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By Betty Freauf
December 14, 2011

While current front runners in the plethora of GOP debates continue to flip flop, I am amazed at how as a general rule Ron Paul remains consistent with his Libertarian message running only slightly behind depending on what poll we see. He’s consistent right down to introducing again a bill to legalize Hemp. This disturbs conservative Christians but alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceutical drugs and hospitals cause more medical problems and deaths than Hemp. The federal government sends regular shipments to an Oregon woman for her medical condition. And if the federal government didn’t step in with all its entitlements, e.g. rehab, people would still be held responsible for the costs of their own behavior.

Ron Paul has provided voters with a well-informed, unvarnished description of the economic crisis befalling America. While President Obama jabberwockies about sacrifice by the rest of us, it doesn’t seem to include him and the other certifiable nincompoops in Washington, D.C. , presidential candidate Ron Paul says he’ll reduce his own salary from $400,000 per year to $39,336 – an amount equivalent to that of the average American worker. In other words, Dr. Paul is a rare credible standard bearer in the beltway where he is called “Dr. No!” He puts his country first and money where his mouth is even though he could make more in his chosen profession as a pediatrician with far fewer hassles and would be more appreciated by his patients.


And why wouldn’t voters want a presidential candidate who consistently opposes the one-world government crowd known as the United Nations controlled by the Communists and who consistently votes against the U.S. Instead of making Congress responsible for declaring war, these warmongers – many who have never served a day in their life in active duty nor their children - run to the alleged “peace organization” called the U.N. for a resolution as indicated below.

M. Stanton Evans in his 1966 book THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER said in all its phases and modulations…the U.N. is necessarily hostile to the Free World. As a mechanism for “enforcing obligations,” either through military action or “persuasion,” it is ineffective against the Communists, but effective against the West. As a buffer, safety valve, and talk shop, it is suited to Communists purposes but ill-suited to our own. However, he quickly adds, it would be wrong to conclude that the U.N. is responsible for what has happened to the U.S. Quite the contrary. It has influences over our actions only to the extent we grant it such influence. Indeed, it has no power of any kind except to the extent that the West and the U.S. in particular, is willing to back it up, yield to it, and financially support it.

With the first primary elections only a couple weeks away, perhaps Ron Paul’s past accurate economic predictions, his non-stop call for an audit of the Federal Reserve and the American people’s weariness of foreign wars seems to be resonating a bit more even though conservative radio talk show hosts and the television shows prefer to not mention Paul’s name if they can avoid it.


Throughout the 19th century, the U.S. obeyed President George Washington’s mandate that we not get involved in foreign entanglements and until Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and World War I, that was good advice. Representative Ron has long commented sticking our noses into the affairs of other countries has garnered the U.S much hatred around the world causing September 11th. A former San Francisco KGO radio talk show host claiming knowledge in politics and before he was replaced with “news,” said to a Ron Paul caller that if Ron should win the GOP nomination, it is a sure bet that Barack Obama will be re-elected. Why? “Look at his record”, the host said. I’ve been watching Ron Paul’s voting record for many years. He’s one of a handful of the 435 Representatives and 100 Senators who consistently grade constitutionally near 100%. A great majority can’t even get 50%. In fact, most of the Democrats score in the 10% and 20% arena. So if these lickspittles don’t obey their Constitutional oath, why would we believe they would honor a Balanced Budget Amendment which Paul and others are proposing? Some conservatives fear a full-blown Constitutional Convention to accomplish this amendment but others ask, “How did we accomplish other Constitutional Amendments without a convention?” Was it done legislatively? This Constitutional Convention fear may be unwarranted. Perhaps severe cuts in salaries if they disobey a future Balance Budget Amendment may be the only deterrent for compliance.


And to those Republicans, who cringe at Ron’s mere mention that our intervention caused the September 11th attack, allow me to write what I’ve discovered in Dick Cheney’s 2011 book IN MY TIME as he describes the 1991 attack on Saddam Hussein for his invasion of Kuwait. In monotonous detail to those unfamiliar with the military, he describes how helpful our allies were and how Saddam launched low-tech 1960s Soviet Scud missiles and how Congress rubberstamped a United Nations Security Council resolution that set a January 15, 1991, deadline for Iraq to get out of Kuwait and authorized “all necessary means” to accomplish that end.


By February 25 Saddam was promising to withdraw in exchange for a UN-brokered ceasefire and by March they thought the war was over and then public uprisings six weeks later found Saddam brutally cracking down on the Shia and ten thousand refugees had fled to the part of Iraq where the U.S. Army was still in control and were pleading with our soldiers to take them with them. The Saudis agreed to set up a refugee camp and a year and a half later, our military was still actively engaged. Cheney admits our failure to protect the Shia from Saddam contributed to a sense of betrayal and suspicion that affected our relationships twelve years later when America was confronting Saddam once again because of a mistaken perception about the Iraqi Shiites. The last we saw of Saddam was on T.V. as he was defiantly refusing a hood for his head before they hanged him. Libya was just the latest parade of tragic U.S. foreign policy fiascos that would blow up in America’s face and a reminder of President Washington’s and Ron Paul’s warnings about these entanglements. Trying to deal with people who speak a different language and have a different value system and many ethnic factions who already hate each other only cause them to begin to hate our intervention.

Cheney writes as our troops returned home from Persian Gulf, there was a palpable sense that their magnificent performance had restored a feeling of pride we had lost in Vietnam as our Desert Storm servicemen and women were welcomed home with celebrations and other nations paid $53.7 billion toward the $61.1 billion cost of the war.


Cheney writes a few months after the end of the Persian Gulf War, he received word there had been a coup in the Soviet Union. Lifelong Marxist-Leninist Mikhail Gorbachev was out. His passport and his bags were packed and he was ready to come to the U.S. to set up his Gorbachev Foundation headquarters at the Presidio in San Francisco while the KGB remains stealthily intact in the Soviet Union –another example of the way we continue to accommodate the enemy by believing the Presidio’s new role symbolizes the “swords into plowshares” concept but is Communism dead or just an illusion? On July 6, 2009 President Obama met in Moscow with the Communists which included former President Mikhail Gorbachev and on July 8, Obama made special note of the presence in his audience of Mikhail Gorbachev at Moscow’s New Economic School. “We have President Mikhail Gorbachev here today, and I want everybody to give him a big round of applause,” said our nation’s chief executive. Should our president be applauding Gorbachev who has approvingly described the Europe Union as “the new European Soviet?” In other words, the European Union is the old Soviet model, presented in Western guise.


Cheney admits it has been his experience that too often everyday challenges prevent top policy makers from taking the time to think strategically. He says it is much easier to accede to the moment, blunting crises or responding to opportunities and it takes time and discipline to force yourself and those in the bureaucracy to take a step back and think about America’s strategic goals and challenges… You can’t hope to adopt the wisest policies without a sense of where the country should be heading and how we should steer the ship to get there. There are places set up to do this in the government, such as the policy planning shop at the State Department and the office of the undersecretary for policy in the Pentagon but here is where I feel Cheney has validated Ron Paul’s continual assertions about our entanglements in foreign countries when he said, “But often the individuals in these offices either get drafted to help manage day-to-day crises or their strategic work is so removed from the real-time policymaking that it has little impact.” Because Ron wants to prudently shut down many of our military bases to help reduce our $15 trillion deficit, some fear that will make us vulnerable. Because Ron is ex-military himself, I doubt that would happen.


Then there is this talk show host out of liberal San Francisco who says Ron Paul will probably win Iowa on the first election on January 3rd because he uses fear saying the Social Security Trust fund is bankrupt and that America is in a crisis. Say what? From what turnip truck do some of these libs fall? Rep. Paul wants to try to save Social Security by cutting other unconstitutional government agencies created to solve problems but only make it worse causing more dependents. In the meantime both federal and state agencies boast of getting single mothers off welfare, for instance, by hiring them and then they retire in 30 years with a nice big pension and other benefits causing class warfare between government and private sector workers who played by the rules and didn’t have illegitimate babies. I wrote on February 24, 2007 the Treasury Department reported in mid-December 2006 that America is insolvent. CBS Sixty Minutes reported this on March 4th.

Then there is the question of Ron’s age of 77. His age should not be a factor and I’m sure he’ll pick a Constitutional Vice President – maybe even Michele Bachmann or his son! Many people are becoming centurions. I bowled with a lady until she died in her mid 90’s. Just recently, another lady had a 90th birthday cake at the bowling alley. I recognize women statistically have a slightly longer life span than men but all the skirt chasing that guys like Bill Clinton and 68-year old Grandpa Gingrich have done have bound to have put a great deal of stress on this chubby guy’s heart. Ron appears to be in great shape and who do you believe may appoint more Constitutional Supreme Court judges to this life-long career? Stop thinking “most electable” and consider voting for Constitutional oath keepers that will give us freedom and liberty because the 2012 election will be our last chance. But beware of vote fraud.


Readers should also be reminded that during the Clinton administration, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Assn.) was passed with the blessing of a Republican Senate and Congress with Newt Gingrich as House Speaker and Rush Limbaugh on radio. Some correctly refer to it as “Shafta.”

One of the big hang-ups among many Christian voters is Paul’s objections to foreign aid to anyone including our ally Israel; Was America attacked because of its support of Israel? Paul is an equal opportunity critic in the area of foreign aid and feels giving financial aid to countries who hate us is absurd especially since we are bankrupt. I’ve heard Israel’s prime minister say, “When it comes to Iran,” for instance,” Israel doesn’t want nor does it need our help.” Persian Gulf countries are gradually becoming controlled by the Muslin Brotherhood who hates Israel.

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We see Bible prophecy unfolding before our eyes. When the Six- Day War between Egypt and Israel broke out on June 5, 1967, the humiliating defeat of the Arab armies ended Nasser’s bombastic boast that he would destroy Israel. He subsequently had a nervous breakdown from which he never recovered. I saw on the T.V. news the enemy’s military equipment totally incapacitated and in shambles at the side of the road. Did God intervene? Read Romans 8 as an example of God’s power. So, with God on Israel’s side, who are we to intervene?

� 2011 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









Readers should also be reminded that during the Clinton administration, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Assn.) was passed with the blessing of a Republican Senate and Congress with Newt Gingrich as House Speaker and Rush Limbaugh on radio...