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By David Brownlow
July 15, 2003

When the President of the United States stood before the American people and told us that Iraq had attempted to buy nuclear weapons materials from Nigeria, most of us took that statement at face value. Those were very serious charges, that if true, would demand a very serious action by our military. Of course, we assumed the President would never make such wild accusations unless he had an iron clad case against Iraq.

But as we now know, the Nigerian documents turned out to be complete forgeries. We have also learned that CIA director George Tenant knew the Nigerian documents were fake nearly four months before the President delivered his State of the Union speech. But for some inexplicable reason, the CIA agents who filtered every single word of the speech never told the President about the phony documents.

The President was preparing for war and had access to every piece of information that existed about the Iraqi weapons programs. He had daily CIA briefings, yet we are supposed to believe the President was never told about the forged Iraqi documents? Wouldn't you think that during all those months of briefings, the forged document story would have had come up at least once?

While we do not want to rush to judgment, it is important that we find out what really happened. In other words, "What did the President know, and when did he know it."

If it is proved that the President knowingly mislead the American people about his evidence for invading Iraq, then we have no alternative but to ask the President to step down as Commander in Chief. And if he refuses to step down, the Congress should begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

Now that the forged document story is out in the open, the CIA director has stepped forward to take the blame. He says it was not the President's fault the Iraqi nuclear information was slipped into the State of the Union speech. It was his fault, because his CIA operatives did not catch it in time.

President Bush says he backs the CIA director "absolutely," because it was just an honest mistake that anyone could make. So we have two men, both trying to get their stories straight, backing up the other.

The whitewash has already begun in full force. "Baghdad Ari" Fleicher went before the cameras last week and said, "The President is pleased that the director of Central Intelligence acknowledged what needed to be acknowledged. The President has moved on. And I think, frankly, much of the country has moved on as well."

No, Mr. Fleicher, you can't just walk away from this one. We started a war against a sovereign nation in part because President Bush went in front of the American people and pulled out the nuclear weapon boogieman. What we need are some answers.

We do know this: The President went before the Congress and asked for authority to launch a pre-emptive military strike against Iraq. The evidence against Iraq consisted largely of UN Security Council Resolutions that Iraq refused to agree to, and Iraqi refusal to show evidence they still possessed the banned WMD we were never sure they even had in the first place.

To stoke up the flames even more, the President hinted that Iraq had been harboring the Al Qaeda operatives that were responsible for 9/11. We were told about the balsa wood WMD spraying flying drones, the tons and tons of stockpiled WMD, the forward deployed chemical artillery shells and the SCUDS that were loaded up, ready to rain WMD on Israel.

The rhetoric heated up until finally, on October 3, 2002, the US Congress once again betrayed the oath they took to defend the Constitution and passed HJ RES 114.

Resolution 114 was what a do-nothing Republican controlled Congress called a declaration of war. Congress referenced the UN over 30 times in the resolution and abdicated the power to declare war - a power that they alone possess - and turned that power over to the President. Nothing good could ever have come out of such a spineless move.

There is one thing we have learned very well over the last 50 years: Bad things always happen when we start illegal, undeclared UN wars.

We now know that none of the justifications we used for the invasion of Iraq were true!

Since we seem to have attacked and destroyed a country that never posed a danger to us, the only honorable thing left for us to do is to sit down with whatever leaders we can find alive in Iraq and apologize to them. Then we need to offer to pay them for everything we broke and for all the thousands of Iraqis we killed during the invasion.

We need to get to the bottom of the forged nuclear document scandal right away. The credibility of America is on the line.

Then, we need to get our troops the heck out of Iraq - just as fast as we can. Before any more of our brave young men and women have to die.

� 2003 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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David Brownlow
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"There is one thing we have learned very well over the last 50 years: Bad things always happen when we start illegal, undeclared UN wars."