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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 16, 2012

Most white-Americans are afraid to even touch the race issue. To even dip one’s toe into that swamp is opening oneself up to all types of ridicule and scorn.

I am not one of those white-Americans. I am never afraid to talk about anything when it comes to dealing with the truth. Let ‘em yell “racist” all they want. Calling me names does not make me a racist.

Let me admit right up front that I am not black, my parents aren’t black, my wife isn’t black, my children aren’t black, although I did once own a black car. (Toyota) Just curious….does owning a non-black car make me racist?

You could accuse me of not being ‘up” with the ‘black-experience”…whatever the heck that means.

That is part of the big lie…the idea that you have to be black to understand “discrimination” or “profiling”, or struggling to get ahead.

I wonder how many blacks have any experience at being white…present occupant of the White House excluded.

Blacks have developed the ultimate herd mentality. “Group think” is a term that is often used to define a group that shares a universal mind-set about certain topics. Blacks have a liberal-plantation mindset.

I am 5’7” on a tall day, and my stocky build makes me look shorter. Throughout my growing-up years I was labeled half-pint, shrimp, diminutive, shorty and told to “get off of your knees” as a means of denigrating my vertically-challenged stature.

Being born short can be just as handicapping as being born black. Trust me…I’ve lived it…I am “up” with being short. However, I would never vote for a President just because he was short.

But at least I am not fat. Is anyone ever more discriminated against in America than fat people? Michelle Obama is waging a war against them. Sadly, some Americans are born with a propensity to be fat. Do you really think fat people want to be fat? Do fat people only vote for other fat people?

Where is the National Association for the Advancement of Fat People? NAAFP. Why doesn’t Michael Moore take up their cause? Instead of putting down fat people for the way they were born perhaps we should reserve some jobs for them or scholarships at our universities in the spirit of Affirmative Action for the lard-asses.

Except for Candy Crowley at CNN when was the last fat woman you saw anchoring a news show?

Seems like fat-discrimination to me.

Prejudice and profiling is everywhere. It is time we admit it. But blacks are the only group who has a protective status based on a trait with which they were born. Being black is their get-out-of-responsibility-free card. No matter the problem, skin color is their excuse.

We short-white folks enable them. We let them hide behind the feeblest of excuses: “I was born a minority so I need a break.” They are not only protected, they are favored.

It is a strange case of reverse discrimination. Our policies intimate that blacks can’t do it on their own. They need a break because of what happened to some distant relative whom they have never met, and every time a black does a “first” the race-enablers love to point it out. We only cheer fat people when they lose weight. Our schools don’t celebrate “Fat History Month.”

This subtlety came to light again this week when I was watching the Olympics. Early in the competition before the traditional (run, jump, shoot…blacks are good at all of them) sports had begun one of the announcers made an astounding statement that nearly knocked me out of my easy chair.

Gabby Douglas is the first African-American to win Gold in the all-around floor event in gymnastics.”

“What the Hey” I screamed as I threw my potato chips at the TV. “She’s an American. She isn’t an African-American. This is the stinkin’ Olympics. The continent of Africa has their own countries entered in the Olympics. Stop making everything blacks do seem so damn special.”

I thought they wanted equality…to be judged by the content of their character…not the color of their skin? Unless your skin is fat….

Do you suppose any German-Americans did anything special? How about Italian Americans…or Russian Americans…or White Americans? No…only the Africans get pointed out…as if Gabby didn’t earn it on her own. “Look another black overcomes racist America!!”

(Making you nervous yet?)

But that is the point of the Olympics. Best athlete wins, regardless of skin color. Seems to me we could use a little affirmative action for the white boys as only one of them was selected to play on the basketball team…token white boy…makes everyone feel represented, I guess. How come there is no diversity-spot on the USA Olympic Basketball team for short, German-American, Christian, heterosexual, senior citizens like me?

Why should I be deprived of the honor of being the “first” of that group to earn an Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s Basketball simply because of a random act of chance at birth?

What is your point Coach? Thanks for asking.

Racism is a fraud. It is merely a means by which they keep us from uniting together for the good of the nation.

How else can you explain that 90% of African-Americans voted for President Obama just because of his skin color? LeBron James is black, yet not all blacks think he is the best player in NBA history Other blacks have different opinions about who was best…Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson…but yet nearly all African Americans think Obama is “The Man.” Can you think of anything else that 90% of any group agrees on?

Ninety-percent of people can’t even agree on whether there is a God or not. But 90% of blacks voted for Obama. Are they really that easily controlled by the race-hustlers? Talk about black-sheep.

But that wouldn’t be possible without the un-Godly fawning-over of Obama by the African-American pastors. Shouldn’t they promote a Christian man rather than merely a black one? What if White-Americans voted for a President only because he was white? Why don’t 90% of White Americans vote for Romney if America is so racist?

I know you don’t want to hear it, but here are some facts. Shame on the black-pastors for not speaking the truth.

Planned Parenthood kills more blacks than the Ku Klux Klan ever dreamed of. Although African-American women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, they underwent approximately 36% of all abortions.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion. On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. It has been estimated that since 1973 black women have had about 16 million abortions.

The leading cause of death in the black community is abortion. (Look here)

President Obama is the most pro-abortion President in American History. He is complicit in killing off “his people.” Black Pastors support him. Watch this video of a abortionist bragging about killing “ugly black babies.” He is an Obama donor.

Seventy-two percent of all babies born in the black community are out of wedlock. Most black-children will never know their grandpa or have any idea of a family tree. Makes you wonder what ever happened to “Roots.” Nearly 80% of black children conceived in America will never experience an intact family structure. Is that the black experience they are talking about?

Nearly half of our prison population is black. Black children are trapped in debilitating public schools where barely half will graduate yet “their” President will not permit them to escape the clutches of the NEA. The NEA is a power-player in Obama’s party. Obama, with the black pastors’ support, helps keep them on the NEA plantation.

Ninety-four per cent of murdered black men were murdered by other black men. A black man is 18 times more likely to die at the hands of another black man than he is a racist white guy. Guns don’t kill black men…other black men do.

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Half-white Obama has his black brothers and sisters right where he wants them…chained to Joe Biden and the plantation owners in the Democratic Party.

It is not race that is holding back the black-American. It is abysmal parenting, lack of education, Godless values, and government dependency. The Olympics proved blacks can make it on their own. Too bad the wolves-in-black-pastors-clothing-haven’t noticed. They keep them in chains.

I just thought some short, chunky, white-Christian ought to point it out.

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Let me admit right up front that I am not black, my parents aren’t black, my wife isn’t black, my children aren’t black, although I did once own a black car. (Toyota) Just curious….does owning a non-black car make me racist?