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By David Brownlow
May 30, 2003

Nearly everyone who wrote me in response to "You've been living in a Dream World, Neo," asked a variation of the question, "Is there still time to fix this mess, and if so how?"

Thanks to the many who wrote, but the challenge we are facing is so huge that it would be highly presumptive of me to even suggest that I have the answer. So instead, let me just throw out a few ideas.

First of all, it is very encouraging to see that there are so many America-loving patriots left out there who understand the magnitude of the problem we face - that our Constitutional Republic is all but gone and has been replaced by an illusion of a "two-party" democracy.

Now that we have decades of trends to evaluate, the undeniable body of evidence points to the fact that America is on an accelerating slide toward socialism and moral collapse, no matter which flavor of the political parties are in charge.

In a telling display of arrogance, the Republican controlled "U.S. House of Representatives chose May 1, the National Day of Prayer, to have its first-ever openly homosexual chaplain give its morning invocation." (WORLD Magazine, May 17, 2003). The stench of that "prayer" is going to linger over the Capital for quite some time.

There is something far more sinister at work here than just the complete incompetence we have come to expect from our politicians. It is no longer possible to believe that the continual slide of our country in almost every measurable category could be a random event of chance.

Spending is out of control and our debt has exploded. Sodomy is celebrated while traditional values are mocked. In the name of fighting terror our freedoms are being trashed. We have kicked God out of every conceivable public place and we have allowed the continued government-sanctioned murder of 4,000 American unborn children every single day.

It is very alarming that the pace of the accelerating slide has remained unchecked without regard to whether the Republicans or the Democrats are in charge! This means the take-over of our government is in a far more advanced stage than many of us were willing to admit.

I often have to take a step back and wonder, "What have we done to America Lord, what have we done?" And wonder also if there is enough time left to clean up the mess we have made, before the whole system comes apart.

A few thoughts:

The first thing we all need to do is to get on our knees before God and repent. We need to repent for our disobedience. We need to repent that His people have sat by and done nothing while so many millions of God's precious children have been slaughtered. We need to repent that we have taken the blessings of this great nation and turned it into a country that can no longer even acknowledge Him in a public building or school. Then, we need to pray that our leaders would repent and turn from their wicked ways.

When the King of Nineveh understood the urgency of the warning Jonah delivered, the King took immediate action and repented - on the very eve of the destruction of Nineveh. We could be that close to a judgment ourselves!

Second, we need to alert the sleeping masses, and especially the church, to what has happened to our political system. The facts are clear - decades of trust and loyal commitment to the Republican Party has borne little fruit. That is not Republican bashing and that is not to say that the people who are involved in the party are insincere. The point is this. It makes absolutely no sense to continue doing the same things that have so clearly failed to produce results. Denial is not going to make the problem go away.

The fact is nothing we fought to change has changed, but instead has only gotten worse - under the control of the very people we thought were going to fix it!

I don't know about you, but I am not in this fight just to make the bad things happen a little slower.

Third, we need to educate the people, and even our own politicians, that our Constitution is still the law of the land. We have every right to demand that those who have been elected to office abide by the oaths they took to defend the Constitution. We also have every right to demand that our leaders reign in the federal courts, which have been wreaking great havoc across the nation. Our Constitution contains clear, unambiguous instructions for the proper role of our government and the courts; and it is a very limited role! It is against the law for elected officials to act in ways that are contrary to the Constitution.

We can no longer accept the continuous illegal activities of those we have entrusted to lead us. We are obligated to hold them accountable, but we have held back from telling it like it is for way too long! Being nice has obviously not worked!

Fourth, we need to be willing to sacrifice an unknown number of election cycles, since the chances of "second party" candidates winning national elections any time soon seem remote. So we need to let the "greater of two evils" win for a while if necessary, until we can find some real statesmen who are willing to obey the law. Based on past history, "losing" elections will make no difference in our downward slide, so it is irrelevant which candidate from the Dem/Rep party wins.

If nothing else, this will flush the enemy out into the open.

Fifth, it is rather imperative that those who see clearly what has happened be willing to pull completely out of the fraudulent "two-party" system. We have wasted enough time trying to tinker with it. The time has come to cut our losses and move on.

Sixth, we need to continue to speak out on behalf of the unborn. When a government is the leading sponsor in the killing of 42,000,000 people, that government becomes the equivalent of a hostile, foreign occupying force - an occupying force that is apparently intent on our extermination! By funding, participating in and legitimizing the "two-party" charade, we are all part of the problem.

The phrase "May God bless America" has become the trite and insincere speech-ending equivalent of "Roger, over and out." A more appropriate phrase would be "May God have mercy on America."

Can America awake from the dream world? Enormous obstacles have been laid out in front of us and our success is by no means assured. But the failure of the current system is virtually guaranteed.

Our love for America compels us to press on, regardless of the odds.

� 2003 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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"It is very alarming that the pace of the accelerating slide has remained unchecked without regard to whether the Republicans or the Democrats are in charge! This means the take-over of our government is in a far more advanced stage than many of us were willing to admit."