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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
June 25, 2009

Like everyone else I was enthralled by the emergence of Sarah Palin onto the American political scene last fall. She provided a much-needed jolt of energy at a time when Christian principles seemed to be given the boot from the Republican Party.

Let’s be honest here, Sarah Palin was the only reason that John McCain didn’t get Walter Mondaled. Most evangelicals voted for Sarah Palin, not Juan McCrud. As I loved to explain to my friends, Sarah Palin was God’s man.

Just like in the times of Esther there didn’t seem to be a man to do the job. Like the young shepherd boy David, Mrs. Palin had toiled faithfully in obscurity of Alaska sharpening the down- home, mom and pop values which connected in the heartland like David’s stone to the forehead of the biblical bully from Gath.

She appears to be a remarkable woman, but honestly, not much different from hundreds of women that I know from the flocks in which I fly. Oh, she may be more photogenic, but the thing that she has that most do not is opportunity. In this day of instant media her wholesome good looks has enabled her to make the most of her values. No offense, but if she had looked like Edith Bunker I doubt she would have had such a meteoric rise.

We all need to be prepared in such a way when our opportunity to influence others comes our way. I love Sarah Palin and I pray she holds on to her home-spun style in the face of the Republican Party’s attempt to make her more “dignified” and “polished.” She could teach the RNC a thing or two about what really matters to those of us outside the beltway.

But it is not Sarah I want to talk about today, but, rather, the dog-sledding, allegedly alpha male to whom she is married.

Hey Todd, where in the heck are you? I say enough already of the smiling-in-the-background, submissive husband role that your wife’s handlers have asked you to play. David Letterman just hoisted his hind leg like one of your Alaskan Huskies and relieved himself all over your wife and daughters and I never heard a whimper from the sled-dog champion.

Listen Todd, I understand the gig. Those who want to turn your wife into Margaret Thatcher have convinced you that Sarah needs to be seen as a strong woman who can defend herself without having to run to her hubby every time someone says something mean. I get it. But are you going to let them turn you into Joel Osteen?

Look, Nanook of the North, some limousine liberal on CBS just called your wife “trashy” and celebrated the mythical rape of your fourteen year-old daughter. I think it is high time you got off of your snow mobile, made a rock hard snowball, and threw a high hard one toward Letterman. You need to warn Letterman and his ilk that the next one who speaks in such a disrespectful manner towards those whom you love will get a first-hand lesson on the meaning of “mush.” It is time to show the whole world that your wife is who she is because of the strong man who stands beside her. Enough already of the Mr. Rogers routine.

For the sake of women everywhere will you please stand up and show the average American male how an honorable husband and father protects the ladies in his life? It is time to call a press conference and issue a public statement regarding the treatment of the precious women the Lord has entrusted to your care.

This isn’t about politics, Todd. This is about honor. In more chivalrous days men lost their lives for less blatant assaults on the integrity of virtuous women. It is time to come out of your igloo and give them the Jeremiah Johnson treatment. Let them know from a real game-hunter that gutter remarks directed at the women in your life are not fair game. Send them pictures of the moose head on your wall. They’ll get the message.

Look, I’m a nobody, but I wouldn’t let anybody talk about my girls that way. I’m sure you know the difference between a stallion and a gelding and there are lots of us wondering which category in to which you fall.

So, just for the heck of it, let me pretend I was in your shoes. If David Letterman had directed those comments our way I would have already called a press conference and issued the following statement.

“I speak today not as the spouse of a potential presidential candidate but as a husband and father. I did not ask for, nor do I need the approval of my wife and family for what I am about to say. I will say this once and once only, so please listen closely because this warning will not be repeated again.

Nearly a decade ago my precious wife made the decision to enter into the realm of politics. At that time we had no idea that her leadership gifts would so soon propel her onto the national stage. We are excited to see where her God-given gifts will carry her and know that her character and integrity will keep her wherever that path leads. I fully support her in her endeavors.

Let me be clear, Sarah Palin is Governor of Alaska, but I am the head of our home. Some have said politics is dirty business and my wife has already suffered the slings and arrows of those who oppose her political views. But when those assaults begin to encroach on the sanctity of our home I am compelled to stand at the gate and keep the wolves at bay. This week, David Letterman crossed the threshold between politics and family. It is to him and others of his ilk to whom I speak today.

Knock it off with my wife and kids. Mr. Letterman’s statements in which he alluded to the mother of my children as “trashy”, and to the imaginary rape of our precious daughter, Willow, have crossed the line. To put it bluntly, where I come from we call those fighting words. It is only my character and integrity that have permitted Mr. Letterman to keep his teeth. I cannot insure such self-control should this happen in the future.

My wife made the decision to serve her country in the political realm and, as I stated earlier, she does so with my blessings. She is tough as nails. But Sarah was a wife and a mother before she was a politician, and she will continue to be one long after her political career is over. On the day we exchanged our vows I promised before God to “honor and cherish” her. To remain silent in the face of such an assault on her virtue would border on infidelity.

Some will call my comments inflammatory and threatening. Perhaps they are. My wife is a strong woman, but that does not mean I am a weak man. I will do my duty to protect Sarah and my family from such low-life, cowardly attacks.

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I am honored to share my wife and family with the world, but the fact remains that they are just that…my wife and our family…and I will not be negligent in my duty to defend them against such cowardly attacks.

I will not take any questions."

Show us that you are more than just another pretty face….

Mush Todd, mush!

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We all need to be prepared in such a way when our opportunity to influence others comes our way. I love Sarah Palin and I pray she holds on to her home-spun style in the face of the Republican Party’s attempt to make her more “dignified” and “polished.” She could teach the RNC a thing or two about what really matters to those of us outside the beltway.