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By David Brownlow

November 21, 2004

America's headlong plunge toward a moral and fiscal catastrophe is accelerating at a rate that is simply not sustainable.

In a completely irrational response to this crisis, "conservatives" just handed an electoral mandate to the very warmongering socialists who are responsible for the total chaos in which we find ourselves - virtually guaranteeing their lawless behavior will continue raging out of control.

Will this new mandate force the Republicans to start obeying the law? If history is any indication, there is not even the slightest chance that will happen. They have had a major chokehold on the power in this country for 22 of the last 24 years - holding majorities in the House, the Senate, and/or the presidency during that time. They have had all the authority they needed to block the numerous attacks that have been waged against our culture and freedoms. But instead of fighting for us, they have been a major part of the problem.

The Republicans actually seem to be ramping up the pace of the attacks. During the last ten years, a time in which they have controlled both the House and the Senate, our federal government has grown into such a bloated and frightful creature, it has come to more closely resemble a vast criminal enterprise than it does anything like a legitimate government.

Nearly every day, further burdens of taxation, regulation and loss of liberties are added to the already crushing load we are forced to carry supporting a government that, by almost any objective measure, is spinning wildly out of control.


The symptoms of our decaying society are numerous; exploding budgets and deficits, tyrannical courts, oppressive regulations, a Social Security Ponzi scheme, a monetary system based on counterfeit currency, socialized medicine, pornography spewing out of every phone jack in the country, the perversion of marriage, government schools that preach humanism to our kids, the banishment of religious displays from the public square, or whichever other "crime of the week" we get lured into fighting.

The Republicans led us to "war" in Iraq, a country that did not attack us, was not involved in 9-11, was not a terrorist haven, and was never a danger to America. The resulting carnage and destruction was inevitable.

The President tells us our young men are dying in Iraq "fighting for our freedom." The truth is, the invasion of Iraq had NOTHING to do with our freedom. Unfortunately, few in leadership, from the top on down, will admit what most of us already know - invading Iraq was a colossal blunder!

The inability of our elected leaders to deal truthfully with the American has become pathological.

In a tragic irony, while we chase phantom enemies half way around the world, some of the most cunning and deadly enemies ever imagined are living right here in America. Enemies, who in full partnership with the U.S. government, have murdered 45,000,000 American children.

What makes this all the more horrifying, is that while the abortion holocaust is being waged right in our own neighborhoods, God's own people follow blindly along, funding and supporting the very government that has become the chief enforcement arm of the legalized child-killing industry! May God have mercy on us!

Since the election, we not heard one word from our "pro-life" President about his plans to get in the abortion fight. That is because Bush will do NOTHING to stop another five million children from being murdered during his second term.

As usual, evangelical "conservatives" were played like a fiddle during the last election. They got all worked up about the "moral" issues and ended up fighting the symptoms of our decay, instead of dealing with the root cause of our decay.


The reason there is such mayhem swirling all around us, is because we are being ruled by an elite group of politicians who absolutely refuse to obey the law. The law is clear; no undeclared wars, no murder of innocent children, no federal programs or agencies that are not specifically authorized by the Constitution. Our leaders, with few exceptions, have broken the oaths they made to defend the Constitution.

We can fight the symptoms all we want, but until we deal with the real cause - that lawbreakers and criminals are ruling this nation - our government will continue to absorb every bit of freedom we are willing to give up. While the Constitution has been reduced to an interesting relic, those we have entrusted to lead us, which includes those in all three branches of our government, make up the laws as they see fit - with an ever-increasing boldness!

What is almost as alarming as the criminal behavior of the ruling junta, is that their dictates are being enforced by a heavily armed, increasingly belligerent, federal police force that has ballooned to nearly 100,000 strong!


The next four years are certain to prove (once again) the insanity of electing lawbreakers to Congress and expecting to end up with anything but lawlessness. It will also prove (once again) that the tactics of compromise and appeasement will never work. These people are not interested in compromise. They want only one thing - power!

So instead of trying to appease the lawbreakers, let's focus on overthrowing them! If we do that, the symptoms will take care of themselves.

We need to decide whose side we are on. And we need to decide if there is a line in the sand we are willing to fight over. But we'd better get our act together soon. The time for us to make our move is quickly running out.

� 2004 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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David Brownlow, an engineer, has been designing and selling industrial automation control systems since 1979. David and his wife Suzanne have four children and reside in Clackamas OR. He has been active in the pro-life movement and conservative politics for nearly 25 years. David is the 2004 Oregon Constitution Party candidate for the United States Senate. His Web-Site E-Mail:








The symptoms of our decaying society are numerous; exploding budgets and deficits, tyrannical courts, oppressive regulations, a Social Security Ponzi scheme, a monetary system based on counterfeit currency, socialized medicine, pornography...