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By Betty Freauf

August 19, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be hosting Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for dinner the night before peace negotiations are to resume on September 2 in Washington. In Middle Eastern countries, I’ve been told it is a great insult to show the soles of the shoes so why on June 9, 2009 while Obama was speaking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the telephone from the Oval Office in the White House, was he sitting in his chair with both feet on his desk about level with his head and right in the lens of the camera? This was televised and care was taken to make sure it was seen in Israel. Was it simply coincidental or another planned snub of the prime minister? We all remember the Muslim shoe-throwing incident at President George W. Bush shown over and over again on television. When Mexico’s president Philipe Calderon came to Washington, D.C. the week of May 20, 2010, the Obamas put on a big banquet for him but when the Israeli prime minister came to Washington a short time earlier, President Obama wouldn’t even meet with him. So why all of a sudden this upcoming meeting on September 2nd?

Where have we heard this before? How many remember with the world looking on in amazement on Sept. 13, 1993 when Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chief Yasser Arafat joined hands on the White House lawn with President Clinton looking on for another Mideast peace photo op? Then we had the July 25, 2000 “peace charade” at Camp David when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack and Palestinian terrorist chieftain Yasser Arafat came together again to discuss the prospects for peace in the Middle East. If Clinton was hoping to refurbish his legacy with a landmark peace accord, he failed; however, with America financing both the Palestinians and the Israelis, wouldn’t you think he could have broken any impasse? For instance – shape up or ship out. No more unconstitutional foreign aid! To a neophyte like me on foreign policy matters, the solution sounds so simple.

And now the former president’s wife, Hillary Clinton, is Secretary of State and is involved in some more peace negotiations. Will it be the same old tune, second verse?

Or will the prophets of doom be right this time? Does Armageddon loom on the horizon?

There have been enough newspaper articles written about previous “peace” negotiations between these two countries to wallpaper the Pentagon! There have been treaties, retreats, land giveback and Israel still has no peace. God gave Israel the occupancy of the land conditioned on obedience. They failed. Read II King 24:8-9. They had no King on David’s throne, nor do they have one today. They had no Temple, for it had been burned and its sacred vessels confiscated. Their land was taken from them. But lest we think God abandoned Israel, don’t forget the Six Day War in 1967 that gave a humiliating defeat of the Arab armies. This should be a lesson to Iran. But rather than allow Creator God to work on His own time table and in His own way and like Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 16-21, the United Nations dared to tread where not even the angels would intervene. The Communist-front U.N. decided to help God out by issuing the Partition Resolution on Palestine in 1947. Israel became a nation in 1948 and the Middle East has been in turmoil ever since in our lifetime. Goal #11 in the 45 declared goals for a Communist takeover of America is “Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independence armed forces…"

The original reason why we have continued turmoil in the Middle East can be explained in my August 20, 2006 article, “How Wars Are Started.” Will Obama be more successful than Clinton and others before him? Will there be peace?

America was attacked on 9-11 because of its continued support of Israel. While we’ve read about a few home-grown terrorists on our soil with hatred of the U.S., I’m sure there are many more attacks that have been thwarted by astute surveillance and intervention about which we’ve never heard. Often the U.S. mainline media makes the terrorist attackers to be the victims while the U.S. is the villain and President Obama has been traveling around the world since his election apologizing for the U.S. Well, I’m the first to admit the U.S. isn’t perfect but if it is so bad, why do people swim with the sharks and travel miles through barren waste land to get here? Why do they leave their homeland only to come to America demanding we change our traditional culture to accommodate them? A multicultural society is one that is inherently prone to conflict not harmony and results in separating races into politically warring factions. Our history books are being rewritten to rid us of European influence on America and replace it with other cultures.


I think our leaders should have taken President George Washington’s wise advice when he told us not to get entangled in foreign problems. To do so is like pulling the tail of a sleeping dog. Now we are seeing the consequences of disobeying his advice because we have ended up being unappreciated and hated by many nations. We have spent literally billions of dollars and thousands of American military lives to buy peace and to liberate millions of people from oppressive dictators around the world.

Have you ever wondered why the conservatives are called the “right” and the liberals are called the “left?” Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV): The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Now a tenured college professor but at one time a left-wing radical, Bill Ayers and long-time acquaintance of President Obama once killed police and blew up buildings and now he wants police protection because he fears the “right.”

Had the mainline media given only a small percentage of vetting Barack Hussein Obama like they did former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family, maybe voters on Election Day would have been more informed and would have voted differently. President Bill Clinton was credited with being the “first black President” – a title that he has never denied but is Obama the first Muslim president or is he a Christian as many liberal media outlets lately have been portraying him.

Do I have a big imagination or are these shades of Revelation 13 popping up – a time when there will be a one world money system as well as one world religion where they will pool their thinking under the name of “tolerance.” It will be a religion that doesn’t really believe anything. Deceivers will come - one to head up religion and one to head up the politics of this world.

USA Today had an article dated 8/19/2010 entitled, “People Unsure of Obama’s Faith.” Its poll said almost 20% say he’s a Muslim. Obama himself made a number of Freudian slips on the presidential campaign trail. I remember one time he referred to 57 U.S. states. Our educated pimps in the media never picked up on the fact that the Organization of Islamic Conference consists of 57 countries.

Rhodes Scholar George Stephanopoulus came to prominence as Communications Director for our “first black President” Bill Clinton, a badge of honor Clinton wore proudly. If you are a Washington, D.C. Ivy League school “elitist,” you are never allowed to fade into the background, so eventually Stephanopoulus was awarded his own television show. He interviewed Barack Obama in Sept. 2008. They were discussing GOP presidential campaign candidate, John McCain’s integrity on the faith issue and Obama said, “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith…“ Stephanopoulus interrupted and said, “Your Christian faith” and Barack responded, “My Christian faith.” Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim and in that faith if your father was a Muslim, so are you!

Nicholas Kristof in the 3/6/2007 New York Times reported Obama says, “The Islamic call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.” During the presidential campaign, Obama participated in a forum led by prominent Christian pastor Rick Warren, in which he said his “starting point” is “Jesus Christ who died for my sins and that I am redeemed through him.” Our president is a virtual bundle of inconsistencies and James 1:8 says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

John F. Kennedy in his celebratory book A Nation of Immigrants wrote that in the 350-year history of the United States from Jamestown to Eisenhower, 42 million people had migrated to America, almost all from Europe. By 1958, almost all had been assimilated. Today’s mostly third-world immigrants is a tsunami of people unwilling to abide by our traditional values embraced by the Europeans who eagerly came through Ellis Island, submitted to health exams to make sure they were free of disease and who had a trade so they could support themselves. The civil rights movement of the 1960s changed the laws and behavior but not necessarily attitudes.

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It is common knowledge if bureaucrats build the troughs, there will be those who come and now we educate their children in their mother tongue, they receive free health care and rooms set aside for the Muslims noonday prayers in the schools and yet to come to America, a divided judicial system like in England to accommodate Sharia law. By 2050, if we last that long as a sovereign nation, America will have become a multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, and multicultural conglomerate – a virtual Tower of Babel. The collapse of the West’s own homeland is almost too horrible to contemplate and now our miracle workers, resident Barack Obama and Secretary of State believe they may be able to bring about some type of peace agreement in the Middle East? Physicians heal thyself!

� 2010 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









America was attacked on 9-11 because of its continued support of Israel. While we’ve read about a few home-grown terrorists on our soil with hatred of the U.S., I’m sure there are many more attacks that have been thwarted by astute surveillance and intervention about which we’ve never heard.