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By David Brownlow

August 8, 2004

If there were a color-coded threat meter that detected the amount of deception pouring out of our government, the meter would be pegged at bright red - for extreme!

The level of fear mongering we are being subjected to is absolutely overwhelming. New York City highway tunnels are closed. Transportation is gridlocked. Machine gun-toting ninja cops infiltrate buildings, subways and airports. (While every one else is denied the right to arm themselves!) All this over a computer found in Pakistan with "targeting" information that was over four years old!

These phony terror alerts do not happen by accident, nor are they the result of incompetent "intelligence" agencies. Instead, they are part of an elaborate, well-scripted scheme designed to keep Americans living in a constant state of fear. Americans have proved that we are more than willing to give up almost any amount of our freedom for the illusion of safety - even if that means heavily armed shock troops patrolling our cities and neighborhoods.

With the preparations for martial law well under way, it is obvious that the "war on terror" has nothing to do with protecting the American people, but has everything to do with controlling the American people.

President Bush told us last week that "we are a nation in danger" and endorsed the creation of yet another bureaucracy to fight terror - the appointment of a "national intelligence czar" and the establishment of a counter terrorism center. We can only wonder what additional restrictions on our freedoms this new "czar" will impose on an unsuspecting population.

The President is correct about one thing - we are a nation in danger. Will the terrorists hit us again? (Was it really them that hit us the first time?) Who knows? But the real danger we face is not from al-Qaida or any band of roving madmen. The danger we face comes from the enemy within - from the ruling junta that has taken over our government and is turning America into a virtual police state.

The danger we face comes from a government that:

  • Is meddling in the affairs of the 140 nations in which we have stationed American troops.
  • Is grabbing large chunks of our freedom under the guise of "Homeland Security."
  • Has a heavily armed, increasingly belligerent federal police force nearly 100,000 strong.
  • Allows our soldiers to languish and die in foreign battles - with no declaration of war, no clear purpose and no path to victory - while our borders remain undefended.
  • Incarcerates one out of every 70 American males - over six times the rate of Canada!
  • Rewards U.S. corporations for moving their factories to countries that pay the equivalent of slave labor wages.
  • Allows tyrannical courts to write laws.
  • Has removed from the public square - by force - any reference to the Lord our God.
  • Forces Christian families - under the threat of jail - to pay for government schools that indoctrinate our children into the religion of atheism.
  • Allows filth and perversion to spew out of every telephone jack in the country.
  • Conspired with the legalized child-killing industry to murder almost 45,000,000 unborn Americans!
  • Refuses to obey the law of the land - the U.S. Constitution.

We are in danger from an enemy, all right. But it is not from the enemy we are supposedly fighting. Our real enemy is the one we have allowed to roam freely in our camp.

Fortunately, those that seek to enslave us have no power unless we give it to them. This November, we can send a clear message to the enemies of freedom that we will no longer stand idly by while our country is taken away from us.

We need to understand that the solution will not be found with the "two-party" charade that dominates our political process. For many decades, the Republicans and Democrats have proved they are incapable of obeying the law. We need to get them out of there if we have any hope of getting ourselves out of this mess.

Check out the Constitution Party. It is not too late to take this country back.

� 2004 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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Dave Brownlow, an engineer, has been designing and selling industrial automation control systems since 1979. He lives in Clackamas OR with his wife Suzanne and their four children. Active in the pro-life movement and conservative politics for over 20 years, David ran for US Congress in the 3rd District of Oregon in 2002 on the Constitution Party ticket. He has announced his plans to run again in 2004. His Web-Site  E-Mail:









The level of fear mongering we are being subjected to is absolutely overwhelming. New York City highway tunnels are closed. Transportation is gridlocked. Machine gun-toting ninja cops infiltrate buildings, subways and airports.