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By Tom DeWeese
September 3, 2006

The New Dark Ages

We used to call such policies communism. Today we have a much gentler sounding name -- Sustainable Development, now the official policy of the United States, all 50 state governments, and nearly every city and small town in the nation.

Sustainable Development is, of course, a top-down control of every aspect of our lives, from land use to community development to job availability to transportation to the foods we eat to our children�s education system. It is the policy Mr. Sagar�s �new think� was created to help implement. [See Video "Leberty or Sustainable Development"]

Sustainable Development documents expressly call for the elimination of private property and freedom that private property supports. It supplants long-standing State laws, and causes irreparable harm to our economy and our society.

Yet to Mr. Sagar, these concepts we call freedom are nothing more than delusions. He and his fellow travelers are very dangerous people. They use every sort of deception, half-truth and non-science to implement this concept of virtual captivity of the human spirit.

In fact, Al Gore and those pushing the Global Warming agenda are literally using Mr. Sagar�s globally acceptable truth to promote that agenda. To them, the door to debate or contrary opinion is closed. Their predetermined, acceptable truth says so.

Now, in support of such fantasy, they move to implement heavy restrictions on human progress for their own political ends. Through the policies of Sustainable Development and the �globally-accepted truth� as planned by Donald Sagar, we are very quickly being led back to the tyranny and to the darkest ages of human history.

Mr. Sagar and his Eden Project intend to box in the parameters of allowable thought and innovation. His goal is to control the voice of anyone he and his ilk oppose. That is why he found my writings so disturbing and was so desperate to engage me in debate.

The last time the human race was faced with such an attack on reason and freedom was during the Inquisition in the 13th Century. Then, most of Europe lived under the tyranny of one small, self appointed group of men -- who made the decisions about what proper thought and conduct was to be.

Anyone who disagreed was charged with heresy and called a lunatic. Most were automatically found guilty and were either ruined, tortured or killed. People lived in terror. Human progress ground to a halt.

The terrible road to consensus

But, you say, that could not happen today. We are educated. We understand what true freedom is. We will fight till our dying day.

I will give you this warning. It is entirely possible that in just a very short time all of us could be following Mr. Sagar�s rants -- and actually praising them as our own. How can it happen?

Let me explain by calling your attention to a film I viewed recently. It was called �Conspiracy.� This film dramatically documents a real event. The entire screenplay takes place during a single two-hour meeting.

As the opening credits role, we see the staff of a very fine resort preparing the food, which will later be served on the finest china. Wine will be enjoyed from the finest crystal. There couldn�t be a more genteel, civilized setting. The participants of the scheduled meeting are some of the most accomplished and respected leaders of their nation. In a short time they begin to arrive.

One by one, fifteen invited participants eventually enter the room and take their place around the table. The mood is jovial as they exchange greetings to friends and acquaintances.

Though none is fully aware of the purpose for the gathering, they anxiously await the arrival of the meeting�s leader. He is known and respected by them.

With a flourish, he arrives. He is jovial, soft-spoken, smiling, calm, congenial, and he makes sure to address each participant with a warm greeting or a quick personal remark. All are at ease.

The day is January 20, 1942. The meeting begins. The leader is Reinhard Heydrick. He is the top aid of Heinrick Himmler and the head of the main office of the Nazi SS. His second in command is Adolph Eichmann. The meeting has been called specifically to discuss the �storage problem of the Jews.�

They calmly discuss the problems the government will soon face as they conquer more countries with Jewish populations. It is described as a simple logistics problem. Soon 11 million Jews will be under Nazi control. What to do?

They begin to discuss the need to remove Jews from everyday society. The administrator in charge of the Warsaw Ghetto discusses the health problems he is facing. He brings up the need for suitable housing.

The administrator in charge of German public works projects discusses the need for using more Jews in work crews. He seeks to keep them healthy for more work. The discussion turns to Jewish immigration the need to move them from country to country.

Then the term evacuation is used. One participant asks what the difference is. Col. Heydrick smiles and asks if he might postpone that answer just now. He calmly lets the discussion continue around the room.

Concerning the issue of immigration, Col. Heydrick says calmly, once the policies are in place �there will be no Jews in Europe.� There is applause around the table.

As the meeting progresses, protests to issues are calmly put aside. Several times, Col. Heydrick asks that the objections be postponed because they will be dealt with later in the discussion.

One official, who works directly with the German Chancellery to carry out the government�s Jewish policy, argues that �We had an understanding about what the policy with the Jews was to be.� We are to use them in the work force,� he says.

Suddenly, as if a revelation has just come to him, one military leader said, �I shot 30,000 Jews. Is what I did an evacuation?� �I need a clarification of words.�

The discussion pauses as Col. Heydrick considers the answer. Before he can answer, the Chancellery bureaucrat says, �that is not what the Furer` told me. He has denied that killing the Jews is to be our policy.�

Col. Heydrick calmly answers him, �and it will continue to be denied.� The room goes silent, as all understand the meaning of that comment.

When the discussion gets heated, Col. Heydrick calls for a break and asks for snacks and drink to be brought in. As the participants break up into small groups to eat and talk, the Colonel pulls the protesting official aside for a private discussion. Before it is over, the protesting participant is calmed and agreeable.

As the meeting resumes, Col. Heydrick says with satisfaction, �If I may speak for the group, we are moving along.� He firmly, but softly guides the discussion.

Finally, the discussion of evacuation takes a turn. Some Jews, the group is told, will be evacuated swiftly. �Can we all agree that evacuation means elimination?� says Col. Heydrick.

In that one moment, everyone understands the direction of the meeting. The discussion turns to methods. And then Adolph Eikeman reveals the creation of the gas chambers and discusses their incredible efficiency.

They break for lunch. As they return the Colonel says, �it is now our purpose to make the plan work -- not to discuss the ifs.� It becomes clear what the policy is to be.

As the meeting moves to conclusion, Col. Heydrick asks each of them if there are any disputes left to face �with what we have agreed.� There are no disputes.

One by one, each agrees to the plan �we have made.� The meeting ends as Col. Heydrick says, �good, we have accomplished something.�

In the course of 2 hours, over good food and wine, respected politicians and political leaders have sat in a room and have been slowly, and expertly maneuvered to agree with a plan to completely eliminate an entire race of human beings from the face of the Earth. This was a professionally facilitated consensus meeting.

What does the story mean to you today? That is exactly the tactic being used in every single city council meeting, county commissioner meetings, state government hearing and Congressional hearing in this nation to impose the UN�s agenda 21 into American policy.

The use of consensus, led by a professionally trained facilitator, armed with a predetermined outcome. This is how Sustainable Development is being implemented to replace our Republic. And they are making you think it is your idea.

Words have no meanings. Principles and the rule of law are just quaint ideas. First, we accept Mr. Sagar�s Globally-accepted truths, removing reason from the discussion. Then we just fill in the blanks. Evacuate. Eliminate. Same difference.

I have been harshly criticized for overlaying the Sustainable Development logo over a Nazi swastika on one of my DVDs. Now you know why I did it.

These tactics can only be used against someone unaware of the purpose. If you get into the spirit of the meeting, agree to even a tiny concession, the process is underway.

The need for roots

If you don�t have a solid root philosophy of life, based on freedom�s principles, then you are just blowing in the wind. And a professional facilitator is trained to blow you in his direction. Deep roots of freedom provide the anchor to keep you in place.

My friends, it is easy to be afraid. To believe there is no hope. To be fatalistic about freedom�s future. I have heard such talk more and more in the past few years.

You must remember that those who are perpetrating this tyranny fear you more than anything else. Because you have right and knowledge and reason on your side.

As far as our immediate battles are concerned, forget about the millions who blow in the wind between our enemies and us. They have no say in the matter because they refuse to think. The battle is between them and us.

Remember this quote from Sam Adams, the man who truly started the American Revolution at a time when he was literally the only one on the continent thinking about Independence. He said, �It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people�s minds.� There is no compromise for truth. No compromise for liberty. We are told today that words and ideas have no meaning.

We are told that the Founding Fathers really weren�t so special. But, my friends, it matters what the Founding Fathers had to say. It matters, because they understood that free individuals, when left alone, could accomplish anything. And they believed it to their dying day.

The fact is they never took their eye off the goal of creating a truly free society dedicated to the celebration of human happiness. They knew that our fate doesn�t have to be strife, poverty and war. Pain and sorrow don�t have to be natural states for mankind.

Our founders knew that these things are caused by those who endeavor to control the lives of others for their own ends. And they did everything in their power to create a system to prevent it. It was their life�s work. It must be ours.

On his deathbed, July 4th 1826, Thomas Jefferson�s last words were, �is it the Fourth?� He understood the full meaning of what he had helped to create exactly 50 years before.

And just a day before, a huge celebration for the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was planned in Quincy, Massachusetts. Citizens came to John Adams, who was also on his deathbed. They asked him what they should say at the ceremony on his behalf. Adams thought for a minute and then said, �Independence forever.� They asked him if he�d like to say a little bit more. He told them, �Not one word!�

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This is our legacy. This is why we are here today, to fight the battles to preserve what they spent a lifetime to create. Can we do any less for the generations to follow us?

Tolerance is not our goal. Compromise is not our goal. Defeat is not acceptable.

Freedom. See it. Feel it. Demand it. Win it. For part one or two click below.

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Our founders knew that these things are caused by those who endeavor to control the lives of others for their own ends. And they did everything in their power to create a system to prevent it. It was their life�s work. It must be ours.