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By Greg Ciola

December 16, 2006

When was the last time you heard an honest debate on the flu shot where experts from both conventional and alternative medicine were allowed to present their facts and debate the issues? There are plenty of independent researchers not beholden to the drug companies that have a wealth of interesting information to share that if disseminated widely, would cause many to stop and think twice before getting jabbed with a flu shot. The one good thing we�ve hopefully learned is to get a second opinion before making any major medical decision. Getting a flu shot is a major medical decision.

CRUSADOR editor, Greg Ciola, is pleased to interview vaccine researcher Marry Tocco about the dangers of the flu shot. Before succumbing to fear thinking that you�ll die or become horribly sick if you don�t get a flu shot, listen to what Mary Tocco has to say first, pray about it, and decide for yourself whether you should take a shot after weighing all the facts.

Crusador: Why do you believe that people should not get a flu shot?

First, let us all agree that the flu is an inconvenience and usually not life threatening. The only time it is life threatening is if someone is immune deficient. When you consider what is in the shot and how it is made, the toxic ingredients and additives are much worse for the body than the illness. Most people, including doctors, do not know what additives, preservatives or adjuvant are in this shot and therefore, do not understand how dangerous this vaccine can be.

Second, there is much debate as to whether the flu diagnosis is even correct. How would you know if the cause of your illness was a virus, you ate some spoiled food, or your body needs to eliminate toxins? In any circumstance, the human body has the inborn innate ability to deal with what ever it is effectively. Body aches, nausea, and fever are part of the immune function to deal with whatever the cause may be. Yes, this process is not fun, but we live on Earth and our Earth is toxic.

Crusador: What is it about the flu shot that has you concerned?

The vaccine created for the flu is based on guessing what virus will be around causing the flu illness a year in advance. The vaccine manufactures collect sample body fluids from infected people from China and Australia for three different viruses, (two A strains and one B strain). They breed the viruses months in advance of the flu season. The virus is inactivated with formaldehyde, and Tri(n)butyl phosphate and polysorbate 80 are added. There are no safety studies before releasing the vaccine. The American people are the guinea pigs! They spend millions promoting �The worst flu season in history,� using fear to get every American in for their flu vaccine. As far as the long term effects from these vaccines, we can only guess. We do not know how the shots or the neuro-toxins will affect the human body in the years to come. As I speak to people around the country, I am amazed how I hear that they suffered the �worst flu ever� after receiving the vaccine.

Crusador: What�s in the flu vaccine that could be toxic and potentially deadly to yourself, your spouse or your children?

In addition to the above mentioned potentially toxic chemicals, 97% of all flu shots contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal, a form of ethyl mercury that is extremely toxic to humans. Many people are under the assumption that thimerosal has been �completely removed� from all vaccines but that simply is not true. Even the baby shots contain the full load of mercury and according to the EPA safety guidelines; babies should not receive more than .01 - .4 micrograms of thimerosal at any given time (depending on their age and weight). The amount in one flu shot exceeds their own guidelines for one of the most lethal toxic chemicals, subjecting babies to the threat of severe life long injury. The current recommendation is to start infants out with a � dose and follow up with a full dose every year after for the rest of their lives. So the question parents must ask, �Is my child at greater risk from the flu or from the vaccine?�

Crusador: What do you think about churches being used as distribution points to administer flu shots and the Christian leaders that promote the shot?

I believe that most pastors and elders of the churches do not understand what they are doing. Even my own church, which I have shared factual information with about vaccine safety, has never brought this information to the attention of the congregation. I cannot speak for all the churches, but I do believe that this subject is too controversial and would offend many of their flock who are regular financial supporters of the church. Christians are putting their faith in the medical system we live in, instead of the human body that God created to be self healing. The churches need to promote natural health care with respect for the human body that is miraculously made and encourage their congregations to get �Back to the Basics.�

Vaccines are often referred to as the �Sacred Cow� of modern medicine. Perhaps vaccines are also a �Sacred Cow� of the modern church community? For those interested I have Biblical reasons not to vaccinate. Email me a request at:

Crusador: Is there any data that proves the flu shot really prevents people from getting the flu and is a benefit to society?

There is no proof that the flu vaccine will protect you or give you immunity. You never get long term immunity from any vaccine because the immune system responds differently to the vaccine than it does to the illness. You may have an immune response, which is usually suppression of the immune system. You may even get very sick and again, you will also get the mercury and other additives.

I know the flu vaccine is real good for the medical community because they make billions of dollars and if people get sick from the shot, more drugs are prescribed. I do not think there is any benefit to society�the whole vaccine theory is wrong and unproven to work. The year after Medicare started to pay for the flu shots for the elderly, hospital visits for seniors went up dramatically due to complications from the vaccine. I guess that is good for the hospitals! When studies are referenced by the local health department, those studies are funded and supported by pharmaceutical money. The studies are short term and usually only include a small fraction of society. The people who are involved with the studies are usually on the pay roll.

Crusador: Are you especially concerned about the elderly in nursing homes given the shot against their will?

Our elderly are considered �at risk� because they say their immune systems weaken as they age. If you consider how many drugs the elderly have been given in the last 30 years, it is not surprising that they are breaking down. I believe that the elderly generation of this country completely embraced the medical model and are now paying for it. They have been conditioned to believe that they need drugs for every ailment. Unfortunately, if someone is in a nursing home, they have little choice on what is done to them. It is standard procedure that everyone gets the flu shot. According to Hugh Fudenburg, the world�s leading immunologist and 13th most quoted biologist of our times, �If an individual has had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980, their chances of getting Alzheimer�s disease is 10 times greater due to the accumulation of aluminum and mercury in the brain.�

Almost all vaccines contain some level of aluminum and the flu shot is no different. We hear about people being diagnosed with Alzheimer�s all the time and it is a big market for new drug development. I recommend that we as children of elderly parents, if at all possible, must be intricately involved in the health care decisions our parents make. Although difficult to do with some parents, we should question any prescription drugs being prescribed to see if they are absolutely necessary. If they are in a nursing home, go to the administrator, head nurse, and their personal nurse and educate them on why you do not want your parent to receive the flu vaccine. Keep an eye on their chart for what they are being given. You may not have the right to refuse since they are in a nursing home. This may be an area for legal advice.

Crusador: Do you believe the bird flu is being hyped and is a pandemic inevitable?

I had the opportunity to meet with the head of Michigan�s immunizations late last year at a chiropractic convention. The meeting consisted of the president and vice president of the Michigan Chiropractic Association, David Kirby, who just released the book, �Evidence of Harm,� the head of the $26 million dollar immunization program of Michigan, and myself. When we asked the question how they were going to develop the Bird Flu Vaccine, he said that it was just a matter of time before someone with the flu handles a bird infected with the virus and the two would mutate and infect humans. Then they would isolate the virus, grow it and put it in the current flu shot. When we inquired about safety studies, he said, �We do not need studies because the current flu vaccine is safe, and we are just adding to it.�

Just like the �swine flu� in the early 1980�s which was a disaster, and the rotavirus vaccine in the 1990�s that only lasted on the market for six month and was pulled, I predict they will come up with a vaccine and the people will be the big experiment. They spent $23 million in October of 2003 marketing, �The worst flue to hit America� making predictions that never came true. Thousands were flocking to the health department, stores and doctor�s office demanding the shot in fear for their lives. The supply was gone in weeks and guess what�the predicted epidemic was smoke and mirrors. I have articles from major newspapers that use hype every fall season, that claim thousands will die from the �deadly flu� soon to hit. Will it ever happen? I believe they will make sure it happens one way or another because Congress is trying to allocate billions for the development of a flu vaccine for our country.

We know the current flu shots can cause the flu so why wouldn�t the bird flu shot? The way they are messing with viruses and causing mutation, God only knows what is coming. Should we be fearful? No, I think it is wiser to promote our health naturally each and every day so that if we come in contact with something, we can effectively deal with it. I choose to not live in fear of the unknown. I trust God to give me wisdom and guidance in all areas of my life. I have faith in the body he created to deal with what ever. Fear can be a terrible motivator. Education is the key to dealing with fear. Nothing takes the place of strong convictions, and strength comes from knowing the truth.

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�Fear Not� is in the Bible 365 times, one for each day of the year. Do you think the Lord is trying to tell us something?

Crusador: Where would you direct people to learn more about these issues?

They can start at my web site and go to my link page where they will find other great sites like,,

To have Mary Tocco attend your conference as a speaker call 231-642-7984.

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Greg Ciola is the editor and publisher of Crusador, a hard-hitting alternative health publication that sheds light on many critical health issues. Ciola believes that there is a conscious effort going on to sabotage our health. His mission is to actively educate others by explaining the reasons why many health problems are occurring, and what can be done so you, your family, and your loved ones can stay well.












First, let us all agree that the flu is an inconvenience and usually not life threatening. The only time it is life threatening is if someone is immune deficient. When you consider what is in the shot and how it is made, the toxic ingredients and additives are much worse for the body than the illness.