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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
February 3, 2011

For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. -Is. 9:16

And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch? -Luke 6:39

“To be honest with you Coach, you don’t need to LEAD a Bible study; you need to be part of one.”

That was the last thing that my former “pastor” said to me. It happened about seven years ago after I had endured another sissified “men’s meeting” at the church Michele and I had been attending.

The “pastor” had just taken us through one of those touchy-feely-get-in-touch-with-your-feelings lessons and I was about to overdose on Spiritual Diabetes when I approached “Pastor” and asked him if it would be possible for me to help him out by taking over the “men’s ministry”.

“You’re training men to act like women. All that I see around here are a bunch of ‘yes’ men…men who say ‘yes’ to their wives, ‘yes’ to their children, ‘yes’ to the God-hating schools, and ‘above all ‘yes’ to the pastor.”

I never darkened the door again. Today his church is bigger, full of sissified ‘yes” men, he is the unchallenged leader of the pack, with, of course, his bossy “co-pastor” wife, and his flock are sitting ducks.

They don’t even know that they are about to fall into a ditch.

I love writing these commentaries because of the feedback I get from the readers. There are millions of non church-going Christians in the hinterlands of America. God-fearing men and women who love their Lord, love their country, but have had a craw-full of the syrup spewing forth from the pulpits.

The “blind guides” demand loyalty and allegiance to their every command, shooing away the mal-content sheep, as “rebels”, or “troublemakers”, by the millions “the church” is bleeding ‘salt of the earth” Christians in a world where sugar has become the spice of choice.

I hear from them…and I bleat their case. Dare I say it…I pound the drum of disobedience in the church for “resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” America is in the condition that she is in, not because of the poison in politics, but because of the poison in the pulpits. Most pastors are control freaks.

(I bet this is making those spiritual tyrants nervous.)

I say it is time we stopped worrying about “reclaiming the government” and focused our attention on “reclaiming our churches.” If we can somehow reclaim God’s house, the White House will naturally follow.

America’s problems are spiritual, not political. Read this commentary…it is a dandy.

Most Christians are sheep, blindly following their “shepherd”, obediently paying their tithes, supporting their “pastor” no matter what bilge he is shoving down their throats, completely ill-equipped to defend the faith.

Sheep don’t care whether they end up in a ditch or not, as long as there is plenty of grass on which to graze, even if the ditch is an off-ramp that leads to the slaughter house. Like lambs to the slaughter they ignorantly follow their blind guide.

The world is on fire, while, for the most part, millions of Christians sit dutifully in the pews, totally oblivious to the war raging around them. As long as the “cares of the world” do not come near their tents, they see no reason not to continue to graze in the pastor’s pasture of peace.

Not one pastor in ten is worth a bucket of spit in the battle for Truth.

Oh, they think they are doing a great job because they measure their success by the standards of the world…big budgets, big congregation, big building…but my experience teaches that popularity is rarely a good measure of Truth. Very few churches fill the pews with new converts, but rather, with sheep from another pen whose shepherd has driven them away…or sheep who have wandered off in search of a more palate-pleasing pastor.

We need a revolution in the church.

Look folks, I get nauseous when I hear congregations referred to by the pastor’s name…you know what I mean…“do you go to Pastor Popular’s church”…it makes me gag. Ecclesia is the real term, meaning the “called out one’s”. It is not some man’s church, and he is not the benevolent dictator.


If the “church” is the body of those who are followers of Jesus doesn’t it make sense that they should follow the teachings of Jesus, and not the pop-psychology of some man?

No wonder we are heading for the ditch.

I love men of God…it is just most “pastors” that I have an issue with. Those two are not the same you know…man of God and pastor.

It reminds me of one of my favorite questions I love to ask men when I get the chance to share the masculine-Gospel with them. “Are you a man or a male? You are a male by birth, but a man by choice.”

(I might as well bring this stallion home.)

Christianity has become the bailiwick of women. Women run the church, or at the very least, men who act like women. Feminine qualities rule the day. A hard-hitting, straight taking man scares the bejesus out of the pastors. At a time when the church needs the spirit of Braveheart, our pastors preach “Mother Theresa.”

No wonder few men worth their testosterone want to be caught dead in church.

Look around. America is in freefall because the church is more interested in marketing than they are in Truth…in serving the flesh rather than in killing it.

OK Coach, cut to the chase.

It is time to reclaim our churches. My inbox will be filled with the stories from readers who “left the church” that their family had been members of for generations because the Gospel had been hi-jacked by the new age/seeker sensitive movement. I’m not sure which is more dangerous, a Gospel with no grace, or a Gospel with no sin.

It is time to reclaim the pulpit.

Here is a list of questions that you must ask your pastor. His answers will tell you all you need to know.

Do you believe that a man must be born again to enter into the Kingdom?
Do you believe the Bible is inerrant?
Do you believe in absolute Truth?
Did Jesus live a sinless life?
Is Satan real?
Do we have an obligation to share our faith with non-believers?
Did God create man or did we evolve from apes?
Can someone earn his/her way to heaven?

Then ask.

Are Christians commanded to follow un-godly laws and orders?
Should Christians be involved in governmental affairs?
Is their a separation between the church and the state?
Do we have an obligation to see the schools teach Truth to our children?
Do unborn babies have a right to live?
Should the church oppose homosexual marriage?
Who did you vote for in the last election and why?

He won’t want to answer you…he’ll probably hand you off to his wife. Don’t let him wiggle off of the hook.

“The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” -Jer. 5:31

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Better find out if your “pastor” is blind. If not, don’t whine when we all end up in the ditch.

The future of your grandchildren lies in the balance.

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I love writing these commentaries because of the feedback I get from the readers. There are millions of non church-going Christians in the hinterlands of America. God-fearing men and women who love their Lord, love their country, but have had a craw-full of the syrup spewing forth from the pulpits.