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By Greg Ciola

December 26, 2006

Is the answer to the world�s health crisis as simple as drinking half your bodyweight a day in ounces of water with a pinch of unprocessed sea salt? Everyone knows that water is the source of all life. Why is it that something as simple as consuming more water is not considered when it comes to treating or preventing disease? Every single cell of our body functions on salt and water.

In this enlightening interview, CRUSADOR interviews water researcher Bob Butts who is selflessly and heroically carrying on the astonishing work of Dr. Fereydoon Batamanghelidj, M.D. (a.k.a. Dr. B), author of the book �Your Bodies Many Cries For Water.�

Crusador: Tell us about Dr. B and his Water Cure?

Dr. B. was slated to be shot as a political prisoner of Khomeni�s revolutionaries after the government of the Shaw was overthrown in 1979. While in prison, he found that many inmates suffered from ulcers and he used nothing but water to treat them and cured every single one of over 3,000 with just water. He also found that many of these same people suffering from severe depression were cured in just a few days by drinking lots of water.

When his trial came up a year and a half later, he presented his discovery as his defense from 32 charges, each of which carried the death penalty if he were convicted. The judge recessed the trial and reconvened two weeks later where he acknowledged that their medical doctors concluded that he had indeed made a tremendous discovery. That is what gained his release.

After leaving Iran and coming to the USA, Dr. B continued his research at the University of Pennsylvania where he gathered the material for his ground breaking book, �Your Body�s Many Cries for Water.� This book has been peer reviewed by many researchers around the world where Dr. B. gave lectures.

Crusador: What are some of the things Dr. B discovered?

He discovered that the root cause of about 65% of health problems is dehydration (a salt & water deficiency) and when the dehydration is corrected, many so-called incurable illnesses are greatly improved or cured. A few are asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis, anxiety, obesity, M.S., cancer, Lupus, etc. Probably the most amazing thing is the 100% cure of pet arthritis just by adding unprocessed sea salt to their water and food at � tsp. per quart of water and sprinkling some on its food.

Crusador: Why aren�t mainstream medical treatments the answer to many of the problems?

Using drugs and procedures to silence the alarm signals of underlying problems is like disconnecting the warning lights from your car�s dash. Whether its people or vehicles, the answer is to give the problem no reason to exist. Common sense tells us that the only thing that can get us well and keep us well is a strong immune system. Drugs, chemotherapy and radiation do the opposite. As Dr. Dean Burk, a friend and co-founder of the National Cancer Institute said, �Drugs are man�s way to try to bludgeon the body into a cure profitably and if there�s enough money to be made on it, research could be designed to prove that daylight doesn�t exist.�

Most drugs dehydrate the body. The #1 protocol in every hospital hydrates the body, which incidentally is water and salt. A saline IV has six times as much salt in it as the water cure recipe recommended by Dr. B, which only recommends a � tsp. per quart. A quart of saline IV sells for up to $475 and there is only about one penny�s worth of salt water in it.

Crusador: In a major northeastern Pennsylvania newspaper you offered $50,000 if the Water Cure couldn�t cure every child of asthma. Tell me about this?

I saw so many people get well from asthma that I felt it was no more a risk than betting $50,000 that tomorrow at noon it will be daylight. We have no knowledge of it failing even once. Local talk shows were talking about it and bashing it. I said that if I�m wrong, then I�ll have to pay $50,000. Nobody could prove it wrong and not one person came forward to say it failed.

Crusador: Can you highlight a few of the chronic diseases that are caused by a lack of water?

High blood pressure, according to Dr. B., is primarily the result of a dehydrated body that has to elevate the pressure in order to see that every cell gets enough blood which is 94% water. Mineral deficiency can also cause people to be salt sensitive and raise the blood pressure. Dr. B. has much info on this on his site and we have some testimonials also.

Heart disease is similar and a great article is on our site under the headline from Family practice News which reads; �Water Sinks Fatal Heart Disease Risk.� High Cholesterol is the result of a dehydrated body needing more cholesterol to seal the water in the cells to minimize water loss. I�ve never seen a case yet where correcting the dehydration didn�t cure the problem.

Asthma is a very simple problem produced in a dehydrated person when the brain deliberately constricts the bronchials in order to prevent water loss. Drinking two glasses of water for an adult having this problem and then putting a pinch of salt on the tongue will stop an asthma attack in minutes. I�ve seen or heard of it work many times.

Crusador: How many lives and how much money would be saved if the water cure were endorsed by our medical system?

According to Dr. B., possibly one million Americans every year could be saved from premature death and 1500 billion dollars ($1.5 trillion). Even if Dr. B. were only half right as Paul Harvey put it, the water cure would still be the greatest health discovery in history.

Crusador: You�re in the auto parts business. What makes you think that you know more than doctors?

In the beginning the skepticism was so great that half the people thought I was nuts and the other half knew I was. That is no longer the case as northeastern Pennsylvania abounds with testimonials and the TV news specials covering this story certainly increased our credibility. Cars and people are a lot alike. Neither will run well if they are water deficient. People come into our store and ask for help. They rattle off their health problems with all the scientific labels and ask me what I think. I think you have drought. You are a couple of quarts low I respond, and they are. I explain that doctors are trained to follow protocols or they could be sued if they don�t.

Crusador: You�ve said that if cars were as easy to fix as people you�d be out of business. Can you elaborate on that statement?

If cars were as easy to fix as people all we�d have to do is to throw all the raw materials that each part is made of in the trunk and the car would digest them and renew every part. That�s all we have to do to fix our bodies, but the raw materials need to be what our bodies need and not be compromised with processing. We need live food, not micro-waved or devitalized food from cooking.

Crusador: You say that most medical researchers already know that the Water Cure works and they would have to be dumb beyond belief if they didn�t. Explain why?

When a prominent TV personality and attorney with MS contacted me after his MD told him to do so, he told me that he had lost 90% of his vision in one eye and had difficulty walking up and down steps. I told him that as far as I�m concerned, MS stands for monumentally stupid because researchers would have to be dumb beyond belief if they couldn�t figure out its cause and cure. You already know that the nerve tissue of a person with MS hardens and researchers should certainly know that nerve tissue is 85% water. Therefore, what would cause it to get hard? Obviously lack of water! I never knew of one person with MS who wasn�t severely dehydrated. I told him that his vision would be back in four or five days and in a couple of months most symptoms would be gone and that�s exactly what happened.

Crusador: Why is salt such an important part of the Water Cure?

Without adequate salt, your body will never retain enough water to make the body function properly. That�s why the saline IV is so great and uses so much salt. No metabolic process can take place properly without enough salt.

Crusador: Compare a saline IV with the Water Cure?

First of all, for the hard nosed skeptic with a health problem, ask your MD to give you a saline IV twice a day for four days, drink no caffeine or alcohol and see what happens. The Water Cure is an oral saline IV with less salt and more minerals. The big difference is the IV costs up to $475 and the salt water only cost one penny.

Crusador: If the Water Cure is so simple, then why isn�t everyone using it?

Because there�s a rule that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Talk show host Barry Farber turned me down for an interview initially when I told him that I don�t do interviews unless the host knows it�s not too good to be true. He verified the truth and called this the most incredible story in his 44 years of broadcasting. The interview we eventually did resulted in about seven shows with Dr. B. and me. He said that our interviews caused switchboard meltdown.

Crusador: Medical people say that the success stories you publish are just anecdotal. How do you answer that?

I tell them that the only reason they are called anecdotal is because research already knows the stories are true. Why else would their #1 and most profitable protocol be salt water in the form of a saline IV? Whoever invented the saline IV knew very well all that it would do. Actually, Hippocrates, the father of medicine and the namesake of the Hippocratic Oath, was the first to use the Water Cure as documented in the 1934 book, �Back to Eden.�

Crusador: What about soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol?

Caffeine and alcohol are deadly because they are diuretics that remove more water from the body than was in the drink originally. The sugar in soda is certainly bad and caffeine and aspartame make a bad thing even worse.

Crusador: Is your faith in God the main reason why you are so motivated to share this information?

Absolutely! I consider myself the luckiest person in the world and I wouldn�t trade places with anyone for all the money in the world. The Water Cure is truly a gift from God and passes the litmus test for being this gift. It is free, has no negative side effects, it works, and is truly a blessing to the world. I just prayed the following as I completed this questionnaire: �Bless my words with God�s light and love to give them the energy to heal, strengthen and nourish the bodies and spirits of all who read them.�

Read Dr. B.�s dedication in each of his books: �To our Creator, with Awe, Humility and Love.� I can honestly say that I am infinitely rewarded in the wonderful feeling that I receive in knowing that I am sharing Dr. B.�s tremendous discovery with people around the world.

Crusador: Thanks for an excellent interview Bob.

Bob: Sure. I assure you that anyone who tries the Water Cure will see astounding results nothing short of miraculous.

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The Water Cure Recipe

Drink 1/2 your body weight of water in ounces, daily. Example: 180 lb = 90 oz. of water daily. Divide that into 8 or 10 oz. glasses and that's how many glasses you will need to drink, daily. Use 1/4 tsp. of unprocessed sea salt for every quart of water you drink. Use sea salt liberally with food. As long as you drink the water, you can use the salt. Use only unprocessed sea salt. Avoid table salt. It only has three minerals in it. While the best sea salts contain all minerals, you should eat a banana or two a day for potassium and take some magnesium, calcium and zinc to maximize your immune system. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. These are diuretics and will dehydrate you. Every 6 oz. of caffeine or alcohol requires an additional 10 to 12 oz. of water to re-hydrate you.

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Read Dr. B.�s dedication in each of his books: �To our Creator, with Awe, Humility and Love.� I can honestly say that I am infinitely rewarded in the wonderful feeling that I receive in knowing that I am sharing Dr. B.�s tremendous discovery with people around the world.