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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
April 1, 2010

Call me Mr. Black Helicopter or try and write me off as a “conspiracy theorist” but something is really fishy about the recent arrest of the “Christian Militia” in Michigan. I have learned over the years that there is more to most stories than meets the eyes.

This is just too convenient for me. A few months ago we found out that our Department of Homeland Insecurity had determined that the greatest threat to America weren’t the “Hitler’s in Headscarves” (Thanks Dr. Savage), but Mom and Pop American’s who had the temerity to take their frustrations to the streets. The Tea-Party movement, although clearly spontaneously arising from the heartland, was the first sign of push back from patriotic Americans who were finally realizing that the United States Government was waging war against the freedoms of the United States citizens.

Janet Napolitano released a report informing her “officers” that those who were showing up at the Tea Parties were the folks who were most threatening to America. Perhaps she was referring to what Obama and his Czar’s have clearly deduced...the American people are a threat to the American government.

I watched throughout the Cap and Trade fiasco, followed by the August recess and the unwillingness of our elected officials to meet with those they represent, the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat in Taxachusettes, the Louisiana Purchase, Cornhusker kickback, legislation by the highest bidder, several marches on Washington, to cries of “racism and violence” against those whom Secretary Napolitano had already warned us were the real terrorists.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and the deadstream media were frothing all over each other interviewing “dignitaries” who had been “threatened” and “called names” by the “right wing” Tea Party crowd. “If someone doesn’t do something this whole thing is going to turn violent,” the talking heads warned us.

Well right on cue, our friends at the FBI were able to break up a “right-wing” group of “Christian Militia” who were planning to “kill the police.” How convenient that the Feds were on the alert, staging the raid, poisoning public opinion, and proving Janet Napolitano to be a prophet.. We all know how violent those Christians are...allowing saliva to fly from their mouths when yelling at legislative larcenists. (Where is Kathleen Sebelius win we need her? Perhaps she could teach us how not to froth at the mouth when we are angry.) Something smells to me….and it ain't halitosis.

I have no idea who this “Christian” Militia is, but are they inferring that the “Christian” Militia is more dangerous than, say, the “Muslim” Militia?” I suppose Major Hasan at Ft. Hood wasn't part of any militia...just a good man bullied into violence. I guess actually killing soldiers is not nearly as bad as “threatening” to kill policeman. Just curious, have any of the members of Major Hasan's militia been arrested?

Let's be clear. Christian's don't kill cops. If this “militia” threatened to do so then they are not Christians, no matter how much DHS wishes they were.

Just what is a “Christian Militia?” According to the dictionary a militia is “a body of citizen soldiers as distinguished from professional soldiers.” What distinguishes a “Christian” militia from an “atheistic” militia, or a “patriot” militia, or better yet, a “state” militia. Would Secretary Napolitano speak the same way about the “Islamic” Militia carousing around the globe? Are we now to assume that this group arrested in Michigan is representative of all “Christians?” Would we get away with calling the gangs trolling our inner cities a “black” militia? (I smell Al rat.) Somebody is being set up.

Call me paranoid, but I don’t like the direction this whole thing is heading. I think we have a lot more to fear from the Secular Militia who are destroying the soul of this nation. There is a civil war going on in this country, for sure. It is a war where Christianity is the enemy and words are the grenades. The Secular Militia are very well organized, fully financed, and embedded in every area of our society. Permit me to point them out to you.


One branch of the secular militia is the Southern Poverty Law Center Militia. The SPLC is the platoon in charge of determining what speech is protected and what speech is hateful.

The American Civil Liberties Union Militia is the legal arm of the Secular Militia. They are charged with tearing down any semblance of Christianity in America by threatening those who publicly practice it.

The National Education Association Militia is the educational branch of the Secular Militia who are following orders to rewrite the history of America, destroying the generational bond that ties families together.

The NAACP Militia is the racist SWAT team charged with digging trenches between Americans into which we all are eventually pushed.

Planned Parenthood Militia is the population police charged with keeping enlistments of certain people groups to a minimum, while lining the pockets of those who love death.

The National Council of Churches Militia is the special ops charged with infiltrating the seminaries of America and destroying the minds of the Christian leadership convincing them that God was the ultimate homophobe.

The Mainstream media Militia is the Tokyo Rose of the Secular Militia, charged with undermining every foundation upon which this nation was built and convincing us that clinging to our God and our Guns was old-fashioned and out of style.

Hollywood and the Screen Actors Guild Militia is a group of “don’t ask don’t tell” soldiers charged with undermining the morals of American children by changing the monogamous relationship into a sexual smorgasboard.

The National Bar Association Militia has assumed the duty of weakening American’s through the terrorism of “civil rights” lawsuits aimed at silencing the freedom of speech.

The Internal Revenue Service Militia is like the paratroopers that parachute in behind enemy lines to abscond with the allies resources and clamping a chain on churches who speak the Truth.

The National Organization For Women Militia are the WAC’s of the Secular Media charged with castration of the American male and the liberation of lion-like lesbians.

The GLESEN Militia has been given the mission of weakening this nation by blurring all gender roles and sexual morality and homosexualizing GI Joe

I could go on.

We are at war for this nation. It is a battle between those who fear the Lord and those who do not; Between those who believe Jesus is Lord and those who do not; Between those who think we work for the government and those who think the government should work for us.

It is clear that secular government has a militia and that they are determined to do all they can to squash the Christians. The war has already been declared. They aren’t fighting it with guns but with lies and intimidation.

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And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Matt. 10:28

Americans have far more to fear from the Secular Militia than the “Christian” Militia. They are destroying this grenade at a time.

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Janet Napolitano released a report informing her “officers” that those who were showing up at the Tea Parties were the folks who were most threatening to America.