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Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 8, 2006

Is it just me or has anyone else had it up to their ears with this "Christian Administration?" The latest in-your face to faithful Christians is the news that Vice-President Dick Cheney and his wife are expecting another grandchild. Although we rejoice over all life, it is the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy that has caused the back of my neck to turn red. You see, VP Cheney's pregnant-daughter is a lesbian, which means she chooses to have sex with women. If my public school education is kicking in properly it seems to me that two women having sex cannot produce a child. Only the introduction of sperm, something carried exclusively by men, uniting with an egg, something carried exclusively by women, can bring about a pregnancy. Pardon the pun, but there seems to be a fly in the turkey baster.

Let me get this straight. The Bush administration, believed by many to be the most Christian White House in several decades, has given new meaning to the term "family values." At what point will Christian leaders say �enough is enough?� Who will be the first to stand up for what is right? Once again, it looks as if that task falls to me.

Dick Cheney should resign. The actions of his family are a slap in the face to all of us who believe in and defend traditional family values.

Before you go off half-cocked and call me the usual names, I believe the Cheney's have the right in America to celebrate whatever family structure they think is appropriate. Far be it from me to tell them to reject their daughter. Lord knows we have all made mistakes in raising our children. Mary Cheney is a grown woman and she is responsible for her actions. Mr. and Mrs. Cheney are not accountable for what their daughter does.

However, we are talking about the Vice-President of the United States here, not some mom and pop in the suburbs surrounding Little Rock, Arkansas. As we learned from the Clinton years, what is accepted in the White House soon shows up in your house. President Clinton said oral sex wasn't sex, so gleefully thousands of teenagers across America followed his lead. His actions gave new meaning to presidential leadership. Out of respect to himself and his office he should have resigned. He had respect for neither.

The battle for the culture is raging in America and now more than ever our children need clear signals over what is right and what is wrong. The last thing we need from the White House is more mixed messages.

The American culture has become so narcissistic. No one seems to care any more how their actions might affect their right to "live as they please" can have a devastating impact on those around them, and on those who watch them. The Cheneys are free to love their daughter, their daughter's "spouse," and their soon to be born grandchild. I would do the same. However, out of respect to the office of the Vice-President, and with full understanding of the impact of their acceptance of their daughter's actions, Mr. Cheney should step down.

Please understand. Mary Cheney's actions were not a mistake. Two lesbians do not just accidentally get pregnant, like two teenagers ignorant of birth control. No, her actions were planned. Rather than having the decency to wait until her father was out of the White House, Ms. Cheney decided to have the procedure done now. This was not a common "oops, I'm pregnant."

Let's be clear here. Mary Cheney is not married. Her activity with her "partner" is sinful and adulterous. It is one thing to ask Christian supporters to look the other way regarding her lesbian activities, it is quite another to wink and nod at the White House's acceptance of the newest version of a family.

There are many in the nation who believe homosexuality is sin, but we are "tolerant" enough to say whatever is done in the privacy of one's home is no one else's business. We looked the other way regarding her homosexuality. We looked the other way when she stood on the Presidential stage with her father. We looked the other way when she was introduced along with her partner. We looked the other way when the Vice-President said that he and the President differed on their views of gay marriage. We looked the other way when she went to work for the administration. Isn't anyone else's neck sore from looking the other way with the Bush White House?

Homosexual marriage and homosexual parenting are two of the most egregious issues that Christians face in the battle for family values. To see that both of those issues are now acceptable and normal to those who occupy the two highest offices in the land is a frightening prospect indeed.

I salute the Cheneys for the unconditional love that they have shown towards their daughter. It is what you would hope every parent would do. But the Cheneys have now crossed the Rubicon on this one. They are saying to the world that when it comes to homosexual marriages and homosexual parenthood they stand with the radical homosexual agenda. That is their right.

The actions of Mr. Cheney and his family are hypocritical. If he truly believes that his daughter has a right to �marry� a woman, and birth a child without a father then that is his prerogative. But he can no longer in good faith represent the voters who are fighting hard for traditional family values. �No man can serve two masters.�

Here is what he should say.

My wife Lynne and I are happy to announce that our daughter Mary is pregnant with our grandchild. We are excited about this future addition to our family. We love our daughter and believe that nothing is as important as family.

However, this is a unique situation. Our daughter is not married in the generally accepted meaning of marriage. She and her same-sex partner of over a decade have decided to start a family with the aid of modern medical techniques. We understand that this is in direct conflict with the values of millions of Americans who have supported us over the years. Out of respect for those fine Americans, and with respect for their values, I choose to resign from the position of Vice-President of the United States.

We have dedicated our lives to public service and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve. We understand that this situation is in direct conflict with millions of those who believe in traditional families, values Lynne and I at one time shared. However, today we are presented with the choice of either supporting our daughter and her family, or the values that we pledged to uphold, but no longer share. We have made the decision to support our daughter.

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We take our responsibilities as public servants very seriously, and we understand the impact that Mary�s decision could have on America. Out of respect to the office, and with reverence for those with deeply held religious convictions, we choose to deal with this situation in as private a manner as is possible. It has been an honor to serve. We apologize to anyone whom we may have offended.

For the good of the nation, Mr. Cheney, do the honorable thing.

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At what point will Christian leaders say �enough is enough?� Who will be the first to stand up for what is right? Once again, it looks as if that task falls to me.