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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
June 10, 2010

Secular--not pertaining to or connected with religion

Let me see if I have this straight. He is the champion of the "conservative movement" even though he has struggled with drug addiction to the pain killer oxycotin, was found to be using Viagra even though he was unmarried, and recently took the walk down the aisle for his fourth till-death-do-us-part vow. This "king of conservatism" was twenty-seven when his new bride was born. At the wedding celebration he treated his guests to a million-dollar serenade by the music queen Elton John, who recently declared that Jesus was gay, financially empowering the former Reginald Dwight (Elton) with the ability to pour another million dollars into his anti-Christian activities.

Rush Limbaugh, El Rushbo, is the king of Secular-Conservatism. He is the voice of the modern conservative movement, paid millions by advertisers to carry water for the Republican Party. He has admitted as much himself. Fame does not equate with leadership. Some of the best leaders I have ever been associated with are relative unknowns. We have to be careful who we follow, and why. Rush Limbaugh is the recognized leader of the conservative movement but what authority does he have to lead? Why would Christians follow a leader who behaves so un-Christian?

None of the high profile talkers are Christians. Oh, they may have a form of Godliness, and they may even mention "God" every now and then, but there is not a national-talker on the air who will boldly mention the name of Jesus as part of his broadcast. God, without Jesus, is not Christianity. Conservatism without Christianity is Counterfeit Salt. Rush Limbaugh is a poster boy for the secularization of Christianity in America.

Please understand, I am not picking on Rush. Living his life would be a very hard thing to do, even for a Spirit-filled man. I enjoy listening to him and often get a chuckle out of the way he presents things, but Rush Limbaugh is no role model. Rush Limbaugh is the Sultan of Secular Conservatives.

Just because folks recognize one's face does not make one a leader. From Tiger Woods to Rush Limbaugh it is rapidly becoming apparent that most public figures are not really the person that image-makers have tried to convince us they are. Tiger's exploits speak for themselves, and the nation's numero uno conservative Rush Limbaugh has exposed for the entire world to see his infidelity to Christian values.

"Wait a minute." you may be thinking. "Rush is very loyal to his beliefs." And I would have to agree with you. Rush IS loyal to what he believes. He believes in tax cuts, the free enterprise system, smaller government, the Republican Party, and himself…with "half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair." I say it is time that Rush untied the other half and washed it in the Blood of the Lamb. He and his Conservative Secularism is destroying the church

I may not be as politically astute as Rush, and I certainly am not the business man he is, but I had the common sense to get rid of all of my Elton John music shortly after I found out he enjoyed sex with men. Rush claims to believe in "conservative values" but his actions reveal his heart. He is loyal to conservatism...not Christianity. How else can you explain butt-monkey Elton being paid to party with the Maha Rushi and his conservative friends?

I'll probably continue to listen to Rush every once in awhile, but only for the entertainment value. Having him lecture you, me, or the Democrats on right and wrong would be like listening to Tiger talk about the privacy of his putter. For both of them I would have no assurance that we were referencing the same tool. Tiger used his putter to prod his fans, Rush uses a microphone. Both became famous for what they do, and only recently do we understand who they are.

How do they get away with it? Cowardice. I would suggest to you that the average evangelical pastor spends more time meditating on the words of Rush Limbaugh than they do the words of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I wonder how many sermons will be preached across America decrying the anti-Christian behavior of "America's Truth Detector." Nope. Ain't many preacher boys going there. To talk truthfully about Rush would be akin to criticizing the Republican Party.


I wonder if Jesus listens to Rush? Do you think that He approves of the way Rush uses the "talent on loan to him from God?" I know God personally...and Rush Limbaugh is no God.

Conservatism is Rush Limbaugh's true religion and Christianity is the belief system that supports it. Rush is faithful to conservatism but gives lip-service to Christianity. He is not alone. Millions of other "Churchgoers" share his faith. The Republican Party is full of them...those who call themselves "Christians" but follow the doctrine of Secular Conservatism. How else can you explain the gulf between what Rush says and how he lives?

I understand the actions of Rush because I used to think like him. He is merely living out the life that a Christ-less conservatism leads to. Conservatism without Christianity is salt without sting. Rush has it down better than anyone...the works part of being a conservative…but he is woefully lacking in the "faith" part of it. Paul taught us that faith without works is dead, so too is conservatism without Christ.

I pray Rush finds the Lord. Only then will He truly understand the talent that the Lord has loaned to him. With influence comes responsibility. Rush's life betrays his heart. He is too spiritually blind to see that his actions do not line up with what he claims to profess. Profession is to confession, what actions are to beliefs. It is much easier to say it, than it is to live it.

"Conservatives" defends tax cuts, less regulation, and smaller government. Christians fight for life, marriage and Truth. You shall know them by their fruit.

Secular Conservatism is mesmerizing the church. It is the blind leading the blind. Conservatism without Christianity is like religion without the Bible. Both are a game-plan to a better life without the Spirit to empower it. Rush Limbaugh is the Secular Conservative Pope. Please pardon the mixing of metaphors...but Christianity has been Hannitized when the answer is for Rush and Hannity to be Christianized.

Because our churches have taken a back-seat in the battle for the soul of America the "Pastors of Conservatism" have picked up the mantle. Christ-less Conservatism and Christ-less Liberalism are both destined for the ash-heap of history. They are salt without savor, rhythm without music, H2 without O. How long would El Rushbo occupy the Attila The Hun chair if he started talking about Jesus?

No man can serve two masters and Rush Limbaugh is no exception. Anything "secular" is man-powered. Christianity is Spirit powered. There is no salvation in conservatism.

Christianity provides the conscience for secular America.

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Where would we be today if we devoted three hours a day to God's Word rather than filling our afternoon's with Rush's Christ-less Conservatism?

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." -Acts 4:12

Pray for Rush. Let’s send the Hounds of Heaven after him.

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Conservatism is Rush Limbaugh's true religion and Christianity is the belief system that supports it. Rush is faithful to conservatism but gives lip-service to Christianity.