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By Betty Freauf
March 23, 2013

Psalm 127 says EXCEPT the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman walketh but in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows, for so he giveth his beloved sleep. Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As Arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. Motherhood was of the utmost importance as seen by the Lord who wanted us to be fruitful and multiply.

When I read that verse about a quiver of kids, I’m reminded how my European Protestants legally came to America through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th century to a land totally unfamiliar to them. They did not come as paupers or carrying communicable diseases. My dad’s mother had 12 children. My grandmother on my mother’s side had 10 children. They were the epitome of self-reliance and lived very humbly lives without the labor-saving devices of today and no pamper diapers. The men brought skills with them from the old country, as they called it and they didn’t expect bilingual classes. They learned English. Their children married and as they became more affluent, as a general rule we saw married couples beginning to have smaller families until eventually two seemed to be the average with an occasional accident that made three or maybe four. The Supreme Court will be hearing same sex marriage the week of March 25th. The homosexual movement is not about “equality” but is part of the New World Order population control. The hate legislation was enacted to stifle opponents.


J. Vernon McGee had a worldwide radio ministry. He wrote in his commentaries on Joshua 23:7-8 “The grave danger of crossing the Jordan River, facing an enemy in a strange land, encountering the unknown on every land and meeting fear on every side had kept Israel close to the Lord. Joshua recognized that now since they entered into rest in the Promised Land and were enjoying prosperity and plenty, they would drift from God. That is the story of human nature. It never changes.” However, the Canaanites were well entrenched in the land and the Israelites failed to drive them out. The Book of Isaiah opens with God outlining three steps that cause the downfall of nations: (1) Spiritual apostasy (2) Moral awfulness and (3) Political anarchy, which is the final state stage of a nation. McGee who died in 1988 wrote, “I feel that the U.S. is facing a similar situation.” General Douglas MacArthur also said:

"In this day of gathering storms, as moral deterioration of political power spreads its growing infection, it is essential that every spiritual force be mobilized to defend and preserve the religious base upon which this nation is founded; for it has been that base which has been the motivating impulse to our moral and national growth. History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual reawakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster."

“While other nations went through a period of hardship during WWII, our nation entered an era of affluence. God was testing us with prosperity,” said McGee. People turned from God and today we see on a daily basis how debased America has become doing that which they believe right in their own eyes. The Christians have been neutered because they, too, like the Israelites, kept one foot in Egypt. The mere fact that Barack Obama was reelected validates America’s spiritual apostasy and moral decline and political anarchy around the corner.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people,” said John Adams. And today, someone would have to be pretty blind not to be able to see how the attack on Christianity has accelerated the last few decades. The communist front, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and lately with the Southern Poverty Law Center working together, Christianity and its followers are constantly under attack.


The stay-at-home mothers used to be the watchdogs for their communities. Remember the old saying about “The hand that rocked the cradle ruled the world” so their honorable God-ordained occupation had to be defamed by the radical feminist movement . Enter the devil on a black horse named Betty Friedan, the Big MS. of Women’s Liberation who traded her home and husband for a life of shrieking activism. In a 1978 NOW-ERA Fund Raising letter, she said, “No deity will save us, we must save ourselves. Promises of immortal salvation or fear of eternal damnation are both illusory and harmful.” Her former husband says 60% of the women she brought to their home were lesbians.[1] The “feminatzies,” as radio host Rush Limbaugh calls them claimed they were fighting the masculine establishment and for “independence from men” and the term “victimization” was birthed. The Equal Rights Movement was introduced along with birth control which included the 1973 Roe –vs- Wade Supreme Court decision right up to the morning after pill today. It was later revealed Friedan was a professional propagandist for the Soviet-controlled Communist Party to help create a United States Soviet America. In order to do this, it would be necessary to eradicate the traditional family and to supplant the family with the state, i.e. working mothers and day care. What do we do when home sweet home is no longer so sweet?


Karl Marx called for the “abolition of the family” in the communist Manifesto. Some state-at-home mothers waited until their children were fairly grown before they went to work outside the home in order to pay perhaps for a child’s college education or enhance a future retirement fund. The younger ones felt the need to be a two-paycheck family so they could enjoy the frivolities of life. What they used to call in my early days – Keeping up with the Jones that was basically breaking the 10th commandment, Thou Shall Not Covet. Many grandmas didn’t approve of their daughters going to work but many succumbed to becoming the babysitters for grandchildren until they became school age. At that time, the over-priced jobs program called public schools became the babysitters.

In her 2000 book PARENTHOOD BY PROXY Dr. Laura wrote that the upper class or richer folks with working mothers paid professional nannies $50,000 a year to be a companion for their children. Better to live in a shack with love than a mansion without it.

Other women put off having children while getting established in their career only to find after 20 years they were still unfulfilled so they left their plush offices and surrendered their Italian leather briefcases for diaper bags.


I won’t even give much ink to the divorce rates. Having worked in an attorney’s office in the late 50s divorce papers stipulated the couple could not remarry for one year. It was a good law. It gave them time to reconsider their mistakes and take into consideration what the upheaval meant to their children. Intact families are far less to be child abusers than step families or single mothers with live-in boyfriends who invariably find the need for government dependency and assistance. The infamous Dr. Spock determined spanking was child abuse and rather rely on the elected sheriff to investigate alleged abuse, the corrupt Child Protective Agency was created along with a lawyers, court investigators, court personnel, judges, psychologists and psychiatrists, counselors, caseworkers, therapists, foster parents , adoptive parents, ad infinitum. Google Ohio Senator Nancy Schaefer’s November 16, 2007 report on the corrupt business of Child Protective Services.


Margaret Sanger who founded the Birth Control League – later renamed Planned Parenthood – in 1916 was a devoted socialist. She once wrote that she eagerly anticipated “seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than capitalism,” but the hypocrite had no qualms about using capitalist money to promote her fiendish death causes in the promotion of the perfect society like Hitler envisioned with natural selection. In the same manner the homosexual movement has used to “normalize” its alternative life style, with diabolical guile she used the social upheaval fomented by her radical comrades to illustrate the supposed need for totalitarian population control measure.

And who were her radical comrades? Probably the most familiar would be John D. Rockefeller 3rd and his family and other powerful elites using their tax-exempt foundations to provide much of the money to advance the designs of the eugenicist movement and the depopulation movement. It should also be noted that it was the Rockefellers that helped create the women’s movement designed to get both parents out of the home and into the workforce where they would pay taxes. This required children to be raised in government day care facilities where they could be indoctrinated at an early age preparing them for America’s umbrella-less public education system.


Just how far down the slippery slope are we? Can I say DEATH PANELS for the elderly and disabled in the Obamacare legislation. Now deceased Joan M. Veon in 1996 reported on the United Nations World Food Summit which she attended and said Sustainable Development is found in the 1977 U.S.S.R. Constitution and it embodies the Leninist/Marxist concept of “production/consumption” which means you don’t eat unless you can produce. Today we are hearing stories about how Medicare is cutting off heart and diabetic medicine supplies to the elderly, but thousands can still get food stamps even for their dogs. And if you are over 75 and have to go the emergency room in the middle of the night, be prepared for the total cost to be paid by you if you can’t reach your primary provider and ask him/her to make the arrangements.

To its credit, the pro-life movement through the education process of showing aborted babies and the testimony of women who have regretted aborting their babies, these pro-lifers have slowed down the number of abortions; however, millions are still aborted each year. Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade and others testified before Congressional committees and said Roe vs. Wade was all based on lies so why hasn’t the Republicans when they control force a reversal of that 1973 unlawful Supreme Court decision? There are a myriad of ways funding for abortions can be stopped. The House of Representatives now in control by the Republicans in Washington, D.C. decides on allocations.

Failure to keep our quivers filled with children, has become like other industrialized nations with a falling fertility rate at the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman? Israel is an exception. In addition, HR 3590 (final Obamacare bill) says effective last August 1, 2012 in some states the age of consent for a young girl as young as 12 years to be sterilized without the knowledge or consent of parents. In other states the age of consent for a young girl will be 15 or 16.

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Christians on a daily basis are demoralized, called names and accused of “hate” crimes while the Director of CAIR in Missouri wants to use Sharia law to prosecute Americans who insult Islam. Shown in an article about CAIR is about a two- or three- year old holding a sign that says, “Behead all those who insults the Prophet.” Nearby is a sibling in a stroller and a mother. We have Muslim infiltration in public education. We have been accommodating them with prayer rugs in public arenas. Muslim women are being allowed to walk down our streets hiding their identity claiming Islam’s traditions but the Christian the cross is offensive. In Oklahoma the people overwhelmingly spoke to keep out of their state Sharia Law but it was recently overturned by a federal appeals court and then we have former Vice President Al Gore hooking up with Al Jazeera. We have a global jihad in America being allowed by God.


1. April 1973 American Opinion

� 2013 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to








When I read that verse about a quiver of kids, I’m reminded how my European Protestants legally came to America through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th century to a land totally unfamiliar to them. They did not come as paupers or carrying communicable diseases.