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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
April 11, 2013

Here is rule number one for securing victory in the battle for the culture. I learned this the hard way, and have the scars in my back to prove it.

“Make sure that before the battle begins that all of the enemy is in front of you.”

The “conservative movement” is being sabotaged by those who we think are on our own side. The sooner we learn that they are not, the better our chances of victory will become.

Bill O’Reilly is not on our side, and he certainly is not “looking out for you.” Bill O’Reilly is a bloviating Bible-bashing buffoon.

(Wait…maybe he IS looking out for me…alerting the enemy that “Bible believing Christians” need to be “looked out for”…as in, “I’ve got my eye on those Christians.”) Isn’t that what our “gubmint” just said?

He can fight for manger scenes all he wants. He can speak out about the “war on Christmas” and sell a bunch of books. He can warn us of the “secular progressives” and the war they are waging on America.

But O’Reilly is just as dangerous. He fights secular progressives as a secular moderate. The key word is secular. Secular means “non-religious. So neither SECULAR progressives nor SECULAR conservatives believe that Bible should have any influence in government affairs.

Bill is on the same team as the other secularists. Progressives believe that government operates best when progressive (socialist) policies are applied, some think it works best when conservative (traditional) policies are applied, but all secularists believe Christianity should not be a factor in the decision making process.

O’Reilly is a cultural Catholic. He doesn’t believe the Bible. He may go to Mass, he may receive the Eucharist, but he is not a Bible-believing Catholic.

He believes the story of Adam and Eve should not be taken literally. He doesn’t believe in Noah’s flood…and he openly mocked the story of Jonah and the Whale. Take 5 minutes and listen to this buffoon. He thinks much of the Bible is allegorical.

I don’t care what “religion” O’Reilly claims, he is a secularist. No wonder he can’t see the evil that this government is engaging in.

Folks, Bill O’Reilly is not the friend of Christians. He is selective in what he believes about the Bible, yet he is the lead-spokesman on left-of-center Fox News.

Can’t you see why Christians are losing? O’Reilly is shaping the political views of millions of Americans, and that view is secular. Bill wants to defend manger scenes, (I wonder why he believes that story), but does not want to defend the sacrament of “matrimony.” Was the resurrection allegorical? Who determines?

Marriage is “secular” to Bill and most of his “conservative” friends. The rest of us? Why we are just Bible-thumpers…knuckle-draggers…uneducated.

Turn him off. He is no better than Karl Rove. He doesn’t deserve our support. Let’s drive his ratings into the tank.

The Big Bloviator needs to learn the first rule of opinionating….don’t talk about what you don’t know about. Bill is Biblically bird-brained and has no business babbling about the truth of the Bible. His mouth exposes him as the secular-moderate, Biblical-relativist that he is.

He has proven himself to be blind when understanding the relationship between the Bible and the founding of the nation. He doesn’t even realize that secularism is the replacing of the laws of God with the laws of man. “Do not murder” was God’s idea. Our government adopted that position. That law was not made by Fox News opinion polls.

They are sandblasting the 10 commandments off of the walls. Someone, at sometime in American history must have seen a direct relationship to the 10 Commandments and their need to be taught to all children or they wouldn’t have posted them. The secularists today are tearing the standards down.

O’Reilly says those who believe the Bible are Bible Thumpers. Isn’t that the same position that Bill Maher, John Stewart, MSNBC, and the ACLU hold? Don’t they all agree that the Bible has no place in the American government?

But O’Reilly is on “conservative” Fox News. He posits the same argument on a different network. Can’t you see what’s going on

The gig is about up for Bill O’Reilly. His ratings are tanking…down about 33% since the election. His chickens are coming home to roost. He feels the heat.

He gave Obama a pass. He claimed “his staff” had seen Obama’s birth certificate and laughed at the one issue that still, to this day, has merit. Folks are ticked off and they realize that O’Reilly’s secularism has sold them down the river. They were counting on him to overthrow the Obama regime. But now we know where he stands and better understand why we lost.

Why won’t he interview respected journalist Jerome Corsi or respected Sheriff Arpaio in regards to their findings? Who is he “looking out for?”

The “bitter clingers” annoy him…clinging to their Bibles and their guns…which is most of the Fox News audience. He and Obama are on the same page when it comes to the role of Christianity in American life. The Bible is a book of stories…not a book of Truth. Some of us warned he was a fraud all along.

Hosting a popular television show on a popular “conservative” network does not make one an expert.

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Yet, we let him shape our opinions…follow his leads…trust him to “look out for us.”

Bill O’Reilly doesn’t believe the Bible is true. If he doesn’t trust the Bible, I can’t trust him.

If he really cared…here is what he would be doing. WATCH!

Here’s the word for today. When it comes to spiritual things Bill O’Reilly’s ignorance is ABSONANT. So is yours if you believe a thing he says.

Join me in turning him off. Bill O’Reilly is a spiritual pinhead.

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The “conservative movement” is being sabotaged by those who we think are on our own side. The sooner we learn that they are not, the better our chances of victory will become.