Leopold in Counterpunch titled, 'The California Rip-Off Revisited: Arnold, Michael Milken and Ken Lay':

"Schwarzenegger still won't respond to questions about why he was at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills two years ago where he, former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and junk bond king Michael Milken, met secretly with former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay who was touting a plan for solving the state's energy crisis....

"A couple of weeks before Lay met with Schwarzenegger in May 2001, the PBS news program "Frontline" interviewed Vice President Dick Cheney, whom Lay met with privately a month earlier....

"A month before the Frontline interview and Bush's meeting with Davis, Cheney, who chairs Bush's energy task force, met with Lay to discuss Bush's National Energy Policy. Lay, whose company was the largest contributor to Bush's presidential campaign, made some recommendations that would financially benefit his company. Lay gave Cheney a memo that included eight recommendations for the energy policy. Of the eight, seven were included in the final draft. The energy policy was released in late May 2001, after Schwarzenegger, Riordan and Milken met with Lay and after the meeting between Bush and Davis and Cheney's Frontline interview...." End of quote.

So, in the spring of 2001, Lay meets with Dick Cheney privately. The result of that meeting is an Enron friendly National Energy Plan kissed and published by the Cheney/Bush administration.

What is rather ironic is the fact that Kenneth Lay wasn't just buying the favors of the Bush administration, he also tossed more than $100,000 to Gray Davis who ends up getting recalled over the whole mess and replaced by a morally bankrupt pig named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold, of course, is a one world government proponent who counts among his friends globalists like Warren Buffett and David Rockefeller. The people of California had better wake the hell up and get rid of this schemer who has done zip, nada, nothing to close the southern border of our state. Schwarzenegger is dangerous, he's completely inept and California needs him gone as soon as possible. For part 2 click below.

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There's no question in my mind that Enron is tied up in 9/11 with Dick Cheney at the heart of the issue: peak/declining oil reserves, availability and harnessing the world's oil/energy resources for use by the controlling cabals of elites out to rule the world.