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Coach Dave Daubenmire
February 14, 2008

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

No matter what you think about the inerrancy of the Bible you would have to admit that the Bible is almost eerie in warning us what the world would look like in the future. You can�t read Romans 1 without getting the feeling that the Bible is either true or that someone sure had a great perspective on the nature of man. Either way, reading the Bible with an open-mind is an exercise in wonderment. As Abe Lincoln quoted, "the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether."

I saw the Bible validated again this past weekend.

My perky little girlfriend (wife) and I had the opportunity to attend some Gospel-training in Charlotte, N.C., which included a morning at a local abortion mill. We have done this many times, but this past weekend the Lord allowed me to see something differently. Now, I�m not talking about �seeing� with my natural eyes, but rather the ability to �see� things with the Spirit. Helen Keller is purported to have said, �there is nothing as tragic as one who has sight but cannot see.�

The parking lot was flooded with cars on this crisp, sparkling Saturday morning. As is usually the case at abortion mills, there are guards (�deathscorts� is what we call them) who �protect� the women from the gentle-Christians trying to share the truth about abortion. Their job is to make sure no one comes on the property and that no-one speaks with the women.

Looking for an opportunity to get closer I made my way up on top of a stone wall over looking the clinic. From my perch I had a panoramic view of the parking-lot and the sidewalk counselors crying out to those going in to kill their babies.

"Please, come talk to us. We have doctors in town who will give you and your child free medical care. We have families who will adopt your baby. We have those who will help pay for your baby. We have places for you to stay where loving women will help care for your child. Please allow your baby to live. Come talk to us." (These are the words of those whom the media loves to call �abortion protestors.�) There is a saying that those in the abortion-hating ministry love to use. Every time a woman walks into a clinic the results are �one dead, one wounded.� It is love that brings these Christians to the gates.

As I surveyed the activities below a Scripture popped into my head, �Without natural affection� which I immediately recognized from 2 Timothy. I was a bit corn-fused because I had always applied that Scripture to homosexuality and heterosexual promiscuity. But on this morning I saw it in a different light.

�Without natural affection� I repeated under my breath as the Truth of that Scripture etched in a new way in my heart.

It is one thing for a young girl to be caught in the trap of an unexpected pregnancy. Like an animal with its foot caught in a trap the urge to chew off one�s own foot seems like a viable solution. That�s where many of the young girls find themselves. They will do anything to get out of the �pregnancy trap.� Many different thoughts rattled under my cross-hat as I watched.

The desire of a mother to defend her child is a natural thing. Watch any animal and notice how the mother naturally does all that she can to protect her babies. The Women�s Liberation movement in America has taken from our young mothers their natural affection for their babies. Those who kill their children have been stripped of their �natural affection.� They love themselves, their bodies, and their freedom more than they love their baby. Is this what evolution has given us?

Just as startling is the number of grandmothers who have accompanied their daughters to the killing center to become an accessory to the murder of their own grandbaby. Can you imagine anything less natural than a grandma not loving her daughter�s daughter? When I called out to one grandmother as she walked down the sidewalk that it was her duty to rescue her grandbaby she replied, (As God is my witness. I almost fell off of the wall) �We don�t need another one. We already got two.� I wonder where her daughter learned her selfishness. They �already got two.� She values things more than people. Without natural affection.

A women�s right to choose has taken men off of the hook. We exhorted some of the boyfriends at the death mill to be a man and go rescue their child from slaughter. To most of them, the child was a nuisance, something that would get in their way. A woman�s right to choose has stripped the man of �natural affection� for his offspring. He wouldn�t allow that to be done to his favorite huntin� dog. �Hey, it�s her choice.� They repeat the feminist mantra. Men no longer defend their babies.

The law has lost all semblance of humanity. Police officers regularly guard the clinics and the �right of a woman� to kill the life within her. The law protects death, not life. (Can you say Teri Schiavo?) I always like to point that out to the policemen on duty.


�Officer!� I bellowed from my lofty perch above the death-camp directed towards a patrol car sitting at the entrance of the clinic. �There is a hate-crime taking place inside that building. A white doctor is killing black babies by the dozens. DO something to protect them.� As is often the case, the cops wish there was a sniper in the vicinity to silence my appeals for the unborn. The cops defend the killers, all in the name of choice. They defend the law, not the innocent. It�s unnatural.

Did I mention that nearly 90% of those going into the clinic were black? Systematically the black race is killing off its own. Read about the Black Genocide here. It is one of the untold secrets of abortion. Read this from Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

As I pointed out the black-genocide to the two �guards� (deathscorts) I could tell I had hit a nerve with them. Both of them were young black men in their early thirties and I continued to allow the Holy Spirit to prick their conscience.

�How can you guys be part of leading so many young black babies to death? Dr. King would be ashamed of you. You are helping to destroy the next generation of black leaders. Look at how many of the girls going in there are black. Real men save babies, they don�t help kill them.�

They were starting to squirm. The Holy Spirit always provides a way of escape.

�How much do they pay you to help kill black babies? I continued. �Killing babies ain�t much of a way to make a living. Where I come from they call that blood-money. You guys were raised better than that. I bet your mother is proud of you.� This continued for about an hour. I know it sounds harsh. Killing babies is harsh. Finally I said,

�I tell you what. Whatever they are paying you here today I will give you if you walk away. Just leave. I�ll give you a hundred bucks each to get out of here and never come back. In fact, one of our buddies will help you find a job you can be proud of. But you gotta leave right now and promise to never come back.�

That was all these muscular black men needed to hear. They walked over and took the two-hundred.

�I ain�t never coming back,� one of them said. (It turns out they were brothers). �You know I never noticed all of them faces was black until you pointed it out.�

The other brother had spent a fair amount of time talking on the phone as I had been speaking to them earlier. He now spoke-up as he was leaving.

�You know, the whole time you were talking to me I had this urge to call my mother. Money is tight at home and I have two daughters to support, but I knew my Mama would tell me what to do. I called her and she told me to �run from that place as fast as I could�that the Lord would take care of my babies.�

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This grown man turned to his babies� grandma for advice. This woman of God told her son, �You run from that place, Donell.� Her conscience was still functioning.

America�s conscience has been seared. We love animals, trees, and stuff more than babies. It�s unnatural.

Funny, that�s what the Bible says would happen.

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The law has lost all semblance of humanity. Police officers regularly guard the clinics and the �right of a woman� to kill the life within her. The law protects death, not life. (Can you say Teri Schiavo?) I always like to point that out to the policemen on duty.