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By Greg Ciola

January 18, 2007

According to Byron Richards, the FDA is out-of-control. It is a bully police force standing up for the profits of drug companies at the expense of health for Americans. It has far exceeded any legislative mandate and is blatantly involved in an abuse of Constitutional power.

In this eye opening interview, the FDA�s deceptions and drug-company profit schemes are revealed and the scam of the sickness industry is made clear. Health freedom is under attack and this interview will help arm you with invaluable information that you can use to take charge of your health.

Crusador: Byron, you say that the FDA is actually betraying America. Can you elaborate on that statement?

Well, really the FDA has a mandate to protect the health of Americans. What we are finding instead is that the FDA is now actively hiding risk data, keeping it as if it were a trade secret, and is literally in collusion with pharmaceutical companies so that the doctors who are prescribing medication, and the people who are taking it, do not understand the actual problems that are being reported to the agency. At the same time, the FDA is seeking to undermine the rights of citizens in states to file lawsuits when they have been harmed or damaged by medications. Instead of protecting the rights of citizens of states, the FDA is protecting the drug companies from legal liability when they don�t disclose known risks.

Crusador: Many people have validated what you�ve stated, including FDA�s own employee Dr. David Graham, yet nothing is being done to change this corrupt system. What�s going on here?

It�s really all about money. Right now the FDA receives several hundred million dollars a year in funding from drug companies to approve drugs and the safety branch of the FDA is no longer the main focus of the agency. The agency is instead, focused on approving drugs. In fact, the agency has shifted into drug development and drug design. So the agency that is supposed to be regulating the pharmaceutical industry is actually actively becoming part of the pharmaceutical industry, which truly compromises their role.

Essentially, the drug companies are buying Congress and the agency. When you have billions and billions of dollars, it�s hard to get a change that�s in the best interest of health. There�s a momentum, I call it an evil momentum, that�s in place here with the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. It�s an agenda that is not pro-American.

Crusador: You say in your book that Wall Street is dictating drug use for Americans. Tell us about that?

The pharmaceutical companies are under tremendous pressure from Wall Street to perform. The bottom line of it is the pharmaceutical companies cannot make money selling drugs to treat disease. Thus, they have to create markets for drugs in order to have profits. Two major areas they focus a lot of their marketing efforts on is the baby boomers with the idea of prevention, and children with antidepressants and antipsychotic medications. In the case of the adults it�s the bone drugs and statin drugs for cardiovascular health. There is close to $50 billion dollars in drug sales to these target markets for prevention or for modulating dubiously defined diseases such as ADHD or some kind of symptomatic behavioral disorder where they can then hand out an antipsychotic medication. So, we�re seeing Wall Street itself putting pressure on drug companies to perform.

At the same time the Bush administration has appointed to the second highest position in the FDA a medical doctor named Scott Gottlieb whose real experience is as a Wall Street adviser. His whole reason for being in the FDA is to speed new drugs onto the marketplace to the wishes of Wall Street. So we see another angle here where the top people in the FDA are involved with speeding new drugs to market, cutting down the costs of drug research, and exposing Americans to excessive risks for profit.

Crusador: You have a chapter in your book that discusses the real truth about cholesterol lowering drugs and high blood pressure. Are these drugs really causing more problems than what they claim to be helping?

Let�s take the statin medications as an example. They have shown a value in people who have had a heart attack or some serious heart problem. They may be able to reduce the risk of a second heart attack by 30%. So there is some value in them, but there aren�t that many people who have that specific issue that would warrant selling that much medication. What we have seen then, in order to boost sales of the drugs, is a shift of these medications into people who are relatively low risk. In that population we struggle to find a benefit, meaning over a ten year period 1% of the people are going to die as a side effect of the medication. Of course when you have fourteen million people on it that means 140,000 deaths are going to occur as a result of the medication. Then you have to be able to justify that you are saving more lives by doing that and what they find is it�s a wash, meaning that from a societal point of view, just as many lives are saved as are lost over a ten year period, which doesn�t make any sense at all when the drug is going to cost a couple thousand dollars a year. Instead of dying from heart disease, the individuals die from accidents, suicide, cancer, and infections.

Cholesterol fitness is a huge topic. There�s no shortcut to cholesterol fitness. People actually have to stay healthy, exercise, manage stress, manage their weight; they have to manage the amount of food they�re eating. There are a variety of nutrients that can assist in cholesterol metabolism to be healthy such as the nutrient pantethine or the tocotrienol form of vitamin E. These things can be very helpful as part of an overall plan, but unfortunately we�re in a quick fix society where people do not realize that statin medications do not return anything to normal. In fact, they make the system abnormal. Sure they can lower cholesterol numbers, but they don�t restore anything back to health.

Crusador: What surprises people that don�t know much about the subject is that the body actually needs cholesterol to produce all your hormones. Can you comment on that?

In the book �Fight For Your Health,� I explain how cholesterol actually works in normal function. I go into the actual value of LDL cholesterol. It�s astounding that LDL cholesterol could be labeled bad when in fact it is the vital substance that transports all fat soluble nutrition in the human body so the cells can get the important antioxidants they need. People need to go beyond the very na�ve notion that there�s good and bad cholesterol and go to a more intelligent understanding where they�re actually trying to restore and maintain normal cholesterol functioning in their body. Until the public�s IQ on the subject is raised, they�re going to be subjected to this simplistic good and bad idea that then results in a medication being dispensed.

Crusador: Is it true that there�s a connection between statin drugs and memory loss?

The problem is brain cells and nerve cells do not split and divide like every other cell in the body, so they actually have a higher level of cholesterol in their cell membranes which enables them to live longer. One of the adverse side effects of statin medication is that it lowers the brain cell membrane�s natural level of cholesterol so that brain cells die faster. The longer the person takes the medication or the higher the dose of medication a person takes the greater the problem. This is an issue where people can be on a statin medication, not notice initially that it�s causing memory loss or nerve problems, and after two, three or four years these problems can really start to mount. Then the doctors just tell them it is aging or some other line. The point is these medications can have very serious, long-term neurological effects which are not being discussed or described to the public as a potential risk factor.

Crusador: What about high blood pressure medication?

Well, individuals really need to take charge of the blood pressure issue because as soon as you go down that path it�s a problem in terms of maintaining normal function for the entire body. I like to use the analogy of somebody watering their garden and they�re trying to water something maybe ten feet away and they have to turn up the pressure on their hose to get it there. Blood pressure medication is basically turning down the ability to water something. In the case of the human body, people then all of the sudden have trouble pumping blood up into their head and so they�re more prone to depression or cognitive decline from the blood pressure medication. The blood pressure medication over time can cause imbalances in circulation in the body to the point where the lymphatic system becomes sluggish and congested. When that happens a person is much more prone to becoming toxic and lethargic as a result of a blood pressure medication reducing normal circulation. We want people to have normal blood pressure, but because they�re healthy. A small percentage of people will need some blood pressure medication due to a serious problem, but a great majority of people could in fact return normal circulation to their body and not need the medication simply because they�re healthy.

Crusador: One of the topics that you discuss in your book is drug based mind control programs on children and adults under the false guise of mental health. Tell us about this?

This is a serious problem. The Bush administration is trying to get a medical model of psychiatric medications being dispensed on our children. To me this is a total travesty and a serious attempt at government-sponsored mind control under the false guise of helping people who may be struggling. Actually the big plan is to get all children tested as they enter public school; all fifty five million children screened for mental health issues using these questionnaires that were developed by drug companies that then result in a fictitious diagnosis of mental health issues that will result in medication and labeling of children. This is a huge issue and you�d like to think of what I just said as a joke, but this is exactly what they�re doing.

Crusador: The most shocking thing about the questionnaires they�re making the children fill out is that they�re deceptively designed to make you fail.

That�s right. In other words, it�s in the best interest of drug companies to sell drugs, not to really help people. It goes back to the connections with Wall Street and money. It�s all about greed, it�s all about profit, and they use some kind of mental health benefit as an excuse or justifiable reason why this is acceptable to do. History shows us that when our medicine starts to orient to the function of the mind and the subject of psychiatry as a medication system becomes dominant in society, this is really tracing back to the workings of Nazi Germany. The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, which was funded by the Rockefellers, got all this in motion as a method of mind control on society. The whole underlying agenda is to separate children from their families, from God, from society, from community and create a drug society which is individuated and separated from family bonds so that the children can be controlled into a social agenda. It�s a very sinister plot and it�s actually very well documented.

Crusador: You say in your book that the FDA wants a radio transmitter chip in everyone�s arm and your DNA in their new database. What can you tell us about this?

The FDA wants all of that information purportedly, to improve health care for Americans. That�s going to be the plausible excuse they use to hoodwink Americans into being part of a national database where not only is the DNA of every American stored in an FDA owned computer, but they will also have these radio frequency chips in the arm of every individual with their medical history. And they�re saying this will improve the quality of health, but I think people are going to have to draw the line somewhere on the invasion of privacy related to quality of health.

Crusador: Let�s talk about the Codex issue and how the pharmaceutical industry wants to control and regulate the entire natural food/health movement.

Codex is basically an international body that is seeking to regulate nutritional supplementation. This is being done in conjunction with the Germans. American health, if Codex has its way, will be a model of German synthetic chemicals, which is what the Germans are good at. The Germans essentially want it so no useful amount of any non-synthetic vitamin can be used by the American population to improve their health. The actual game plan is to use Codex to make all therapeutic uses of nutrition into medical prescriptions so that the pharmaceutical industry can also completely control and rule the health industry from a supplement point of view. The real problem with this is that the FDA is colluding with these governments behind our back. And it�s not just Codex. There�s a huge threat being posed right now with the regional agreements between Mexico and Canada. The FDA has taken it upon themselves to set up health rules and regulations and they�re seeking to harmonize American law with foreign countries, actually undermining our Constitution and our American rights. The FDA is just simply out of control.

Crusador: Do you have any parting thoughts?

Well, I just think it�s really important for everyone to understand that health freedom is not an inalienable right that�s just been given to us that we don�t have to defend with vigilance. Fighting for your health is the duty and responsibility of every person in America because it is a front line issue on the battle of the U.S. Constitution and the rights that it gives our people and the founding of our country � what it means to be an American. One of the key battle lines is being drawn along the health freedom field.

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Hitler said that health freedom and the state�s control of the population were not compatible and that�s why Hitler annihilated health freedom in Germany. It is quite ironic that this pathetic system of health that exists in Germany today, as an offshoot of Hitler�s work, that is now being re-imposed around the world today and the FDA is actively helping to implement it in America. We really need to stand up and do something about it and we can win, but we have to be vigilant and we have to be pro-active.

Crusador: Thank you for your time.

Thank you for the opportunity to get the word out. Each and every person can make a difference.

� 2007 Greg Ciola - All Rights Reserved

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Codex is basically an international body that is seeking to regulate nutritional supplementation. This is being done in conjunction with the Germans. American health, if Codex has its way, will be a model of German synthetic chemicals, which is what the Germans are good at.