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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
February 7, 2013

Follow the bouncing crotch. That was the message sent at half-time of the Super Bowl Sunday night. That word…crotch…probably makes you uncomfortable.

It does me. But why does my writing the word make some of you more uncomfortable than watching the performance did?

Beyonce is a peddler of soft-porn. Dancing half-naked has become mainstream

The most-watched sporting event in world history had a stripper for halftime entertainment. The only thing missing was the pole and the laps upon which she could dance.

Call me a prude…but it was a sad day for America.

This was even a sadder day for black-America. What a poor message to send to the young black-girls in America. The number one role-model inside the black-American culture is a soft-porno queen.

Slutiness is so mainstream that a mere two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, this crotch-rocket led the nation in the singing of the National Anthem at the Inauguration of America’s first black president.

Porn has gone mainstream. Beyonce is an American Idol. The President honors her…his wife would like to be like her. I wonder if the Obamas would want their daughters to expose themselves in such a vile and perverted way as the 31 year old “Christian” stripper.

Whatever happened to shame? Whatever happened to modesty? It was disgusting. But we are used to it, aren’t we? My, what tolerant, accepting, non-judgmental folk we have become.

If cigarette commercials encourage young people to smoke what does Beyonce’s behavior encourage young people to do?

I switched the channel. I did not like the thoughts that her “dancing” was conjuring up in my mind. I feel sorry for the 15 year-old testosterone-powered teenage boy. What chance does he have of resisting Delilah’s taunts?

I posit that her behavior was more devastating to America than the events at Sandy Hook. How many girls will “give it up” in their desire to be like Beyonce? How many young boys had their first experience with the lust of the eye at half-time of the family-friendly Super Bowl? “Hmmm…wonder where I can see more of it?”

How many churches had this half-time show playing on the big screen at their Super Bowl party? How many fathers’ were caught by surprise and were not prepared to protect the eyes of the young children in the room?

The lights went out in the Super Dome as a reflection of the darkness in America.

This didn’t happen by accident, you know. Millions of dollars are spent by media experts researching what the viewers of the game are interested in so that the advertisers can cater their commercials to their targeted consumers.

The NFL did research as well. They pride themselves on their spectacular show. Nothing happens by chance…even the wardrobe malfunction that occurred a few years ago. Did they not know that the dancers were going to appear in their skivvies, spreading their legs, constantly exposing their private areas to the lustful eyes of Budweiser-laced NFL fans? Was the NFL putting their stamp of approval on the viewing of soft-porn as a family-friendly event?

I wonder how many pastors will speak against it from the pulpit this Sunday. I wonder how many mothers will sit down with their daughters and explain that exposing your most personal areas is not what a young lady should do. Better yet, I wonder how many Daddies will point out to their daughters how disappointed he would be if she were to act like that.

Where were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pointing out the sexualization of young black women by the NFL? Where was the NOW Gang chirping on and on about the exploitation of women as sex objects? All Beyonce was missing was the pink breast cancer socks that the players often wear. The referees should have thrown a flag

Did I miss something? Were there any white-girls in the show acting like sluts or is that something we have come to expect only of black girls. Is it any wonder that 70% of black children today are born out of wedlock?

Dr. King wanted black women to be judge by the content of their character…not the flashing of their flesh

Where is the diversity? A young black woman, Jennifer Hudson opened the Super Bowl by singing “God Bless America.” Another young black woman Alicia Keyes sang the National Anthem, and of course, Beyonce rounded out the BET version of Super Bowl entertainment by dancing around in her underwear.

Did I miss something? Am I racist for pointing it out? Certainly the slutty Madonna or Lady Gaga would have been happy to expose themselves by pole dancing on the floor of the Super

Can someone help me here? Was womanhood edified by Beyonce’s performance? Was the dignity of black women elevated by Beyonce’s sluttish behavior? Was decency modeled by Beyonce’s crotch-exposure?

Thank you NFL. Thank you CBS. Thank you New Orleans. Thank you Beyonce. They should all apologize to the rest of the world for their glorification of smut as a representation of American freedom.

It is enough to make the Boy Scouts accept homosexual scout masters.


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How many churches had this half-time show playing on the big screen at their Super Bowl party? How many fathers’ were caught by surprise and were not prepared to protect the eyes of the young children in the room?