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Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 2, 2007

The eye in the sky does not lie.

That is a line that is popular in coaching circles. It is a way of telling the guys on the football team that they are not going to be able to get away with telling us they got a block when they didn�t. We filmed every play of every game and when we asked a young man what happened on a particular play it was not unusual for a guy to tell us, �I got my man.� In the heat of the battle we would always answer him, �We�ll see on the film. The eye in the sky does not lie.�

As the old-timers would say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I wonder how many words the Michael Vick dog-fighting episode has elicited. Inflation has obviously taken hold in the media. The pictures of the dog-fights continually being played throughout the media has easily generated millions of words.

As I heard a young woman say the other day, �I just can�t get the images of those poor animals out of my mind.�

Stop for a minute and think about the power of pictures. They truly do say what words cannot.

Photographs have changed the world. Nothing can move the emotions like pictures.

One of my earliest memories of the impact of pictures was a film I saw in 5th grade. It was the Zapruder Film that captured the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I still get the knot in my gut when I view that clip of the President�s head exploding.

During another time in the 7th grade as we studied a unit on human flight, our teacher spoke to us about blimps, and explained the horrible fire that engulfed the Hindenburg. I�ll never forget the feeling I got when she showed the horrific video of the dirigible being consumed with fire. I can still picture it today; powerful stuff for a thirteen year old. That was before Youtube and instant media.

Rumors had run rampant for years about Nazi atrocities. It wasn�t until after the war when the photos were released that the world began to understand what had taken place. If you close your eyes right now you can conjure up your own image of the death camps that you have seen over the years. The photo is imprinted like a negative in a dark room on the wall of your memory bank.

The civil rights movement was just a news story until we began to see images of the plight of the southern negro. The images on the TV screen moved the heart of a nation. Nothing did more to end slavery than the images on the nightly news.

You don�t think that the media knows the power of images? How else can you explain the fact that they now want to bar all pictures of smoking from TV and movies? No wonder porn is a billion dollar a year business. Images matter.

Every time I think of Joe Theisman I picture the breaking of his leg on Monday night football. Warning: Graphic. May cause emotional response.

Have you ever been watching a movie and had one of your friends say to you, �don�t look� when a particularly graphic scene is about to be shown? Why is that? Could it be because we all know the power of pictures?

�Where are you going with this, Coach?� you are probably asking. Stay with me.

Our oldest daughter once blew out her knee in a high school basketball game. It required re-constructive surgery. A week before the surgery was scheduled her doctor sent home a video for us to watch. It was an actual film of a surgery similar to the one Abby was about to undergo.

�We want you to understand exactly what we are going to do to your knee before you come in.� Her doctor said. �We like to answer as many questions as possible before surgery because we think a well-informed patient is the best patient. We believe that a short film answers a lot of questions."

I�ll be honest; I had never really given much thought to dog-fighting before the Michael Vick story. Over the past couple of weeks the images of those dogs tearing into each other has made me cringe. I usually flip the channel when they start running the dog-video. It sickens me, that anyone would do that to an animal.

But as usual, I always ask myself, who is behind this story? Would it be safe to say that it was someone who loves dogs? Is it possible that the person at the network responsible for running the video over and over knows the impact that pictures have on our emotions? Isn�t everyone you run into talking about dog-fighting? Hmm�.wonder why that is?

At our local government school they always take time during prom season to show the students graphic pictures of auto accidents, designed to discourage the students from drinking and driving. Last year they even had a fake accident staged in the parking lot, complete with police, ambulance and Med-flight helicopter. One of the students was pretending to be dead. The undertaker came and put her in a body bag. Pretty graphic, but death is serious enough to get graphic over. Once dead, there ain�t no coming back.

If the image of dogs fighting could have such a powerful impact on our nation can you image what would happen if America were ever permitted to look at an abortion? If Americans are still sensitive enough to be moved by the images of dogs fighting to the death, what would be the impact of watching an innocent unborn child being ripped apart? Why won�t they show us those pictures?

�Too graphic,� they say. �Not suited for young people to see.� I thought it was a medical procedure, like knee surgery. Why wouldn�t they want us to see one? I thought informed choice was good.

I think it is something else. I think they know the power of images. I think the controlled media know that if America were ever to see what is really done when an unborn child is dismembered, the idea of �choice� would forever go the way of dog-fighting.

I say, �Where�s the beef?�� If Abby�s doctor wanted her to view her surgical procedure before she had it done, why wouldn�t an abortionist want the patient to see what she was about to do to her precious baby? Why wouldn�t our elected officials demand it?

Has Hillary ever seen an abortion? Has Obama? Has America�s Mayor Rudy Guiliani seen the horror of this procedure? Have you?

The pro-aborts cry that they want to make abortion rare and safe! Do they apply the same standards to dog-fighting: let�s make them rare and safe? Is the killing of a dog more heinous than the dismemberment of a child?

The only difference between what Michael Vick did and what abortionist do 3,500 times a day in America is that the doctor has a license, government approval, and your tax dollars to do his killing. Michael Vick doesn�t need to go to jail. He needs to go to medical school.

If you have the stomach, here it is. I WARN YOU THIS IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. WORSE THAN DOG FIGHTING. But the media will never show you the truth about abortion.

This is a link to the picture of an actual abortion. I WARN YOU AGAIN. EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

Want to end abortion in America? Put this video on the nightly news. Why won�t all of the anti-abortion groups in America pool their resources and run a week�s worth of graphic commercials on TV? An outraged, informed America would end the slaughter tomorrow.

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But the churches won�t show it either. They think it is too sensitive for women to see. I agree, realizing that you had dismembered your unborn child would be a tough bone to chew. They would rather hide the truth and allow women to continue to be misled. Out of sight, out of mind. There are no windows in the womb. We love dogs more than babies.

Abortion is barbaric. America is better than that. Why won�t they show us the pictures?

I guess America is going to the dogs.

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You don�t think that the media knows the power of images? How else can you explain the fact that they now want to bar all pictures of smoking from TV and movies? No wonder porn is a billion dollar a year business.