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Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 23, 2007

I get so tired of dealing with the god-haters� rape of the English language. Sadly, most of us don�t have the discernment or the ability to see through the smokescreen. My interpretation of a �god-hater� is anyone who doesn�t want to acknowledge the sovereignty of Jesus. They have put themselves and their interpretations on the throne and refuse to bow to the �laws of nature and nature�s God.� They want to make up their own rules and insist we follow them.

Rush Limbaugh taught me the phrase �words mean things.� Unfortunately, for most government-school educated citizens, the words are constantly open for interpretation. Words have come to mean only what the speaker wants them to mean. Have you listened to hip-hop lately? They seem to speak a different language.

Heck, Bill Clinton engaged in the same double-speak, �it all depends on what the meaning of is, is.�

Here�s the problem. There is nothing wrong with slang. It is as American as apple pie. But one of the great deceptions is that the words are losing their original meaning. If we change the meaning of words what good is our language? Can anybody remember the move to teach Ebonics in our schools? Blacks had changed the language and some �expert� thought young black kids would be smarter if they were taught in their own dialect. The term �expert� is open for interpretation as well.

If we lose our common language we lose our culture.

For centuries �gay� meant lively or happy. Only recently has it been stolen and used as a moniker for the homosexual lifestyle. To quote from Wikipedia �Well into the mid 20th century a middle-aged bachelor could be described as "gay" without any implication of homosexuality.� �Well into the 20th century�.� A homosexual being �gay� is a modern phenomenon.

I could give hundreds of examples, as I�m sure you could as well. The language is constantly evolving. Part of the �generation gap� is the fact that we older Americans no longer share a common language with our children, yet we assume we do. It is leading to disastrous results.

Let�s take the word judgment. �The act or process of judging; the formation of an opinion after consideration or deliberation.� Judgment is a good thing. We make judgments all of the time. We teach our children to judge. The whole idea of right and wrong implies judgment. Judgment is the formation of an opinion, but therein lays the catch. Modern academia doesn�t want our children to develop their own opinions. They want to �teach us� their opinions. The Communists call that indoctrination. The dictionary explains indoctrination this way, �teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically.� The dictionary lists �brainwash and propagandize� as synonyms for indoctrination. Our schools and our churches are teaching our children �not to judge,� which means to �accept doctrines uncritically.� We are teaching our children what to think, not how to think.

The homosexual promoters are the worst at it. They have hijacked the English language. They have reinterpreted their sin to be good and judgment of their sin to be bad. If you have an opinion different from the one they hold, you are �hateful,� �bigoted,� �racist," and �homo-phobic.� Most of us don�t have the courage to face such a verbal assault. We are too concerned with being nice!!

Check out this video of the brave Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle and his willingness to stand for public decency and against the spread of AIDS in public restrooms. Watch this video of the heroic Janet Folger as she speaks in support of the mayor, as a �tolerant� homosexual activist interrupts her right to her opinion. Now here is the Truth. Miss Folger and Mayor Naugle are representing the views of a majority of Americans. How do the �tolerant� respond? Watch for yourself.

In today�s world, only one opinion counts. Theirs. Raising one�s voice and shouting over the speaker does not change Truth. Volume is the final resting place of an empty argument.

As so often happens, I found myself in a discussion with a homosexual activist one day. I don�t know how I always end up in these places, but I do. The homosexuals always accuse me of being a �closet� sodomite because I oppose it so much. �You hate what you�re hiding,� and they love to tell me -- tolerant lads that they are...

But see, my 30 years of coaching football made me oblivious to the cat-calls of man. If you think being hated by a homosexual activist is a tough thing, you ought to try coming up short on 4th and 1 in front of 5000 people. That gives new meaning to a cry for tolerance. I�m not afraid of the god-haters, their taunts, or their accusations. �Sticks and stones may break my bones�� It is a battle for Truth and I will not run from this fight.

So there I was that day in front of a pitiful homosexual man (Not all are pitiful, but this one surely was), as we started a conversation on marriage.

�You call yourself a Christian and all you want to do is discriminate against other people. Jesus wouldn�t discriminate!� (Obviously, judging me as a bad Christian based on his opinion of Jesus!)

The Average Joe would have backed down. (Accuse us of anything, but please don�t accuse us of discrimination. Does Don Imus ring a bell? �I have a black friend, I�ll have you know.�) But you have already fallen into the trap. They have built a snare and you have walked into it. Well, not me.

�Of course, I discriminate,� I told him. �Discrimination is a good thing. And by the way, Jesus was the Master at it. And, I might add, so are you. You have obviously formed an opinion about me.�

Discrimination - The ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment. Don�t let them box you in with their meaning of words.

He ignored what I said and moved on to the usual argument. With his neck-veins popping, he railed: �Why is it you can marry the one you love, but I can�t? That is discrimination. How can you be so bigoted as to keep me from having the same rights as you?"

�Let�s see,� I calmly responded, �you think you are being discriminated against because you can�t marry the one you love, huh? Well, let�s look at that a minute. You say you can�t marry the one you love so that is �unfair.� I hate to break the news to you but I can�t always marry the one I love either. I can�t marry my neighbor, I can�t marry my daughter, I can�t marry my boss, even though I love them all. I�m already married and it is against the law for me to marry someone else.�

�See, you just made my point,� as he puckered his nose like a little third grader, "You can marry, I can�t...� He was sure he had me.

�You can get married,� I countered. �What is stopping you?�

�No I can�t. Gays aren�t allowed to marry.� he wiggled his shoulders back and forth.

�You certainly are. You can get married right now, today. No one is stopping you.�

�No I can�t. It is against the law. You can marry, I can�t and that is discrimination. (I didn�t bother to point out his misuse of the word again)

�Wait a minute. Are we talking about the same thing here? Are you telling me you can�t marry a woman?�

�I don�t want to marry a woman,� he squealed. �I want to marry a man! I want to marry the one I love.�

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�Oh, now I get it. You can get married, you just don�t want to. Here is the Truth, my friend. I can�t always marry the one I love and you can�t always marry the one you love. I can�t marry two women and you can�t marry two women. I can�t marry a man and you can�t marry a man. Help me out here, where�s the discrimination?

Then, he said, as the tolerance oozed out of his pores��You bigot! Go ---- yourself!"

Words mean things. I just thought someone should point it out.

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Rush Limbaugh taught me the phrase �words mean things.� Unfortunately, for most government-school educated citizens, the words are constantly open for interpretation.